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Freezing my benefits will be robbery-RB

Headlines Freezing my benefits will be robbery-RB

Former President Rupiah Banda
Former President Rupiah Banda

Former President Rupiah Banda has charged that freezing his retirement benefits because of his political comeback will amount to robbery.

Mr Banda told Journalists in Lusaka that no one has the right to take away his retirement benefits because that is his entitlement.

“I think that it is important for the press and the Zambian people to understand what benefits means. Even you as a Reporter, if you are working for 15 years for the Times of Zambia, Muvi TV or any other media house and you retire, no one can take away your benefits, they are yours,” Mr Banda said.

Mr Banda added that he has worked for the Zambian Government in many portfolios and deserves to be awarded his benefits.

“I served this country as Minister of Foreign Affairs, I also worked as Minister of Mines and Vice President and I deserve my benefit, to take them away will be robbery”

He also dispelled the notion that at 77 years, he is too old to run for President.

“I have been on this road before, here where we are standing, there is Kalingalinga, Munali and Kaunda Square I have been there and the people knew me for 10 years.”

He said, “They are saying he is too old but I have consulted many people and they have advised me to come back and I consider it my duty to support the democratic process. Every Zambia should go out and vote.”

And Mr Banda says his son Andrew is free to belong to any political party of his choice.
Mr. Banda says he has many sons and that some of them are backing his political comeback to active politics.

He says Andrew is a Son he loves very much but that he will not stand in his way when deciding which political party to support in the January 20, 2015 presidential election.

Andrew Banda has expressed disappointment that his father has returned to active politics saying the former head of state cannot win the presidential election.


  1. This is why Madiba was held in high esteem,our African leaders will give away their legacy and morals for power,very selfish individuals.Whoever told them that politics is career and not a service,made a huge mistake….There goes another shame of an African leader.

    • This is exactly why we don’t need old thieving hags around. Its called retirement benefits, Are you retired? foolish silly mutoto drinking man.

    • If the notion is that RB is non-electable in a competitive race, why the hysteria instead of celebrations that you are facing a weak candidate? if i were you, i would be enthralled that my presidency will be the cheapest and easiest because i don’t need to burn out for victory. you tell your candidates to put up a feeble less engaging campaign and win out-rightly to prove yourselves.

      Otherwise, if RB has the energy, national interest, constitutional right, political will, and financial backing to build a fully lubricated machinery, enjoy that he is shredding the donated resource in vanity. Its good for the economy anyways. Ever heard of the Modern Money Theory (MMT) in economics 101?

    • There is no robbery here Mr. Banda. We are simply following our Zambian constitution – not your MMD constitution that you’re raping day in day out. You should choose either politics or retirement. You can’t have your bread slice buttered on both sides, NO!

    • RB don’t embarrass your Lawyers in public as if they haven’t advised you.
      The law is very clear that once you stand for elections, then you lose your presidential benefits. ( Sec 2& 5 of Cap 15)
      Sec 5 of Cap 15 states that a former president loses his presidential benefits, inter alia, if he retains to active politics.
      Sec 2 of Cap 15 defines active politics as an intention to stand or standing for election to public office, remaining active in a political party, or holding a public office.

      Full Act here:


    • Madiba was a coward what did he do? 25 years in prison when Mugabe, Kaunda were busy fighting for freedom. That guy is adored world wide cause fools have been told that he was the man and they believe it as gospel truth. No wonder pigs will remain ruling. Let those who want to contest contest RB has rights to contest even though am not his supporter.

    • This is a constitutional matter, it is the provision of the constitution. It is not a question of whether it is right or wrong, it is not a morality or logical issue.
      Note that Mr R.B, you had the chance to correct these issues through the constitutional review but, alas, you were too comfortable to bother. Your benefits will be withdrawn, until there is a change in that Constitutional provision, if at all it will be changed.
      Meanwhile, accept and live with the fact that you have rejoined politics as a former president and this comes in conflict with constitutional article on qualification of provision of benefits to retired presidents. It is your call actually; politics or benefits.

    • He cannot win the elections , he is just making a fool of himself . Even if he were given the presidency he can not function. I don’t believe he has the capability anyway, even the 1st time he was incompetent.

    • If only RB can take a leaf from the great statesmen like Madiba who had the decency to call it quits while he was way ahead. Now RB is going to loose to embarrassingly that even the little dignity he has will be lost for good. His own son has advised him but he is too stubborn to heed his advice. Shame!

    • So, Dr Rupiah, in the unlikely event that you win the upcoming elections, what will be your entitlements? I guess you will say; I am entitled to my full benefits which I worked for during my part 1 presidency, before Michael Sata “mambala mbuya” disturbed me, and now I have to be receiving my emoluments as Republican President Part 2.

      RB wakota chabe iwe Shrek mbuya…kkkkkkkk

    • This man is insane! you can even tell that his presidential ambitions wont dont anyone good but himself..we didnt even have to expose him, he exposed himself…he has so much money but still crying over his benefits instead of crying on behalf of those wont cant even put food on the table..whoever places a vote on this man is a F.O.O.L….

    • RB is a greedy some body.He now wants to be paid double salaries. He is worse than Sata kanshi.

      I said it before, if it was not for the money, RB would not run for presidency.

      The only person who can sacrifice not getting paid for presidency is HH. Ababasala bonse, they are in it primarily to eat and amass wealth, before serving the people towards the end of their tenure in office.

      Only HH makes sense.

    • Because Banda knows the law, I have no doubt that he actually weighed and decided where the most benefits would be. And he thinks he will make the most in government.




    • I know, Rupy Poopy you are reading this. Don’t forget to look at the number of upvotes Rupy Poopy. (This moniker works! It rhymes and is aptly descriptive….mmhm….Rupy Poopy)

    • Government must quickly pull the plug on this one as a control measure to stop abusive of state resources by these recycled obstinates. RB mobilised resources for his come back. Only he can choose to disclose his financiers or not to. The fact is presidential entitlements are for retired presidents.

      If Rupiah decides to come back, he cannot expect to finance or top-up on campaign resources with tax-payers money. That’s why its called “retirement”. You only receive it upon retire. Politics can be as taxing as it is rewarding. The choice is yours Mr Banda, you can’t have it both ways.

    • RB’s comments clearly show that if he comes back he will reverse all progressive laws. Remember how he ignored all the judgements against the late FTJ by “forgiving” him.

      This “independence” group should not be allowed to come back into Presidency. For God’s sake the fight is now different. No wonder MMD wiseheads have decided to support HH and UPND. How can one believe in RB with this kind of outdated thinking. Those are the markings of dictatorship.

  2. RB, when you are robbing it was right? Your disdain to the rule of law shows your true color, not the blue of MMD, but inborn genetic greed.

  3. Ba RB we kno u mambala iwe……We will bruise you, welcome to Zambian Politics.
    Ise ni ba HH chabbe……..!!

    • Guy Scott is the future; black people cannot run a country; give us your companies; we shall hire u; pay u peanuts and make a killing of a profit when exporting minerals

  4. Shameless old Rupiah,wants to eat with both hands.Can you eat matuvi because pipo want you to and have consulted them.He lied that he’ll only finish the 3 yrs for the late Levy.He lied again that he retired from active politics.he lied also that it’s was time for the young generation to take over leadership-lies all the way,that’s the shameless old Rupiah for you,though I know he’s going nowhere.More embarrasments await him.

  5. why has he started behaving like a president after the death of mr m c sata he used to behave but now he is something else can his advisers please tell him what many people think about him

    • Don’t worry. Rudy poopy reads the blogs to see what everyone is thinking, then issues a statement to counter the truth he has read.

  6. This man is demented for sure. Just go and look after your little twins, not even ashamed that at 77 years old, he had to baby sit small children, not grandchildren, but his children. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  7. This man is back again to try and change the laws of the country. The law says a retired president who returns to politics will forfeit his benefits. This is very clear. Now which robbery is he talking about? This man has got lust for money sure.

    To him when he says reconciliation it means abrogating the law. Is this the man we cam have into state house again? I’m not surprised as to reasons why he changed some of the laws of the country like abuse of office clause to his suit his personal agenda.

    We are waiting for you bwana on 20th January 2015. Mpono yikulu and Katumbuwa ka nitundila. I’m not even surprised why he cried when he lost to Michael Chilufya Sata MHSRP.

  8. ‘The child is father of the man’……..RB must have had a lot of issues when growing up…..what he is manifesting now is a reflection of his childhood. If what Bowman Lusambo said about him being a shameless,greedy old man is true,then he must have been a shameless,greedy boy when growing up.If it is law,let those benefits be taken away.

  9. RB, of course, you can´t have it both. Your benefits are gone by you returning to active politics. The old and the shameless!!!

  10. RB surely must be out of his mind. Go back and enjoy retirement. When you handed power to MCS In 2011 you said your time was done. When you lectured at Boston University you reiterated that you are enjoying retirement and will never come back to politics. Surely what manner of person are you to be trusted with leading Zambia again when you can’t even honor your own words? I hope you hear what your son Andrew has said and rescind your decision. We don’t need another old papa for president.

  11. No Sir, it’s not robbery. You are entitled to those benefits indeed but only if you have retired. Coming back means you have not retired so as a non-retiree you do not qualify for benefits!

  12. but ba RB what does the law says on presidential benefits, don’t confuse this country by talking shit. He must also tell us where is his fugitive son Henry before opening his big useless mouth. Zambians need him to answer to corruption charges leveled against him which his father (RB) helped

  13. Dear Mr. Greedy RB, retiring is the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work. If you become active, you are NO LONGER A RETIREE, and you definitely gonna kiss the benefits goodbye! Taxpayers will not allow your old behind to be smart!

  14. Give RB his dues regardless,we can’t be shaping public policy and rules according to political passions and or go against ILO guidelines.If you put in the time-you’ve earned your dues regardless of who it is.

    Even Vladmir Putin retired and came back-without facing stupid sanctions like in 3rd world zambia.

    • Iwe ka mzambia just go back to writing your gibberish language. Putin was Prime Minister before he relaunched his presidency. Why do you Afrikans lie with the sun shining brightly in the sky!?

  15. We told you and told you and told you, but you would not listen. Sorry, it is too late now. You are back in politics. You gave away your retirement benefits. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the Zambian people.

  16. Is it really hard for RB to understand that by coming back to re-contest the MMD republican presidency he is simply coming out of retirement. Let him sue the govt if he feels he is being robbed. This man is just a mambala and losing his respect completely.

  17. All these commenting against RB are those who know that the man is winning the hearts of the Zambian people. I do not think they represent the majority of the people of Zambia because what i read i think is the language of the same people. So let us wait and see.I also know that the game is between MMD and PF because they all have majority support country wide.
    As for Nevers Mumba, he has always been a failure. He failed to run his two parties and MMD rescured him twice. Mwanawasa appointed him vice president and fired him later. RB appointed him High Commissioner to Canada and he store money. People gave him the chance to run MMD but he sold it to PF with his friend Bows Losembeman. Nevers stop dreaming.

  18. RB cried when he lost to the late President Sata. This time he is going to mourn and blame the people who are pushing to stand again.I don’t think Zambians are prepared to go back to their vomit!
    RB you be embarrassed and ashamed. You have no manners not even bad ones!!

  19. What was robbery is the way u influenced & bought the hungry and broke MMD NEC members to support you and abandon Never Mumba through crooked & undemocratic means. Now that was shameless and a true sense of the meaning ‘Money Talks & BullSh*t Walks’

  20. These benefits freeze should remain in force until 2017 so that he should not be stealing from the Zambian public by pretending to have retired. He should also return what he was stolen by false pretense(He pretenders have retired)

  21. Typical of African leaders. No wonder the fat continent of Africa will continue being raped by the outside word. People like RB are simply there to satisfy their self-ambitions. What life changing projects has he done for Zambia and Africa in his last 77 years that he can proudly point at now? Zero…Look RB! you only have a few more years before dimentia kicks in. I wonder what you will vigorously achieve in your last days. Believe me, you will leave no lasting legacy in Africa. Come back next year and re-read this comment, this prediction will shock you. Only a few power hungry supporters will vote for you. No fake goodbyes. This time around you will bang your big head against the wall as you mourn your bitter lose.

  22. He finds nothing wrong with doing wrong things and he has forgotten that he does not have immunity any more. We will expose him. What did you get in Tripoli on your way to Rome to attend the FAO conference? I want also to reming you of Dora Siliya’s threats to spill the beans when the two of you met at State Lodge. You think people do not know where the money for Mpundu Trust came from. All these will be exposed with details. This man is a disgrace.

  23. Dear Mr Banda, you will have to lose the benefits for the following reasons;
    1. You are now back in active politics – the law detects that this should be the case
    2. What would happen in the unlikely event that you win the elections? Are you going to be on two payments systems? Recall that will be illegal
    3. You are an old man would do not even deserve the package you are getting having only served three years in power. It is only far that you get the benefits for three years which ended this year in August 2014.
    Obviously naumfwa.

  24. The law requires all former Heads of State, including BB to relinquish political benefits upon returning to active politics. Active politics includes holding executive positions in political parties and standing for presidential office. If the BB is not happy with that legal requirement, then the court of law is there to help.

  25. Iwe RB, shut up grand pa. This is what you wanted, no security, no vehicle, no house, no any thing. Welcome sir to politics. We shall meet you in the arena squarely. See you in copala.
    Lungu shall crush you.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  26. This old hag is being a nuisense. Dimentia has definately set in. He is behaving like a true “cry baby” that he is. And this is the man we should bring in as President? Besides he is that age with one foot “you know where”. Burying two sitting presidents inside a decade is bad enough. We do not want to break our own record.

  27. If RB gets the Republican presidency he will imprison hundreds of his PF enemies including judiciary personnel and those in foreign missions.
    He is a very vindictive and bitter individual just like KK.
    Fortunately no right thinking Zambian can vote for a thieving suspect who has yet to clear his name in courts.

    • Very truly. This is the guy who wanted to grab Finance Bank from Mahtani for a personal issue dating back to the 80s, not that I sympathise with Mahtani for his predatory lending. Mahtani like his fellow 65 years+ friends also needs to go into retirement.

      Jubilee must come with young leaders, please ba Zambia.

  28. Good morning RB. Yes u are entitled to benefits but this time around, your benefits will be paid to you by MMD, the party u serve. As for benefits from the Zambian Govt, please refer to the Zambian Constitution. U are now complaining minutes after getting your MMD adoption certificate! U are now sending shivers in those spineless MMD NEC members. Those people thought that u understood the law governing payment of benefits to former presidents. So u are not prepared to lose the benefits? Hard luck. You have kissed the dust. If your wife’s medical bills and upkeep costs are being taken care of by the State under your (former) conditions of service, this should cease immediately. I do not think that u were sufficiently advised or since you are a stubborn “boy”, may be u chose to ignore…

  29. RB don’t take Zambians for granted. You think the Zambian constitution should be changed for you? Retirement means you exit the active political stage. By the way, you may end up in Jail soon if you lose the court case on the oilgate and you will be entitled to zero benefits.

    We are fed up of you and your fellow 65 years+ contemporaries- Guy Scott , Munkobwe etc. We need a VIVA to get rid of old timers in public service. The first thing a young President should do come February 2015 should be to repel the new SI increasing retirement age to 65! Guy Scott is ageing retarding u? What economic argument from Oxford did you base that decision on? 80% of Zambians are below 40yrs, health care system is failing to support this demographic, how will it support an aged workforce? NAPSA is…

    • @cashman
      Going by precedent, I see Rupy Poopy’s legal wrangles resurfacing after he loses the elections. He has gotten away Scott free with benefits and high-powered contacts.

      Rupy Poopy, you have enough. More than the average Zambian. Go be with your wife now. She needs you – We don’t.

  30. RB is a reprobate. He want to continue enjoying the terminal benefits for his three years he was in power. In case he win though I am 99.9% sure win not win. He wants to have to retirement packages. Its not fair. His come back is another funeral waiting. His old let him concentrate on some of the children who are still young and the wife who is not well. Let me end here he might say bushe ndine mwanawako

  31. no, robbery is you coming back into politics and keeping your benefits.. i did not know you are this dumb. That’s the law, i would expect you of all people to know that.

  32. RB is a reprobate. He wants to continue enjoying the terminal benefits for his three years he was in power. in addition, is target another retirement package after is kicked out of power again. I am 99.9% sure will not win. Its not fair for elderly people to behave like that. His come back is another funeral in waiting. His old let him concentrate on some of the children who are still young and the wife who is not well. This man has not heart for the family. He wants to be president of three years only what manner of leadership is this? Let me end here he might say bushe ndine mwanawako.

  33. Ba Bwezani, mwa bwelelelapo pa nchito, if you win, you’ll enjoy the salary and the challenger plane that you loved so much. When you hand over power for 2016 then you can have your benefits back. For now you have come out of retirement so no benefits sir. That’s why they call them retirement benefits. The next constitution review maybe we can look at out of retirement benefits which gives you entitlement to some but not all.

  34. i think in the future we should stop building you houses and all that sh8. cause that’s all you care for , its not about serving the people anymore. you greedy bastards… sorry for the language,but am so disgusted right now

  35. Is that Micheal Mabenga in the picture with RB and was this yesterday? I thought this old timer was supporting HH just last weekend at the Golden Peacock hotel. I hope this is a very old picture, otherwise these are the foolish old timers who need to sent packing. They have turned Politics into a feeding ground and most of them have no really achievements in private life later alone in political cycles.

    Some of these old timers including KK have recanted their own “principle decisions” countless times and shamelessly present their “born again” new thinking in public and expect support from society. We need a retirement age for MPs, Councillors, Mayors and all elected officials as well, maybe then we can have space for young energetic Zambians.

  36. Please somebody give me this senile old man’s direct number so that I can debate directly with him, maybe, just maybe, he might see sense for once.

  37. This is one of the reasons why African leaders die in office, look at the age of this man. sure these old men they cant just let go.is been the president they only way to serve?

  38. RB, come and disgrace yourself because this time around you will loose everything including medical bills your wife is enjoying in SA. Disgraced man we will call you names,BELINDA NABUKA

  39. Mr Banda’s treachery is despicable, his apparent ignorance of a law in operation at the time he took office,was in office and after is alarming in the extreme. But then his return to politics in the ruthless illegal and uncouth manner he has exhibted gives Zambians a fortaste of the pillage they can expect should we be so unfortunate as to let him win this by-election. I am consoled that he will lose not just the election but the little respect he had before he went on this foolhardy escapade.

  40. I sometimes fail to comprehend what is transpiring in our political scene.These politicians are regarded as learned people who we expect to make sound decisions and if anything be correct advisors to the masses but all we receive from them is vested intrest towards the country coffers.Why should) come back to active politics? He is a shame.


    People with dementia may not be able to think well enough to do normal activities, such as getting dressed or eating. They may lose their ability to solve problems or control their emotions. Their personalities may change. They may become agitated or see things that are not there.”


    He still wants to hang on to his benefits!

  42. In all honesty, this is truly shocking and total disregard of the rules of the land. This man is insulting Zambians. This proves the saying ‘Bad habits die hard’. RB has not reformed one bit. This is the man who caused Zambians to cast protest votes in 2011 by voting for Sata, precisely because of this kind of behaviour. The question every Zambian must now ask themselves is:- Are we going to allow ourselves to be swinging backwards and forwards like a pendulum at the mercy of these stup1d politicians, or is it time to move forward?

  43. Two things will happen.
    1.With Edgar Lungu PF president, the PF party will retain its power supremacy and continue ruling the country.
    2.If PF makes a mistake of choosing a different candidate other than Edgar Lungu, that’s the end of the PF in Zambia.

    So the PF members must choose very carefully because this Scott man doesn’t care what happens to the PF party after 20th January 2014.
    He has open said that “You will not see me for one month, I will be somewhere with one hand holding a bottle of whisky and another tonic water”. These are his words.
    So colleagues open your eyes. He has already disowned PF and and that’s why he doesn’t why Edgar Lungu.
    The assessment on the ground is “No Lungu, No PF”. So the choice is yours..

  44. Koma this man has really lost it! he will lose even the little regard and respect we held for him. The constitution stipulation is very clear and a man in his position out to know better. I guess its okay for him to hound out Nevers Mumba (unconstitutionally/ unconventionally) and yet he cries foul for his benefits that he is about to lose. Old man rest, you’ve done your part-surely what ideas are you going to bring that you failed to implement in your years as president.

    I pity the man, his advisers and handlers.

  45. It’s getting dangerously worse for opposition. Eight (8) Provinces have endorsed Mr. Edgar Lungu for tomorrow’s conference.
    Its up to his supporters there to ensure the register is cleared.

    You cant enter State House twice, never not in Africa.

  46. So RB’s greed has blinded him to the point of loosing his head. His greedy advisors advised him what he wanted to hear. SHOW HIM WHO HE IS IN THE COMING ELECTIONS!

    People told him, with respect, that the two-year rule was enough; what message will he get from his defeat this time.

  47. The culture of ignoring the constitution is quickly emerging in Zambia and LAZ should come in urgently when issues of abrogating the law comes up. RB should decide one thing, whether to go for benefits or contesting elections. He can’t have both, that is why monkey ana mutundila.

    • LAZ are part of the problem to this confusion plague. How can they call themselves Law association of Zambia when they fail to put right all these yapping from politicians. Who are the custodians of our constitution and what is the purpose of LAZ? Zambia has been tested and all we see is toothless rhodesian ridgebacks at the helm.

  48. RB is smart, ever a dealer. Do you guys think that he would risk his presidential retirement package, without having better options? He has been promised a huge payment if he plays his role of spoiler and facilitates an HH win. You talk about cartels, this man and HH have been linked to a cartel of very powerful businessmen, keen to take control of the political class in Zambia. Businessmen who see HH as a better ally and glad to see MCS dead. RB knows that he has no chance of winning but can stop PF gaining ground in Kumawa. This old man is dangerously greedy. I won’t be surprised if he runs away after HH loses this election.

  49. Mr Banda
    Don’t expose your ignorance like this. For having served a President of the Republic of Zambia, you are entitled to the retirements of a Past President as long as you retire from active politics. It is clearly spelled out.

    For you guys in the MMD, when RB is rejected again by the Zambian people are you going to keep him as your president?

  50. i think dr kaingu is the most confused dr zambian ever produced no wonder he enjoys watching his daughter being done why support rb and refuse dr mumba who reorganised the party after rb left it in tatters and you jump to critisize upnd for nothing shame on you


  52. i cannot waste my breath on this Banda. Most question and opinions have been articulated by most bloggers here. Its in black and white that Ba Banda please retire or come back to politics and loose your benefits

  53. When you decipher the concerns of Andrew, you realise his decision not to support his father’s candidature is wiser than Rupiah’s abrupt and chaotic reversal of political retirement. What if he loses the election; which is highly likely, how is he going to sustain financial support to his wife who is battling cancer now that he has foregone his retirement benefits? It’s not difficult to understand the son’s frustration; opting to support his father’s opponent is not treachery, but a channel of communicating the dire stress the former head of state is bringing on the already grave situation of the family.

  54. And the he says he ‘will uphold the constitution of Zambia’. How? Suppose he wins the Presidential elections, is he going to get a second pension? This is crazy!

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