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UPND denies ever wishing death on President Sata

General News UPND denies ever wishing death on President Sata



25th July 2014

As United Party for National Development on the copperbelt we have learnt with deep regret the comments attributed to Davies Mwila one of Sata’s crazy ministers who is claiming that the UPND has always wished Sata death.

We would like to remind this Mwila maybe has short memory or maybe he has chosen not to remember anything deliberately. As UPND we are not like Mwila’s boss Sata who ridiculed and laughed at President Mwanawasa and George Kunda whom he called all sorts of names. Maybe Mwila has forgotten, his boss Sata at one time claimed to have picked brains of Mwanawasa after that fatal accident that President was involved in accident, when he was still the Vice-President and said Mwanawasa was not fit to rule because he was not normal.

In case Davies has forgotten, Sata is on record of having ridiculed the late George Kunda that he had red lips due various diseases and Sata challenged George Kunda to go for an HIV/AIDS tests to see who will come out positive between George and Sata. As UPND we believe that Mwila has nothing to do or to say hence trying to gain cheap and empty favours from Sata by trying to do political armpit scratching by mudslinging the UPND, leaving well known people in his party who are busy saying they are eligible to rule this country.

We are therefore urging Davies to find better ways of getting favours from Sata unlike trying to become irrelevant every time he opens his mouth. We expected Davies to tell the nation how far his party has
gone in terms of honouring the Barotseland Agreement that his party said will restore in 90 days.

People of Zambia are waiting for the constitution that Sata promised to deliver within 90 days; these are issues Davies should be telling Zambians unlike uttering wild and baseless allegations. We expected Davies to tell Zambians why mealie meal in this country has become so much expensive despite his party having told the Zambian people that they will have more money in their pockets and lower

Davies should find time to reflect on why electricity and fuel has become expensive under the regime of PF that ascended to power through lies. We expected Davies to advise his boss to create more jobs for
the youths of this country unlike mentioning figures of jobs created that do not exist on the ground.

Finally Davies should know all members of parliament are part and parcel of government and have the right to see the President anytime they demand to do so, and Davies should tell the Zambian people why has it suddenly become difficult for Zambians to see Sata. As UPND now we understand why Sata called PF ministers and MPs useless.

Issued by: Kennedy Kalunga
UPND Copperbelt Spokesperson


  1. As usual politicking! Will we ever learn? What should have been a statement to refute claims turns into a diatribe of sorts. Now one would never tell the difference.

    • People need to know what Sata said. It is PF officials and cadres who are projecting. They think UPND is as evil as PF. Sata and PF should just apologise to the families of Mazoka, Kunda and Mwanawasa for wishing their beloved ones death. HH, Nevers, Chipimo , Milupi have never mocked sata. Sata is the one who mocked ill politicians.

  2. Please kalunga tell that thug of a minister off, its actually his party members who are self stigmatising their boss’ illness

  3. Ahh… but I (and other well meaning Zambian) want him dead for the sake of our beloved country. He is better off dead than alive. Look at the way he is suffering with multiple incurable diseases such as kidney failure, prostate cancer, HI….V etc. If you really love him, you will wish him dead and very faster…

  4. UPND has always wished SATA DEAD because in their shallow thinking they believe without SATA they can win the general election. But this is wishful and expecting too much from the Zambian people who understand the Tongas very well.

  5. UPND has not been wishing Sata dead but they were just asking on whereabouts of the president. Yes they did that because the president is the public figure. Sata is the one who used to criticise the Late President Mwanawasa and others from MMD.


  6. UPND should learn that filtering out and ignoring trash is just as important as sufficient response to real issue. This should have been dismissed with the contempt it deserves. Never argue with a a fool because no one will,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yes you guessed right

  7. I think to wish someone either dead or alive does not take away his problems or diseases. Please, kindly attend to the diseases and not wishes.

  8. Noise from an empty bucket. These are the *****s who want to take over government, heaven forbid. UPND is an undemocratic party led by an undemocratically appointed leader that is power hungry. Most of what was said between the two (President Sata and Mwanawasa) became water under the bridge, President Sata became very close to the late Mwanawasa after President Sata then in the oppossition was rushed to SA for a heart procedure, after that they became close friends and President Sata always wished the best for the late Mwanawasa. UPND is clearly a Party of devils blinded by power which they will never get, they want to create confusion and chaos.

    • Very true. Also HE Sata ridiculed others as an individual. PF members never rose to support Sata and cheer him on as we see THE WHOLE Upnd talking same trash . A whole clan against one man

  9. It’s PF members like this “useless mp” mwila who are killing him for insisting that he’s working wen he mwila and his fellow cadres know sata can’t perform his duties anymore. Mwila and some pf cadres went to see him but the president could not even recognise them, mwila is hypocrit! Malabishi amuntu. Viva UPND and HH!

  10. What a very dull article full of nonsense. Really this party UPND is for the under 5s. Just look at their Insipid ranting, like a mad person talking to himself.

    All Zambians now know that UPND and HH wish Sata dead but this will not happen not until God himself says so. And you must be careful you UPND guys for you can die before Sata does. This is how God punishes those who wish others dead. May be its not you but your wife or child can die before Sata. Be warned, God is hearing and watching you guys.

  11. UPND just remember what happened to Adamson Mushala who used the same rhetoric as you and your “watch dogs having sxx” online diarrhoea website. Perhaps Savimbi is your role model. But oooo what happened to him? Maybe think about votes and try a different campaign tactic than wishing the president death. Do you even have any policies apart from stating how rich Hichilema is and how many of his cows are going to vote for him? Vimasilu

  12. I have had a chance to live in the past 4 governments in zambia like many other Zambians , sad to say I never saw such an insatiable inclination towards developing a nation in the leadership as much as I have come to see in the current president. I don’t want in any way to talk about future leadership, honestly I personally can’t wait but to commend H E Mr MC Sata for the job well done, keep this vision glowing , and pls sir we need a clean Lusaka and a beaultful park opposite the freedom statue. May the loving creator Jehovah find it in his abundant love to lengthen your life and give you good health we need your personal supervision of development in the country

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