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Central Committee has no mandate to suspend PF President – Kambwili


Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Some Patriotic Front Central Committee members who include, three aspiring candidates have maintained that the Central Committee has no mandate to suspend or expel the party’s President.

And both Kasama Central MP Geoffrey Mwamba and his Chingola counterpart Wilbur Simuusa have called on all the PF members to follow the party constitution in order to avoid confusions.

The three aspiring PF party Presidential candidate who include Roam Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili, Kasama Central MP Geoffrey Mwamba and Chingola MP Wilbur Simuusa said the purported Central Committee meeting which allegedly suspended Dr. Guy Scott this morning was convened illegally.

Mr. Kambwili in particular has categorically condemned the meeting that suspended Dr. Scott and described it as an illegal and a dark corner meeting convened by who he said were desperate individuals who wants to be appointed party president at all cost.

He said the members of the central committee who attended what he called an illegal meeting risks being suspended them for convening an illegal meeting.

Mr. Kambwili who is also Sports and Youth minister explained that the Central Committee meeting can only be called by the party President through the Secretary General who is supposed to notify all members.

The Roan MP and his counterparts expressed ignorance of the meeting saying they were not notified and wondered how the rest went on to assemble to suspend the party President.

He said as far as he is concerned Dr. Scott is still the party President of the PF. He for this reason appealed to the other members of the central committee who convened today to unite with the rest of the party members so that a presidential candidate is elected through the general conference.

And both Kasama Central MP Geoffrey Mwamba and his Chingola counterpart Wilbur Simuusa have called on all the PF members to follow the party constitution in order to avoid confusions.

Mr. Mwamba stated that aspiring candidates should not cause Confusion or show desperation for Presidency as doing so would cause people who trusted in the party lose confidence.

Mr. Simuusa on his part also maintained that the constitution does not mandate any other person apart from the President to call for a central committee meeting describing the meeting that suspended Dr. Scott as an illegal one.

Meanwhile Dr. Scott has encouraged members of the party who gathered at government house in his solidarity to remain calm as the party will follow the constitution on the election of the party President.

“You have the rights to be governed by the people you want. You are not just ordinary people who can be stolen from. You must stand up for your rights and your rights are embedded in the Zambian constitution and the PF constitution.

“ We are going to follow the constitutional procedures. If anybody wants to make trouble outside it’s at their own cost. And they will be the ones to answer, “ he said.

He said the party has a constitution which should be followed saying people who are causing trouble will be ones to answer.

PF Secretary General Bridget Atanga and her deputy Anthony Kasolo attended the media briefing while a crowd of PF supporters assembled at Government house with banners in support of Guy Scott.

The Central Committee Meeting this morning convened and announced the suspension of their party President Dr. Guy Scott from the party.

In a statement read on behalf of Central Committee members, Isoka MP Maloza Sichone Dr Scott has been suspended for unconstitutional conduct and usurpation of the Powers of the Central Committee.

He said, “As Acting President of the Party and the Republic of Zambia, Dr Scott’s first act was to ban meetings of the Central Committee and the Cabinet and thereby begun to rule by decree without any authority whatsoever. Dr Scott has also engaged in manipulation of state owned media institutions presenting even falsehoods as facts and quoting his own version of the constitution of the PF.”

Mr Sichone said Zambia has been a Republic for 50 years now and has a well-established democratic institutions and culture such that even during the reign of the One Party State, Dr Kaunda never made unilateral decisions whatsoever.

And Bridget Atanga, appointed PF Secretary General yesterday, has said that Guy Scott is still the Acting President of the Party.

Reacting to reports of Dr Scott’s suspension Ms Atanga said that the purported suspension of Dr Scott by the 25 Members of the Central Committee is not only illegal, but is also null and void.

Ms. Atanga said that only the President of the party is mandated by its constitution to convene meetings of the central committee and not anyone else.


    • Start Campaigning Chishimba I know you have no chance

      But I wish you well.

      For those that doubted this, here is the clearest indicator that Kambwili does not support Lungu. That is the nutshell of his rant here


    • That suspension of Scott was like a coup of Captain solo.
      It shook the nation but came to nothing, Let us support PF
      And vote or them in January so they continue the work they are doing

      A change of Government will bring confusion, we don’t need that, do we really?


    • Talk of a monkey paradise… the same reason why the Cc meeting that selected Edgar failed to stand is the same reason the 25 desparados cant suspend Scott… but seriously, these guys dont even read their own constitution…

    • Let Edgar Lungu and his Power Hungry MPs be arested tomorow morning. The actions of Drunkard Edgar Lungu may land him in prison. Mwebantu Chakolwa Edgar Lungu natemwisha akapoto. TAZARA Workers have not been paid for more than 5 months, and the PF is busy quaralling. HH must save this country from colapse.

    • @ Nubian princess, why are you picking on this thug’s neck? Are you discriminating against his blood-shot eyes? And his cheeks as well. Look at those cheeks, so prominent you can barely see the ears hiding behind..

    • PF don’t be so blinded; the post man is controlling the cartel activities, he has in the past propped people up and brought some down at his will. We should admit that to a great extent Zambians have allowed him to control Zambia. Look at it this way: Wynter and Sylvia were fired by PF (MCS), it would be naïve of PF to think that the two’s allegiance to PF is still the same. The other one is Guy, he knows he does not qualify to stand for president so he has nothing to lose in all this, moreover he once fired Edgar and you know what that means if Edgar won. But these are the people siding with the post man, we have seen it in the ‘post’. Guy once refered to the ‘A’ team, to him only the late president, Wynter and himself (guy) mattered and ‘owned’ PF.

    • So you can imagine how they must be feeling with the increasing popularity of Edgar. So the so called ‘cartel’ are using the ‘post’ to advance their agenda and by all means bring Edgar down. If PF doesn’t wake up quick enough they will all lose in the process. If PF thinks the cartel wants them to win they are DEAD WRONG! The ‘post’ for example has in recent past discredited PF openly, so what do you expect of people who are friends to the post man. Remember ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’. You will notice that if Edgar wins at the convention the attacks, and frustration on him will intensify. Some MPs supporting Guy are blinded, by the time they wake up they will have lost their jobs and MMD or UPND will be seating on their desk.

    • Have you not wondered how that of all the people contesting for presidency both in PF and outside the post man is only attacking Edgar even when there is so much nonsense happening elsewhere, that should tell Zambians something. Yes Kambwili you can support Guy today but look really closely and see who is controlling him- it’s the post man who in the recent past published un printables about you.

  1. “I suspend you!”
    “I also suspend you!”
    “But you can’t suspend me because you’re already suspended and a suspended person cannot suspend anymore!”………ad infinitum.

    Hey! Here’s a novel idea – how about – WE THE ZAMBIAN PEOPLE SUSPEND YOU ALL!



    • How I wish I was in opposition. ..these empty tins are canabalising themselves and spliting votes; they have no sympathy for their cadres … for the opposition this is like a pride of lions watching two buffaloes fighting; it would hard work and dangerous to attack when they are all charged up …you just seat back and let them tire themselves out.

    • I wish we had a similar model with that of Egypt where the army has the mandate to bring back sanity to the country if the government is not performing its duties. All these no-clue, self-contradicting and power-hungry guys would not only have been suspended, but relieved of their duties!

  2. This is becoming boring. Did these guys ever read their konsututuion? Who made it since you all do not understand it? Don’t tell me it was Sata….

    • Wabula maanu cakulya mulombwana! Kikikikiki nice one @ they don’t understand the constitution and 100% sure it was not ba Mwine who drafted the PF constitution. Mamamamamama we are in trouble pa Zed, everyone wants to be president shame!!!

  3. At least we knew that GBM was dull, little did we know that Kambwili was extremely dull beyond redemption. Everyone will lose in this battle.

  4. The current happenings remind me of the biblical saying and I quote – “Kill the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”. They cannot simply put down their selfish interests and unite behind one person. How sad.

    • It reminds me of yet another biblical saying. “Cut off the head of the cobra and and all hell breaks loose in the cobra’s party.”

      oh wait, is that scripture or the communist manifesto??

  5. Kambwili and GBM are beginning to see their chances diminish. Kambwili should know that no right thinking Zambian, even a Kaponya can vote for the likes of him. GBM is already disqualified due to the parentage close, so is Mulenga Sata. The need to go and sit some where and let the people enjoy democracy.

  6. It’s time for maturity not these childish tactics, PF put your house in order right away or the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise will take over soon. Remember ours is a strong democracy, a shining light in the region with a strong army on standby to right any wrongs.

    Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of You, PF minions. We are in charge of this country and you’re merely figure heads so play smart, this is warning to all of you. The Presidency is an institution and we are ready to activate should you seem to fail to get back to the faculties of self-rule.

    Life is a serious enterprise …

    • This scenario could have been tolerated if you were not the party in power but you are. More so we put you in charge of public affairs and our allegiance is to the republic not individuals.

      This republic will be here after you are gone, just like those who came before you but we shall be here and remain here. You shall meet us in charge of the country on arrivals at the airports and upon departures. We are the ones you salute to when you arrive and when you depart.

      We are the ones who fly you around, we are the ones who protect. We don’t protect for nothing, we do so because we run this country through you, you’re simply our custodians.

      So, don’t confuse things, you have no power except what we lend to you … We’re the republic. One Zambia One Nation!!!

    • And you Bwana Guy Scott, you are the Acting President with a constitutional mandate to lead this nation through this transition. Do your job without fear or favor just like your father did.

      You’re a patriot and the entire armed forces including every well meaning smart person in this enterprise are behind you. Show courage and lead, the blood of 14 million people is in you hands. That’s how big a task you have and any mis-step(s) could put their lives in danger.

      Your job is to transition us, nothing more! So, get to work without fear or favor, the cream will always rise to the top.

  7. The PF central committee for once have have done the Zambian people justice. Firstly the acting president cannot be elected true president in January, what do you brainwashed minority Zambians say, ” oh! in America they elected Obama.” Obama is a well articulated leader. He has revived their economy and saved the auto industry. What did PF or its leaders, from the acting president to his finace minister do for the likes of Zesco. There should be no load shedding in Zambia what soever. Let me end here before I yamba ku shooter ba monk na ba Moma.

  8. Have you read the constitution Kambwili? The mandate clearly states that “the proposals of a majority will be considered over those of a minority”. And it also gives other powers to the CC. Look, in my opinion, Guy Scott has distroyed the PF to an extent that your party has lost the benefits of incumbency, Mmembe has used useful fools like GBM, Kambwili to make his mark and clearly he is onto supporting a new party. I really doubt the PF will win this election. HH will have to pool his resources, he is the next president!
    I wonder what was so wrong by not going for Edgar, clearly he has the torch, what a waste!

  9. This desperation speaks volumes. This is not the kind of party to vote back into office. Doing so will be tantamount to committing suicide and sacrificing the whole country.

  10. jessie wa mu town, good idea, but I say we the people suspend all PF leaders and PF political activities until 2016!

  11. May sound illegal, but the Central Committee probably saw through the schemes of the cartel. Illegal or legal, any action that protects mother Zambia from the cartel is perfectly in order. After all the cartel illegally influenced the presidential elections in 2011 in order to achieve illegal benefits. Let’s teach the cartel that their illegality has bred what they may now term illegality.
    Too bad for ba Kambwili naba GMB.

  12. This is the vision that the great leader (mhsrieh) left for his party.
    As someone said there was never any vision by anyone in PF, dead or alive. Anyone who claims to carry forward the “vision” is simply telling us that he has no vision. Well, may be they do have a vision, but it is that double vision when they are high on green leaves.

  13. Is Zambia now a monarchy that 4 members from Sata’s family feels they are entitled to be president of Zambia. The bigger questions is when does a widow, son, nephew and ba sebele of the deceased person feels it’s natural to take over from the dead….for’s when the enterprise is family owned….so my question is Zambia now family owned by the SATAs family

    • Ulichipuba? Don’t you know that the rights enshrined in the constitution are not individualistic? Don’t you know that they have a right to contest for any position? Don’t you know that there will be voting and therefore they can not impose themselves? Don’t you know that leadership in a monarchy is automatic? If you have nothing to say, just sit on IT or shut your mind and mouth, SHAAAA!

  14. Its very clear, that there is so much effort for some people to ensure SATA’s family interest are protected, but the question is?, What is more important as at now, protecting SATA’s family interests or protecting the interests of the 14 million Zambians. Yes it clear that, 100s of Satas’s family and friends who got jobs in the missions abroad or within will end up losing their jobs, but the important thing is Zambia belongs to 14 million and not the one family. Seriously how can you have (4) members from one family wanting to run the country.

    • Zambians are not asking themselves that. Why are they so intent on taking over and I am sure they all couldn’t wait to bury their relative.

    • There is also a lesson from this fiasco. The late President SATA had abandoned or distanced himself from the PARTY. He brought in new people like friends and relatives to run the government at the expense of people who where there , when he was in opposition. If you remembered, there was alot of squabbles in the party and the President never bothered to sort out those issues. So, I feel, the Central Committee feels they have been used before and they feel, some cartel want to impose some candidate on them now.

  15. The other question is why then did we not allow Maureen Mwansawasa to run for President when President Mwanawasa died?… What is so special about Dr Kaseba now……it’s just that, Cartels and Sata’s Family interest have to be protected. Zambians…open your eyes…..SATA’s family are not the only one who are entitled to run the country or even PF does not belong to the SATA’s family, so many Zambian like the voters and the supporters worked hard for PF to be in govt. We are going to set a bad precedent that, after Dr Kaseba, and then Gerald SATA will also feel he has to take over from the mother.

    • But sure, there are illiterates on this blog…… Some contributions leave much to be desired. One thing is that jealousy has taken centre stage in this country. So what if Gerald Sata one day feels like becoming President? If you belong to PF, you ere free to push in your nominations before they closed. Maureen was MMD and that is up to MMD to answer why she could not stand. Her not standing was not a constitutional issue so has no bearing on whats being discussed here. In the USA, the Bush family is a family of Presidents and no such thinking as yours applies. I think this is bush*t.

    • @ spotless zebra

      And just look at the SH!T that George Bush left behind! —- economic recession, huge Government debt from fighting stupid wars ( because of WMDs that did not exist) and Syria.

      Your example is the BIGGEST reason for not having more than one person as a President in a family!

      Why do you think most countries abolished Monarchs?

  16. Those of you who thought Lungu was an educated and humble person must swallow the bitter fact he is just as vicious and cruel as his late boss, may be even worse than Kamuzu Banda. He has just demonstrated he understands zero about the Zambian and PF constitutions inspite of his training as a lawyer. Look at his desperate but futile attempts at usurping power. How did we end up with such bigoted and spoilt delinquents governing our nation?

  17. The hard fact is that PF has an opportunity to rebuild itself a better image and sustainable party away, from SATA’s name. When MAZOKA died, there was an opportunity for UPND to rebuild itself as non-tonga party and see what happened to that opportunity. It was blown away by sidelining Patrick Chisanga and Sakwiba Sikota and I guess UPND will forever remain tagged with the TONGA party tag. Same as PF, it’s going to lose the by-election if it continues selling SATA’s name. With due respect (MHSRIP) Sata has gone, it’s time for PF to start afresh and afresh does not mean the SON, or WIDOW, or NEPHEW or Ba sebele taking over.

  18. Hello Zambians,please forgive me but this circus what is happening in Zambia is to much.I was given to understand that Zambia has a democracy but what is happening now is a tribal issue and if not corrected immidiately will harm your country badly,so please come to your sences.

  19. Excellent move by PF, Central committee members.

    Scott has issue in court at this moment. This should have been done at the filing of the court case challenging the legality of his ‘takeover.’

    Zambians this is the most commendable action taken to make our constitution safe from cartels and foreign interests.

    Well done PF Central Committe. Especially the members that attended. They should be granted special awards by the Republic Of Zambia.

    Today, I am truly pleased to be Zambian. I can stand tall and sing of Zambia.

    What an affront and assault to the senses was Guy Scott!

    Kambwilli and his Bemba clique should bow to the will of the people and back Lungu, your plot has failed. As for Lubinda, Sata Mulenga, Kaseba, et al, please withdraw your contest and back…

    • Please withdraw your contest and back LUNGU, for a sure election win for. PF.

      COME TO YOUR SENSES and do one decent thing in your confused greedy minds.

    • Central Committee members and cabinet should also suspend Attanga. Useless. Her appointment was to shore up this despicable Sata family’s move.

      What’s the end to all this. Arrest the 70 or so MP’s and then what? More by elections, why not go to a General Election? If Guy Scott and this family gang will not bow to the nation, the 70 should refuse to work with them.

      Removing Guy is correct, he is the ‘fly in the ointment.’

  20. You almost have it all but if you mess up, it will slip and fall. You shall cry and lose your pride just like that. As Zambians, we are keen to change govt at every opportunity that arises. Timely warning to PF: A foolish woman destroys her home with her own two hands. 10 candidates including those who don’t qualify is a serious misunderstanding and greed. Remember that the constitution with flaws on parentage still exists. It shall exist to haunt you!

  21. I can foresee the pro EL floating him still as a presidential candidate if he flops at the convention, meaning two candidates springing out of PF….tufilile musenga attitude! The opposition will stand a very good chance of winning in January.

    • They are hanging on for dear life. It’s Lungu or no one else. Their desperation will stop at nothing and will take them anywhere. They must be running out of ideas though. The sand in the hour glass is just about all gone. Each of their maneuvers so far, has been thwarted. Hope none of them commits suicide if Lungu fails to sail through the cracks of the system.

  22. Ok, so first it was Nevers, now Scott… and tomorrow? HH will be suspended, then Edith, then Miyanda…

    I love this comedy! Except it has the potential of really messing up out country! Like Big time!!!

  23. Kambwili and GBM at least – you have some sense and not dull short-cut mentality like these crazy MPs. Grab everything today and starve tomorrow, no foresight

  24. The pf members of the central committee must calm down and start thinking with their brains and stop using their feeling to make decisions. It is really now out of hand and we are tired of these mediocrity being exposed by these who are supposed to be responsible men and women. EL definitely has a cartel and so is Scott, but it is high time they had a round table meeting to iron out their issues. Now people should understand that Kabimba is not the one who was bringing confusion in the party, he just never tolerated indiscipline of this sort.

    • Central committees are not only made up of Mps iwe, what are you writing about? We are just speculating here nobody knows exactly what machinations these cartels are up to exactly. EL does not want to go for the general convention or give any position open your ears baba!

  25. This is perfectly legal.

    The white peacock has had a taste of his own medicine.

    Guy Scott should bow down and move on for the good of Zambia.

    Lungu’s first move is to remove all cartel and Sata family from power except where fair. We keep Chanda Kasolo et al because they are genuinely able.

    The immediate Sata family must understand their place in Zambian democracy. There is no entitlement to the Zambian Presidency.

    Dr Kaseba should seek asylum in the UK or America if they will have her. We have no use for her, we have exemplary women candidates in Luo, Nalumango, and Nawakwi, who have cut their teeth in gov’t.

  26. It’s strange but this picture makes me feel sorry for the guy. I think he read the insults in ALL online media.
    Here in this picture, he’s making an effort to look presidential. I’m not sure but I think he may even have been crying the past 2 nights or drinking the pain and humiliation away. (it’s in the eyes)

  27. These MPs are hanging on for dear life. They have to have Lungu or no one else. Their desperation seems to have no bounds and will stop at nothing. Unfortunately, their bag of ideas is almost empty. The sand in the hour glass is also about to finish. With each cleverly crafted maneuver they have hatched so far thwarted, I wonder what further options they have left. Let’s hope that none of them commits suicide if Lungu fails to make it to plot one.

  28. Man Kambwilli is as stupid as he is UGLY. GBM is as fat as he is dull. Kwena fewe bena Zambia are these the characters who can aspire to rule us surely!? Shame.

  29. This is turning out to be the worst comedy series, the whole continent must be laughing at us. PF has brought misery for the last 3 years & now all the comedy. The Zambian people are more important than a few, just a handful, power hungry politicians. Our everyday lives are being messed with, it is us who find difficulties, not these politicians. About time we claimed the vote & make it count. Kick out any politician who thinks otherwise.

  30. I watched Edgar’s political advert on ZNBC TV1. Is he the presidential candidate for PF? These infights will soon spill over and affect innocent Zambians. Civil wars are always started by greedy cartels like the Scott’s and Edgar’s. These two men both control service men and women. God have mercy on us.

  31. Since when did Kambwili and Guy Scott become political bed-fellows? Does Kambwili really believe in his dream that he can become a Republican President?

    Kambwili should have read the climate that Guy Scott’s unilateral actions are all meant to send the PF into oblivion, now that the man (Sata) who denied him to act as President in his (Sata’s) life-time is no more.

    Worst still, how will History explain the aspirations of Mulenga Sata, Christine Kaseba & Mile Sampa – all being members of the same family – each wanting to become a Republican President?

    If the PF factions continue to display confusion, then this confirms that PF was Sata’s own personal investment. In this regard the PF was buried along with its proprietor – President Michael Chilufya Sata. Amen

  32. Amongst the Mafia it is believed that ” the first person you can trust is a member of your family; the second one is a Sicilian; the third one is an Italian and beyond that do not trust anybody.”

  33. There is so much indiscipline in the PF and the MMD, everyone is suspending everyone all because everyone wants to be president.
    The only way to stop the nonsense by deregistering them. Democracy is being misunderstood and misapplied.

  34. Why not discuss in a closed door issues rather than playing and being played to the public and show elements of disunity

    Muletusebanya as though not well schooled and educated amongst them managers directors and lawyers failing to meet and discuss amicably

    Muletusebanya do not issue and give un decided positions and individual statements in a disorganised manner and style

  35. For those debating the correctness of the decision of the PF Central Committee to suspend Dr. Guy Scott and to participate in decisions regarding the holding of the General Conference, I have reproduced the relevant provisions concerning these decisions from the PF Constitution.

    According to Article 49, (1):

    (1) The National Council shall meet once in a year but may meet extraordinarily when convened by the Central Committee or at the request of the one-third of its members.

    According to Article 49, (2), the Central Committee has the mandate,

    (d) To approve candidates for the office of the President of the Party or Member of the Central

  36. Theres nothing wrong with Dr Scot but the desperation of Lungu to be a president is amazing and dangerous.I cant understand whats happening.I was pround of democracy in Zambia but these kabovas mps and mcc have disappointed me pls have the nation at heart.we detest your undemocratic method of imposing yr presidential candidate.PF is really a party of Kabovas like unknown Sichone

  37. Article 58 gives the powers and functions of the Central Committee. These include:

    (c) Enforcing discipline among members and officials of the Party;
    (k) Summoning regular or extraordinary meetings of the National Councilor the General Conference;

    (m) Taking action which in the opinion of the Central Committee is in the best interest, security and development of the Party and the State;

    I hope bloggers will read these constitution provisions carefully and then decide if the PF Central Committee was wrong in the decisions they have taken today.

    • Just one hour in the cells on Monday will be enough for this Maloza( Maloza not Malozo because you have brought about Maloza on yourself). Public Order Act must work on Monday and there shall be sanity in PF. They did assemble alright but illegally( Did not inform the police about their meeting……..did they ?

  38. Even the name itself, ati Maloza? surely, what can you expect from such a creature? This Maloza Sichone will be jobless come 20th January 2015.

    • ulichipuba iwe. how can he be jobles in jan 2015? he is an elected member of parliament. he name is Malozo not maloza. am sure dagga is confusing u.

  39. My fellow 70, it is clear Guy Scott is all out to impose Kaseba on us. Please lets reorganize and team up with our colleagues in UPND and MMD and propose for the dissolution of parliament. We will then campaign as one unit under one leader. The Zambian people will support us BUT Lets us dissolve this parliament. Guy Scott waya Sana!

  40. I don’t even know why this party is even fighting. PF is not in the electorates equation for now. Kill each other as much as you can but the equation has an organized party which is stable and mature and we will vote for it. Mukadabwa




  42. Kambwili you are wrong again. Scott is not president of PF he is only acting. Therefore the PF constitution does not protect him from dismissal.

  43. Dr Kaseba and Dr Scott know something that most Zambians don’t know; majority of Zambian voters have a memory of a jelly fish which forgets after two seconds. These people can be cheated, manipulated and nothing will happen. They are simply docile. I thought Sata was fit as a fiddle in May 2014 according to Guy Scott and the cartel? What suddenly happened? I thought he went for medical check up? People with jelly fish memories please ask questions before the cartel cheats you again.

  44. Kambwili looks better than Lungu right now, he was there with ba Sata from the beginning and he has the revolutionary aspect of the vision.

    Lungu (and the 70 MPs whose names will probably go down in history as traitors to the Republic of Zambia) has disqualified himself through random lumpenizing for no visible reason except that he wants power and is too dickless (alibe mb olo) even to face a vote from his own party.

    Even if he manages to cause even more panic in the nation with his 50 mentally subnormal cadres, the strategy will not work even in the medium term time frame, even 4 weeks from now

  45. Sata picked scott as his vice frm the very beginning of the party and 2getha wit tha late chitalu sampa they worked to ensure that pf is where it is today,then sum nu comers and punks lyk maloza think they cn suspend someone who ws there wen the party had only 3 members? Funny

  46. To all peace loving P F members who cherish democracy and the rule of law. Ask you selves, who is trying by all means to hijack the presidency of the party by any means necessary and who is trying to save it by following the rules set forth in the P F constitution. Who is trying to hound out genuine membwiller who toiled in opposition with the great man may his sole rest in peace Mr Micheal sata shoulder to shoulder well the people causing confusion were getting drunk hoping one day they will get jobs when P F comes into power. Now is the time to do some soul searching, go for the convention, select a genuine leader who will not only unite the party but carry on the legacy which was Mr Sata or as father bwalya called him Satan lead the nation to greater highest.

  47. To all Peace loving P F member who will represent peace loving zambians from who parts of this great nation Zambia, don’t be intimidated by the power angry, confusion coursing few, who’s soul purpose is to impose themselves on Zambians as the anointed ones, when there true agenda is to steal from the nation when they are done hounding out sober leaders who might oppose there actions. And to all those supporting the ‘anointed one” you’re days are numbered and one day when all this confusion you are coursing settles down, you will account for you action and edger lungu won’t be there to defend your action. good day

  48. PERMALINK……You must never talk about the army anymore please. It is not a joking matter! We have lived peacefully for 50 years and people in uniform have been very patriotic and God fearing. What are you trying to promote………SAD. The confusion is in PF party not Zambia. You sound like a member of the PF. Zambia is not PF and PF is not Zambia.

  49. It is clear that Willie Nsanda, Edgar Lungu and others are desperately trying to grab power in order to hang on to the corrupt road contracts they have secured for themselves and their relatives. It is becoming clear that the only decent candidates left in the January polls are Chipimo, HH and Nawakwi.

  50. If that MCC meeting was illegal why can’t Dr. Scot ask Libongani to pick those so called 25 members of the MCC. This is the starting point Dr. Scot.Sometimes it is important to show people that you are in charge by using the law because these people are not showing any respect to your office. If Sata was still there(MHSRIP), they were not going to be disrespectful to the President’s office.If you continue being weak like you have already shown, they will bundle you out unconstitutionally! These power hungry people MUST be arrested and put in the gallows even just for two hours…..Chosa Nsapato iwe, uzakambila kusogolo. Did they ask(inform) the police to assemble? The Public Order Act must be used to sort out these people that are now Lumpenising every day. Abash Lumpens…Abash.

  51. Our politics have always tended to amount to nothing. The bickering in PF now seems to be the attraction, and based on this, many will vote for PF on Jan 20 2015! Voters don’t seem to care that our purpose in politics is NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT so that matters of 1 plus 1 equal 2 should take cardinal stage, right now you wonder who realy has the money in the pocket among the general citizenry, workers in the so much applauded road construction sector don’t have the money contractors and consultants dont have the money leading to much suffering at household level. Yet attention today is still being given to PF the same PF causing this suffering! DONT WE HAVE ALTERNATIVE PEOPLE AND PARTIES TO VOTE FOR? Honestly the UPND and Hakainde Hichilema is a great alternative to this failed PF project.

  52. Those with a brain can easily see that Scott is there to serve the interests of the cartel and nothing else. The only thing on Scott’s mind is protecting vested interests. Scott firstly fired Lungu after receiving advice from Mmembe to so or risk being exposed. The cartel narrative through Mmembe has employed every inappropriate terminology to describe Lungu as the provocateur while known womanisers escape any such designations. Lungu is a common man from a common slum in Lusaka. He understands the struggles of common men and women still using the pit latrine. Can Miles Sampa live in Matero and use a pit latrine? Can Guy Scott live in Chawama? My message to those with no brains is that this is not the time to be manipulated or lied to.

  53. I can’t wait for elections to have a right coloured man at the top! When was a white man ever be a black man’s friend. The friendship is over once he gets what he wants. From time imemorial he has behave that way. we a laughing stock of the rest of Africa. Even in ones dreams, you can not imagine a black deputy Prime Minister in the UK! That is the raw truth. This was King Cobra’s shallow thinking that got us in this embarrasing situation. Its got nothing to do with race.


    The name Guy is misleading the people. It may be suggesting that Scott is very sharp and clever. The man has started creating confusion which he never did when Sata was alive. He has brought colonial antics and tactics to displace our well founded democracy.

    MBULI SCOTT is hereby warned! You cannot cheat Zambians. We will rally behind Edgar and shock you. You will cry and are praying that when we are in power MBULI SCOTT will be deported by road up to the Mediterranean sea, get his own boat into Europe. Why is he not called His Excellency? His is just a caretaker and transitional folk! Lungu will teach u a lesson. Wait!

    Dr Scott has a new name, MBULI SCOTT and all campaign songs must use it even in songs. Wait, he will cry…

  55. Chi kambwili,

    I am happy I don’t know u personally. I was going to beat you and shut you up.
    Even just your face, you are such a dictator and traitor!

    Leave us alone and go to MBULI SCOTT your boyfriend! Lungu is winning and we will investigate your scandals and deals on the copperbelt you will lose your “pregnancy” and “snake neck” within a week! Waaaaaaaaaaanya!

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