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Government declares Dec 26, Jan 2 holidays

General News Government declares Dec 26, Jan 2 holidays

1 Dr Roland Msiska Secretary to the Cabinet
Government has declared December 26, 2014 and January 2, 2015, as public holidays.

According to a media statement issued by Secretary to the Cabinet, Roland Msiska, the declaration of the two public holidays was in recognition of the fact that Christmas Day and New Year ’s Day will fall on Thursday, December25 2014 while New year will fall on Thursday, January 1, 2015.

Dr Msiska stated that productivity is expected to be at its lowest after the celebrations of Christmas and New Year hence the declaration of the two public holidays.

However, the Secretary to Cabinet said institutions providing essential services will be expected to make necessary arrangements so as to ensure that the provision of services is not disrupted.

Dr Msiska stated that in exercise of the powers contained in Section three of the Public Holidays Act Cap 272, the acting President, Guy Scott, through Statutory Instrument No 66 of 2014 declared Friday December 26, 2014 and Friday January 2, 2015 be observed as public holidays.

Meanwhile, the Secretary to the Cabinet has announced that 24th and 31st December 2014 will be full working days and not half working days for the public service as the trend has been in the previous years.


  1. Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia & SA rest on 26th dec annually.

    Botswana , Zimbabwe & Malawi call it boxing day
    SA – day of goodwill
    Namibia – family day

    • Even in the UK 26th December is Boxing Day holiday. Its time we also made 26th December and 2nd January permanent holidays.

    • We used to celebrate 26th December as a holiday like many other country till Kaunda decided to be different and abolished it. One of his crazy ideas. Countries that have continued to observe 26th Dec as a holiday are still better than us economically. People don’t work the day after Xmas. Sheer waste of time!

    • They won’t see them not even if they said the weekend will start on Wednesdays right through to Sunday. PFs time is up now! They are coasting it!

  2. Whats the concept of a public holiday?To stay and home and not do anything formal?It does not make sense at all as people work all the time day and night.26 dec is a known boxing day and Scott knows that pretty well.It should be a holiday as such but 2 nd January is a working day irrespective of it being on friday and preceded by a holiday.Any its a bonus and more mosi.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  3. And wonder why Zed has never caught up with developed counties where they work day and night.
    We should learn to connect labour input to growth and development.
    Culture of laziness.

  4. I would support this move 100% … if Zambian productivity was sky high!

    It’s a pity that so many Zambians like to say if that country has this luxury or that luxury why not us? Look at the history of those other countries. The luxuries they enjoy today came after many years of sacrifices and austerity.

  5. 26th Dec yes,2nd Jan yes. reason both fall on friday ask chellah katwishi in the past years it was friday kuchilisha,saturday kuchilisha,sunday special makali one barbarlazer.Monday kulondolola.

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