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I cannot belittle the late Head of State, says Davies Mwila as he turns down appointment as PF Secretary General

Headlines I cannot belittle the late Head of State, says Davies Mwila as...

Acting President Dr Guy Scott  shortly after  a Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Acting President Dr Guy Scott shortly after a Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Chipili Member of Parliament Davies Mwila has turned down the appointment as Patriotic Front(PF) Secretary General.

In a walk in interview with ZNBC News, Mr. Mwila said that it is time to mourn President Michael Sata with dignity and honour.

The former Deputy Minister of Defence said that he has lost a mentor, a father and a leader who built him in politics dating back to many years.

He said that he served President Sata with loyalty adding that he cannot belittle the late head of State by not mourning him with dignity.

Mr. Mwila was accompanied by some Members of the Central Committee.

And Sports and Youth Minister Chishimba Kambwili has called on youths not to demonstrate over the firing of Mr. Lungu.

Mr. Kambwili said that some cabinet ministers will be meeting Dr. Scott to iron out the matter.

Earlier acting PF President Guy Scott had appointed Mr. Mwila as new Secretary General, relieving Edgar Lungu of his duties with immediate effect.

In a letter dated 3rd November 2014 released to the media in Lusaka, Dr Scott has thanked Mr. Lungu who is Defence and Justice Minister for his services rendered to the party.

But when reached for comment Mr. Lungu declined to comment over the matter.

Earlier, Dr Scott had appointed Chipili PF Member of Parliament of Davies Mwila as new PF Secretary General. In a letter of appointment, Dr Scott has wished Mr. Mwila success and God’s blessings in his new position.

However, some cabinet Ministers have called on Acting President Guy Scott to rescind his decision to fire Edgar Lungu as PF Secretary General.

Tourism Minister Jean Kapata said that Dr. Scott should not make a decision alone without involving the central committee of governing party.

She was speaking in a walk in interview at ZNBC.

Ms. Kapata said that it is unfortunate that some individuals are making decisions at a time when the country is supposed to mourn President Sata with dignity.

And Chief Government Spokesman Joseph Katema has appealed to Government officials and all party members to mourn President Sata in peace.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development has described as “UnZambian and a total insult to the memory of late Republican President Michael Sata the behavior of acting President Guy Scott for calling on the public to mourn the President in dignity when he is doing the exact opposite.

FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza noted that the dismissal of Edger Lungu as acting General Secretary is ill timed and paints a picture that the PF is a party in confusion and leadership crisis.

Below is a statement issued by FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza.

We want to Salute Hon Davies Mwila for refusing to be part of Guy Scott’s dirty schemes. We thank him for refusing to be part of this madness.

It is shameful, unZambian and a total insult to the memory of Micheal Sata that while his body is still lying in state, people like Guy Scott and Mulenga Sata are out in full throttle campaigning and posturing in a bid to succeed Sata.

Surely Guy Scott’s dismissal of Edgar Lungu at this hour of mourning is ill-timed and clearly paints a picture that PF is a Party in confusion and leadership crisis.

It is clear that these characters never loved or cared for Sata. For them it was only survival at the expense of Sata’s health.

This is why while we were pleading for President Sata to take leave in view of his apparent failing health they kept on hiding and lying that he was well and working.

Guy Scott has betrayed the memory of his once good friend by continuing to do political gymnastics even when the body of his colleague is still warm. We call upon all warring PF functions to call a truce and mourn Sata with dignity.

It is very hypocritical for Guy Scott to ask us Zambians to mourn Sata while him is busy scheming and campaigning.


    • Ba Davies Mwila is a coward, we know him from Mansa. The man who run-away from GBM, when he was his deputy !? Just get it and bring PEACE in PF if you have a pair of balls.
      Lungu’s “solomon’s sermon” was not cool. How can he say he had abashilika on his side, and that power was in “wrong hands”?
      Fi PF fine fye imisango.

    • Lungu is not fit for leader. He worked with Kabimba and pretended all was okay untill kabimba was fired thats when he saw things were wrong. He has no leadership qualities but just an opportunist. A real leader cannot make the statement that he made about handing over power. He also organised party cadres to demonstrate against Guy. Look, people who wanted out Kabimba with demostrations, were from Chawama. Now the question is who is the MP for Chawama. Zambia report are saying he embezzled clients money when he was practicing as a lawyer which lead to the suspension of his practicing licence. He has not denied this. Ministers are involved in secret meetings, Jean, Sata fired Kabimba alone. Lungu has only RELIVED OF THE SG position. You are underminig him & expect him sit back and…

    • @Nostradamus
      This foul-mouthed criminal Nostradamus is at it again with his insults. He can’t discuss issues without his mind relapsing in a state of insanity. He is the Chicago wanted criminal called Chanda Chashi a.k.a. Reuben Mwansa. He claims to go to church on Sunday and yet he is the dirtiest of the mouths. LT must start censoring him or better still rid of him completely. Read his comment above and you’ll see what I mean.

    • PF recall the Bemba saying which goes as ‘Umulembwe wachipuba wapwile mulitufweko’. PF needs to stop this issue of sacking people in the name of creating a new team or there will be no PF post Dec 2014.

    • edagar lungu bit guy scott’s balls while sucking on them. scott then took it personally and shoved some hot sauce down lungu’s throat. guy scott clearly wants to take over our country and sell what ever we have left to foreigners. i guess we shall forever be slaves to foreign investors; evans mfula at evaduco reporting live from lusaka and getting my bottom massaged by kitwe prisoners.


      Lungu has decided to form his own new Party called the NEW PF to contest the Presidential by-election!

    • @Tyson, you and your hero Field Ruwe must be rejoicing that his number one ——- is no longer. You achieved want you prayed for.
      I can’t wait to read his “searching for successor article 54”.

  1. Its not about belittling late Sata.Mwila just figured ah ,its PF..why board and serve in a divided and sinking ship at civil war with itself ?

  2. Guy Scott needs to show leadership. Appoint someone who is willing to serve the party instead of these stooges who are still scared of a dead snake. Sata’s presidency was marred by very questionable appointments of his relatives and this must come to an end.

  3. W0w!!!

    A lesson for other Zambian political parties: Inculcate discipline in your party members. The same Vernom PF party cadres and thugs such as Gen. Kudos, Halesa Halenya (pausing as PF cadres) unleashed on credible opposition leaders is now being directed internally within PF. This Vernom is a package of indiscipline, thuggery, criminal behaviour, tribalism/racism and pure hate driven by illiteracy, depravity and ignorance. The PF leadership enjoyed and encouraged it when it reared its ugly head at BGOCA and at many locations in Lusaka, Kasama, Eastern province against the UPND and HH, NAREP and Chipimo, FDD and Nawakwi. Had PF condemned and disciplined the thugs responsible, this funeral would have been as somber as Levy’s was. Zambians, please choose honour when voting.

  4. The truth of the matter is that Lungu has become a threat both within and outside pf,and Guy and company dont want to waste any time uprooting him.ZWD and the Post have been trying so hard to tarnish Lungu’s name but it doesn’t seem to be working.Mark my words,if this storm passes without major negative impacts on pf,Lungu will be the next presido.

  5. It’s not that Scott is doing this alone there is an influence behind this mark my words. What can I say at least am in Luangwa District just watching stone throw away am in Mozambique.

  6. Guys, what is wrong with someone trying to “stabilize the ship?” We are well aware that the late president has to be mourned. Remember, there is a vacuum in the leadership, and this need to seriously be addressed. I hate to say this but, Mulenga Sata came out of the plane carrying the late president and he was campaigning already, No-one could say a word about it. Yesterday, Mulenga Sata reinstated PF members that were previously suspended, no-one said anything. Today, Scott is doing what needs to be done to stabilize the ship and everyone talks. Scott is mourning his dear friend, but has to take care of things also. So, ba FDD, Kapata etc. just keep quiet if there is nothing positive you can contribute. Lets not gain ground by playing the mourning card here. Zambia still goes on…

  7. Guy Scott remains Guy Scott, Michael Sata was Michael Sata. For Guy Scott to allude that Michael Sata was his teacher among other things, does not make him talk, think and act as Michael Sata. We have blogged before as other 000s have also said that Michael Sata was a dictator. Typical of Michael Sata’s dictatorial tendency, Guy Scott fires Edigar Lungu and appoints Davies Mwila to replace him, when Scott’s new position is still hotly being debated, PF membership is still in mourning in conformity to Zambian mourning culture and Zambian politicians have restrained themselves from politicking in order to send off Sata with some dignity. Yet we see Guy Scott just doing the opposite. This is an insult not only to Sata but Zambian culture of honoring those departed from us.

    • Aquila, fyi… Mulenga Sata upon reaching the runway lifted his fist to acknowledge the PF symbol. GBM had his supporters come with T shirts campaigning for him. Miyanda was talking on day 1. Lungu was making press statements about Scott thus his removal as SG. So who are these “Zambian politicians that have restrained themselves from politicking in order to send off Sata with some dignity?”

    • Hey he means the opposition politicians!!! Have you been sleeping or what? All these people have been campaigning including Edgar, playing the victim. My friend learn to see the forest from the trees.

  8. Scot has shown true leadership, weather he is wrong or right does not really matter. At least he has shown that he is a man in charge and willing to make decisions. The only cowards and weak men are those asking him to rescind his decision. Sata is dead and history whether buried or not we need to move as a country and start making those decisions.

  9. The actions of Guy Scott is self delusion as it has divided further the already disintegrating party even before the founder is put to rest. Devis Mwila refusal to accept Scott’s appointment as new SG for PF party is enough writing on the wall that all is not well in PF camp. However, without use of a plethora of words summarized prophetically, these things must necessarily take place in order to consign the PF party to the archives of Zambian history.

  10. Kapata and company are so ignorant!! They misunderstand Scott and want to alarm the nation by making press statements. This is what Scott said – “…I will not allow any party members including Cabinet Ministers to disregard party discipline while we mourn our departed leader.” Scott at no point said work should stop because we are mourning. The nation (and PF) needs leadership at the moment and that is why Scott was appointed to act. Scott was not appointed to sit and mourn. It was to ensure leadership and all the duties at task should be executed!!! So, let the man work…

    • Yes. let muzungu wopusa not teach us about black and white blood. His useless figure of speech ‘my blood is black’ bent on fooling us. Guy scotti uli chungwaa very situpid!! Do not push your lucky far 90 days will be too huge amount of time to finish I can assure you. It is in a public fanware that mumembe is controlling this country. nosense we are not going to accept. accumulating riches at an expense of the poor!!! you cannot implement the ‘oligarchy’ system here. wacepa saana guy scotti.

  11. Power is the hands of MCC, because according to PF constitution, the MCC has powers to take disciplinary action against any official including Scot. So scot can easily be suspended by the MCC. The PF constitution also allows The MCC to make any changes in the rules and regulation of the party as long as it is in the intrest of the party, security, nation. Just read article 58. So Scot is far from being being a victor.
    MWILA you deserve praises

    • Mwila’s decision is worthy of praises. Do not be part of the cartel which played a huge role in accelerating the rate at which Sata’s life was denudating. Mu’m’e and the arrogant kamimbya pAizoned the Big man in an effort to continue tax evasion.

  12. Guy Scott has expressed his true hidden genetic character by erroneously succumbing to Mmembe’s political prostitution. Otherwise, how else would any reasonable Zambian explain Guy Scott’s revocation of President Sata’s political appointment when the nation is still mourning the untimely death of a President.

    This now confirms that since President Sata was too close to Guy Scott, the President had great inside knowledge of Guy Scott’s faulty genetic make up. This is the reason why President Sata NEVER EVER appointed Guy Scott to function as Acting Republican President each time the he travelled outside Zambia.

    Let the nation just mourn our President in peace. Guy Scott, Mmembe, Kabimba and the cartel, have less than 85 days to play their vengeful dirty games. MHSRIP

  13. Best thing for Scott to do is just resign and hand over power to Lungu, Scott the only person in PF who supported you was our late dear beloved HEMCS no one likes you in PF because at heart you are a racist out of touch with Zambians how do you expect small scale farmers to export maize?? You dont even know that many of your utterances are racist, Zambians have seen through you time and again, just do the honorable thing and step down bwana otherwise it was a mistake to have a “novelty” as you yourself describe you adventure in African politics.

  14. Never send a boy to do a man’s job. Ba Mwila you are a coward, a spineless jelly fish. If you really loved Sata, you could have accepted this appointment. Sata would have wanted you to have it..
    Guy Scott, why didn’t you consult this man before making any pronunciations?

  15. Guy Scott is playing with fire here. He has potential to engulf the whole of Lusaka into a battle ground for PF factions after the burial. Guy Scott needs Lungu and Chikwanda to unify PF. What he has done is playing with fire. He does not know where power lies in PF. If he listens to Mmembe camp, then there will be no PF after the barrier. There is anger against Mmembe in Zambia.

  16. Scott ?s Mmembe’s puppet. Mmembe pulls the str?ngs and Scott s?mply responds. Scott can’t help ?t.
    The real problem ?n the country ?s Mmembe who can even tape a M?n?ster’s pr?vate conversat?on and noth?ng ?s done. Mmembe’s.V?c?ous and v?rulent ed?tor?al yesterday was followed by Lungu’s d?sm?ssal. The only reason Lungu ?s hold?ng on to h?s Cab?net pos?t?ons ?s because the const?tut?on does not allow Scott to change cab?net dur?ng the trans?t?on.
    Mmembe even had a hand ?n the appo?ntment of many of recent Judges appo?ntments. We need to clean house very soon and also remove the pest?lence of Mmembe.

  17. This time around, the people of Zambia will come to appreciate/understand as to why President Sata was so cautious as to NEVER allow Guy Scott to act as State President each time the President left Zambia. Yes, this time Zambians will have to come to terms with the blunder Sata made by appointing a white man as his Republican Vice President despite the abundance of African talent.

    KK had his experience with James Skinner as Minister of Justice. Skinner had to flee from Zambia. The appointment of Guy Scott as Vice President in an African state baffled leaders in the SADC region and AU.

    We still recall the most memorable phrase the Late Munukayumbwa Sipalo pronounced to the effect that “THE ONLY GOOD WHITE MAN IS A DEAD ONE”. Guy Scott’s foolish act says it all.

  18. I had lots of respect for Guy Scott. Now that is all gone. Not for removing Lungu, but the way he done it; firing Lungu during the mouning period. Scotts must understand that he has no powers to fire even a cleaner at State House, hence Lungu who is a Defence and Justice minster has more powers than him. If Scotts last another 85 days in Office, we risk civil war in Zambia. He must be fired from the party and Goverment after burial. Scott is a danger to our country.

  19. There so many lope holes in our constitution which makes people to want to clean to power. surely 90 days is not a very long period and for us Africans and Zambians 14 days to burry Micheal Sata is a very short period. Why the struggle for power within PF, can’t you wait. please. Sata was told by the late Gorge Kunda, resolve the vice president issue, he refused. SUCCESS WITHOUT A SUCCESSOR IF FAILURE AND THAT IS WHAT PF IS ALL ABOUT. FAILURES ESP IN LEADERSHIP.

  20. This colonial master must be kicked out of PF.even Sata made a mistake by keeping him this far.Scott has killed PF!let Scott bring back Wynter Kabimba and vote for him alone!i cant waste my vote on a dead PF.for sure PF days in power ended with the death of our beloved Sata!Scott you’re jecting Edgar Lungu at your own peril!

  21. Bloggers; let’s suppose Guy Scott goes ahead and enact the constitution. What will stop him from standing as republican president? A mistake that was made some time back is just being seen now. Issues surrounding Scott should have been ironed out days before … watch the space.

    PF has serious thugs; if this case is not handled with care, the entire nation might see serious problem! Watch the space …!!!

    In the meantime, don’t think the army chiefs are cowards! … so mind what you wish for!

  22. PF’s propensity for self destruction is amazing! decisions being made without consideration for ramifications. Fire Lungu and rest assured that you will not have the Eastern vote! Appointment of Mwila as replacement would have confirmed the loosely veiled continuation of the Bemba tribal hegemony. But the clever man declined.; you do not jump into a sinking ship!

  23. The writing is on the wall; with the demise of the founder, PF shall be defunct! The party has gone into self destructive mode. As the man lived, so he shall be mourned!

  24. The old doderer with “black” blood causing in his veins is out of touch with the thinking of populace on his ascension to high office. His should not push his luck too far. Unfortunately, the mess the party finds itself in is authored by the deceased president (MHSRIP). By inference it can be deduced that Lungu was his chosen “heir to the throne” (by appointing him Acting President, SG, Minister of Defence, Minister of Justice).

  25. Muzungu wopusa indeed. He tell us that he has banned political meetings and cabinet meetings but he is busy meeting his friends scheming evil to this country. why do whites, even if he says he has black blood, think they always ahead of us? He thinks we are so dull not to see that he is clearing a smooth passage for kabimba? this white man is a serious danger to zambia. I blame our DALO AG and cabinet ministers for this mess. can somebody cage this foreigner please!

  26. Rubbish Scot. You have dug your own Grave. If you dont rescind this decision you will regret for the rest of you life. Keep Everyone to the 90days if you have to survive. I supported you but l see you equally useless

  27. The problem is you people in the diaspora know very little about Zambia’s political situation or have hear-says.

    Truth is there is a clique of people in PF who want power so that they can enrich themselves. These are the ones who cherished Edgar as SG because he is weak and compromised. This is what Scott, Wynter and the likes of me and many others are up against. It is the fight between the write and wrong. Only the write side led by Scott, with Wynter as the candidate can see us through to 2016. Kabimba was shoved off out of lies and malice by the same clique. Now he is back and they are worrying their heads off.

  28. When I first heard the news of Edgar’s sacking I, like many others, quickly concluded that the timing was wrong as Edgar has a following in PF. I concluded that the result of this action would be deeper divisions within the party and increased tension. I actually thought the guy was nutts. But after much thought I came to realise that it does not take a rocket scientist to appreciate the after effects of such an action, and knowing full well that Scott is NOT a dull chap I had to come to terms with the fact that the man must have been pushed to the limit. He must have a really good reason to take such drastic action during such a period. My own assessment is that Lungu was caught in the wrong, probably campaigning. And if that was the case then I strongly support Scott’s decision.

  29. “Guy Scott has betrayed the memory of his once good friend by continuing to do political gymnastics even when the body of his colleague is still warm”.
    This is just like the cartel, Michael this Michael that, no friendship at all just a parasitic business relationship, the bond (not friendship) was based on what benefits the cartel could get out of their late “Michael”. You can see it from the cartel’s editorials if you read between the lines, what they are accusing and condemning others of doing is a smokescreen of exactly what they were and are doing. You will not fool all of us cartel, be warned!

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