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Exorcism kills suspected witch in Kalomo district

Rural NewsExorcism kills suspected witch in Kalomo district

Police in Kalomo have launched a manhunt for a named clergyman who is on the run for causing death of one of his faithful through exorcism.

The clergyman is on the run after he allegedly administered a suspected poisonous liquid to a 51 year man of chief Simwatachela’s area of Zimba district who died on the spot.

This was when the clergyman exorcised his church member for suspected evil spirits allegedly used for witchcraft purposes.

Four people among them, the deceased’s son have since been nabbed to assist Police with investigations over of the death of Geoffrey Simaubi who died in a church last Friday.

Police sources in Kalomo confirmed the development to ZANIS today but by referred all queries to Southern province commissioner, Mary Chikwanda who could not be reached by broadcast time.

It is believed that the deceased, who was suspected to be practicing witchcraft, was taken to the named church in Misika area for exorcism after he came from a drinking spree around 19 hours.

However , the victim man collapsed later collapsed after having he was given some substance by the clergyman.

Neigbourhood watch sources in Kabanga area said some church members after realizing that the victim had died, the clergyman and his church leaders decided to drive him back to his village at Kabanga B.

They later dumped him at his house. By broadcast time the pastor was on the run.

A postmortem has been conducted with the body of the deceased has since been buried at his home village.


  1. This is what happens when people reach levels of illusion where they believe they can drink Rogor or Doom and pray to god to live. Or just pray and they are rich without working. Oh Mother Zambia

  2. SO, we now have two Pastors on the run in Zambia!! One for defiling girls during Christian conselling, and another for administering poison to deliver a man from witchcraft!!

    Meanwhile, churches are telling HIV and terminally ill people not to take medication, but to heal by prayer(for which they pay lots of money to the Pastors).

    Gov’t needs to look into the new criminal problems introduced by the rogue Churches.

    • I’m afraid everyone is delusional in thinking any religion or politician is good. They are all illusions. The whole population of Earth is deluded. Religion and politics are the same, worshipping Gods that have never been proven to exist. Try just having good virtues and morals, those alone are what is needed on this planet – and they are not the sole domain of religion.

  3. Poor guy died believing he had drunk “Holy water” this is what is killing.many blind followers of con-men preachers like tb joshua & Co.

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