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President Sata does not need press conferences to communicate with Zambians-Mfula

General News President Sata does not need press conferences to communicate with Zambians-Mfula

PF Media and Publicity Director Chanda Mfula
PF Media and Publicity Director Chanda Mfula

The ruling Patriot Front says President Sata has other innovative means of communicating with Zambians than holding a news conference.

PF Director of Communications Chanda Mfula said the issue of President Sata’s failure to hold a news conference since becoming President is non-issue for the PF.

Mr Mfula said President Sata has his own style of communicating with citizens which is different from past Zambian Presidents.

He was speaking Wednesday morning when he featured on Hot FM’s Red Hot Breakfast Show.

“He prefers using his own innovative style to communicate. Sometimes if he has something to say he would even allow news Reporters into State House just before Cabinet meeting and the Reporters would even get sound bites,” Mr Mfula said.

He said Government’s communication needs are well taken care of President Sata’s Spokesperson George Chellah.

“President Sata has a very intelligent Spokesperson, a very shrewd Spokesperson who adequately speaks for the Office of the President and the nation and the party is happy with the flow of information,” he said.

Mr Mfula added, “President Sata does not believe in holding news conferences in the gardens at State House and have everybody gather including monkeys jumping around. That is not his style and he has adopted other innovative ways of communicating with the people.”

Mr Mfula also defended the personality of PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba describing him as a very good man.

“I think it’s typical for people to talk about other people whom they have never even met. Some people have expressed shock after meeting Mr Kabimba and getting to know how humble he is, they have come back to me saying they didn’t know that the man was that humble,” he said.

He added, “I have worked closely with Mr Kabimba since 2012 and I can tell you that he is a very good man, a gentleman at that and I just wish people would get to him well.”


  1. Press conferences to appoint and fire Ministers is old fashioned. It was okay when we only had ZBC to disseminate information. Embrace change, people! Any way I know they are politicking. I don’t even know why I am getting involved with cheap political cadre business.

    • So you Mfula, when you were carrying coffins written “Kabimba” in streets, you didn’t know he was a gentleman?
      I can see Castro in picture, I don’t think he is a gentleman, even though I never met him.
      I see in your eyes that you are a dagger and alcohol abuser, and never even met you, and I wouldn’t want to meet you.


    • Someone needs to explain to the man the
      Meaning of innovation. That is not innovative. More like unorthodox and that does it make it right to express oneself in such an inconventional way.

      Oops Iam breaking the fourth wall.


    • How ca we have such an unfocussed younger man like you Chanda. You mean you can not understand that this country belongs to more people than you alone who would like to swallow the boot no matter how filthy it may be. Come on young man, you have more life to live on this earth and should see that the country is on AUTO PILOT. Where do you want the country to be in the next 20, 30 years with things like this. You can support the idea that the heard of state who depends on TAX PAYERS’ money can just be quite like that [AWOL], no way. If he is fine, he needs to work, he needs to respond to his masters, us the Zambian people, who are his employers. And if he is unwell, again we need to know as his employers. By the way have you ever worked, you Chanda?

  2. agreed, other innovative means not good enough, consequently, it has become so hard to believe anything that comes out of .. you know who .. thereby promoting so much speculation negatively non-stop

  3. If i was told to renounce being an atheist in exchange for the removal of PF and Sata, I would do it in a heartbeat and I would open a church on top of that.

    • WTF???!!!!! I have been thumbed down???? I don’t understand! I was assured that my comment would be received with hoots of laughter and a million thumbs up! No one told me of this possibility! I am not emotionally equipped to deal with the thumbs down so please, whoever you are, for the sake of my sanity and the well being of the this country, nay, the world at large…. do the right thing. Thumb me up and I promise you will feel a whole lot better about yourself considering you should have killed yourself years back for supporting an id!otic party like PF! Thanks Pal (Personal A$$ Licker)

    • @ 142
      The end justifies the means? There is a level under which we as humans should not stoop. PF cadres have gone waaaay below this level and that particular idiom you have quoted has become a way of life with them. I can only shake my head and feel sad. Now I only feel sad coz if I had to shake my head every time PF messed up, I would be perpetually dizzy.

    • Probably some pre-teen whose just discovered the joys of the thumbs-down button. I’m detecting a sense of humor bypass

  4. If shit happens, you deserve it! Nobody forced Zambians to vote for a functionally illiterate and diseased lunatic for president, they should thus just enjoy their sour grates quietly. In case you did not know, Sata suffered a stroke nearly four weeks ago and his speech is severely blurred. He can hardly walk for a couple of metres without stopping to catch a breath. As though that was not enough, his mad dementia is now irreversible, another first in the world for a mad president in office!!!

    • hahaha, looks like dementia makes an exception in the case of PF cadres and attacks even the young ones. in my opinion this only happens because the brains of PF cadres have a lot of in-active elements that make this little bugger of a disease weasel its way deep down in there. Forgive me, I digress. What I actually wanted to say is that for a chap who extols his academic excellence any chance he gets, it totally astounds me that you would not recognise that communication is a two way thing, quoting my learned friend Pan Africanist below’ and that maybe the press may have a few questions for our very able leader? (Heavy on the sarcasm on the ‘able leader’ part. I have no idea how far gone your dementia is)

    • Oh ! Aren’t you two just the funniest little fellows ? I wish i had a low IQ so tht i could enjoy company with you.Don`t worry you will improve with time. Zambia needs more people like you, who can read an article and decipher the meat and potatoes instead of chomping at the bits to spew nonsense out of their pie holes.Nice !

    • Saulosi, me and 142 are a regular Abbot and Costello, a barrel of laughs, thanks ever so much for noticing. As for the article, all i hear this Mfula chap saying is, to put it in your disciple ‘Zambiano’s’ words, ‘bra bra bra’. Tell you what though, whenever you do come up with an intelligent point for point rebuttal to most of the issues we raise instead of that tired tirade of ‘opposing views should be respected’ give us a shout then old man, yeah?

  5. It is called Press Conference for the reason. Press Conf is not just for the President to communicate but also for the press to fire a few questions at the president. It is a two-way comms. No amount of Spin Doctoring by PF will change the fact that Sata is unable to fully function as Head of State. Every-one knows. We all get it, there is time and place for facebook, tweeter, face-to-face comms.

  6. George Chella is the most pathetic, incompetent and unethical presidential spokes person the world ever. As a matter of fact, he wouldn’t even speak for my chickens! Calling him shrewd and intelligent speaks volumes about the shrewdness and intelligence of Mfula. and bloggers agreeing with him. Clearly goes to show you that education is not a measure of intelligence!

  7. Awe kwena Zambia is finished with such spokes person. He has no clue what so ever about world standards expected from a spokes person. I cant wait for 2016. This has been a failed project.

  8. Zambians, everybody is urinating on you? Even scumbags like Mfula can have the audacity to urinate in your mouths, and you are just grinning? This country, my brother!!!!!

    I please the master, despite Not believing what I’m saying to our Citizens, means I stay in a Job, have more Money in my pockets, & ensue my belly is full to capacity & dancing a happy song.
    However the Citizen I’ve been misleading, has an empty belly that rumbles, singing the songs of despair.

  10. Aleisa aleisa, watch out for 2015 campaign season. wapya baisa, all the current ministers are jokers including umusungu waboo!!!!!!!! Given and GBM are even better mwebantu

  11. Yes; the President is going to use a messenger pigeon to carry his messages to the Zambian populace. Very innovative indeed.

    • Or should the pigeon thing not work out………piece of wire and 2 tin cans. Worked stellar for me in the past.

  12. I doubt if our president will ever entertain questions from the public more so journalists. Why do I say so? The last time I saw him do was on a visit to the United Kingdom at which Lubinda kept on trying to interject and provide answers because of the lack of substance of Sata’s answers. It was to put it mildly, quiet embarassing. To MCS everything is comedy. There are a lot of grounds on which to impeach him, but knowing Zambians, this is a no go area. I can sum it up by saying that we do not have a functioning president. Even the cameo swearing-in ceremonies that he was hiding in have suddenly come to a halt.

  13. I think for Chellah shrewd means mischievous and crafty. Without the press conference we have no idea what Sata is doing or planning to do for this nation. But its better than knowing that he is taking the country no where. If by innovation you mean Sata calling reporters to state house to eavesdrop on a cabinet meeting. . . then his level of innovation is taking us no where. To a mind that thinks you are portraying the president as someone who is as innovative as a goat from misisi compound. what is innovative about being on facebook or having a spokesperson?

  14. Responding to Chanda puts me at risk – of being banned by our hard-working oh-so-balanced mods. Instead I’ll write his name on a post-it, stick it at the bottom of my shoe and address it in private

  15. Before election he enjoyed using the media to expose the failures of the then government. He held press conferences and interviews there nothing he was using other “innovative” ways of communication. This communication director awe mwe, he was just made the statement without authority. I don’t think he is a communication director he is just a party cadre. You can’t understand this man (Mfula) he himself goes to media to announce his rubbish statement and then says the president mr Sata uses “innovative” means of communication. On the other hand they are in denial of his sickness. God help us!

    • Yes Ponyaz that is PF for you and their rubbish communication Director am not sure which college he went to to study mass communications

  16. @ 1.2 Peter. I seem not to agree with your point of view that a press conference is a waste of time. Everyone including the most developed America, their own presidents have press conferences. The majority audience in America for instance have access to internet.This internet issue for Zambia and Kaponyas in particular is a pipe dream, But for some strange reasoning MCS decided to use Facebook as the only way of communicating to the Zambian people. You will note that the majority of Sata’s supporters are Kaponyas who may not even know what face book means. This to mean is iniquitous on the part of a leader who leaves behind the majority of the people that voted him into power and start addressing the wrong platform by way face book as the only means of communicating to his own people.

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