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PF Isoka and Nakonde campaign in Pictures

Photo Gallery PF Isoka and Nakonde campaign in Pictures

Edgar Lungu in Nakonde
Edgar Lungu in Nakonde

PF President Edgar Lungu  addressing the  rally in Nakonde
PF President Edgar Lungu addressing the rally in Nakonde

Part of the crowd listening to Edgar Lungu

PF President Edgar Lungu  addressing the  rally in Nakonde
PF President Edgar Lungu addressing the rally in Nakonde

Samuel Mukupa addressing the  rally in Nakonde
Samuel Mukupa addressing the rally in Nakonde

PF President Edgar Lungu  addressing the  rally in Nakonde
PF President Edgar Lungu addressing the rally in Nakonde

PF President Edgar Lungu  addressing the  rally in Nakonde
PF President Edgar Lungu addressing the rally in Nakonde

Samuel Mukupa addressing the  rally in Nakonde
Samuel Mukupa addressing the rally in Nakonde

PF President Edgar Lungu  addressing the  rally in Nakonde
PF President Edgar Lungu addressing the rally in Nakonde


Edgar Lungu arrives in Isoka  from Chipata for a rally
Edgar Lungu arrives in Isoka from Chipata for a rally

Edgar Lungu being welcome in Isoka by Mwansa Kapeya
Edgar Lungu being welcome in Isoka by Mwansa Kapeya

Isoka residents who stayed up late to be addressed by PF candidate Edgar Lungu
Isoka residents who stayed up late to be addressed by PF candidate Edgar Lungu

Isoka residents who stayed up late to be addressed by PF candidate Edgar Lungu
Isoka residents who stayed up late to be addressed by PF candidate Edgar Lungu

Edgar Lungu addressing a late night rally in Isoka
Edgar Lungu addressing a late night rally in Isoka

Edgar Lungu addressing a late night rally in Isoka
Edgar Lungu addressing a late night rally in Isoka

Edgar Lungu addressing a late night rally in Isoka
Edgar Lungu addressing a late night rally in Isoka


    • That is the commitment of Mr. Lungu. He was disadvantaged and is working hard to cover the gap, meet the voters, relate to them and solicit their votes. Equally, Isoka residents have shown their love for Mr. Lungu to wait till late to welcome him, listen to him and communicate their concerns and needs to improve social fabric of Isoka. Thank you Mr. President, it is understandable, you have many places to visit and your schedule is tight. Wish you the best. EL , EL El, el el el EL El eL eL, el el , EL EL EL,

    • @Mushota, seen Obama dressed like that a couple of times and even though I don’t like this Lungu, he is usually well dressed

    • I have just realized something. PF caders on this blog have been lying that most MMD MP’s (27) are now behind Lungu and only 8 are behind HH. This is a lie. Just take note of how many MMD MP’s are attending UPND rallies like the recent one in Mongu yesterday. Notice also that most of the MMD MP’s in Eastern Province are behind HH and are currently campaigning for him on the ground in Eastern Province (My home Province). So it is a propaganda plot of the PF to claim that most MP’s are now behind Lungu. Notice also that there are also some PF MP’s who have endorsed HH and many will Endorse him after the elections this months. HH will be Zambia’s best president Ever just at par with Levy Mwanawasa. God bless Zambia and God bless Bembas.

    • Lungu will never be president of this country. We shall not allow fools to ruin our nation. We are all ready to fight him in the booth before he brings in his Boko Haram. How on earth can a Muslim preside over a Christian nation? Esi Selina zabukuba zeo.

    • Don’t get Excited true answer is in the ballot?? The vote is Secret.. Chop the cash Zambians and vote HH, just the way you sorted out MMD. Do Same SAME….

    • Chikubabeniso!

      UPND members you are free to blog using pseudo bemba names and spew ZWD crap day and night

      Viva sata viva edgar

    • January 21, it will be announced…Edgar Lungu is leading in the elections

      January 23/24 it will be announced…Edgar Lungu has won the elections

      By the first week of February it will be announced…HH has resigned as UPND president..

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****


  1. What happened to Lungu’s buttons on the shirt? Dress like someone who wants to be president if you want to be taken serious, why dress like a kaponya

    • This is no time show how money you have or how smart you are. How can one go to the village smartly in a suit, you will not fit-in with the people. Lungu easily adjust according to situations. That is being a politician. HH is too detached from common people and difficult to relate with. He is too smart, too rich, too aloof to relate with common people. politics is about one fitting in with the man on the street. History will tell you that many leaders in the world are from a humble backgrounds because they understand and relate with the people well. This what has made HH lose all these elections, including this one. He is talking to the elite or very educated.

    • What do you know about dressing iwe chimbwi. You like that some-of-us attitude where people should dress like untouchables? You want to be on a slave plantation? Allow the man to fit in with the people. This makes people comfortable and makes them feel he is approachable, we mpantila we.


    • You pf cadres/dogs, this is pretending, are u telling me that he will be dressing like this if he became president? Someone can be casual but does not need to pretend and look desperate.

      Have u ever seen you drunken master dressed like this in Lusaka?

  2. I am failing to understand PF’s Strategy. Why is their candidate spending so much time in their stronghold? Shouldn’t he be using this time wisely by canvassing votes in SP, WP, CP, NWP, CB. You are in NP all the time–a place that will vote for you anyway. Is it because you want to feel good that people will show up for your rally?

    • Nothing wrong with their strategy. They are reinforcing their biggest vote bank- Northern and eastern parts of Zambia and from there they will come to Copperbelt and Lusaka. MPs are working one to one in other provinces. Dr. Guy Scott is addressing rallies in other provinces, Ministers and MPs are meeting voters in their constituencies. In next 10 days Zambia will be painted Green.

    • My brother, do not worry about this strategy, there is nothing wrong. These election will be about numbers not how much one travels. Wait and see the next few days after HH is tired and will have place to visit. PF will go and delete everything they have done. HH is not being careful and watching what PF is doing. PF is monitoring UPND very well and doing a counter strategy to every UPND strategies. HH is being taught another political lesson.

    • We have already won in LUSAKA, Copperbelt, LUAPULA and Central Provinces. Moreover we have solid structures in these places and the campaigns are ongoing on a daily basis.

      Why should we lay bare our strategy to our enemies?

      Th reality has now dawned, UPND is dead and buried for the last time. We don’t want time wasters.

      Viva Edgar Chagwa Lungu it’s you in State House come 23 January 2015.

    • You can’t catch HH,Southern province to go,then back to CB and and Lusaka for final rally.Maureen,Mutale GB and Mutati in Luapula ,Muchinga and Northern Province.Catch us if you can.
      Mwachepa sana notuma helicopter twakongole!
      Central,Western,North Western and Southern are 90 % UPND.
      Lusaka and CB are 60%,Northern and Luapula are 50%,Mchinga and Eastern are 49 %,Nomba aya shal yabangwele.
      Forwar Zambia ,Forward HH

    • Lungu should have been going to other provinces where other candidates have a lot of support. PF should not depend on mps, No one listens to PF MPs, they won in 2011 not because they were famous but because they associated themselves with Sata. Now that Sata is dead, no one listens to them…. more over they are useless

    • Even in exams , you do the questions that are easy, or where you can score more marks. Difficult ones pa last , dullard iwe

    • It’s called political strategy. Why go to Southern Province when PF has consistently lost there. You need lessons in strategic management baba

    • EL is a humble guy. Zambians will appreciate his work ethics and concern for the downtrodden. He is not egocentric and pompous like Maureen, Masebo, Hakainde, Dipak, Suresh, VJ, GBM, who are always full of themselves, show their ill acquired wealth and questionable morals.

  3. I have changed my support back to EL. This guy is giving us nightmares in our camp. Am too young to be subjected to such nightmares. Lets hope EL will welcome me back. HH byebye, i think u r used to such nightmares

  4. Edgar Lungu was in Northern,then Muchinga,by tomorrow he’ll be in eastern.one has to ensure that all his strongholds are intact before going to others provinces.wait and see how EL is campaigning!those huge crowds speak volumes and expose spoilers like GBM!Continue with your campaigns my president! VIVA PF AND GO EDGAR LUNGU GO! IFINTU NI LUNGU!

  5. Ba LtT can you please organise tu ma audios.

    I want to listen to what he was saying at the mammoth rally.

    Viva HH.

    • @ pretty

      Jump on the sailing boat my man and go listen to the great man, EDGAR Lungu. I know you now believe that your HH needs to be retired on 20 January 2015 for good!

    • Have already heard that Nakonde MP is recovering from shock after being booed at the same mammoth rally.

      We have ears to the ground ba @ Mpika.

      Can I hear your heart pounding?

      Viva HH.

  6. GO PF!




  7. But read what the Zambianwatchdog reported about the ISOKA RALLY:

    The PF has cancelled another rally due to poor attendance in Isoka.
    PF candidate Edgar Lungu was scheduled to address a rally in Isoka after getting endorsement and Boko Haram money from Rupiah Banda in Chipata.
    The PF heavily advertised the rally but pulled down the stage after realising that only children turned up to listen to music
    ‘Lungu came as near as Chief Watwika in Nakonde hoping people wull gather in numbers. .. but only children were there even upto 14pm …I was at Zwangendaba Lodge where the Leadership was communicating to the Presidential team that was said to be at Chief Waitwika in Nakonde. ..where it was resolved that the rally be cancelled it was going to embarrasse the ruling Party’ said a contact.

    • Shame man, it’s your HH who could not get what he expected in N/Western Province and ended up addressing youths playing soccer! Awe napafita ba HH. Go rest, politics not your field.


    • A picture says a thousand words..in this case Team EL 2015 have said thousands of words…

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016***

    • @calculas anyone who reads ZWD and believes that satanic website is mentally unstable…I know calculas you don’t BELIEVE THE LIES OF ZWD and you are actually just highlighting their lies..

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016***

    • People at the so called mammoth rally in Nakonde gathered to boo the area MP. He collapsed and is recovering at home this is according to reliable sources.

  8. True Lungu has won this election hate him or not the writing is on the wall. HH-UPND are now sick for they don’t know what has hit them. Any way they have 2016 to try and lose again.

    • @Truth hates..keep telling them boss but don’t worry the 20th is near and they will hear and see it for themselves..

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016***

  9. EL is concentrating on NP, LP, EP, CP, MP, and CP due the demographics below. Even if HH sweeps NWP, SP and WP, he will not win the elections. Both parties have concentrated in their strongholds and as things stand, PF is winning. This is my thought, can anyone give a response?

    Zambia population by Province (CSO 2010)
    Central 1,267,803
    Copperbelt 1,958,623
    Eastern 1,707,731
    Luapula 958,976
    Lusaka 2,198,996
    Northern 1,759,600
    North-Western 706,462
    Southern 1,606,793
    Western 881,524
    9 provinces 13,046,508

    • Below is the 2011 number of registered voters by province:

      My view is that if UPND and PF will win in their strongholds, then PF is carrying the day because in its strongholds there are more registered voters. You may verify this and give your opinion.

      CENTRAL PROVINCE 482,013
      EASTERN PROVINCE 644,725
      LUAPULA 408,937
      LUSAKA PROVINCE 772,458
      WESTERN PROVINCE 394,660

      GRAND TOTAL 5,167,154

    • @Yebo Nkosi, what stronghold? Wait until after the elections and find out who voted for who. People can change their minds. Ati strongholdy.

      Smell the coffee. Doesn’t help comforting oneself.
      Politicians are collapsing in Zambia na ma BP and you think stronghold exist.

    • Pretty, thanks for you comment. Yes, I will wait for the elections. However, in politics you do not ignore each others strengths or areas where you are strong. It is all about sustainability. You only ignore this things at ones peril. Trends and pattern only drastically change when there is a revolution. The political climate is stable. The tribalism element will also be a determinant. So the voting patterns are likely to be same as 2011, with of course some minor changes. PF is still stronger than UPND because there is no strong case against PF at the moment. All I hear from the UPND supporters on social media is mudslinging insults about EL and nothing tangible politically which can sway the common people. This is however working to the advantage of EL.

    • Your thought has my support. EL is winning this presidential election considering the number of provinces where he will obviously come first. Going in all the provinces does not mean winning in all the provinces. Its all about the confidence people have in you and how trustworthy you are in all areas such as SPIRITUALLY,PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND ALSO EXPERIENCE. IF you are suspected a mansion or rather a satanist, people should not at any time make a mistake to vote for such a person.The Bembas say uwakwebele imfwa yakwanoko mutashi.`SO People have told you about some of these candidates. Be careful as you go to cast your on 20th. HH has no claim in NP,LP, MP,EP 3/4 OF CP AND 3/4 OF LSK P. GO PF GO EL

  10. Leaders of main opposition parties in Africa who attracted masses of pipo to their campaign meetings but failed to became presidents. Hakahinde Hichilema, Dhlakama, koni, morgan and odinga. we shud give these pipo respect as they made our leaders work.

  11. Papa,you have not followed well the dress code of Edgar.The man can dress whatever fits the occation be it traditional he will give you the fasion required.About his campaigns,you don’t have to worry because he needs to first make sure his house is in order before he travels to other places.And for your own information like others have told you earlier on,Sata won out of the same many clouds you are seing with Edgar.So guyz understand that this one is automatically for EL try 2016 and no insults guyz because that won’t solve a problem. I’m only saying what is on the ground.

  12. Zambian Watch Dog editors are HH cadres and they have nightmares about Lungu . Just wait on 21,those crowds are not jokes . If you can not beat them join them.

  13. Farmers stayed late thinking lungu would pay them what Govt through FRA owes them. But returned home with a plea to vote for continuity of not paying peasant farmers. As it was with RB and his mammoth rallies and the most expensive campaign so shall it be with palibe future. Ifintu ni lungu

    • @Dimakwenda how do you expect HH a man that doesnt even care for the welfare of his workers, SOME OF HH’S WORKERS HAVE WORKED FOR 25 YEARS AND STILL LIVE IN MUD HUTS, HOW DO YOU EXPECT THEIR BOSS HH TO CARE FOR POOR ZAMBIANS?? You are seriously delusional..UPND with its terrible representation in Southern Province that has seen serious underdevelopment in those towns..what a joke UPND is..HH has never even been an MP what does he know about govt except stealing through govt as he did to the poor miners of Luanshya under Kafupi’s govt..Zambians outside of Southern Province will not vote for this liar..

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016***

    • Not yet. Kateka for Zambia is still Guy Scot. HH is Kateka for ZWD, MUVI TV, Mwebantu and The Post. The Kateka for Zambian people will be EL on 21 Janury, 2015.

  14. This man has taken too long campaigning in one part of the country-just when he is he to touch the other areas as his rival has done? EL time is running out fast…….

    • That’s indicative of poor organization and bad work culture! Lungu is very lazy guy. He averages one rally per day while HH does 4 rallies per day.

  15. THE BIG FIVE- who has more numbers

    RB supporters vote EL
    Satas supporters vote EL
    Scot supporters vote EL
    Inonge Wina Supporters vote EL
    Farther bwalya supporters vote EL


    Mutati supporters vote HH
    Maureen mwanawasa supporters vote HH
    Milupi supporters vote HH
    Vj supporters vote HH

    • my friend for HH you have left out the GBM supporters as well as the Silvya Masebo supporters. and moreover the beauty about Zambian politics is the secret ballot. all these big people you see can appear to support an individual but its only them who know what they are really after. for some, its fear of losing their jobs and being taken to court and for others is wanting to get jobs in the new government… who ever it will be. Either way, NEVER TRUST A POLITICIAN….

  16. Your HH cant get 40% votes from Luapula.recall he got 1 700 in 2011 and PF 151 800.so it’ll be a miracle for HH to even manage 10% of votes from Luapula!the only areas where HH will do better are in Southern,Western and North Western.in other provinces HH will be at distant second from Edgar Lungu!GO PF GO!

  17. This is not debatable that EL has won this election. HH-UPND are spending sleepless nights no wonder they are coming out so frustrated on the RB endorsement of Lungu. Their hope was that RB could endorse HH but RB has done a donci kubeba on them. I really feel sorry for the HH-UPND but I can do nothing since its Zambians going to vote Lungu. I just pray that the HH-UPND remain composed for 2016 election which again are losing, but again they can try 2021 which again they will lose until Jesus comes to take the born agains.

    Peace and Prosperity to mother Zambia.

  18. zwd is having sleepless nites bane!! hh does not know anything about politics but he is an expert in animal husbandry! Kikikikikiki!

  19. Deputy Minister in the office of the vice- president Edgar Lungu is still on suspension from the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ).
    Lungu was banned from working as a lawyer in Zambia for stealing clients’ money.
    In July 2010, LAW Association of Zambia (LAZ) legal practitioners committee banned Edgar Lungu of Andrea Masiye and Company from practicing law.
    According to a notice at the Lusaka High Court signed by then honorary secretary Musa Mwenye, Lungu was not supposed to appear in any court of law and not file court processes.
    “Take notice that the above practitioner has been suspended from practicing law with immediate effect,” read the notice. “By this notice, the said practitioner is not to appear in any court of law or tribunal and should not file court processes of whatever…

  20. Dont be little our president you will continue talking about the same issues over and over until afternoon 21st day of inguration ceremony for His excellence Edgar C Lungu.

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