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Sata was a candid person-VJ

General NewsSata was a candid person-VJ
Former President Kenneth Kaunda,President Sata and Vernon Mwanga share a light moment during  the requiem Mass of George Kunda at the Cathedral of the Chld Jesus In Lusaka.Courtesy State House press unit
Former President Kenneth Kaunda,President Sata and Vernon Mwanga share a light moment during the requiem Mass of George Kunda at the Cathedral of the Chld Jesus In Lusaka.Courtesy State House press unit

Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga has described the late President Michael Sata as a straightforward person who carried his true personality into politics.

Dr. Mwaanga said the late Mr. Sata believed in a hands-on approach to national issues.

He has since urged Zambians to concentrate on mourning the late President and only resort to constitutional matters regarding the affairs of the nation after his burial.

Dr. Mwaanga said the late President Sata deserves a funeral befitting the Head of State.

He noted that failure to do so will turn the country into a laughing stock to the outside world.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Mwaanga said this after signing the book of condolences for the late President Sata at Government House in Lusaka today.

And the Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) said the country has been robbed of a practical man who wanted to reform the health sector in Zambia.

ZMA president Aaron Mujajati said the late President Sata had a special bond with health workers and worked tirelessly to improve their working conditions.

Dr. Mujajati expressed hope that the legacy of the late President Sata of improving health care delivery in the country will continue in the next regime.


  1. This Mujalati man from Zambia medical board must be void of reason. How did Sata work tirelessly to reform the health sector when he fired nurses who are on the frontline of medical delivery in the country? Is that the reform he is talking about? Sometimes, especially during funerals, silence becomes eloquent. When there isn’t anything good to say about a fallen person, don’t feel compelled to say anything; you will serve a greater good by being silent than to say something to the contrary.

    • In response to Dr Mujalati (is that a Zambian name?)…. and Sata died abroad in the colonial masters country. What does that tell you about the reforms of the health sector or lack of? Let’s just mourn quietly and stop perpetrating lies in order to look good whilst pulling wool all over peoples faces.

  2. I thought I could restrain myself but I have had enough of these hypocrites falling all over themselves to eulogise Sata as though he was the reincarnate of a messiah.The truth is that the man had absolutely no clue how to lead a nation. I am struggling to pin-point a single area where he proved effective as president.All I will always remember him for are the lies and more lies that he and cronies fed the Zambian people. He is also the sole architect of the unseemingly power struggle that is raging among his cohorts. He could have put an end to it but chose not to for whatever reasons.The nation as a whole is equally fractured as a direct consequence of his time in power.This is how I will remember him. I cannot see him in any other light,try as I might.VJ needs to save his breath.

    • Ordinarily I would restrain myself from speaking but it is not fair to keep or maintain silence when a dead man is being maligned. President Sata fell ill in office; before that a healthy and fit Sata would have transformed this nation. Alas it was not to be and true those around him manipulated the situation and made ‘decisions’ that hurt the ordinary man….no one who knew the old Sata can call him lazy or otherwise he was a person within his own rights. In many ways he turned out like Levy, Mr. Injunction but after the road traffic accident he was never the same again….the benefactors? Those around him with ‘fake’ contracts, amassing wealth etc…but son we shall reclaim all that was stolen…..

  3. I have NEVER seen a TRIBUTE message from ” Bashi NONO” why is he QUIET and yet SATA the daughter to SATA is married to BASHI Nono’s son or to say NONO’S ELDER BROTHER

  4. VJ please let people mourn don’t provoke them by saying things which are obviously false. Everyone knows Sata was a liar, and you say such rubbish?

  5. Nyau indeed this man was a bully. That is why despite appointed Scottie to be Veep no one could question him because they were all dead scared of him. How do you have a President who was so feared?

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