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US, German support for two men accused of homosexuality disappoints Government

Headlines US, German support for two men accused of homosexuality disappoints Government

Philip Mubiana walking out of the court room
Philip Mubiana walking out of the court room

GOVERNMENT is disappointed at the conduct of some diplomats accredited to Zambia who went to Kapiri Mposhi to show solidarity for two men accused of practising homosexuality, Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent secretary George Zulu says.

On Monday, United States charge d’affaires David Young, German ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke and UNAIDS country co-ordinator Helen Frary went to Kapiri Mposhi to offer solidarity to Philip Mubiana, 22, and James Mwape, 21, who face up to 15 years in jail if convicted of sodomy.

This was the day the verdict was due to be delivered but the magistrate handling the case failed to turn up.

Mr Zulu said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that though diplomats are allowed to visit prisons or any part of the country, they were wrong to travel to Kabwe to give solidarity to the two men accused of practising homosexuality.

He said Government is disappointed at the conduct of the diplomats because supporting homosexuality is against the values of Zambia as a Christian nation.

Mr Zulu said giving solidarity to the two men accused of practising homosexuality is a clear indication that the diplomats want to influence the decision of the court.

“We are urging our diplomats accredited to this country to respect our laws, which are anchored on our Constitution.
“Zambia is a country of laws and we want the courts to be independent and not to be influenced by our diplomats.

“We feel by visiting and showing solidarity to these two men, the diplomats were not sensitive to our laws because they have already expressed their opinion on the matter,” he said.

Mr Zulu said all the diplomats serving in Zambia should observe the laws of the land as well as the diplomatic etiquettes which are anchored on diplomatic values and the Vienna Convention.

He appealed to the West to respect Zambia’s rights to live by these Christian values adding that Government will endeavour to protect the constitution by all means.

Mr Zulu said Government will not support proposals that are in contradiction to the laws and biblical teachings.
He said it is unfortunate that some rich nations are forcing African countries to accept homosexuality as a condition for receiving aid.
On Monday, judgement in the case involving Mubiana and Mwape, who have been accused of practising homosexuality, could not be delivered because the trial magistrate was indisposed.

The pair has been held since May 2013 on charges of having sex against the order of nature.


    • It will be injustice, insane, insensitive and immoral to jail them.
      They did nothing wrong. They were born that way. Put the United Kingdom as part of the people supporting the 2 gentlemen


    • Zambia is a christian Nation and our Law based on the Bible no short cut. They must be kept away from society they can relocate after their release to countries that support it.

      Were they born from homo sex? They are humans not Aninmals

    • @ Upright Zed

      Zambia Christian Nation with Government following teachings from Bible? Are you nuts or just plainly 5tupid? Wake-up and look at the reality which surrounds you.

    • In as much as homosexuals are distasteful to society a 15 year jail sentence is too hash. Sexual orientation is not a choice even if most people disagree. White people have bothered to research and proved this but for us blacks we still want to use religion which ironically was introduced by the same whites to despise gays.

      If argument is based on religion then why not make fornication, adultery and blasphemy attract 15 years in jail?

    • Christianity is retrogressive and backward. If we did not have geniuses who championed the cause of evolution and all of us believed the existence of some being in the sky who has promised paradise as long as you love him with all your heart and all that nonsense, we would still be killing our children for disrespecting us and killing all those that work on the sabbath and own slaves and ensure women remain voiceless. Bloody hypocrites thats what christians and all those who champion it are. Religion has damaged and continues to damage the world. Do you think that if there was no religion, Boko Harram would exist?? Leave these two boys alone. They are adults and sexual orientation should never be a criminal offence.

    • @mushoto
      I knew that you would comment in support of because you are one of them. be reminded that it is an abomination according to the bible. sodom and gomora were destroyed because of the same. are you saying it is a human right to **** a chicken or a goat? certainly not. God made provisions for these acts. the backside is for excreta and not other purposes

    • @Point
      I disagree with you where you say ‘sexual orientation is not a choice’. If that were the case the Bible would not have been so explicit about homosexual practice being unnatural. Leviticus 18:22. If the creator of human sexuality says homosexual practice is wrong and obscene and detestable and unnatural, why are you disputing?

    • @Point
      Are you trying to say the Almighty God is wrong? Are you sure these guys engaging in this evil practice are not insane and in need of professional help? How do you reconcile a normal guy inserting his manhood in a sewer for sexual gratification, is that acceptable to you and normal?

    • people do not stray into blasphemy just to defend a wrong. God is real and active opposed to people who think he is a myth. he created man and woman for a definite purpose – to reproduce. tell me if john mating with david will produce a child. those who think God does not exist, explain how evolution attained extremely high levels of complexity in man and when, why without extincting in the process. God will turn away from you if you harden your heart

    • @Wantanshi
      Leviticus 19:19 – prohibits wearing clothes woven with two different materials (like polyester and cotton). If we evoke these laws and apply a 15 years jails sentence then what would happen?

      The same verse prohibits farmers from planting two different crops in one field. Would you suggest 15 years jail to a farmer who has planted maize and groundnuts in the same field? would you!

      Man your arguments don’t hold and what about men and women who engage in anal sex? 15 years too?

      I am not supporting gays but the punishment for this ‘mental disorder’ is unjust! Until your own child is born gay that’s when you will change your mind.

    • I have never heard of a dog or a bull that was born homosexual. It suffices then to say that these animals are better than the two i d i o t s and a bunch of you homos out there.

    • Wantanshi- you have quoted the bible and here too are a few scriptures, Numbers 15:38,Ezekiel 7:2 , Isaiah 11:12 these scriptures talk about the earth having four corners. Galileo was killed because the Church thought the earth was flat and Galileo said it was round. Later when the Church new the truth through science they realised they were wrong. Now dont you think its possible that at that time the writer of that book of the bible did not have enough information about Gays than they have today? What about the possibilities that the person can be born gay…Please DONT get me wrong am NOT in support of Gay…I am saying before you say the bible says this or that what has research showed us today. The bible has been not been accurate on the human element of the writer.

    • CECIL JOHN RHODES, the man who brought civilization to Zambia, was a homosexual. Actually, Zambia was named after him (N.Rhodesia). Shaka Zulu was rumoured to be a gay. Julius Caesar whom Jesus said in Matthew 22:21: “give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesars” was also gay. He was every woman’s man & every man’s woman. Actually in prison there’s worse homosexuality among prisoners. Let these boys go, we already have bigger problems on our hands.

    • Why are they covering their faces if what they did was normal? Zambia is a christian nation no homoz or lesbians. One funny thing about these people especially the Lesbians, they tend to use penile models during their sexual acts and this simply shows how they miss the real penis! Cage those bastards Zambia is not Britain or USA!!!

    • @Scholastic
      Four corners of the world simply means the whole world in figurative sense. Now look at this, long before NASA and Galileo were born the Bible spoke of our planet being suspended over nothing, empty space. The Bible is a book of law, history and spirituality, not a scientific textbook, but when it touches on science it’s marvelously accurate. How did Job know that the earth is suspended in space by gravitational forces? He wrote that under inspiration by God who created the world and knew better.

    • Grace if you have credible evidence expose them so that the Law visit them, unless you are part of them. Not even an Animal will do the wrong way. Think about that ?

  1. Disappointed over what? Simple solidarity for the innocent until proven guilty? What of the two families to the boys who show solidarity every day? Why can’t govt just let the two poor boys go free? We have way too many other serious problems than worrying and obsessing about these two!!

    • I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and would like to forgive and pray for pagans (evolutionists) that the spirit of God will one day soon convict them of their sin and they will repent.

      Hypoctrites, Boko Haram and vile moslems teaching and Not Christianity has teachings use such hate speech against the two Kapiri sinners. They are sinners, no doubt but our job as Christians is to love them, take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them and pray that they repent. Is Zambian law derived from the Bible or Christian principles? I do not know. What I know is that it is the spirit of Boko Haram and extremist islam that speaks the language of some of our bloggers, NOT Christians or African traditionalists. Counselling, yes, intolerance, NO.

  2. They should show solidarity to that woman who was sentenced to death for denouncing Islam and marrying a Christian in some Islamic country.

    • @ spartan

      Whilst your Kabimba was dining with wanted criminal Al-Bashir, USA and EU were and are still putting pressure on Al-Bashir. On the other hand, Appointed SC. Hon. Kabimba, SG of the ruling party and Minister of Justice and Acting Head of “Christian” Nation together with other African heads of State have done absolute “000” to save her life.

    • Spartan, that woman was released because of international pressure especially from the Americans so what are you talking about?

    • What Sudan did to that woman recently released from jail for marrying a man she loved is what some of the bloggers want Zambia to be doing. Twakana, African tradition or Christianity is the way to go – counsel and let go. Vengeance belongs to God and God is capable of dealing with those who sin – without the assistance of other sinners.

  3. For those of us who believe in the accuracy of the bible ain’t worried. Such things must come to pass .“As were the days of Noah so shall be in the second coming of Jesus“ Sodoma and Gomorah.

  4. To those negative commenters… Even if you consider these men – or LGBT people in general – your enemies, how did Jesus Christ tell to treat your enemies in Matthew 5:44? Seriously, don’t the teachings of the Son of God matter more than ancient Hebrew laws in Leviticus and Numbers? Do you also not eat pork, not tie different strands of string together, or keep all the 6,000-some Old Testament laws? Jesus also called on us to visit widows, orphans, and prisoners. Where is all this hate coming from? Not Him…

    • Thank you JJ. Thank you very much.

      The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the “new wine” and it cannot be contained in or by old wine skins. Yes, Zambian law must be enforced but not with such hate and emotion.

  5. While I don’t lean one way or the other on homosexuals; I do understand that it is a sexual preference. As such, I see no reason why one sexual preference should get more attention that another.
    I love looking at the female form, but you don’t see me ogling women all day. You don’t see me holding up placards and demanding recognition for loving to look at women. No, I keep by preference to myself and life continues.

    It seems to me that these homos want a cookie or a medal for being gay. What happens behind closed doors stays there.
    Unless you’re a poor Zambian who wants free money and a visa…

    Show me a poor homo in Zambia, and I’ll believe you. Show me a gay homeless child and I’ll believe that it is genetic.


    • Hate to tell you this, but the other articles say these two were poor men from a village outside Kapiri Mposhi, not the town itself. I think 14 months in prison without a conviction is not quite a cookie…

  6. On this one Ba govt mwalasa! I don’t usually see eye to eye with you on certain issues but on this one you have responded amicably.

    • Great One….

      So many months in jail/detention without trial is wrong. That is the issue here. These guys are now prisoners of conscience. I like Maikalange’s comment though.

    • @cindy we are all governed by rules and they vary from place to place.Our bible rules are very clear on such irresponsible behaviour by same sex partners.In other countries those country reps could hav been heading to the airport the next hour after their silly visit.

  7. Those *****s were not born from Man & Man as such they may pollute the environment with such illicit activities, so let them go to jail without fail. I hear the same activities are rampant in jail can someone tell me something.

  8. As an AfricanI have been very proud of President Barack Obama’s rise to the highest office in the United States of America. The only issue that rus me up the wrong way is the poor lack of understanding of us Africans by the West.

    As Uganda has said, please America and the West concentrate on helping Africa rise in governnace and economic development to reach where the West is.

    We are extremely disappointed that instead, they are concetrating on encouraging us as men to sleep with men and women with women. How is it done? They should demonstrate to us publicly so that we learn, the same way they demonstrate how to use a condom. The strange thing is if you check the majority of them are married to women as God intended. Lets pray for the West.

    • Have you read any of their comments? All they are asking is for freedom from discrimination, hate speech, and harassment – not forcing homosexuality on anyone. Do some research and pray for those who hate their fellow human beings and Zambian citizens.

  9. Atase, you people who are supporting homosexuality must be homos yourselves. No sane being can support that unless you are one. Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry… We’re sane, we just think all people deserve equal rights. Do all people supporting disability rights have to be disabled themselves? Or albino? Or any other minority? Too much hate.

    • Incence, don’t st.upid, you cannot compare disability with your sleeping with same sex. You chose to do that. Disabled people did not choose to be what they are. Tell me. You are smelling of poop right now.

    • Neither did homosexuals choose their orientation. And it might be a good idea to check your grammar before calling someone dull…

    • Incence, it is not about grammar, we are not in school. the subject here is about you homos. Until we rid you off in our society, we will live better. Mwaba ukununka bamatako.

    • Ba candy, in the first place, I cannot have a family member who can ever be homo. I am privileged to be born in a Christian family. So your question does not arise my dear. Thanks anyway for your contribution.

  10. These diplomats are behaving childishly and must learn to mind their own business and never to poke their unwanted long noses into Zambia’s internal affairs. Besides we haven’t the time to discuss repugnant and obscene topics here when we are still grappling with Charles Sata’s disappearance from state house. Nobody seems to know whether he is alive or dead in some foreign hospital. We have lots of problems to contend with without these diplomats fouling up our already stinking atmosphere.

  11. No one should claim that ‘the homos were born that way’. Whilst I understand that it is their choice, I beg to differ that ‘the homos were born that way’. No. they were not, they just decided to experiment and chose that way. a lot of you think that anything the West advocates for is ‘good’, no, no, no. Homosexuality should not be entertained in Zambia, Christian nation or not. My take is that the boys must go to jail and continued what they do best. There, they will find ‘assorted’ organs to quench their ‘thirst’. Fourteen months is not that long. They should ROT in there until their tuma ‘organs’ are bruised.

  12. those supporting this act just know that you are possessed with a devil, bcoz no one can be born through homo.no matter how well you can explain it.

    • We don’t worship your sky God. So spare us your superstitions! We are worshippers of Human Rights.

  13. We will not free them. They deserve to be behind bars so that their matuvi stench does not pollute the atmosphere.

  14. Interesting to note that the inventor of the computer, British scientist Alan Turing was a gay man. Does that mean that all of us living today are going to hell because virtually all modern processes and interactions include some sort of computer input?

  15. The zambian govt should not bury importatnt issues just coz of two poor boys sexual likings. Truth be told, sending the boys to jail wont help us in any way, NO ECONOMICAL VALUE, NO ECONOMICAL DEVALUE.. So why bother waste time. If any thing, put those boys on schoolarships at some college so that they too in future, can start paying tax and contribute to the growth of our economy which the same govt is running down.

  16. Those pink undies are funny. I gat no problem with them homos as long they don’t come after me and mine, or force me to accept them. But the undies are so hillarious for a guy. All the best in their choices.

    • gogozila, I find the pink undies funny too. the dude must be the ‘girl’ during their act. These do.gs, let them be incarcerated.

  17. Another interesting fact to note is the fact that nowhere in Africa is there any documentation of pre-colonial societies banning homosexual practice but what is true is that the current anti-homosexual laws in English speaking countries were imposed during British colonial rule, which begs the question as to whom is a ‘genuine’ or ‘authentic’ African – those against the discrimination of homosexuals in Africa or those who support discrimination through an imposed colonial law and implementation of outdated and imported religious doctrines?

  18. Zambians must be useful *****s to believe in the Christian nation crap. A residential area in Lusaka is named after a dead gay white man. Does Christianity allow polygamy? What Christian values are people yapping about?

  19. Faith is not by force but by consent. If Zambia is truly a Christian nation then all other faiths should be banned and all sinners jailed. How difficult is it to put that in action? practically impossible so leave the boys alone. Next to come out will be your sons and daughters.

  20. While I believe that homosexuality is a sin, I do not believe that it is a criminal offense. If it so remains a criminal Offence, then fornication and adultery should also be made criminal offences. This Zambian Christian Nation nonsense should come to an end. A woman in Sudan was at the blink of being executed for her faith (Christianity) and yet this so called Christian Nation Government was busy dining with Al-bashir. Kabimba who is always in Sudan for tea never raised any objection to his surrogate nation Sudan about this issue. Most of the noise came from the same nations we consider evil and yet everyone wants to scare us with brimstone fire should we disobey this illogical Christian Nation rhetoric. What a shameless bunch of F.O.O.Ls this nation is!

  21. And yet PF government will never be concerned about the culture of theft, nepotism, tribalism and corruption which is championed by Sata.

  22. Africans will never be equals with the Western world whose money we borrow every day. This is the reason why they cannot respect us even within our own boarders. Try as an African diplomat to oppose what they consider a moral value and way of life in any of their countries. You will be summoned to explain yourself before you are put on the next available flight.

    We deserve respect. If anything, mutuality is what diplomacy is about.
    Our laws are clear. Let not the Western champions of constitutionalism now work against our law. Those diplomats must go away, go back to the US and Germany.

  23. I am not for gay rights but I just learnt that fish in some polluted streams can turn gay due to excess of hormones from cosmetics in waste water which causes sex reversal. The question is could there be some environmental factors causing our brothers to turn gay? We need to immediately determine how many Zambians are gay and why. Confinement with other male prisoners is another predesposing factor, therefore locking them up will not help. It actually makes them more gay. Rehabilitation could be a better option.

  24. Okay aside the Christian nation nonsense. Zambia is governed by laws (or supposed to be governed by laws), so does the law of the land allow the practice of gay? The laws surely forbids this and we should be respecting the law while we try to change the clause that forbids gay practices. In Zambia we have a culture of having more than two wives, in German and the US you would be arrested for advocating for such. It is high time ambassadors began to respect our laws. I basically do not have anything against gay people but we must abide by the laws period.

    • The president himself does not respect and has broken quite a few laws of the land. Shouldn’t he lead by example? This is a lawless country period, wildwest if I May….its all about who is fast to the trigger. Right now the PF is firing off rounds at will.

  25. Did our gvt say dissappointed? That is the way of these gvts, they are not ashamed eating with the Devil in a refuse bin. if u blink once you are finished,they will pull you down wth them in the low sink of debauchery.Condemn these despicable lunatics in the strongest terms possible or next they will tell you to that even sex with a chicken,goat or a cockroach is just another sex orientation deserving of your blessings. They have no trace of morals

  26. Evolution is full of nonsense, if for instance we human beings evolved from monkeys
    why then are monkeys still not evolving????

    And coming to subject at hand, you do not have to be intelligent to the fact that matting Adam and Steve can not produce babies, no matter how hard they ****.

    These faggots must not be entertained in this country

  27. For all those who are suggesting that breaking the rules of nature is OK, why don’t you jump out of an air plane (at about 40 thousand feet up) without a parachute the next time you fly and see if you can defy nature and get away with it…
    Rules are there for the purpose of preventing us from annihilating our species. Think about that!

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