Tuesday, July 16, 2024

President Sata has died


President Sata at AU Closing Session-1238

Confirmed: President Sata died in the early hours of today in London where he has been receiving medical treatment.

International media, including Reuters are reporting that Zambian President Michael Sata has died in London, where he had been receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness, quoting three private Zambian media outlets said on Wednesday.

There has been no official comment so far from Government officials.

According to reports , President Sata had died on Tuesday evening at London’s King Edward VII hospital. The hospital declined to comment.

Sata, 77, left Zambia for medical treatment abroad on Oct. 19 accompanied by his wife and family members, according to a brief government statement that gave no further details.

There has been no official update on his condition and acting president Edgar Lungu had to lead celebrations last week to mark the landlocked nation’s 50th anniversary of independence from Britain.

Concern over Sata’s health has been mounting in Africa’s second-largest copper producer since June, when he disappeared from the public eye without explanation and was then reported to be getting medical treatment in Israel.

He missed a scheduled speech at the U.N. General Assembly in September amid reports that he had fallen ill in his New York hotel. A few days before that, he had attended the opening of parliament in Lusaka, joking: “I am not dead.”

Sata has not been seen in public since he returned to Zambia from New York in late September.


    • Descent people will always mourn the loss of a human life no matter how divisive that person was. May Sata’s rest in peace. Zambians now have the opportunity to elect a sober minded politician as president. We need descent politics and not the circus we have been accustomed the last 3 years

    • Condolences to the bereaved Sata family, his party PF and all those who believed in him. No matter how divisive he turned out to be and the circus he subjected Zambia to, late President Sata deserves our moment of silence. He has earned his place in our history book. At the end of it all, he is answerable to his creator. Its time to look forward and redeem ourselves from the PF disaster.

      Zambia is bigger than one of us.

    • No, the president is alive!!! Medical check up umuntu kuti afwa? The man was fit and healthy, Kaseba, saulosi, mushota, kapeya, scott, kalaba and all the pf supporters told us he was fit and working hard!!! ubufi bulabwela te!!!! Nomba mutwebe, how did a healthy man die? A man who just went for a routine check up. Ine as far as am concerned the president is alive, he is wooing investors. Dont give us ifya malilo which could have been avoided by a long shot. Your greed and lies have caused this!!

    • May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace … MCS!! So long, I am so frustrated because I was just wishing against hope that you would be able to help the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise self-actualize.

      King Cobra, your legacy will live on and you shall be even greater in dead than you were alive.

      Rest In Peace, King Cobra … rest well, Great Son of Africa!!!

    • I told you this sickness was unto Death, you did not believe me. I have nothing good to say about Sata, so I will just keep silent.

    • Life goes on. You can have all the money and power in the world, but health is far more important. Sick millionaires would give all they have just to live for another year, two, 3, 4etc. Rip Cobra.

    • such bastards like sata deserve to be dead; the monkey was just destroying our economy and chewing our tax funds on his so called medical checkups internationally. rest in peace chicala for the devil welcomes you: Evans Mfula at Evaduco reporting live from the suburbs of lusaka and hiding from kitwe boys

    • i still dont understand how someone who went for a routine medical check up ends up dead,…. please people the truth is important,,, Sata lived lying and died lying,,, am not sure i can say rest in peace

    • What evil did Ba Sata ever do? None. Except joking and tolerating people who made fun of him.
      But please to those who don’t understand what life is, today don’t make no JOKES. Reflect on your life, and remember some of those people who made you happy but departed to almighty.
      Zambia will miss serious funny man.

    • PF Should explain this. How did our president die from Medical Check-up? Somebody has to be answerable. It’s unacceptable that a head of state’s health has been kept in secrecy? He would have stepped down on medical grounds. Now we have a power crisis and confusion. Because based on the Zambian constitution, it should be the VP to rule and call for an election. With Lungu acting, who do we appoint?

      My message to mama Kaseba? Sorry for the loss (M.S.R.I.P). We are with you in prayers: Though you are a bad woman who has led your husband to death?? For your personal benefit and just wanted a Funeral in state House?? As a doctor you would have advised all Zambians to let President Sata Rest. Well done and I am sure you are happy to have achieved your dreams??? Shame on You.

    • We are all in mourning! The statement that “His time is gone” is just a fact. Let’s not politicise it. We sympathise with the family and the nation but we should carry on as a nation to build on truth and dignity. No more lies! “Once bitten, twice shy”. We have been bitten (by death of a “healthy” president) twice and yet we are not shy. Let us learn from this.

      Ps. Let’s be clear about something: what does MHSRIP mean? That can only be determined by God and the bible says those who are dead are asleep and have no plans. He is at peace now.

    • Good riddance! This man and PF treated every Zambian as a devil when they stated the obvious; that the man was sick! He spent his years as president from one country to the next doctor shopping, coupled with an entourage of doctors even when he knew his cancer was terminal. And because of his greed, he decided to go and die in the UK. The chain smoking, drunkard, womanizing, insolent being now leaves Zambia an expense of repatriating his body, flying his family members back and according him a state funeral. An unecessary expense for our poor country! Mean while our poor children keep dying in droves because they were not given a paracetamol to curb a simple fever because government hospital didn’t have any!

    • God was even so kind as to prevent him from being part of the 50 years celebrations.

      A thug, cheat, lier you can name it. Can he now met his fate where he his going

    • @TheEngineer (Australia now Germany), i wish you long days in this world just as your parents have not died till now. I wish you could understand what death means to deceased family and children. I wish you God’s blessings.

    • @Engineer, let’s be classy. Your comment is that of a rotten person. Beneath the person Sata is; lies his daughter, wife, friends and other family members. Regardless of political affiliation, please at least exercise some human decency. It is death that we are talking about, and so many of his loved ones are hurting. If you have nothing better to say, just shut the fuuuck up!

    • Well if beneath Sata is daughters and sons why did he behave like a F.O.O.L?

      As far as am concerned what good what a nice day for Zambia…

    • Well if beneath Sata is daughters and sons why did he behave like a F.O.O.L?

      As far as am concerned what a nice day for Zambia…

    • You surely sound quiet uncivilized, some sort of despot who think they are what they are not. Your little brain is shown in your childish inclusion of Australia, Germany and the sort. You certainly suffer from serious inferiority complex but save us you uncouth utterances.

  1. I dont care, i never liked the man, i voted for him and he disappointed me, i’m suffering more than before pf came into power.

  2. The govt must sue the doctors! How can someone on a MEDICAL CHECK UP kick the bucket?? Anyway, you can hide the sickness but not the funeral!

    • Why should we sue the doctors?

      They have done Zambia a great service. We should send them each 100,000US frrom the Eurobond and give them each a Medal!

      Well done guys, you have gotten rid of this tyrant!

  3. It was just a matter of time. Death is no respecter of persons. Sad as this is, we have to move on as a country and ensure a peaceful transition to the next person to be elected as President of this great Republic. This is not a time to rejoice . Let’s allow the family to mourn him. I will unleash my venom on the muppets in PF when they finally confirm the news.

    • If this is true then my sweeping statement is ,the whole thing was handled badly from start to finish. Facts and the truth were substituted with lies. it simply shows the quality plus quantity of people running the affairs of Zambia. Paid unimaginable salaries for pretending and telling lies. Oh my God ! Zambia has gone to the dogs.

    • Correct. I am also waiting for that precise moment when the charlatans will be forced by necessity to issue a statement about Sata’s death. It would be interesting to hear them explain how a routine medical check up, suddenly ended in a tragic death of a healthy person.


  5. It’s so sad , that I am not sad at the passing of someone, really sad, I feel so evil but unfortunately I am so happy, which is sad.

    • We fully understand your sentiments – this is extremely sad news for the family but a great day for Zambia. Sata should never ever have attained the presidency as he simply did not have what it takes to be an effective leader at the beginning of the 21st century. His unsuitability was only compounded by the fact that he suffered from poor mental and physical health which 42% of Zambians conveniently overlooked due to their lack of foresight and sheer tribalism.

    • U feel so evil…..? U better be….honestly at times like this such comments are only expexted from chaps insensitive to their conscience…. save those comments n read them a week later…if u dont see anything wrong them …then u r possibly suffering from some brain desease.

  6. I will be shocked to see Dr Kaseba shedding tears, because had she loved the man she would not have let him continue ruling in that poor health state. Kaseba and Maureen mwanawasa are examples of what and how far women can go for love of power and money!!!

    • @ Namona my thoughts exactly. If indeed the first lady loved her husband, she would’ve advised him to step down. But alas – the love of power seems to have overwhelmed her to the extent of forgetting that she is a medical doctor. My heartfelt condolesence to the family and the entire nation. MHSRIP

    • @Namona,
      We said it here repeatedly that the love of ‘wealth and influence’ over self respect and dignity ruled Kaseba and PF. As it is she has already lost what she fought hard for to keep and more is to follow …

      If Edgar will retain any strong position in PF and the now short lived govt. let him close the gap between ‘lies and reality’ and stick to the truth and hopefully also
      deal with his own teeth gap or diastema!

  7. Teine namwipeye!

    Good riddance!

    Zambians blundered by electing that rabid and corrupt tribalist, just as Germans blundered with Hitler. Let’s start afresh and soberly build us a fair country. Let Sata be a forgotten stain on our history brought about in a moment of mass madness.

  8. He died in London, He was a stooge of the british that is why zambia remain a british colony. what about his pink vice president.

  9. Condolences to the family but now perhaps the country can start recovering from the mass hysteria that put this most unsuitable of men into the highest office just over three years ago.I do not believe in heaven or hell but the demise of this conceited, abrasive, abusive thug and demagogue is most welcome for the future of the country if we somehow manage to overcome the economic and political malaise his fortunately short rule has wrought on the country.How ironic that the colonial constable who betrayed so many of his countrymen has died a few days after the country was celebrating 50 years – it would have been an athema if the celebrations had been presided by one who fought fervently against his people attaining freedom, the same freedoms he curtailed when he became president.

    • @Mphendula Kayaula
      You dont believe in hell and heaven because you are the devil in human form, most of you who are writing these inhuman type of messages are evil and dont deserve to live, but thats were the grace of God comes in. please for your lifes sake my advice is dont abuse the grace of the almighty you might regret. No one is immuned to death and none of us is immortal one day will all die whether we like it or not.
      Some of you campagned so much for satas death, whenever you claim that sata has died it always turned out wrong. but today you can celebrate our loved presidents death but remember that next will be yours and believe me you they will be some who will be doing the same, celebrating on your death. What goes around comes around. Remember Some of you are adulterers,…

    • @Mphendula Kayaula
      thieves, liers, backbiters, and etc there is so much we the people are doing that displeases God and we often times offened the people around us so what makes you think your funeral will be loved or mourned by everyone? this to me makes me understand foolish people like Mphendula Kayaula, engineer whatever and many more useless guys who are cracking jokes and bad messages on our day of mourning? these people are disgusting!!!!
      You need to remember that not everyone shares your sentiments, some have seen what Zambia would have beeen if sata had finished his term. there is grat developmental projects zambia is goin through its poeple like you who thinks this man was not working! zambia is not Lusaka, move around and you will know what am talking about, i feel sad for u.

  10. Day light murder. We were called haters when we advised HEMCS needed space to recover his normal wellbeing. Now PF ‘lovers’ must pay,each single one of them, for sending HEMCS to an early grave.

    BBC just confirmed, citing HEMCS grand son as the source.

  11. @MUSHOTA.
    While we pay condolences to the first family, we aught to know that SAT caused the death of thousands Zambians than his single soul. God does not play dice. Removal of subsidy, fuels, maize meal high, dismissal of nurses, and the more recent a girl committing suicide for being denied bursary. You tell me, does SATA’S soul more important than those he cause to suffer and die?
    PF kept saying SATA is enjoying good heath, let see how Government spokesperson will transform the lies into sorrow. Unlike Mwanawasa, its time Zambians should reflect by voting with their heads and not heart,
    This zambians should mourn for them selves, PF &the family tree stole huge sums to last them till death too. Its time to lift the wage freeze, and recover stollen money

    • 100% correct.
      Zambia is not a Kingdom or a chiefdom, when one assumes the presidency he or she must accommodate every ones view. They repeatedly said that the president is OK. Let us hope Zambians will forced to vote out of sympathy like they did when Mwanawasa died. It is time to use our brains not our emotions to judge. There is nothing GOOD that was or will come out of PF. Parliament everyday is laboring to ask when resources will be allocated to projects in other parts of the country , they continue saying when resource will be available, Zambia is not PF and PF is not Zambia every part of the nation deserved development. Thank God ,Isaiah said “when king uzaiah died, he saw the hand of God”. God can not be mocked. I will rule this country on ten commandments, HYPOCRICY.

  12. Sata…n nafwa………..walekana ubulwele Sata..n nafwa……Sata..n kankulile………………
    Hope you repented your many sins. You have really wasted our meagre resources, you have killed the country…….yaba!

  13. Ba Mushota,
    At last, Zambia will now have a true president.
    Sata ruined my family’s life.

    • So you are going to HELL too?

      Give my regards to this old LIAR and CHEAT, CROOK and CONMAN, TYRANT and TRAITOR, and tell him not to blaspheme and take God for a fool with his “rule by the TEN COMMANDMENTS” LIES!

    • You will lose the case!

      Chella told us from his own mouth he has US$ 5 million in his bank account.

      That can but lots of lawyers!

  14. Surprising, Mushota and other PF dogs haven’t yet been to the blog to shed tears! I now know what I have always suspected that ‘Mushota’ was Sata. Even the poor English grammar showed. To Zambians, let’s now do the right thing so we avoid another by-election!!!

  15. Can we build a Heart hospital from the money saved on his medical tourism? How many Zambians died because of his and family forest reckless spending?

  16. Ku Muchinga muloshe sana.This man made very crucial mistakes in three years. Ku chinsali mukwate mourning period ,a special one.Mutushe muchibote chamfumu.MHSRIP

  17. It is a very sad moment to some of us…regardless of which political party one belongs to death is not what we can rejoice…let’s pray that God gives us a leader who is God fearing

    • Pliz don’t pluralize ,be specific. We needed equal distribution of resources in Zambia. PF the biggest opposition in Zambia , You have stolen enough . God’s Timing is the Perfect. Sickness is like a pregnancy, you cant hide it.
      We need development. Division in PF. Constitution. Minimum Wage. Removal of Subsidy. Firing of Nurses. Wage freeze. Mistreating of Investors. God listens to the prayer of the widows and Orphans and the Oppressed .

    • Say ‘I’ Thou shall never say “WE” I hope you are not from Muchinga Mulakupikwa Robert Makasa Luapula University in Bemba land. Zambia is not Muchinga. God is for all. You say Umubemba tatekwa , atekafye. Wait and see , lets hope you are a registered Voter

  18. Only fools celebrate at the mishaps/death of another person. If the news is credible, its a sad moment for mother Zambia, but what we can do as citens is to mourn our beloved president peacefully. A hero has died and the rural person has lost someone who wanted to change his/her life. Let’s keep calm and see the way forward. WHY IS IT THAT GOOD AND UNCORRUPT PRESIDENTS DIE FAST? We shall greatly miss you…..!

  19. First and foremost! Regrettably we are again having to host a funeral that could ar least been avoided probably for now. May Sata’s soul rest in peace. But it is high time that people learn to have manners. The Security chiefs must with immediate effect take over to see through the by election and immediately arrest Guy Scott, Sata’s wife Kaseba, and many senior officials for blatantly lying and giving false information to the Zambians that voted for him. This is utter nonsense that everyone knew he was sick but the wife and PF dinosaurs. What a country. What are they gona tell us? An inquiry must be constituted and bring to justice all culprits involved.

  20. President Sata’s last wish is that the Zambian people rally behind acting president Edgar Lungu. In my view, in his few days in charge, he has earned the respect of many neutral Zambians.

  21. MHSRP! The era has began for undoing all what Sata stood for- tribalism, corruption, and violence. It is now time to distribute the national cake equitably and to demolish the evil cartel that has been hijacking presidents once and for all.

  22. Very sad news indeed. My condolences to the family, friends and nation on the death of president Sata. MHSRIP. A pity we have some individuals celebrating the death of another human being, it is unZambian and morally wrong. SUch people should be ashamed of themselves.

  23. LT is citing foreign media who are citing local private media. Do you guys have the balls to report facts as you see them or the government has gagged you.

    • My point is the fact that main stream media could not report hours after having the information shows so form of gagging or self censorship. Some even cited Al Jazeera who happen to quoting private local media.

    • The Jackal I could be wrong but if I were to list all the evil things that one can be attributed to Ukwa I doubt he will be going upstairs. Fathering bana bamu vigololo is but one example, sponsoring thugs to butcher innocent people in Chawama is yet another, inducing costly by-elections whilst sacking nurses who demanded better pay after giving yourself three hefty salary increments in less than three years is yet another example. I could go on if you like but I think the examples I have provided are enough to add credence to my belief that the departed Ukwa will not be meeting the noble souls of Mwanawasa, Mazoka and Kunda. As we speak, I am sure he has already arrived downstairs, in fact he has been there for a long time given the fact that he did enjoy the presidency he lied to obtain!

  24. Prophet TB Joshua-Man of God, your prophecy has been fulfilled! We are mourning in Zambia. Our President is gone. Till we meet again, rest in eternal peace.

  25. We cerebrated our Golden Jubilee, but the creator had his own plans for Zambia. I invite us on the Luke 12:13-21 especially

    Our president went for medical check up ! As we mourn we need to remember thousands souls including nurses who lost their jobs, and other still losing lives in our miserable hospitals while they go and pay huge sums to enrich the Indians, Israelis, UK name it.
    Zambians should do the right thing. Ok Step 1. Dissolve parliament. Lets level the playing field.
    We need a young president. HH-HH-Foward.

  26. This is sad reading, now that BBC has confirmed. Hopefully PF will show some respect for its leader by being united and reduce the divisions within their ranks.

  27. The saddest news is that most Zambian are dead too. Looking at the comments its shocking indeed that people that are alive that is body and soul can express such sentiments. We are going no where with such. We are too divided to do anything progressive. Sata has done his part, at least he managed to make his own mistakes but I believe he meant well and may His soul rest in eternal peace.

  28. My President MYRSIEP: Please whoever takes over leadership, Let him/her try hard to stamp out TRIBALISM, NEPOTISM, VIOLENCE and CORRUPTION. There is too much of these vices in Zambia

  29. mushota and Saulosi meekness mwe. Sata was to preoccupied with being president. Funny how he had family members follow him to London for a medical checkup, maybe that is exactly what he wanted, to die in a luxury and comfort. Ati Bali fwila ku London. Shame that the tax payer now has to pick up another unnecessary bill. Greed of the African politician.

  30. it is sad to learn that our beloved president has passed on. MHSRIEP as we mourn our president peacefully. This is not time to point fingers at anyone as we know that there is time to be born and time to die. All of us shall surely die whether we like it or not. it’s just a matter of time. Lets also reflect on our lives and ask for forgiveness from God our heavenly father.

  31. The announcement has officially been done on ZNBC. Oh my God I will morn this man. The development that were coming up awe mwandi chabipa.

  32. I just would like to say is that my President, Micheal Chilufya Sata isn’t dead.. He’s yet to complete his rulling term.. I believe that Yaweh is healing him right now. He’ll live till the right time comes for him to leave earth but that aint today. On the contrary, I lastly wish to say May Jehovah’s will be done. #GodBlessTheMightyRepublicOfZambia.

  33. It is has been confirmed by Dr. Roland Msiska that President has gone to be wit the Lord. Fellow Zambians, my appeal is that lets not politic his death. Thank you.

  34. Another Gallant Son of the Land has Gone, Many thanks for the journey you took us through even though some may agree or disagree , Go Well……….

  35. MHSRIP
    There are lessons to be learnt here.
    Sadly he left his country in terrible debt.His ministers failed him
    His family could not help matters hence where we are now
    We need to be more sensible as we go forward. we have to boot out all the national plunderers in PF. Cowards and heartless people who only wanted to fill their bellies at the expense of national development.
    Thieves, we need to teach them a lesson.Lets show them that the electorates have now come of age

  36. Mr Edgar Lungu listen to me and listen good. Please do not follow those bent on bringing chaos to this country. Please hand over power to Scott like the constitution says. Look and copy from Honourable Rupia Banda. Let us not take for granted the peace that we enjoy. God will bless you abundantly Edgar. How know, maybe the PF might even chose you to lead them in 2016. Think of your children and Zambia as a whole.

    • There is nothing to copy from the master of corruption Rupiah Banda. But I agree that it is Scott ‘s 90 days. No one should deny him that except the electorate. Muluzi learned that the hard way when Bingu died in Malawi

    • What are you talking about? You mean you don’t know that Guy Scott is already in charge as per the constitution? All service chiefs reported at his residency by 07:00hrs this morning to prepare the way forward. Edgar was just an acting president whom PF may consider fielding as presidential candidate in nexts presidential by elections. As for now its back to what the constitution says till elections.

  37. If this news is indeed true I am devastated, my heart is sunk my father has died. Heaven has surely gained a worthy son of God who tried his hardest to improve the lives of ALL Zambians..dear Lord I pray for strength for the entire family of Zambians that called Michael Chilufya Sata our father. Sad, sad, sad…

  38. Condolences to the first family, PF, PF die hard supporters like Mushota and Saulosi, Goverment and to all the people of Zambia. However, his death was long predicted due to his evident I’ll health and it is amazing that cabinet could not be responsible enough to let the man rest and ensure succession had happened. He leaves another vacuum for PF. May we now vote wisely for a young healthy president to carry the nation forward from where MCS has left. And let there be peace within PF as they start looking for a candidate to float. As for the opposition lets us mourn and bury the remains of our 5th president and then we can start campaigning. He will forever be remembered in the history of zambia as the fifth republican president of our beloved country Zambia

  39. As I am told the secretary to the cabinet has just issued a statement confirming the death on Zambian television my sympathy goes to the first family on their loss. Zambia will get through this in peace and dignity.

  40. We’ve been saying all along that fate or karma has a funny way of embarrassing those who unashamedly try to hide the truth saying ati he was well and working .We’ve been vindicated.Nuff said.

  41. RIP HE President Michael Sata.

    Sad though that he did not rest in his final days. He should have stepped down perhaps a year ago. Hasn’t left any attractive leader – I suppose that this is all down to bad leadership where we never seem to understand that the grooming of the next guy person starts the very day you are put in your role.

    We have lost a father, a legend. Rest in peace biggie!!

  42. Oh noooooh! Ba Maiko is no more? I cannot believe this! Anyway what to do? Life has to continue. All I can say is: MHSRIEP. He shall always be remembered. He has shown us one kind of leadership: Revolutionary through hard work. Indeed, Zambia will never be the same again – no Zambian no matter which region or tribe one comes from can vote for a corrupt person to lead the country. Thank you fellow Zambians, compared to many African countries, we have grown maturely. No one will ever take us for a ride again. Keep it up! To carry on Maiko’s vision and Legacy, I suggest we vote for SCOT.

  43. May his sour rest in peace.condolences to all zambians and his family.lets put everything in the hands of God coz when God says so, no one can say no..all of us we shall test death.

  44. May his soul rest in peace. His works will definitely follow him hope those that will take over will continue with his developmental works.

  45. MHSRP. It is very sad to loose so many heads of state within a short space of time. It is not good for us as a people and it is also not good economically, more so that our constitution requires that bye- elections be held within 90 days. We have the opportunity to now look at the released draft constitution and see if we cannot support closes that minimizes the issues of bye-elections and support closes that allows the current ruling party to nominate among themselves a leader to finish the remaining mandate of that party without having to spend colossal sums of money on such elections. We should flash out all these liars who have been saying the president is in perfect health- Guy scott.

  46. May his soul rest in peace.Let us learn something,death can occur at any time but let us have a thoroughly medical examination on who ever wants to stand for presidence otherwise we shall keep on having by elections at the expence of developing our country.And the guyz in government should be very careful when handling this.

  47. A son of Africa has gone! I feel he could have lived a bit longer had we the courage to see beyond personal interests and allowed the man a deserved rest. We failed to mobilize and enusre the constitution was upheld. We all saw him deteriot and we pretended all was well. Zambians we let this country down! We let this great sone of Africa down!

  48. A son of Africa has gone! I feel he could have lived a bit longer had we the courage to see beyond personal interests and allowed the man a deserved rest. We failed to mobilize and enusre the constitution was upheld. We all saw him deteriot and we pretended all was well. Zambians we let this country down! We let this great son of Africa down!

  49. Fellow country men, please lets stop making fun of the president`s death. No man is perfect before the almighty God, to err is human to forgive divine. Lets all console the First family in this trying time. God had a purpose for his life. May God bless mother Zambia. Amen

  50. I feel no sympathy for months we were denied the truth about his health and whereabouts I refuse to be stupid and I am not a f00l no hard feelings . It’s so sad people sympathasing no wonder Zambian are still living in poverty for a long time you denied the truth even when your eyes could see .

  51. Death of anyone is not good. However, Sata was a bad president taken at a right time so the country can move on. He was incompetent, a tribalist, regionalist, corrupt, disrepsectful and violent element. Pray that the great country gets a freeh start. Thank you God for taking away the evil president and for listening to the cries of your people. God you are great!

  52. “Umweo wa muntu waba kuli Chibinda” RIP bwana Michael. Too sad it was never meant for you to rule the entire term. But in a few days you had been in power, you showed a lot. It gets me partitioning God why in my human understanding He always gets the “good ones”. But l do understand and like my cousins say “pafwa bantu pashala bantu.
    To the rest of my Zambian dudes and dudetts, no leader will depart without enemies. I never liked a single thing about late Levy but I cherished everything about Michael. Man he was awesome. We shall see what Zambia has in store for us as we usher in the next and sixth president. I love this country!

  53. HH please find a proper campaign manager. we are going to vote for you in large numbers . RB please put your support for HH. nevers Mumba please work with HH.

  54. Sad news but equally good riddance, our nation was slowly dis integrating to un imaginable levels with deception. Lesa uyu ni…………………….

  55. Zambian policians are dull. they always just want to eat when they come to office.Now lets look at the problem we are facing:
    2006- election
    In the space of 10 years we are going to have five elections.As a country dear zambian
    is it healthy and are we normal?

  56. @ least MCS had courage to push for Zambians to be allowed 20 % in infrastructure projects.
    In his memory lets increase threshold to 51% through parliament.
    Lets stop this obession of thinking Zambians have no capacity.
    Rest in peace MCS

  57. Condolences to the family; heartfelt sympathy for the nation and a time of reflection for all of us, citizens at home and citizens abroad.
    We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses.

    Kenneth Kaunda’s “One Zambia, One Nation” is very befitting at this solemn moment.
    May we all, as Zambians, remain united in life and in death

    May the soul of President Michael Sata rest in eternal peace.
    Robala ka kagiso Tautona.

  58. I expect the various Government spokespersons who have been telling the nation for months and months that Mr. Sata is fit, well, healthy and working tirelessly for the good of the country, will now inform us as to what caused the sudden death of our beloved fit and healthy president. No fit and healthy person dies from a medical check up.

    May he rest in peace.

  59. plz leave the man of action alone otherwise we loved him and we miss him camibaba cos u a suffering jst go back to school he is not the causer of yo suffering other wise we miss the development he has initiated. we a jst waiting to see yo winning ba upnd

  60. Ubulanda mwe…..Belinda Nafwa………………….!

    In the day that King Uziah, i saw the Lord, May Zambia see the arm of God after this…………..

  61. Reason we whinge & complain as a nation is because we lack resources individually.Lets push for increased involvement i.e 51%.
    Once we have this stake bitterness will be thing of the past.
    Parliment stop immature debates and push for our empowerment!

  62. May HE Sata’s Soul REST in Peace let us mourn him with Dignity. Now is the opportunity to let the people govern. The people who said it was a medical check up must be severely be dealt with – no room for such people in government/ . recall all those whose appointment were not meritorious belong to the GARBAGE BIN.

    Comrades!!! we should Never again allow Zambia to be subjected to family trees or forests.

  63. May the peace of the Lord that transcends all human comprehension be upon the bereaved family of HE MC Sata, their relatives and friends as well as the rest of the nation.

    We have lost a pragmatic, progressive, visionary and tenacious leader. May the Lord help us all during the moment of mourning and hereafter as we find ways to continue with his good work.

    God Bless Zambia. One Zambia. One Nation.

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