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ZDDM’s Edwin Sakala withdraws from presidential race

General News ZDDM's Edwin Sakala withdraws from presidential race

The opposition Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has withdrawn from contesting in the January 20, 2015 presidential elections because their preferred candidate Rupiah Banda could not file in his nominations.

Party president Edwin Sakala told journalists in Lusaka today that ZDDM has painfully withdrawn from the race because their preferred candidate could not do so due to circumstances beyond their control.

Mr. Sakala has since apologised to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the country at large for failing to file in his nominations but promised to do so in the 2016 presidential race.

He said in the forthcoming presidential elections, ZDDM will support a presidential candidate whom it will mention later.

Mr. Sakala pointed out that ZDDM was the party that was instrumental in helping Mr. Banda comeback to active politics.

He said from now on until 2016 general elections, ZDDM will launch a series of campaigns to make sure that it reaches as many people as possible.

Mr. Sakala however bemoaned the lack of funding for presidential candidates saying it was expensive to reach out to many places in the country.

He said as such, his party was disadvantaged because the environment was only favouring that have a lot of money.


  1. The chaps are just broke and they wanted a cut from RB. Meanwhile they want to identify a party with funds so that they can survive from there. Are these parties really after serving the masses are are there just for a living. Malabishi.

    • I don’t get it. He wanted to compete against RB? How could he support a fellow candidate? Its like E.Lungu campaign for HH.

    • ZDDM is led by someone with no money and who wants to ride on another party’s back. How Edwin Sakala can announce that his party was instrumental in helping RB to come back into politics is beyond me. ES is definitely backward looking or is it tribal politics now. How old is this Sakala anyway? Most of us want younger people as a president and he preferred a retiree and a has been!
      ES deems politics as a way of getting rich and not to serve the Zambian people.
      God will not give you the seat if your intentions are not honourable.

  2. How can you you be a president if you can not make money for yourself and your party, it shows that you do not have managerial skills, your own party members can not donate because they can not trust you with funds. look at us in the upnd, we donate to our party because we know that there is accountability and our money is in safe hands.

  3. Sakala politics is not for poor pipo. The reason we vote for pipo is to make us rich thru enactment of progressive statutes. If u are poor, can u make me rich or first u have to make yoself rich? Sir there is honour in poverty & if vote for someone poor, it means he will transfer his poverty to me. I am already overburdened by poverty & u want me to get some more from u? Aikona man! I wud rather vote for a rich person bcoz he will attempt to lift me to his level. Just quit ba Sakala. Y waste even yo oxygen on issues that are clearly non-starter. U have at times have the decency of proper judgment or common sense. ANY WE BLACKS HAVE OUR OWN LARGELY INHERITED SHORTCOMINGS. IN NORMAL SOCIETY PF WUD HAVE NEVER WON ANY ELECTIONS.

  4. The reasons why i can vote for Pf in my right mind:

    1. They have the worst candidate in the name of Lungu,
    – Visionless, Lungu has no plan & program for this our great nation and he has said himself.
    – InCompetence, Lungu is incompetent to run the country’s affairs & the economy at large, he has no record of personal success in terms of wealth management. Zambia should emulate countries like Kenya where the president has run farms, corporation etc. No more room for leaders who want to enrich themselves.
    2. PF as a party lacks integrity- pf is a bench of liars & they flourish on Bufi as a party, they have lied the Zambian people on many issues imagine Sata just died without getting sick bcoz pf continued saying that the president was well and discharging his duties in…

  5. So ZDDM’s Edwin Sakala withdraws from presidential race.

    1. I didn’t know there was a party called ZDDM.
    2. I never heard of a chap named Edwin Sakala

    And now his presidential dreams are over before I even knew he existed. Just goes to show that some of us truly live in the dark.

  6. Sakala you have made a right decision. You brother in law is a good man because is the one who told to withdraw you had nothing to offer apart from worshiping others like you are not a Christian

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