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PF’s silence over MPs’ pay rise demand shows lack of leadership – Sikota

Economy PF's silence over MPs' pay rise demand shows lack of leadership -...

Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota
Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota

Opposition United Liberal Party (ULP) President Sakwiba Sikota has stressed the need for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to show that it is taking the lead in giving guidance to the nation.

Mr. Sikota says it is not right for the ruling PF to remain silent on an important issue such as the demand for a pay rise by Members of Parliament (MPs) at a time that government has imposed a wage freeze on the civil service.

Mr. Sikota has told Qfm news in an interview that by remaining silent on the demand that MPs have made, the ruling PF is showing that it also wants to have a share of the cake.

He says by being silent the ruling party is also acting like a rabbit that is caught in a glare of a head light and is frozen to a point of not doing anything.

The ULP leader adds that by being silent over the said matter the ruling party is further showing lack of leadership.

But PF national chairperson Inonge Wina has told Qfm news in a separate interview that her party has not yet discussed the matter of MPs wanting to have a pay rise.

Ms. Wina, who is also Gender Minister, says this is why she cannot give her views over the matter as it may seem unfair to other members of the party as her views may be different to that of other party members.

She notes that for all she knows the majority of members of her party feels that the demand for a pay rise by MPs is an issue that needs to be considered very seriously and cautiously in view of the fact that country faces some challenges of poverty.


  1. Namugala is being used to demand for the MPs salary increments,otherwise the PFs silence means they are in support of the increments.just try to question the health of mr sata,they are quick to react and threaten people with arrest.

  2. Just because ka HH is ‘against’ MP’s pay rise the asss hole donkey lawyer finds it an opportunity to strike on ruling party…At no time or no records show you was against pay rise during your fncking time as an MP…I hate fagots who play it holier than thou…Votseke!!!

    • @2 ******* **** I dont understand the point you are making except that your rantings signify the usual Pama Fi syndrome (PFs) of attacking the persona rather than the substance! Do you agree or diagree with the raising of MP’s salaries- that’s what you should be talking about! In my view: The constituency must vote for whether to give of not to give! They (constituents) must validate the need! It has been widely agreed some MPs are not deserving! I further that nominated MPs must not ba paid because they don’t represent anyone except the Excutive! Even the length of service must be considered.

  3. @ N0. 2
    Am ashamed by your blog name. You never said goodbye to your parents going Ku Jonn – Hokoyo mazwizwo abo.

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