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Let Individuals questioning my legitimacy go to court-Guy Scott

General News Let Individuals questioning my legitimacy go to court-Guy Scott

Dr Guy Scott Acting President of Zambia with Army Commander Gen Miyovu at Kk international airport wating for the body of late President MC Sata
Dr Guy Scott Acting President of Zambia with Army Commander Gen Miyovu at Kk international airport wating for the body of late President MC Sata

Acting President, Guy Scott, has urged individuals questioning his legitimacy to go to court.

In a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Senior Private Secretary in the Office of the Acting President, Robert Kamalata, Dr Scott stressed the need to mourn the late Michael Sata with dignity.

Dr Scott has appealed to all colleagues to mourn the departed President in dignity and desist from fractious succession campaigns.

The Acting President noted that some people clearly took some of his warning as idle, saying that he will not allow President Sata’s funeral to be marred with indignity.

Dr Scott said as party President he has taken this deep again and warns all those who are disregarding a very sensible and humane request to reflect on their conduct.

“The few that think that my acting as Head of State is a matter for legal debate let them take this matter to court if they so wish, but I will not allow any party members including Cabinet Ministers to disregard party discipline while we mourn our departed leader,” Dr Scott said.

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  1. Guy Scott or mulenga Sata we demand must get the presidency for the spirit and respect of Mr sata

    Anything else we will not accept


    • Law Professor Ndulo has spoken, LAZ (Law Association of Zambia) has spoken, Attorney General has spoken. Why are small minds and General Miyanda who (should be talking about guns) making noise?

    • The law is on the side of Scott. The Supreme Court judgement of 1998 that interpreted the parental clause qualifies him to go beyond acting and stand for president in January 2015.

    • While Scott is right in pointing to the Courts for anyone questioning the legitimacy of his Acting position (Something he called a Chola boy not so long ago, suggesting he didnt care much about it), he is not qualified to use the word “dignity” in any address to the Zambian people.
      He is a disgraced liar that should be ashamed for lying to the Zambian people and, particularly Parliament that Sata is working hard (earning his money) while he knew all to well that we had a man steering at his death bed while earning a living as republican President.
      My online campaign again against PF, M’membe and anyone linked to the current PF leadership will simply be the lies, lies, and lies that have made them comfortable to treat Zambians as docile and gullible embeciles.

    • @Action Man
      As prestigious and knowledgeable as Pr. Ndulo maybe, I am afraid that he is no authority in Law nor is he the “High Court or Supreme Court of Zambia”. The fact that there are so many public grumbles about Scott’s position, simply means that the Consititution is ambiquous or defective and need correcting.
      You should also not that it is not a disputed fact that Scott’s parents where not Zambian and therefore Scott cannot stand for elections for the substantive Presidential position. The “ingredients” of the Judgement you refer to are different from Scott’s case. Chiluba’s was the Presidency while the issue Scott is talking about is simply his elligibity to “Act as President”.

    • Thats a long overdue statement ! Let the chaps go to court.. why should every jim and jack become a lawyer all of a sudden. ? This is how people twist and eat their own hands, on one side they claim the constitution is defective and we need a new constitution, on the other hand they are championing the same defective crap to say Scott is not eligible. What exactly do some people want? Thats the reason the great man Sata asked, ‘show me an animal driven constitution?’ Laws are only good laws if they fufil your greed. Courts are only genuine if they pass the judgement you want.. some of you need to seriously re examine your apetite to see confusion… word!

    • Guy Scott because of Parentage clause cannot be elected as President. He has said it so many times in the past and even gave this as the reason why Sata never appointed him to act as President.

      How can a person, Guy Scott, who the Constitution bars from holding office of the President, turn round and say he can ACT as President and possess all the powers of the Presidency?!!

      No, no, no…. Guy Scott you are NOT eligible to hold office of President under ANY circumstance!!!

      Musa Mwenye, how can you do this to your motherland? Why, why…..??

  2. If Scott was clever he would shut his mouth not long ago I remember him saying that Mulenga and himself can never be Presidents of Zambia so what has changed now or is he also a liar like the rest of PF changing goal posts to suit the moment. Shame on this old finished man, no one will vote for you if you stand opposition will rejoice because that will be a walk over.

    • The Acting President states that he is eligible to be discharge the functions of President of the Republic of Zambia under the current Constitution. And this is despite the parentage clause which supposedly bars him.

      I have exercised my mind over the parentage clause applying the literal, purposive and mischief rules. I am not convinced our Acting President is on firm ground.

      Ours is an adversarial system. So, l humbly agree with the Acting President that this matter that should be ruled upon by our Courts of Law.

    • @nkembo,
      I think you are mixing-up 2 different issues here, Dr Scott is talking about his authority as acting president not about contesting the presidency after the 90 days.

    • Zambians must rise against colonialist like Guy Scott. We don’t want to go back to colonialism. This man should be removed from power even by the military. Go to HELL Guy Scott.

    • Tamutasha, if Scott kept quite ati Wa chabe chabe, alannah ati iyo his gone to far. What do u want? Can’t u just watch and c? U might learn what it takes to be a leader.

  3. The acting President is correct – let the likes of Miyanda et.al go to court! They should also advised to read LAZ and Prof. Muna Ndulo’s legal opinions on this matter.

    Mushota is also correct!

    • And have Satas AUNTIE, the “ACTING” Chief Justice decide? Good idea!

      Please be serious! Sata has in his three years ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED the integrity of the Justice system by his stup!d firing of Judges because he does not agree with their judgements?

      This ignorant std 5 thought he knew better! Animal Farm reloaded!

    • Cartel = Membe + Post + Membe’s Judges in High Court and Supreme Court + DPP (his partner in Zambia Airways) + Attorney General + Speaker + Chenda + Wynter …..as Dennis Liwewe (MHSRIP) would say…..”yayaya we are in trouble’!

  4. Since when was the Zambian court system ever fair? Let them kill each other for all I care. I will continue sipping my Bacardi on the sidelines.

  5. (Cartel = Membe < controling the commander in chief of all the armed forces really? not even the owner of news of the world can pull that off lol) Back to reality, address the real issues, investment, jobs, the economy, thats what we should all be focussing on. Not rumours.

  6. Guy Scott is on the right side of the law. He is the legitimate caretaker of the country for the next 90 days. Anyone, who says otherwise is relying on sentiments and not what is stated in our Constitution, as flawed as one may believe it to be, BUT, it is still the supreme law of the land. Take it to court, as he has rightly suggested. Even Sata used the same flawed systems to fight his battles to the presidency, a demonstration for utmost respect of the rule of law. Rather than focus on short term goals (90 days), they should think about how to retain the seat up to 2016. They had better come up with a good plan, otherwise, PF will go down in history as the the shortest reigning political party in the country’s history.

    • We are in need of a person who could carry the vision of our late President . No other but Bwana Guy, please Zambian let us not be racists for nothing this man is going to move our country in right direction where our country will benefit. Let us look at the future of our children.

  7. The authority to interpret law is vested in the courts. Those disgruntled should seek redress legally in a court of law.

    • Bullshit! It is in State House. Have you forgotten how SATA fired Judges?

      There is NO separation of Powers in Zambia.

      Sata made our Constitution into toilet paper!

  8. Guy Scott is the legitimate authority as of now. Court or no court, the Cabinet discussed and approved his current substantive national role. There should be no questions or speculations about it. How he got there, is for the courts until the substantive is elected; but he is with us until then.
    However, if there is such a thing as a Cartel imposing its will regarding who should be the next President of the Republic of Zambia; it is for the fifteen (15) registered political parties to ward-off the said intrigue. Scott is simply an actor among the many contender or rather; pretenders to the Throne: What is wrong with that?.

  9. One Zambia!
    The current constitution says that HEGS (His Excellency, Guy Scott) can act as president. End of story.
    What HEGS needs to do is to enact a new constitution, something no other president can do because it profits them to use a dictatorial archaic constitution.
    Scott cannot stand for president, but he can enact the new constitution, one that may even allow him to stand, if drafted correctly. We all stand to gain.
    Let us enact the new constitution at the next elections.

  10. Scott needs to go since he was and continues to be a part of SATA’s lies… The truth is Sata knew he was sick when he took office but saw it as an opportunity to get the Zambian people to pay his medical bills… no wonder he was in a hurry to raid the countries’ coffers to build his family a big house as he knew the end was near… if the Zambian people continue to allow degenerates in State House then they will remain forever poor and the country underdeveloped. As far as I am concerned the Name SATA is tantamount to SATA-N…. yet we are surprise that he and his degenerates bamboozled the country and …continue to do so (even in death) with the appointment of SCOTT as head of (Satan’s Cohort Of Thieves & Trickery).
    Wake up yea mighty people and look beyond your tribal affiliations for a…

  11. …Wake up yea mighty people and look beyond your tribal affiliations for a leader that can actually lift the country and its people up… Wake up!

  12. Let him not wory this is ZM the law enforcemnt agencies ONLY see cases & offenses once u leave office. Ask chiluba, KK & RB

  13. I think this ka group of Kambwiri are trying to bring confusion in the country. They have no capacity whatsoever to rule this country we don’t need people with no vision but power angry. Idihamin kind please twakana. Fwe bena Zambia twalisuka ubongo teti batubepe.

  14. For the first time since our liberation the security of our nation is threatened…..under Guy Scott. Sincerely, I neither see a manager nor a wise pillar in him. God forbid, fire may just be on way.

  15. Now I understand why the pass rate at ZIALE is so low. There are no bright minds in the Zambian legal fraternity, and if there are some, they are just interested in making money for themselves while the nation hurries along like the proverbial headless chicken.
    When Mr Sata died, there WAS an acting President.
    The ONLY person who can remove an acting President from the office is a President, and not a Cabinet or an Attorney General. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!
    Professor Ndulo is wrong. Perhaps it also explains why he was Dean of Law while UNIP committed atrocities without being questioned!

    • Iwe who appointed Lungu as acting president? It was not president Sata neither the cabinet either. Someone committed treason. I can’t wait to parliament to open so that Lungu and pf can answer those questions.

  16. Who in his right mind trusts Zambian courts? Is this not the same court that gave the Presidency to Mwanawasa in 2001 despite rigging by the master thief FTJ? Even the 2006 election let us be fair was won by PF but these same buffoons at the courts will always rule in favor of whoever is the incumbent so that they can continue eating as per Daniel Munkombwe. GS knows even if you take the issue to the court by the time a date is given and the arguments to follow by then the 90 days of acting will be over so this whole thing will be a moot point. Zambian courts only dispense justice when it comes to constituency by-elections which do not rock their boat. Judges who wear wigs will obviously rule in favor of the colonial masters who brought them the wigs.

  17. The more we squabble over Guy the more we Zambians appear as *****s to the outside world. A people who like to sit on their hands until disaster strikes. That is when we panic and disintegrate into chaos. Sata appointed Guy as his veep, we did nothing. We all knew very well that Sata was a dying horse. We knew the end could come literally any minute. Yet we still did nothing. Now we are fighting like cats and dogs. This is deplorable.

  18. The only problem if these guys start fighting is that we don’t have a police force like the one for Wasakaza Ng’uni. And because the Police is so weak under Stella Libongani, you will see pangas in full during this funeral

  19. way to go scott reprimand them and show them who you really are. this is the firm leadership. who ever is in campaign mode bring him down.

  20. Brothers and Sisters.
    This is a national crisis whether you belong to any party this is national issue.We dont want to be ruled by an indigenous zambian both parents born in Zambia with our colour

  21. Can someone tell me what tribe Guy Scot is including his chief and village where he comes from. I dont care whether you label me as a racist but Iam a proud African and an indegeneous Zambian who can not allow a white pig again to take the reigns of the highest office in my beautiful country barely two weeks after celebrating 50 year of freedom from white slavery. Where is your pride as africans you shameless zambians supporting this stupid idea. I wish we had the likes of courageous leaders like Robert Mugabe. Guy Scot must go, look at what he has started doing dividing us and you are there saying he is right. shame on you even our late freedom fighters must be turning in their graves for their effort to liberate us from colonialism has just gone into vain.

  22. How can you president when your trousers do not even fit? There is a serious undercurrent of anger brewing, Scott will not last the week!

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