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Chitika reacts to tribal accusations, UPND is pushing tribal agenda in their villages

General News Chitika reacts to tribal accusations, UPND is pushing tribal agenda in their...

Dr Peter Machungwa, Mrs Elizabeth Chitika, Dr Nevers Mumba and Mr Mwansa Mbulakulima at the main area at the Umutomboko ceremony
Dr Peter Machungwa, Mrs Elizabeth Chitika, Dr Nevers Mumba and Mr Mwansa Mbulakulima at the main area at the Umutomboko ceremony

Opposition Movement Multiparty Democracy-MMD National Treasurer Elizabeth Chitika says she is not a tribalist as portrayed by her critics.

In a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today Ms. Chitika said she has been a politician for many years and served as a Member of Parliament for ten years and no tribal element has ever been unearthed on her.

Ms. Chitikia said she strongly believes that supporting some one based on tribe is not right but rather what they can bring to the table for the betterment of the nation.

She alleges that there is an aggressive campaign in Southern Province urging people not to vote for a Bemba in the upcoming Presidential elections because they have ruled before.

Ms. Chitika alleges that all campaign posters for non-Tonga Presidential candidates including those for the ruling party are being pulled down in Southern province.

She said her statement in Kasama was a reaction to what her counterparts in the United Party for National Development (UPND) are doing.

Ms. Chitika has appealed to the UPND not to be quick to condemn others as they are the biggest culprits pushing the tribal agenda in their villages.

Meanwhile Ms. Chitika has maintained that she is not ashamed to have said the remarks in reaction to what is going on.

She has since challenged the UPND to tell Zambians why they do not take the media and cameras when they are campaigning in the villages in Southern Province.


    • She has said the truth . The other observatiion is that most tongas are very imotional , . When you touch one they all mourn.
      Let us commend the liberated tongas like Munkombwe. Madyenkuku. Hapunda. These and many others are great sons of Africa

    • Well said Madam. HH is the biggest tribalist. His financiers are getting desperate since the PF and MMD joined hands. Royalty on Mopani and KCM will remain at 8% while for surface royalty rate will be brought down to 14%. PF government is a caring government and will make it a win-win for investors, Zambian workers and public at large. Hon. Lungu will be swore in as 6th President of the republic of Zambia.

    • But Madam Chitika, balingile bakamicheteko bwino! Your reasoning is flawed. You as a leader should always strive to unify this country.It is your responsibility, at every occasion to unite people. At the same rally, you went personal on Mutati and Nalumango but these are big people that will not waste their breath reacting to your mediocrity. grow up ba Chitika

    • FACTS: UPND = TONGA Party
      PROOF: UPND is 90% Tonga

      PF = All Tribes Party (Including a few Tongas)
      PROOF: Munkombwe, Hapunda

      MMD = All Tribes Party (Included a few Tongas in the past)
      PROOF: VJ

      UPND = Tonga Presidency
      PROOF: SAKWIBA is not Tonga

    • Iwe chi kalonga ,remember the katuba by elections ,the memories are still fresh HH himself is the biggest culprite he went on to say people of katuba should not vote for PF candidate because he does not hail from katuba,so i see no reason u tonga guys u should attack elizabeth for telling the truth.

    • @kalonga you are indeed a true representation of the UPND mindset to insult this wise woman who has only echoed what the rest of Zambians know…

      Ive said it before the only people that attend UPND rallies and will vote for UPND are Tongas with only a handful from other tribes..even the !diots that post insults against ECL are 99% Tongas we know this but what some of them are doing is indeed bad for Zambia, I voted for Mazoka way back in 2001 because Mazoka despite being Tonga was a man of the people as is Edgar C. Lungu not this hopeless plunderer by the name of Halenya Halenya, come 20 Jan the results will be embarrassing for HH mark my words.. as my Eastern brethren say “it cant never” for HH..

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015***

    • Small brains always turn to tribal tug. Elizabeth Chitika has no mental capacity to debate with HH on real social and economic issues HH is proposing so (as usual) she pulls out the easiest thing for her brains, tribalism.

    • Let people campaign on the merit & leadership quality of their candidates. I have found people who use tribal remarks to gun support as failures who want to hide their deficiencies by going tribal. Please for once we have one country to development, one people whose sufferings should be adressed & we are one people. Only God knows why others were born Luvale, Kaonde, Lozi, Ngoni, Bemba, Lunda, Namwanga, Ila, Nkoya, Sala, Soli etc no one chose to be which tribe. Let us choose a leader on quality & capability then Zambia will be a better place for all Zambians. Failures who want to use tribe to get sympathy should be ignored at all cost. otherwise, one Zambia one Nation!

    • I would encourage all bloggers to avoid abusive language & farther advice madam Chitika to apologize otherwise, she is acting as an agent of division & destruction. United Zambia the way forward!

    • Calling a spade a spade is no crime bro. That is exactly what UNDP is all about, you don’t need to do some research. Tongas are like that, tumizibani aisha!

    • @ Mashonaland the acronym UNDP = United Nations Development Programme and has nothing to do with mediocre politicking in Zambia

      Matero Member of Parliament, presidential aspirant and Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Bwalya Emmanuel Sampa has said the PF will only win if they are a united team.
      Speaking on Itezhi Itezhi Radio on Tuesday, Sampa said he had joined the Edgar Lungu campaign.


      2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)

      I THANK YOU….

    • Fellow bloggers, why shall we vote for HH, who as per his own admission is a SDA? Why shall we vote for a member of an SDA church, the followers of which refuse to celebrate Christmas, Easter and any other festival associated with Christianity?

    • This is true signs of a party with no messages to share with the people of Zambia. Northerners and Southerners are not enemies at all, hence your remarks are just desperate attempts bring down UPND. Just inform the voters what MMD will do differently this time around ba mama E. Chitika. Tribal remarks won’t win you elections.

    • Don’t condemn her as not being normal because even UPND president himself HH is the biggest culprit when it comes to tribal issues. Do you think HH can be president of Zambia by winning only in Southern Province. The Mr or Mrs Chosen one it’s you who is not normal. Wake up and start thinking. Wait for 20th January, you will see how your HH will be walloped. Tribalist!!

      Well-done Elizabeth for bringing such activities to light. PF are fielding Edgar Lungu who is not Bemba, but he has been accepted in the Bemba land.

    • It is unfortunate that tonga for many years have been labelled tribalists. This is the tag UPND is being forced to carry.
      PF isn’t only full of bembas, even nepotism flows thru’ the party and no one calls them either tribal or nepotistic.
      Ms. Chitika you are a northener and thus you are blind to tribalism within your boundaries but now that a non – bemba has tremendous support your eyes are open to the same thing that you are blind to.

      HH’s pics have been taken down or sprayed on in Lusaka Province. So why make a FUSS when the same thing happens in Southern Province. The only reason is that you yourself are TRIBAL.

    • Tribalism is part of the upnd genetic makeup and cant be separated.

      we just cant entrust our beloved nation into the hands of these rascals

    • The most tribalist party in Zambia is PF. They hide under a tribal card calling others as tribalist and yet they are the most tribalist. Just look at their cabinet, it’s either bemba or eastern. Thank Heavens their chief tribalist Ngoshe is gone. Now current PF drunkard president buys Rupiah and the all eastern province MP’s in what they call Wako ni Wako, a form of tribalism. So tell me who the tribalists are. Leave HH alone.


    • Fellow bloggers, why shall we vote for HH, who as per his own admission is a SDA? Why shall we vote for a member of an SDA church, the followers of which refuse to celebrate Christmas, Easter and any other festival associated with Christianity?

  1. And People denies it as not true when accused that their party belongs to that region and is tribal.. This is very bad. when such people gets into power we can only imagine. Anyway, maybe they are not as tribal as accused, maybe its only their villager supporters who are tribal after all and not the party. Not sure!!!

    • Tongas dont ague that ua not tribal,to prove that do this,after Hh failing in this election elect a bemba or ngoni person to lead u in 2o16 election thats when u can win,failure to that umwana wacisi slogan will take u no where,change and be in the front.

    • PF bemba party, thank God you tribal Leader was gotten from zambia as a jubilee relief to many zambians ,pray hard that your muslim goeas through,if not zambians will teach you a lesson you will never foget, your party is heading to embassy park





    • In the 1991 Presidential elections when MMD under Chiluba a Bemba came into power, the only province that voted ALL their MPs into MMD was not Northern, Luapula,Copperbelt, Eastern or Lusaka provinces, it was the southern province! The same party MMD under Pastor Nevers Mumba, and he must today say the Tongas are tribal. Wheres is your dignity Mr.Mumba? Thats the province that you grew up from and went to school to.
      I am one of your fellow school cadets during your time at Hillcrest Secondary school that used to be proud of you. But today I bow my head with shame. Read your facts correctly.

    • The earlier we take out PF from power the better, and that will be the end of PF. Those eastern MP’s are just following Banda and Lungu because of tribalism and the promises they have been made by PF. Politics of tribalism and poverty.

    • What proof do you have for what you’re saying about Tongas? My wife is Tonga (and my in-laws) but I have never ever experienced what you people are talking about. Where do you come from?

  3. Imwe Ba chitika, where is the evidence that UPND is urging people not vote for non tonga president in Southern province?

    How many non tonga presidents has Zambia had for you to say that?

    Instead of apologising you are now justifying your stupid mistakes like a f00l. Campaign on issues, not on tribe. Tribe can not solve the problems Zambia is facing.

    Vote HH for a better Zambia.

    • When they see irrefutable signs of their looming loss, they wave the tribal card. They know they can’t beat HH fairly and squarely. They have to employee smear tactics.

      Sata was the most tribalist this country has ever had. I knew the man first hand. Tefya kushimikilwa. That’s why when somebody says, I will further the legacy of Sata,they scare the bjesus outta me!

    • HH is God appointed pragmatic ,civilised ,educated and exposed leader, have you heard saying any fake proverbs of undermining others, My bro this time God has paved the way,Me and my family its HH chabe

  4. Hon chitika the sadest part of Tongas is that they never accept that they are the worst triblist in this country.HH has never suported any one except himself. HH called sata all sorts of names but today he has taken chomba to court. we know how Tongas behav in instutions of learning. only pipo like Nalumango and mutati can easly be bot but soon they will cry like babies

    • @Mulyokela

      You are just another f00l. Calling some one stupid is not an insult or an offence. These are labels used to characterise individuals based on evidence of their actions on the ground.

      HH called Sata and PF a f00ls or chimbwi no plan because they failed to fulfil the following promises.

      1. Constitution in 90 days, – not ready in three years!
      2. More money – then wage freeze while cost of living rising.
      3. Ten commandments – yet PF cadres killed no one arrested.

      Oh! it gets worse, and you know the rest don’t you.

  5. Madam Chitika is free to express her view and let Zambians not be deceived by the UPND that claims to represent all Zambians when they actually mean to use others to get into power. Here in town we hear how UPND has been issuing threats that once they come into power they will ensure Bembas are dealt with for having made it difficult for a Tonga to get to Plot 1. We also hear about their claims that once they get into power they will ensure a Bemba does not rule for the next 100 years. Not forgetting their threats to drive out Bembas from Lusaka. What madam Chitika is saying is very real and should not be dismissed as mere politicking or tribal talk. Zambians need to be alive to this!!!

    • @zebigge

      Its a well known fact that you support a party of clowns who have nothing to offer but promising what they failed to deliver in three years.

      I know you and where you are. But please do not support tribalism by all means. Fight for your job which is on the line with dignity not through tribalism because it does not solve anything at all.

      UPND is now well received in all parts of Zambia to the disappointment of Mmembe your small god who has manipulated the way you think by concocting this tribal mantra against HH.

      Now ask Mmembe if he still holds those views against HH. You will be disappointed that he is now even apologising to HH.

      Crowds Lungu is pulling want to hear an apology but PF is arrogant that their f00lish actions in three years are justified by roads…

    • @6 zebigge that is total rubbish for you to make such sweeping statements. It is foolish statements like these which brought about the killings in Rwanda and the rise on Inkatha in South Africa. It’s only people without any valid points who bring in tribal sentiments. So Ms Chitika or whatever was out of order by what she said at a public rally. The UPND posters have been defaced and pulled down in Luapula and NP to such an extent that they had to report to the police. Are you also saying that is tribal or foolish vandalism by people who don’t understand democracy?

    • @zebige
      How you like justifying lies! So amazing. Wikelefye ulenya ifisushi believing everything you want to hear. Go to Southern and prove if there are no campaign materials for other candidates. Not ukunya fye ifisushi pacipuna nokulabepa ubufi. Ba mayo ba Chitika was chased from PF, is a finished politician who now buys tomatoes from Soweto, repackages it and sells by the roadside in Munali. So a by-election is time for her to be heard even for speaking nonsense.

  6. Ms Chitika is lying. I’m in Southern Province right now and witnessing some of the UNPD campaign groups and activities. There is nothing like what she is saying. She is lying!

  7. Much as we appreciate that people are free to express themselves ,it should not be at the expense of other people. This woman is useless and confused seeking attention. Mad it is better to shut your mouth up!

    • Madam Chitika M. people have evidence against you unlike those villagers you are accusing. Please old people like you with relatives and children married to other tribes must be in playing a leading role in uniting the country. Merry Xmas all.

    • How many villages did she go to?
      It is possible one person may have a view that is different from that of HH. But that view cannot be said to be a making of HH unlike he PF who purposely invited Chomba Chimbwe to make defamatory remarks about HH.

      Chomba is just a fall guy. Imagine, what excuse do they have to expose the Acting president to a madman, to just walk up the stage and start talking? It makes absolutely no sense! It was staged.

      HH did not sue this man because he wants him punished but he wants to see who is going to defend him. You wait and see.

  8. Zambians north, south, east and west today know that the tribal tug against HH and the UPND is nothing but just a political tool to deny Zambians of quality leadership. Chitika is wasting her time trying the overused, outdated and primitive strategy. Even it’s author Fred Mmembe has been swallowed by the same.

    • Can UPND explain why they insisted and still insist that only a Tonga should lead the Party. That is were that problem started from and it has not been clarified. This tribal issue will therefore continue to hunt and haunt UPND for sometime and even lose them elections including the next one. It is a situation the party itself needs to address, eg by going to a national indaba where an equal number of delegates from each province will attend and allow candidates including non-Tongas to stand for party presidency. There is no smoke without fire. Mere wishful thinking and denial will not take this unfortunate tag away from the Party.

  9. In 1991 southern province voted for FTJ almost 100%. today there are many children there named after chiluba. the woman is just guilty and is destroying mmd further.

  10. A normal person will apologise to amend for wrongs done when he/she realizes that he/she has made a mistake, so I agree with the people calling her Fool, intact she is a big fool. From here reasoning, am made to believe that she just chanced to be an MP She should know that being a member of parliament to 10 or even 20 years, can’t atone for her tribal remark. She is a hopeless loser.

  11. madam u are a tribalist.u can bring Rwanda war.am frm sothn we work well with our bamb friend.my girl shes northerner am Tonga

  12. As people we naturally tend to identify with our own thats why most afticans celebtrated Obama’s victory and thats why southern africans celerated zambias victory in 2012 afon. Its also the reason why zambians wanted mk2 to win bigbrother. Its just a natural way of ensuring the survival of our identity. What is wrong is to let that dominate our thinking or to be too sensitive when we observe certain patterns. So plz lets stop tossin the tribal card evrywhere. Its very shameful.


  13. No TONGA has ever won a national election and this will not change with HH. The highest political position a Tonga has held has been by appointment not election. HH will kiss dust just like Nkumbula, Mazoka and others before him. In 2001 Mazoka had bigger crowds and following but still lost.

    • Is this statement not a tribal statement bordering on incitement likely to course the breach of peace? Statements like these only make people even more united to prove people like you wrong. It has nothing to do with the tribe but the calibre of the contestant. Are you implying that provided the contestant is from a certain tribe they should not be voted for? Are you verifying your tribal bias? Zambia is now united to get the best person regardless of their tribe.

  14. Chitika is just calling a spade a spade and not a big folk. There’s a reason why no one will never win in Gwembe valley except HH. Tribalism will be huge factor in this elections no doubt. Like it it not.

    • Tell us one mp or ward official even councillor in the whole of Luapula , Northern or Muchinga who is not from the Bemba tribes. I can give you some non Tonga council or ward officials in southern province and hundreds of Tonga PF officials. So who is being tribal here? I am not Tonga but I believe that Zambia is being invaded by individuals who are likely to cause divisions in our once One Zambia One Nation. Tongans are very welcoming people who have the right to speak their own mind and support the right candidate Tonga or not. Nkumbula and Mainza Chona allowed KK to rule for the sake of people, peace and independence. Check your independence History.

    • @panafrican: It cannot be true that Gwembe is an exception. How many other parts of Zambia have never voted for a candidate hailing from a different region from theirs?

  15. Ba Chitika, you hold a degree in Development studies and you should learn to think before you talk. 2 wrongs will never a right and if you had proof that UPND are doing that, you should have addressed that matter on a different forum. no matter how you justify yourself, this is a wrong remark.

    • No man let also HH stop tribalism. He became UPND president through ” ONLY A TONGA CAN BE UPND PRESIDENT” why has he not apologized for this and why has he not other tribes to compete in a convention. Just own up and tell HH & UPND to apologize to Zambians otherwise HH will never rule Zambia.

    • @Truth Hates: Please let us be objective and fair. The individuals who uttered the words that only a Tonga should lead the party after death of AKM are very well known and are no longer in the party. Why then do you attribute that statement of an individual to the whole party!. Would it be fair if we said that the statement by this lady represents the position of her entire party?

  16. bro lets campn on issues.stop hatn basd on trib.mmd got vote in 1991 in southn ad pf won livgstone the southern hq then.i think its u a triblist.u hate tongas with madam.togas where made by GOD.learn to love o tribs.

  17. Mama Chitika is telling a SOBER TRUTH. Tongas are an extremely tribalistic people. This is the reason why the majority of Zambian voters WILL NEVER VOTE for any Tonga presidential candidate, in January, 2015, or ever.

  18. Madam Chitika you are very right,they want bemba’s to vote for them but they have vowed that they can not vote for a bemba,it is ridiculous.The one who started all this tribalist tag is HH and now its difficult to quench it,his swallowing is bitter pill though he wants to pretend that its other people that are propelling it.

  19. @T Woods wrote; Ms Chitika is lying. I’m in Southern Province right now and witnessing some of the UNPD campaign groups and activities. There is nothing like what she is saying. She is lying!
    Are you for real with your writing? It doesn’t show that you are in Southern province of Zambia right now. Be real and truthful because technology cannot be cheated, even my little son will tell you where you are right now!

  20. Chitika is crazy and she need to check on her self well what could have been wrong. I am a bemba and I am convinced that only HH is stable and straight with points to hit on the national plan.

    Chitika could have condemned her own rebels who have endorsed Lungu because he is from Mawa (from the Eastern province). I am sure PF will be like what it was during the reign of late president Sata as a family Tree. Now this time PF is for the Easterners and that is why confusion continues to persist.

    • Liar that’s why you are tribalists coz you don’t want to come out true in your identity. Have you head any Bemba or any tribe saying am not a Tonga but….? You are caught pants down with HH & UPND tribalism. Be strong man .

  21. That is total irresponsible language. The southerners are one of the most welcoming peoples of Zambia and evident from the different tribes that are settled in that part of Zambia. Now objectively speaking who is tribal between PF and UPND? From what I see, UPND at the moment is the most balanced party ethnically.

  22. Yes Chitika is very right as the UPND is on record saying only ” A TONGA CAN BE UPND PRESIDENT” and this has been confirmed in their not having any tribe vying for UPND presidence since HH tribally became president. In addition, the Southern province has been voting for UPND since 2001. Other tribes in Zambia they vote others but not the Tonga, its always a Tonga they vote for. So what are they complaining about?

    Any way aside this, remember that 20 January 2015 edigar Lungu will be voted for all tribes in Zambia minus the Tonga.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • UPND never said a only a Tonga can be president of UPND. A foolish Tonga individual uttered that statement. After that, an election to choose the next president of UPND was held, and Sakwiba Sikota lost to HH, by 200 to 900 votes respectively. In hindsight, that decision was the best decision UPND made. If Sakwiba had won, UPND would be broke of no-consequence, like Sakwiba’s party is. One of the main reasons why UPND is giving PF fits is that it has the independent financial muscle of HH. If UPND is tribalist, why is it spending all this time campaigning in Bemba and Nyanja areas? The campaign of UPND has yet to hit the areas that Tonga, or Tonga-allied. The reality is that this comments emanates from the desperation of Nevers Mumba who wants to render the election a tribal contest/..

    • How many votes did HH get from Luapula and Northern provinces? Are you suggesting that the voting was on tribal lines? The PF has an MP in Southern province who is not even Tonga. No amount of repeating what a group of individuals were alleged to have said in 2001 will help. People have moved on and have seen through what the Past paper tried to preach just because they hate HH as a person just as you do. Look at the campaign team of puppet EL and tell us how many are Bemba and how many are non Bemba. Zambia is a democracy and you are free to choose your own candidate. World wide every political party has strongholds and UPND is no exception.

    • @Munali,

      Good you have admitted that ” ONLY A TONGA MUST BE PRESIDENT OF UPND” was uttered by your fellow Tongas. So what are you complaining about . Just ask HH $ UPND to apologize to Zambians other wise HH will never be president of Zambia.

    • This Mrs Chitika’s son murdered his wife in Lusaka and ka Chitika refused to apologise to the family of the deceased woman to which they were related through this marriage. All this only because the poor girl was Lozi. This matter is public knowledge in the High Court. She ius a criminal herseself.

  23. All Zambians are tribalists that is why most parastatals under FTJ, Levy, Banda and Sata were headed by people from their own regions. KK tried to level the appointments probably because he is from Malawi. Lets not condemn UPND alone but all political parties because this is a cancer we must get rid of. Maybe as we continue debating on the draft constitution (i ve not read the whole document) we may want to include a section on appointments.

  24. Southerners have also supported other tribes before such as when Chiluba was voted in 1991 and 1996 and no one said they are tribal. We must look past tribe and realise that they are Zambians like everyone else.

  25. what a stupid comment coming from someone who has been a leader before.No wonder Zambia cant develop unless it has better people in responsible positions.Southern province is not only for Tonga. There are so many tribes in the province such that any tribal manouvers by anyone would fail just like in any other province in the country. MMD and PF have gone to the dogs and using this tribal theme is totally unfounded.\we all know who is in UPND NEC andd there is no tribal issue there except there is a Tonga as president. The truth is that the tribal issue is amongst the parties who sing the song in desperation seeing the well organised upnd is winning the masses.if its not tribal they say satanist.Now theyre sued and crying foul. Dont be cheap minds to be cheated by these f00ls

  26. Lets be fair hh may not even go southern prov to compaign yet he will get 100% votes.Thats tribal voting The bember traitors and estern traitors must be treated hashly for encouraging tribalism..They must enter history books.

  27. mwaona manje you have awaken the sleeping leopard. You UPND guys think you are intelligent and yet you are dull. How dare you think a Bemba can vote for you while you cant vote for a Bemba ? Are you normal? On This one Zambians have told you to your faces.

    Tell you HH & UPND to apologize for saying ” ONLY A TONGA CAN BE UPND PRESIDENT” otherwise HH will never be president of Zambia kwamana.

    • Under the current situation the tribal brush won’t just paint. Try something else. It could have worked if PF paid the farmers on time, if PF did not push a wage freeze amidst high inflation, if the youths had jobs, if nurses were not abused for demanding to be respected, if the constitution was enacted, if PF did not haul insults at Bash Lubemba. By the way do you guys use science in your campaigns? A survey of what maters in this election will help you adopt a piecing message. People aren’t just gona buy the tribal card. Forget!!
      The latest survey taken after RB was blocked by the courts widens the margin btn HH & EL. Reconciliation not having any significance yet. Maybe in the next 3 weeks who knows. Hope nit too late though!!

    • @Truth Hates: Please pose and read other people’s contributions. You might learn something instead of repeating yourself needlessly as if you can’t reason.

  28. Grown people being childish, is that the kind of excuse you can give!!! Ati I am a tribalist because HH is a tribalist. What kind of reasoning is this. Like I keep saying it reflects badly on all of us that these are the kind of people we send to parliament. And PFers please stop screaming tribalism at HH everyone who has a brain knows that the late Sata and his PF are the cause of all this tribal talk. We understand rewarding some of your tribes mates but Sata and PF went too far. I can’t understand anybody from outside the northern regions who votes for PF these guys are confirmed tribalists, just look at government appointments, parastatals, foreign service etc, HH hasn’t been given a chance yet so I don’t know what he will do, As for SATA and PF its confirmed they are TRIBALISTs

    How many Kaondes have been Presidents?
    How many Lovales have been Presdents?
    How many Lundas have been Presidents?
    How many Tongas have been Presidents?
    How many Lambas have been Presidents?
    How many Lozis have been Presidents?
    How many Luchazis have been Presidents?
    How many Namwangas have been Presidents?
    How many Tumbukas have been Presidents?
    All these tribes and many more have always supported Bemba candidates.
    Surely, for once, why can’t Bembas support a non Bemba?

  30. I am giving you 5 years from now and tribal killings will start. You will be lucky if you find yourself outside the country.

  31. What about Rupia is campaigning for vodigar lungu , is that not being tribe . ifyenu mulafisa mumatanta . ifyabane fyaba ngembuni . nangu mulande fwebabemba natuya kuli HH . the silly thing that PF has done is to go to Mwine Lubemba During election just because they want a vote from as Bembas why did Lungu send POLICE to go and trouble our king .naimwe bashilubemba mwilaba bamusumina yote . twasebana kuli ba PF this is the first time it has happened . try to teach this people . had it not been the pressure they are getting from HH they could have insulted him even more . So Bashilubemba naimwe don’t be corrupt . we want our king to be respected . Ubukota butula kunuma . balafukama no ku fukama kwati Bantu bene bena . leka kuti walanda impuku shabola

  32. Wanzelu,
    Given below are your exact words copied from Lusaka Times, 26th November 2014. Can you really even have the audacity of accusing others of tribal bigotry, when you can display such naked and unvarnished hatred of Bembas? Where is your morality?
    10.2 wanzelu
    3 days ago Permalink

    Bembas have failed Zambia big time. Any regime that was heavily controlled by Bembas has been a total disaster.
    KK was known to be Bemba from chinsaly, Chiluba, a Bemba, Sata a Bemba. I do not see any good done by any of these leaders in power apart from plunder and corruption.
    Contrast these with Mwanawasa, and Banda non Bembas. By far the best governments ever.
    If you go tribal, then Bembas are the worst people to lead any government on average. Zambia is yet to see a genuine Bemba…

    • @maikalange thank you for exposing this frustrated and bitter deranged cretin calling himself wanzelu..this ZWD/ UPND cadre and tribalist wanzelu has been telling lies and wishing and praying that Zambia descends into civil strife by the use of the most inflammatory and dangerous comments meant to incite violence while he continues to make these comments from the safety of his dungeon or more likely mental hospital somewhere in UK. Wanzelu is the most selfish form of humanity that exists, a man that wished death on our late and beloved leader HEMCS…this is why UPND will NEVER ascend to power as long as they have tribalist scum supporters like wanzelu..

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015***

  33. Chitika you are a dirty woman who should be prosecuted for conduct likely to bring chaos in the country. You a so desperate after seing the headways HH has made in his campaigns.

    Whatever you say ise ni flight HH2015 chabe. If you cant beat them join the. But i challenge ZP to caution this woman for her callous statement.Dont take people granted as all days are not the same. Zambians have suffered at the hands of you useless politicians using tribalism just to have your clowns elected to office president at the expense of more qualified people. Why dont you say the same for Easteners you mangwamu. ZP please job is found there.

    • No no, Chitika has called a spade a spade period. You UPND supporters awals issue tribal remarks and it is well known. But when you are called as such you start mourning…heey guys be normal.

  34. But surely we have a very big problem in Zambia more especially among the old generation of 65+ who want to be perpetually feeding on tribal remarks & this has been imprinted in their children. He have heard a lot of people saying a TONGA will never rule Zambia without giving any critical rational over such compulsions. Truth be told that among the 11 presidential candidates that we have-HH is the most capable in all aspects to be President.But because of selfishness & fear of the unknow people continue living in denial & smearing HH with all sorts of manufactured tales from this thin air. How I wish that the Zambian education can really transform us & transcend through tribal lines for better Zambia.The PF has failed even to tell us whether we are on course on MDGs 2015…

    • The problem with you UPND is that you want only what you want and not even bending. Zambians have seen through you trickery . You want a Bemba to vote for HH and yet you never voted for Sata. Hey guys be ashamed some times . Not always being stiff necked.

    • @True Hates
      That is not true 2011 general election Sata got 24000 + votes in Southrn province, HH got 2000 + Votes in Luapula & Northern province combined. But it is not correct to rebel either the Bembas or the Tongas tribal because their is no state that is permanent. In 1991 Chiluba got 100% votes from the Southern & it is likely that in 2015 Luapula, Muchinga & Northern provinces will vote for HH more than they have voted for him in the past. The truth is that failures use tribal for greedy, selfish, personal gain when they know that in their capacity they cant compete & have no ability to win the support of the people. At the end, it is the ordinary Zambians who have continued suffering in poverty because of selfish politicians. United Zambia is the way forward!…

  35. on course on MDGs 2015 because I’m perceiving a lot of illiterate blogging & analysis on this online medium.Some people such as Dora Siliya & this Elizabeth Chitika are a big disappointment in the political history of Zambia though I personally understand their helicopter view but I expect them to act above board for the sake of mother Zambia.This political system of supporting candidates without a vision will one era secede some provinces from mediocre leaders.

  36. Hahaha she is a MAD woman. She is WORRIED of the popularity of HH.

    Either you like it or NOT HH is becoming the NEXT PRESIDENT.

  37. This tribal card political calling is easy to ascertain.
    Analyze the current PF government posts from Ministers, their deputies, Perm secs, deputies, Heads government institutions, parastate heads, Ambassadors, and all other senior posts up to messengers. Results would shock Zambians and already shocked to those who already know this PF tribal government.
    Calling MMD, FDD, UPND or Rain bow party that is not in power to be tribal without actual evidence is telling a lie Chitika is peddling.

  38. I don’t understand why Tongas have this aversion for bembas. they don’t like them to the core and yet when expressing themselves they use bemba on platforms like this and mascaraed under bemba names. the reason is simple whether you like it or not northerners and easterners are the majority in this country and their languages are the widely spoken. so my dear tonga colleagues including HH have love and accept these people for them to govern this country. the tongas claim that they are intelligent and good managers but if you look at the university of Zambia full of tonga useless so called doctors who do not even do research.

  39. @zabwino palibe- when RB stood in 2008 and 2011 easterners voted unanimously for him, was this tribal? So don’t condemn poor southerners. We are in this together as Zambians

  40. I am not Tonga and I say that Elizabeth and all those who are supportive of her tribal statement are wrong about Tongas. It is actually Bembas who are tribal. Look at the line-up in the picture: Machungwa, Chitika, Mumba and Mbulakulima. In 1991 and 1996, the Tongas voted overwhelmingly for Chiluba: 100% MPs and 100% councillors. In 1968 at the Matero UNIP Conference, Tongas supported Kapwepwe, a Bemba, to defeat Kamanga for the position of Vice-President. Kapwepwe’s party, UPP, was composed of only Bembas. Was not it tribalism for Miles Sampa to claim that Tongas should marry Bemba women to qualify to become President? Sata practised naked tribalism and nepotism. Now we know who are tribalists and who are not. Zambians will not be cheated any more. Let us build One Zambia United.

  41. We know PF sycophants will never reason rationally &radically.The issue is not about which tribe is spoken most or densely populated or what? The issue is voting for a more credible,viable,prudent & proactive president who will help to change these social-economic mayhems worsened by PF counrtywide.We want a listening, pro-poor, inclusive government which will equally redistribute the finite natural resource countrywide;a government which is prudent in utilising revenue,a government which is viable & proactive in social-economic & human development;etc.What is evident now is that only a clique of people are enjoying the finite resources of this country & believe me you PF’s arrogance on this call will cost them these elections to HH.I do not know why PF leaders &…

  42. It is so painful to madam Chitika to see all MMD MPs go for HH and not MMD. So people should just ignore this woman.

    Only those who may choose to ignore reality on the ground – it is clear that HH is becoming Zambia’s 6th President whether it pains someone to a point of death or not!

  43. This is very true.i was in Monze last weekend and only HH’s posters were seen and very few for Edgar Lungu.UPND are champions of tribalism!wait for results on 20/01/2015 from southern.more than 98% tongas will vote for HH.so its equally fair for us bemba and nyanja speakers to combine and vote for our PF in large numbers.so am urging all PF lovers to defeat tribal party UPND!Go Edgar Lungu Go!

  44. Python
    SDA is a Tonga church full of discrimination and Apostolic Faith near most villages in Tonga land is more universal and acceptable

    HH will never win by using tribal SDA He has already lost and trailing in statistics big margins by lungu

    I have leaved and worked in the most interior of Tonga land and mention which village and SDA church will tell you the eldership and composition of leadership to see

    You do not need to go very far just check on the kamwala SDA or Olympia or Kabwata SDA and see the conduct and structure

    For hard work, I have always kept tongas and treat them fairly to help remove their complexity on fake superiority and cheap tribal…

  45. Our Tonga friends should change their overating themselves as superior tribes than others regarding lozis and other tribes near them as servants to serve them

    You need to work in places like Zimba Kalomo monze,choma,Namwala,mbabala,mbila,sinazeze,siavonga to see how tribal inclined Tongas are.

    Its this cheap tribalism that will make it difficult for HH to be accepted and be voted into Power to rule the country in unity without behaving like Hellen Zile in eastern cape

    Lets change and treat other people well and in turn we will receive favour and be acceptable in other earliers

    When edgar lungu comes in power he needs to transfer all tongas to other provinces to cure…

  46. I am married to a Bemba woman and we worked in Choma for 10 years. My wife and I had nice time with Tonga people. They are warm and truthful.

  47. Small brains always turn to tribal tug. Elizabeth Chitika has no mental capacity to debate with HH on real social and economic issues HH is proposing so (as usual) she pulls out the easiest thing for her brains, tribalism.





  49. Dr. Mumba who Chitika supports will get nothing. She knows it hence she is going tribal. By attacking UPND as tribal, she herself is confirming her tribal mentality. I know her personally she is very tribal. To be honest, she is the most tribal person I ever met in my life. I can attest to this anywhere.

  50. I thought Felix Mutati was wise but now i see why he won his seat by less than 50 votes despite being a minister in MMD!HH is busy using him.HH cannot accepted to be number 2 to Felix Mutati( a none Tonga) never!so why should we none tongas vote for him?my cousin works in Monze and he complains how tribal tongas are!he has never enjoyed work in this tribal province as no matter how hard he works,tongas only see bemba issue in his duties!PLEASE ZAMBIANS LETS NEVER ALLOW HH NEAR POWER BCOZ OTHER TRIBES WILL SUFFER BADLY!if Felix Mutati try to join UPND then challenge HH,he will be chased like a dog!all those dull MMD MPs blindly following HH must first ask Edith Nawakwi and Sekwiba Sikota how tribal those leaders in UPND are!all they want is you supporting them and not them backing you!

  51. Can someone please tell these kola klux klan KKK people that they are not tribalist but black tribe rascist. Kola foundation is the Zambian version of free masons, only difference is that u must come from Kasama or Muchinga province to be a member. They are the ones pushing this tribal agenda because if you look at the facts PF is not even in the same league as UPND. There only hope is to discredit HH bcs he is not Bemba and like it or not Bemba have significant influence in CB, Luapula and Northern. And now that RB is not in play they are aiming for Eastern province . Claiming to be more inclusive . They have chosen a drunk easterner instead if RB because he will be to drunk all the time while they continue to rule , much like Putin ruled Russia even as Prime Minister

  52. The only hope that any aspiring candidate has to be president after 2015is to vote in a UPND Government. PF will never implement the new constitution with reduced presidential powers. With a focus on strenghtening institutions such as the judiciary, the armed forces and the legislator among others . With the need to have key policy makers being vetted by parliament and not letting the President appoint his unqualified niece as the Zambian Ambasssdor to Europe. If Zambians want to rule of law and not the rule of corruption they NEED UPND . With 50+1 requirement even the least Luchazi from Zambezi can hope to be president and not any drunkard and client funds stealing lawyer as long as long as he is supported by the Zambian version of the KKK , Kola (foundation)Klux Klan

  53. HH said all RATSA going, Nkombo said Army, ZAF,ZNS and Police going, add their kin and folk plenty votes lost by upnd pipo be careful who you vote for, these pipo have already put their Agenda forward you are fore warned, no Bembas and eaterners in foreign service, wapya munzi

  54. Chitika the media is always there in all parts of Zambia eg Zanis, UPND does not control this media for it to show the campaigns in southern province they shy away because the ruling party will cry and collapse when they see the crowds. Take for instance on filing of nominations at Supreme court, the ZNBC cameras were just fixed in one position showing very few people when HH was addressing his supporters but for PF, ZNBC cameras were all over the directions so don’t say UPND does not invite the media in South it is the public media failing to do a professional job after Kambwili threatened ZNBC staff not long ago. So madam talk sense and not dreaming.

    • Fellow bloggers, why shall we vote for HH, who as per his own admission is a SDA? Why shall we vote for a member of an SDA church, the followers of which refuse to celebrate Christmas, Easter and any other festival associated with Christianity?

    • I live in Luapula – born in Southern province, married in Northern – my in laws like me very much but what surprises me is and this is true- and they say it even in my presence and my children – WE CANNOT VOTE FOR A TONGA OR A LOZI – tatulefway N’gombe muno – yet when i take them to my village they enjoy the milk and the beef and praise my family for being unique with so much to offer to them – my house is always full of them – twaisa Kulibayam – that’s what they say – bayama this and that, we have a small farm I ask please since you just sit in the village and instead of us supporting you every other day come, will buy cattle so you assist in looking after them, No our children will be mad they say – then I wonder what are my children to them I rest my case

  55. Hahahahaha Pipo are feeling the UPND heat. …..UPND is not a party for tongas only anyone is free to join us. Chitika has nothing to tell voters hence resorting to trible remarks. TWABAMINYA

  56. Mumbi-Chitika is a mercenary who works for whichever foreign spy agency has some spare coins on the particular day

  57. It’s sad that we could ever have had such level lowlife in our parliament! What a disgrace. Poverty knows no tribe, skin colour or race. We need leaders who will focus on national issues and solutions!!!

  58. It’s true some tongas are bitter and want to rule at all cost.I’m also scared of them.They think they are the most intelligent pipo in zambia.At work if u just say HH is not a gud leader then u’re in trouble.one guy said when HH becomes a president u’ll lose yo job.I fail to understand them why are they against other tribes especially bembas.We can’t live like that.Chitika is right in southern province only a few tongas will vote for other candidates.I can’t waste my vote on UPND otherwise pipo will suffer.Viva PF n EL

  59. in 2001, i voted for anderson kambela mazoka despite him not been bemba. Mazoka brot issues to the table that convinced all zambians he was right man for the job. Look at hiha- no issues, fake promises, going to bed with pipo he swore he wud recover money for zambians from, no principles. Viva EL, Viva El


Comments are closed.

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