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MMD Rebel MPs Are Dishonest Says Nevers

General News MMD Rebel MPs Are Dishonest Says Nevers

nevers mumbaMovement for Multiparty Democracy President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba has refuted claims made by some MMD Members of Parliament that the party is in an alliance with United Party For National Development. Speaking yesterday at the party secretariat after a meeting that discussed the matter, Dr Mumba expressed dismay that these MPs have resorted to telling outright lies and have exhibited duplicity in their behaviour without remorse.

Dr Mumba explained that when the National Executive Committee met on 16th November 2014, they requested him to pursue the possibility of an alliance with UPND and secondly to speak to Rupiah Banda about his role in the campaign. Dr Mumba was very emphatic that this did not mean the alliance was sealed, but was still under discussion.

Dr Mumba stated that it is very dishonest for these MPs to be claiming that they are following his instructions to go ahead with the alliance when the truth is that the talks about it with UPND were inconclusive. The same MPs have opposed and resisted his instructions in the past. Some of them initially supported Mr Rupiah Banda’s candidature but have now changed camps to support Mr Hichilema after the Supreme Court ruling that affirmed Dr Mumba as MMD candidate.

When asked about possible action against the rebel MPs, Dr Mumba said that the MMD leadership has received numerous complaints from the constituencies affected and that some of them have already instituted disciplinary procedures against the erring MPs to either suspend or expel them and have been urging the NEC to take immediate action.

Dr Mumba said that it was absurd and unacceptable for MMD MPs who got into parliament through the hard work and sweat of the party structures to be now campaigning for a rival candidate and even have the cheek to tell their fellow MPs to quit the party and join the UPND.

In his strongest statement on the matter, he said his duty was to defend the party from enemies within and without, and that he would not be held to ransom by selfish short-sighted politicians who have no interest in the MMD surviving, but are active destroyers.

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  1. MMD will never by the same again ba Nevers Mumba. Just prepare to abandon it like you did with your previous party or parties.

  2. You cant force pipo to support you Sir but us the genuine members are there on the ground.Dont even expel them but spare them up to 2016,thereafter dont adopt them.Like for rufunsa constituency,I’m ready for a showdown.

  3. MMD has potential to become a stronger party again all that it is needed is do away with bad seeds that have exposed themselves , go to the convention and elect new leaders(NEC members). Bring new people to stand for bye -election even if they loose as long as they remain loyal. Merge with FDD and Heritage Party.Make Brigadier General Miyanda, National Secretary.

  4. The problem is not with the MPs. The problem is with you Dr. Mumba and your unguarded ambition. You are not the right candidate to lead MMD period! What qualities do you have? Managing a country is very different from preaching! People will not be forced to support MMD just for the sake of it. Read the writings on the wall, they are very clear. We told our MMD colleagues when you were elected President that they had made a very big mistake. MMD is finished with you at the top! TOUGH!

  5. MMD is not forcing the rebel MPs like any organisation , members abide by the values, principles and ideologies that organisation stands for. It’s reckless and lack of respect for MPs to start distancing themselves for the miseries and shortcomings that MMD is facing. Only a level headed person can swallow the pride and take a responsibility

    • Very true they will realize that UPND can only be headed by a Tonga chap.

      I dont see them beat PF anyway so am just going to sit back and relax God is in control on behalf of team EL.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • MMD crooks will surely abandon UPND on 21st January 2015. Just imagine, Dipak Patel mwebantu to be the campaign manager for UPND, what’s going on here? Is Maureen the master corrupt already sidelined? Where is “vice president” Canicious Banda in all this? Its all chaotic.
      This is not 1991 but 2014 and things are better and looking very bright in the country under the PF rule. Old age is also a disease, ’cause all these MMD guys now supporting UPND are living in the past. Am sure there are camps already in UPND as it appears MMD has really infiltrated it!! Ba popompwe ngabakumana awe, chaos reigns!

      Viva Edgar Lungu Go go go mwana wakwitu

  6. Why can’t he be just as strong in condemning the tribalism exhibited at his rally. Maybe I am wrong but I don’t think I have anything on this from him. Anyhow MMD is the past and Zambians are not known for going in reverse, so good luck Never as Dorika would say!!!

  7. “….In his strongest statement on the matter…….Nevers Mumba said that….. he would not be held to ransom by selfish short-sighted politicians who have no interest in the MMD surviving, but are active destroyers…..”.

    Now look who is talking, the shortsighted man himself. The chap cannot see beyond his nose, he cannot see that he is leading MMD nowhere, he cannot see that he has no majority support within MMD and will come out last in the coming by elections. Just as much as power corrupts, in the case of pastor Nevers it seems that power blinds completely.

  8. These MPs are just waiting for the right time to defect from MMD as long as Nevers remains the President.

    If they defect I do not see anything in this Nevers Mumba reclaiming these seats.

    He should not cheat himself that he is popular in these constituences because the electorates only know the MPS. If Mumba insists to remain at the top, the party stands to close.


  10. The writing on the wall is this. You Nevers Mumba have been found wanting and your kingdom is crushing on January 20th. You have managed to bury MMD. MMD will not resurrect thanks to you Mr. Nevers Mumba. Do you ever hope to get MMD together after your craftiness of dribbling RB with the help of your relatives at the Courts? How do you hope to work with Mutati, Situmbeko, Chituwo, Kaingu, Dora, Mpande, Kalima, Mtolo nearly every one of your MPs? Your MPs right now are either supporting Edgar Lungu or HH, why is this so when you are standing as president of Zambia yourself? No, your party is gone Mr. Mumba, please smell the coffee. You are a killer of parties, RF, NCC, to name but a few.

  11. I hope all those bloggers who where insulting RB and tell him to leave the race to the young ones will vote nevers now. If you won’t. you are a punch of hypocrites .

  12. The issue in MMD as at now is leadership quality.
    Leadership exhibited by Dr Nevers Mumba lacks leadership acumen, language accompanied by altitude spells doom for MMD. Selving MMD MPs are not children, they won elections and are liked by their constituencies. Disowning them is suicidal for Mumba and above all MMD because a fertile ground would be created for difections and weaken MMD.

  13. MMD Mps joining hands with HH makes perfect sense. After all Nevrrs wanted that arrangement, didnt he? Perhaps his reward for support was expensive altho he was better than mulongoti’s demand for vice presidency. In the meantime, forward with HH.

  14. If the Zambian people and your own members dislike you, they will dislike anything associated with you. It’s called knowing when to call it a day. Then again we understand, you don’t want to be left out from the sangwapo going on at the moment.

    • Dr Mumba if you abandoned the church your party members will abandon you too. You have failed to run parties in the past and now you have killed MMD. Maybe politics are not for you man of God. Reflect! Do you still preach?
      Please return to the church.
      Your ambitions are misplaced!

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