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Kambwili dismisses Post Newspaper’s version of RB and Edgar Lungu deal

Headlines Kambwili dismisses Post Newspaper's version of RB and Edgar Lungu deal

Sports and Youth Minister Chishimba Kambwili
Sports and Youth Minister Chishimba Kambwili

Sports and Youth Minister Chishimba Kambwili has rubbished reports that former president Rupiah Banda had offered to support Patriotic Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu on conditions that his cases before the courts of law were discontinued.

Yesterday, the Post newspaper reported that the former head of State had offered to support Edgar Lungu on condition that he discontinues his court cases, closes down The Post and removes Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito if he wins this month’s presidential election.

Responding to the Post Newspaper article, Kambwili said that it was him who infarct approached the former head of state.

“It is actually me who approached Mr Banda and not Edgar and so these media reports are not true. The newspaper has always wanted to persecute Mr Banda. Even its coverage on Mr Banda about his court cases has been persecution.

“We approached Mr Banda so that he could help us campaign for PF so that we defeat UPND. We don’t want UPND to win these elections because once they win the election, this country will be divided,” Mr Kambwili said.

At a rally in Chipata yesterday, Mr Lungu reaffirmed his earlier statement that that nothing would stop him from ensuring that those who fraudulently owed Zambians were made accountable by paying back the people’s money.

“I did not create the law and it demands that whoever owes must pay back. No amount of blackmail and intimidation will stop me from recovering the people’s money overdue,” Mr Lungu said.

And PF media and publicity director Brian Hapunda accused the Post Newspaper of inventing allegations that it would become a target of persecution should Mr Lungu become president because of the endorsement he had received from Mr Banda who was a victim of the schemes of the cartel.

And PF media and publicity director Brian Hapunda said yesterday that some named media house and its allies had seen that Mr Lungu was unstoppable and had embarked on a propaganda campaign to slander and malign the Defence and Justice minister and Mr Banda.

He said one newspaper was inventing allegations that it would become a target of persecution should Mr Lungu become president because of the endorsement he had received from Mr Banda who was a victim of the schemes of the cartel.

“It is unfortunate that some newspaper with its allies have become so desperate to the extent that they are inventing issues to show that they will become victims of persecution once Mr Lungu becomes president after January 20 presidential election. Their fears have been compounded by the fact that former president Banda has endorsed Mr Lungu. The cartel knows the wrongs it has committed against Zambians.

“There has never been a time when Mr Lungu and Mr Banda met to discuss the removal of Mr Nchito as DPP or the closure of any newspaper. They are scared of their own shadows but real time will soon come,” Mr Hapunda said.

He stated that the negative publicity against Mr Lungu had in fact made the PF leader more popular and accepted because Zambians had realized that the cartel was bitter after failing to impose a candidate they would easily hold hostage and manipulate. Mr Hapunda said at no time had Mr Lungu and Mr Banda met to discuss the removal of Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mutembo Nchito, closure of the Post Newspaper or the dropping of the former president’s cases.

He said the media house with its allies were scared because of the political and economic transgressions they had committed against Zambians over decades, injuring and blackmailing citizens without being challenged.

He said the fear that the law would soon catch up with members of the cartel has forced the clique to start “shooting aimlessly” at citizens who had nothing to do with their failure to retain their supremacy in Government and State institutions.


  1. The most worried person in these election in mmembe with his newpaper. which ever way the election come out he will ne injured. assuming HH wins, it will be a who is who affair in terms of money, we know how these guys boast abt wat they have amongst themselves. EL to win means post closure. thru the same way mmembe has put it. he knows its easy and the best he is trying to do is to get sympathy from people which I doubt will happen. lesson to learn…..never trust politicians.

    • All i’m getting from Kambwili’s stament is that PF is dead scared that UPND is going to win the election…

      PF can not preach unit when Sata already divided this country, he only appointed his tribesmen and relatives to high positions and threatened our traditional leaders…

      We need HH to undo the damage that PF had done.

      This is the end of PF, 20/01/15, PF will be closed!

    • Kambwili was born a leader, Iam told he is the first born, was a prefect, a head boy and Minister, you name it he has headed most of what he has been involved into.

      It is a shame he is caught between 2 unworthy leaders in Edgar Lungu and HH both are pinheads that should not be allowed to lead your country

      Not saying Zambia is a good country, because if it was I wouldnt have immigrated to Scotland

      Wither way, the best man of the whole lot is Mumba, I will rvert back to PF when we rid of Lungu.

      A clown and so are all his supporters


    • I can never trust anyone in PF, they lied about Sata’s health and Kambwili is telling a lie about RB.

      There is no way RB would be campaigning for free

    • @1.0

      The Post really helped PF to remove Banda frm Presidency BUT going to RB and ask for favours its puzzling this has entangled PF and a loose is looming for them. LET THEM pack their bags and leave.

      Kambwili is also lying tht he WAS THE FIRST ONE TO APPROACH RB.


    • True true. For the Post it is caught between a rock and a hard place. Whether EL wins or HH it is end of their King Making hold. People no more like the Post. Its owners and editors hold bible in hands, quote from it in their editorial sermons but rarely follow in their life and actions. End of an era. It came with MMD , it seems it will die with MMD. As for voting, my family is voting for EL.

    • Dearest LT. If you had a picture editor you would have cropped the photo. Or do you not see the sneak attack (left back male) from the guy behind Idi Amin?

    • Kambwili, ‘a pot calling a kettle black’! Is he sure by saying the UPND will cause division in the country when we are already experiencing it as a result of PF’s tribal rhetoric?

      RB, where is his integrity? He loses the bid to represent MMD and resorts to supporting and ‘endorsing’ a party he not long ago accused of derailing the economy?

      What is it going to take us to really vote for credible leadership in Zambia?

    • These are the last kicks of the dying PF! Kambwili is “hoeing” for the few last days of PF.
      All I can see is that, comrade Kambwili is ready to sink with the visionless Lungu’s PF ship, or no, sorry, the canoe!
      With the Kumawa Party (KP) joining PF (RB,Muhabi & Dora Siliya).
      Isn’t Kambwili a “hoe” a Kumawa name? There is alot of politics of mascaraeding on tribalism in Zed currently. People thought KK was Bemba, but alas, Munyasaland!
      12 days left Mr Kambwili and PF will be no more!
      HH is the best candidate of them all, vote HH.
      The Skeleton Key with 206 bones is for HH, a Hero of Humanity. Hope & Health for all peace and loving people.
      Vote PF out!
      Wasting time listening to violent Kambwili!

    • @ What a life!…if you were to be led by two people; one with a vision and the other without one, who would you choose? It is almost like following a tourist guide who warns you he has not a clue where he is going and you just follow blindly.

    • Ba Post kuya bebele. you have out lived you stay, M’eembe just owns a ka paper and thinks he can control the whole lot of Zambia??? the problem with this m’ eembe guy is dat he wants everyone to worship him as though he is messiah when he is not, wat ever goes up must come down so ba M’ eembe your time has come, am sure its God who has sent Lungu to come and fix you coz u thot u are smart all these years. now your time has come for you to rip the evil deeds that have sown , you planted evil so you must rip evil dats da way it goes. other wise fred you deserve the gravest punishment and i for one i cant sympathize with you, and i stopped reading yo ka paper a long time ago, coz its based on hate and not on professional basis. so Beef ipitilile

    • Think about it Kambwili…”I am the one responsible for Boko and possibly money washing ” he declared to tge Zambian people and the world..

    • All I can say is HH is winning because there is panic in PF because of RB ‘s group which will be calling the shots.

      Nsanda and Chungu, are also threatened and bewildered by the fact their plans to influence Lungu have been thwarted by the Wako ni wako RB ‘s team.

      As usual PF and RB have no message to tell the people apart from attacking HH’s personality.

      HH is busy talking big ideas to people while PF and RB,’s associates are busy peddling lies attacking HH because of his tribe. HH did not choose to be born Tonga but for sure he is not a tribalist as his employees are drawn from all corners of Zambia .

      Any what ever they say about tribalism or what ever people have made up their minds, PF kuyabebele.

      HH is going to win no matter what. PF ‘s rigging formula is in…

    • Damn! Idi amin Dada resurfaces. Has he completed his most recent pursuit of torturing that Football person?

      The sooner I can obliterate the experience of having this guy in power, the happier I’ll be.

    • HH is winning come rain come sunshine. The feed back I am getting on the ground is overwhelmingly in support of HH.

      I am not a prophet but I tend to predict future events with certainty based on the available data from different sources. I mostly rely on the past to understand the present and predict the future.

      All the knowledge we get in education is there for us to enable to analyse situations from available data and predict the future. Any one who can not use his education in this way, is a half baked graduate who left school with totally nothing.

      All billionaires today, make money using prediction based on available data.

      Come 21/01/2014, HH will be declared president of Zambia though PF will fight hard to resist but Justice Mambilima and armed forces will let HH to have…

    • Master Sargent Kambwili at it again, trying to put out another PF fire! But for how long is that going to continue? Putting out fires has been PF’s strategy from day one. It is a reactionary party without a clear strategy, political or otherwise. But putting out fires when you don’t have even a single fire engine is a poor strategy. RB is, without a doubt, a snake in the grass in their camp.

    • Folks lets not forget, how Sata ended up at embassy park. ZWD alerted us that Sata had cancer which is eating him quickly, and has been given a few months to live.

      PF propaganda machinery refuted those reports vigorously . Then Sata collapsed and was evacuated to London.

      While in london, I said Sata would not be coming to Zambia alive. Again PF minions insulted me left right and centre.

      Thank God I was vindicated when the truth hit home.

      I have said If Lungu wins, he will not reach up to 2016, because there are competing factions in PF which want to usurp power from him to consolidate their power.

      RB faction will want him dead, the PF factions will also vie for his blood. So Lungu will be caught between a hard place and a rock. Then his rivals will use his health to whack…

    • What rubbish is this? How can you be sleeping with the political enemy? If it was a woman at least I can understand that you could cover her face with a pillow whilst you hit the base – see what I mean? So in your warped thinking Kambwili, you want Banda to help you win the election and then arrest him later? Only the Zambian electorate can be conned like that seeing from the comments here by the your blind supporters. How can you arrest him when he has a big fat file on your man Eddie now about the Boko Haram khaki envelope? I only go back to Zambia to remind myself why I left in the first place – like my friend Mushota. God left Zambia a long time ago!

    • Mushota (1.3) . You say if Zambia was a good country you would not have migrated to Scotland ! ! ! Sounds strange to me coz I think it all depends on what you do in either place ! I reckon you migrated for economic reasons ! However , I advise you do some investment back home ( if you can afford it ) ! It will give you something solid to fall back on when your Scotland stint is finally over ! Mark my words !

      WAIT ON 21ST THE…

  2. “We don’t want UPND to win these elections because once they win the election, this country will be divided,” Mr Kambwili said”. …….. How? UPND is a much organised party than PF and they will do a very good job, HH has always preach unity

    ……Too late with your RB strategy, UPND will be winning this time around.

    Viva HH2015!!

    • Sata and his friends already divided the country with tribal appointments and only employing relatives like ka-hoe. It is excruciating listening to such characters. Let him take a walk at UNZA and see if the country is not already divided. He will be lynched by those young people he has so offended.

    • HH is selfish and a dictator and nobody will challenge him in UPND.Since he became UPND president nobody has ever dared to challenge his position because he thinks UPND is his Katemba.Most of the people that are endorsing HH are either political misfits or frustrated politcal job seekers or cantankerous politians who have nowhere to go but see UPND has a stepping stone for their political maneuvers and adventure.HH is selfish because after losing the elections three times before he should have realised that he cannot win the elections and give up the UPND presidency to someone else.But he uses his money to ensure that he keeps the UPND presidency until he becomes president of Zambia.Shame!!What a life!!

    • Because UPND is a tribal party. You blame PF of being tribal and accusing UPND of being tribal, and maybe Sata was tribal, but UPND said it themselves from the very beginning that the late Anderson Mazoka should be replaced by no other than a Tonga, so suck it up. I am sure you are also Tonga yourself, and if indeed you are, what does that say? How come the country loved Mazoka who was also a Tonga? Just accept that when Mazoka died some Tonga people lost it and now they make every Tonga look bad. Your HH is very arrogant. I have spoken with him.

    • You are wrong! Remember Sata did not have MPs in Southern, NW Provinces. He tried to include Southern MPs in his government but each time he did these MPs were expelled. The few MPs he got from provinces where he had no MPs were appointed ministers. Besides Lusaka, CB MPs were not all Bemba and all of them were appointed Ministers/Deputies.

    • Mwaba~Jr.

      Don’t worry about Kambwili, he’s a divest who dwells in denial. Its seems their skin itches & tickles each time they try to say the truth.
      PF lied about the new constitution, they lied too far away from reality, the health of Mr. Sata, he died to date no one knows the cause but a “medical check up”!
      They lied about more money in people’s livelihoods, intact all, PF lied about everything.
      Why would we believe Kambwili and his cronies of PF who lied about everything, exampled above.
      Mr. Kambwili, where is the new & 90 days constitution?
      12 days left, all the liars will be reviewed and enjoy your PF confusion and violence as it suffocates to its own extinction!
      Vote HH and nothing else matters but Hikainde Hichilema.
      Viva HH, Viva UPND,

    • @ 2 Mwaba-jnr

      Indeed you are jnr. Is UPND really organized club? If you want to know an organized party, please honestly assess PF based on where they are coming from, what they have achieved in the last three years and what they doing today. In all fairness, PF has delivered. Even Mmembe and his post used to praise PF day in day out, the only time they seemed to do otherwise is when Mr. Edgar Lungu told them the truth.

      “Pay back what is due to the Zambians” and this has really unsettled them. If I can pay my PAYE religiously every month, who is Mmembe and the Post not to?
      UPND is a dictatorial party which has been held at ransom by one man because of his stolen money. Lets be sincere and objective in criticism.

      Its Edgar Lungu in State House on 23rd January 2015, see you in…

  3. Bwana Minister dismissing these claims will not help. In fact it seems so obvious that RB wanted to get back in politics to achieve what the post is alleging. The state of play on the political scene of the country avails him a good opportunity. May keeping silent would be better because the future might vindicate the POST.

    • Are you what ‘political heavyweights’ are made of sir. Or are you just an amazing man? Give us a running commentary on GBM’s oratory as well sir. Do not be selective, am sure you are a honourable man. What about Maureen in politics and the near accident on the campaign trial. And Dora Siliya’s chit chat. There is a lot to be said sir. Which political party does Dora and RB belong. You are slowly being invaded by these swarms and before you know it PF will be unrecognisable. Looks what happened to MMD; now being run by NCC.

    • Post is Past its expiry date. Nobody is a saint. Politics is not a charity. All are in it for gain, position, power and money. Dipak, Stan and Maureen to resurface from their hideouts is not for the love of Zambia. RB, Dora and Mulusa are doing it for charity. They are all in it for something. HH and EL are after authority, power, glory and the Kick of it. Having said that, if I have to choose between two devils, EL is a better one, humble, down to earth and no unexplained riches. Nobody has ever become billionaire in 10-15 years in Zambia without cutting deals, inappropriate deals and at the cost of thousands of hard working but deprived of opportunities on a fair and equitable basis. EL has my vote.

    • CB is determined to remove this PF .we told bashikulu in 2011 that we want jobs as youths and 3yrs down the road no job.we shall never be donci kubebad again.Insala yachilamo akabwali naka dula saana.K70 one 25kg when we need two bags per month.Ifwe nomba ni ba HH chbe.This ministers lied to us ,when the go Lusaka they switch off phones.Mwanya bafikala twala milila impeya shenu then Vote for HH.Its pay back time.

  4. Ndetambakofe Ine until what will happen after 20 January, nkakonkanya ukutambakofe coz who cares, I work for my family and I manage to feed them without any assistance from these politicians

    • You are right. Most people think politicians will change their lives. Safety kulisunga wemine nekulinaila.

    • Chiwanangala, that’s the best way and not these PF cadres who come on LT with poverty brainwashed into confusion and violence.
      Well done and keep on working hard for your own family and friends who care. These PF goons have nothing else to say, Donchi Kubeba is their mantra.
      Voting them out is the best new year present the people can ever have.
      Adios out PF!
      HH is the best candidate and no amount of PF violence will deter this destiny. HH for president.
      Viva HH, Viva Hikainde Hichilema! Come rain, thunder, lighting, storms and sunshine, vote HH for free education and best practices of democracy.

    • St. Mary Magadalena,

      No, I have never heard of it and thanks, don’t need to hear it either!
      I only have read it now from your scrupulous post.
      HH is the best and next president of Zambia.
      Vote for Lungu at your own risk of misanthropy slumber party! A visionless chakolwa for PF cadres only, as for the country, its Hikainde Hichilema for president.
      Bye for now!

  5. Come on…. We already know the winner and they do too. That is why they have persecutory delusions. We will surely get them after inauguration. EL for presidente

    • Empty Lies (EL) is visionless, apya, RB is just leaving the PF candidate without a vision in debts!
      PF make sure you have already packed your to ma “katundu” because, in 12 days on, PF will be finally be put to sleep and never come back into existence.
      Ask George Chellah, he’s already packed his belongings and waiting for his exile expedition.
      Enjoying the dialect extinction events of PF, 12 days left.

  6. WHAT DIVISION IS THIS FATTY SAYING.. i guess it Opposite.. True unity would come with UPND…HH,milupi,Mutati,Nalumango, Cancias Banda, Kapita, Mwanawasa…represnts a National Character.. Fatty is just scared of losing his job.. Dont worry HH does not believe in vindictiveness.

    • Remember the Sata days? He did not like Fat people? He was a very funny man indeed. What else did he not like useless Ministers. Sata was a good man in his own way. Who fits this bill? Some claim he was born a leader. Leaders don’t just rant. Great leaders are reflective and cautious in whatever they say.

    • Dr Eustace Wabo,

      Actually Sata even wondered how on earth his PF “mini~stars” were getting fat(obese) whilst the citizens are becoming boney!

      Its disgusting to see our children, women and men wallowing in poverty, with their skin paled like petrol is their lotion. The majority are suffering poverty and all they need & want is HH. HH will rescue the people from this ruthless PF, otherwise, many will start to look like my name, if PF is left to destroy the country again.
      3 years of their mediocre is enough, time for a diligent leadership in HH is NOW.
      Vote Edgar Lungu at your own peril. Best to vote for Hikainde Hichilema for profound effect of democracy, rule of law and freedom.
      Viva Hikainde Hichilema, Viva HH!

  7. Uko wina azalila. We told you that the cartel are just scared of their own shadow, they have committed alot of transgressions against the people of Zambia. It will be the law and not EL. Why are they complaining against rupiah supporting Edgar, The Up N Down should also disassociate them selves from Vernom Mwanga for making them lose the 2001 elections.

    VOTE PF 2015

  8. I didn’t support m’membe when he was peddling all sorts of lies against HH and UPND. Likewise UPND supporters countrywide complained about the unfavorable publicity by the post. What surprises me at the moment is that all of a sudden , the Post stories have become gospel truth to UPND cadres. What has changed.

  9. The post for sure shud not pretend to be the measure of upright when they fail to pay tax. The best the post shud do is to say sorry to Zambians and start doing the right thing. closure of the post by lungu will mean our fellow zambian will be kicked out of employment.

  10. Agree with # 1, whoever wins the election will be problematic for Mmembe. Not that I’m a HH supporter but the post have giving HH hard times. Not even a visit to mmembe by Moron Maureen has helped matters. On the other hand, the Wynter / Sampa/ was a failed project even before it started. Mmembe is in dilema. It difficult for him to navigate out of this one.

    Having said that EL will win.

    • There is no doubt UPND is taking Eastern province and so Edgar has no strong hold. So even if votes from southern province are not considered for this election HH will carry the day.

    • @PanAfricanist

      Did you just call Maureen ‘Moron’ Maureen or was that Auto cue!!

      See even Auto cue is voting PF!

      Good job Auto cue, fact is we couldn’t have called her any less for being on the wrong team!

      This is really funny!

    • Yes but unfortunately HH is a coward. For all the negative reporting the Post has done on UPND and HH, the guy is sending Maureen to negotiate for positive reporting. I will not vote for EL but I like his brevity, telling off the Post and warning them that when he wins – the law will visit Mmembe and team. How many of our politicians have dared King Fred? The EL chap seems to have more guts in his little finger than HH has in his whole body. See how EL warnings and threats have sent the Post crying. HH this is no time to ask for favours from Bwinjimfumu – faka speed mwaice! Politics is a game of real men/women. Whoever will convince me will not go to bed with the Post may get my vote – anyone out of the 11 candidates.

    • @Patriot Abroad

      Don’t be so fast to laugh. We could also laugh at you – “Autocue”?? Really? In an HTML form?

      AutoCorrect maybe.

      P/S the attempted shade-throwing at Mrs Mwanawasa was lame.

    • When Maureen visited Mumembe, the deal that came up was to have extremely bad publicity for EL. So indirectly, the past paper is campaigning for HH. I doubt if HH will do anything to this past paper. 20th Jan Vote EL

    • The report about Maureen visiting Mmembe was fabricated by the most useless online publication in the name of Zambia Reports.

      I think now it has joined its lying partner the PF.

      Zambia reports will lie that Lungu has won even before counting starts.

    • @Jessie wa mu town

      Nothing lame. If I say potato and you say potatoe, we are still meaning the same thing at the end of the day. As a digital web designer I think I know what I mean.

      However the emphasise was on ‘Moron’, and asking whether that was meant.

      It’s good to see your lame defence failed to support your Moron. Still funny!

    • @Patriot Abroad

      No. You know you made a boo-boo. As a (purported)web designer you should have known it wasn’t autocue – Yes I’m picky when I want to be.

      And calling Mrs. Mwanawasa a moron is a whole new kettle of fish – low. Even for you.

  11. Kambwili,
    RB is like an inhibitor protein in biochemistry. Such are proteins which associate with activators thereby inhibiting their activities, be they gene expression or say a phosphorylation events.
    You PF guys defeated Rupiah (inhibitor protein) because he epitomized inefficiency and corruption (stopping gene expression). To day PF (2011 activator protein) is embracing RB (an inhibitor) to catalyze their election. This if it were biochemistry would have been a failed reaction needing a regulator protein (integrity) for it to succeed.

  12. Chimbwili is a very dangerous reptile. After all he was part of the team when Satan was dividing the garden of Aden.

  13. Yes the Cartel are out of their minds with worry, justifiably so. We are out to get you……boo! Oops made them jump right there!

    People should have stopped buying and reading the Post. THEY OWE YOU TAXES! Why do Zambian citizens support such corporations?

    The Post needs to be eradicated. And as for the rubbish the Post and it’s cartel put out to disrupt this country…..look closely at the picture above. Do you see the man behind Kambwili with the specs? He appears to be giving a signal with his two fingers….see it? YEP….he is flipping you the bird! It clearly looks like he is being very rude! That Is our message to you and the illuminates….bleep bleep off, …….OUT of Zambia.

  14. Wako ni wako VS Bantustan.
    The game will be played on 20th January 2015. dont miss it.
    Please note that Kalubemba will be on the techinical bench for for wako ni wako whereas linyungang’ambo will be coaching Bantustan.

  15. Ba Kambwili, may you give reason why you think Zambia will be divided after the elections since HH is winning. Who is going to divide the country and how is it going to be done. There is no doubt UPND is taking Eastern province and so Edgar has no strong hold.

  16. Bloggers dont bury your heads in the sand. Both are blackmailers and criminals: Mmembe’s/mathani cartel tried and failed to get grip on Presidency and failed now they hold Kabimba’s Rainbow hostage wanting protection from DBZ loan, ZRA etc and Edgar’s PF is hostage to Nsanda’s RDA filth, xaviour chungu’s zamtrop skeletons and now Rupiah & sons criminality. Even UPND is under threat from people like GBM whose interest is business/govt contracts rather than service to the nation. What a sad state of affairs! Cry my beloved country! Presidency is too important an institution to be held at ransom! God help us! Sondashi is right when he advocates to reduction of Presidential powers so that reduced powers/strong parliamentary oversight act as a detterent to engage/protect criminals

    • I think most politicians are in the payment of foreign bodies and their interests.

      Reduction in Presidential powers and the over sight parliamentary group is a very good idea. But my take is these corrupt politicians, when they are in the oversight group will obstruct its purpose for their cartel friends. Look how long it takes to prosecute failing politicians. Nothing ever seems to be concluded and then when the heat is down, they get cleared.

      Possibly we’ll move power away from the president and create another monster which cartel target.

  17. i pity mmembe so much. Every dog has its day. The hatred shown by zambians towards anyone that seem connected to the post newspaper is not about that person but mmembe.

  18. Iwe chi Kambwili, who do you imagine you are? Let me tell you whou you are; an ugly dull dirty pig!!! Yep, thats what you are!! a pig. Every time you open your dirty black mouth, faeces come out. What kind of an ape/pig are? Who told you that you’re sharp kansi? I wonder how you wife puts up with your dirty bums and your kids with your stinking mouth. Which planet did you come from? Have you ever had any parents or guidians you pig? You’re a lost soul who badly needs deliverance in whatever form. I hate you with a passion you pig. This world will be a better place without your ugly face.

  19. #Reality: I can only make a choice between two people if both have been given the same chances to prove that they have visions.It is unfair to say that the other one has no vision if he has not been tried.HH has been UPND for long time and he keeps losing the lections.The UPND needs to try someone else,may be that person will have different strategies and different ways of running the party.HH made a very big mistake when he said “UPND IS ME AND I AM UPND,I WILL BE THE LAST TONGA MAN STANDING”This statement itself sends a very bad signal and lebels UPND a tribal party.This tribal tag will take a very long time to be removed from UPND.Iam not a politician and I do not belong to any political party.Iam a concerned citizen of Zambia who would like all political parties to be democratic!

  20. Pf is a good party bt however,i wud advice my president lungu to b very cateful wit rb,otherwise shrek may jus hijack the boat,throw edgar out and take ova proceedings,he is known 4 such behaviours ka,ask nevas mumba

  21. have you ever interacted with Kambwili, if you have you should have realized that he is actually a know it all who knows nothing about diplomacy let alone administration. He lacks tact, fore knowledge, intelligence and manners. His only asset is foolish pride.

    When was he appointed press aid for lungu?. For him to start diving where he does not belong, besides what he does not know is that he is one of those that will realize when it is too late that his time is over.

    Check his notes against those of Mulongoti when PF was tacking over, Watch this space.

  22. PF give workers 200% increment?
    They are still working on Barotse agreement
    They are still working on constitution
    They reduced prices of food and fuel
    PF created employment in 2013 and 2014

  23. It’s seems voting day will go on past 18:00 hrs in some areas looking at the heaps of ballot papers that will be transported from S.A.
    It’s time Ba ECZ to be focus enough on this one and tell the people that 06:00hrs to 18:00 is short period of time.
    Anyway filiokotuleya until the last minute.

  24. Kambwili, the copper thief failed to use his money to bail out the other thieves until Banda went and got money from Boko Haram. That neck is so swollen because of lifting copper bars he used to still. Shameless thief.

    • @ Voice of reason
      Kikikikiki yaba guys muliko bad…ati..the neck is swollen because of lifting copper bars he used to still…kikikikikiki…aaaa mayo! Okay the correct spelling should ”steal” and not ”still”. All the same you made my day!

  25. HOPE for a better Zambia lies in voting for HH. UPND is the only party that a normal personal with hope for a better life, can ever dream of.
    I, like my Big man GBM will vote and campaign for HH. The hope for my children’s education, My families in rural Zambia who are PEASANT farmers need a saviour, my bro and sisters in need of jobs and other relatives in compounds who are now buying one head of cabbage at k10 needs a chance in life. unless I cursed them then I can vote for PF.
    VOTING FOR PF IS LIKE SUFFERING FROM A PHYCHOLOGICAL disorder called “Stockholm syndrome” where u see hope in a captor than a liberator as suffering and struggle to survive become part of your like.

    • Indeed? I have never heard of anyone suffering in Stockholm to be coined such a terrible name. UPND chaps, you claim to be “educated”, but I see the opposite in all your postings. PF guys are clear and concise in their arguments.
      In research, PF could easily get a distinction, A+, whilst HH and UPND a D+ and a repeat.

      Viva PF Viva Edgar

  26. Just thinking, imagine HH wins the elections, is he going to appoint all UPND MP as Ministers? How many are they? Ok now, he appoints some PF, MMD, FDD MPs as well. These are swiftly expelled by their parties. How many bye elections are we going to have before the general elections? HH pledged to cut costly bye elections, how? This country will implode! FACT: HH will have more problems governing the country if he wins the election. SOLUTION????


      DONT VOTE FO HH, HE IS A KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. Birds of the same feather flock together. RB is now PF. Master Sargent Kambwili is trying to put out a wrong fire! Post or no Post, it is only logical that EL will, if given a chance, handle RB’s case more favorably. Otherwise, the math would fail to add-up. Kambwili is neither the conscience nor the voice of PF. He is just a noise maker.

  28. kambwili is another curse Zambia has had. Does he think by hoodwinking us he is helping matters? The truth remains that PF and RB to cut any support deals are both corrupt. RB stole from the Zambian people and not pf so how can the two agree on whatever terms? This fat thing is very tribal, and uletuletelela ku mitundu shimbi. Who told him Zambia will be cut into half just because HH becomes president? Let the vote decide who the jubilee president is.

  29. RB has every right to choose anyone he wishes to support, its his birth right! Human Rights Commission, do you agree?

    Thank you RB for be truthful and showing maturity, this has made you a Statesman.

    Viva Edgar Lungu

  30. If you don’t like Edgar C. Lungu, please put a cross (an X) beside his name on January 20, 2015!


    • Your campaign strategy to the illiterate electorate in the rural areas. Taking advantage of people’s ignorance won’t pay you PF!

    • Oh come off it @DingaDinga

      He is being very helpful, rather than you as you down marked him! Any I upgraded him by marking him up!

  31. chikambwili just shut up. just continue eating the money u and your family have stolen from the poor people. soon u will pop mudala fatty boom boom. u and your panga family have divided the country. so much poverty and suffering in Zambia and u are there showing off ur ignorance. stop this tribal talk please u are dividing Zambia even more. LEAVE HH ALONE.

  32. “Kambwili was removed as Foreign Affairs Minister because of his stupidity and arrogance” one GBM was recently quoted as saying. Hapunda is was fired as provincial secretary by the late Sata for obtaining money by false pretences and hi case is still in court. My question is: between the Post and these two clowns who is more credible? Your guess is as good as mine!

  33. no one is closing down the post newspaper. why would someone close the post? we will collect our money from the post in a normal business transaction but not to close it. in fact pf shud be grateful to the post becos it campaigned for them in 2011 elections. the post will pay its debts but will not close.PF don’t undermine membe and the post it is a company and it can borrow somewhere to pay off govt loan,then how do you close it imwe ba cnp.


  35. shut up organized lot. wat about all the serious offences committed by the panga family, has anyone been arrested and convicted. ati he bleached….

  36. Ba kwindi muletasha, you should be thankful for what the pf government has done within 3 years of their reign…

    Better a bird in hand than so many hh empty promises in the bushy

  37. @ Mai Mutungu 1.19, 32.

    Hmmmm your expressions are stunning and your language VERY palatable. You, Wanzelu, Sara, Pretty , Jesie Wa Mu Town & many others make me enjoy these articles. Indeed Banda is a SNAKE in the grass in the PF Camp.

    @Wanzelu 1.20 do you REMEMBER YOUR stance; “SATA died in June”! I am LAUGHING THOUGH its not a laughing matter. PF BUFI BUFI Especially Kalaba.


  38. “…..He said the fear that the law would soon catch up with members of the cartel has forced the clique to start “shooting aimlessly” at citizens who had nothing to do with their failure to retain their supremacy in Government and State institutions……”

    “….He said the media house with its allies were scared because of the political and economic transgressions they had committed against Zambians over decades, injuring and blackmailing citizens without being challenged……”

    Exactly what I have been saying. The Past is obnoxious to most Zambians including UPND, unfortunately for Mmembe. And the votes shall go to whoever the Past criticises. That makes my day!

  39. Apparently, The Post is exposing its own hidden agenda. We all know that Mmembe’s Post has been influencing Guy Scott to work against Edgar Lungu because Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and Dr Mahtani have been working hard to impose a weak Presidential candidate whom they expect to protect them from prosecution on outstanding cases involving the plunder of K14 billion from DBZ and mafia =-style of grabbing manufacturing industries and Banks.

    As expected, Mmembe blows hard trumpets against RB in order to create a smoke screen to hide his own financial misdeeds against Zambia.

  40. M’membe is not an angel you people. Zambians must wakeup and stop that chap because he may inflame this country with his false stories. He first insulted MMD under Chiluba, after seing Mwanawasa become president, MMD became a darling and started to insult PF and sata. Later he turned on UPND and sata became a darling. later Ruphia and MMD also became his enemies, now has gone back to insult PF. What a paper? Zambians why should we waste time to buy this paper? wakeup please and send back this guy where he belongs.

  41. Fred M’membe is a devil!but am sure he is regretting the stance he took against PF (majority party) bcoz his daily papers sale has dropped badly.ask any post newspaper vendor and he’ll confirm that so many people today do not buy Post!M’MEMBE CANT PLAY WITH CIVILISED VOTERS ALWAYS.WE’VE ALL SEEN HOW EVIL THE POST IS!PLUS THE DROP IN POST SALES TELLS THAT MANY ZAMBIANS ARE SUPPORTING EDGAR LUNGU-PF,SO THEY CANT BE READING RUBBISH ABOUT THEIR FAVOURITE CANDIDATE EL! SO HH,M’MEMBE ARE LOSERS!THE MORE TRASH THEY SAY AND WRITE ABOUT EL(PF) THE MORE THEY’RE ENCOURAGING US TO VOTE FOR PF! IFINTU NI LUNGU!

    • Eddy,
      You are spot on! Bauze mufana wanga… Icintu cintu mwene and we have seen the unprecedented infrastructural development within 3 years of PF in govt. EL is the man to paddle the boat of CONTINUITY.

  42. This Kambwili must be the only f**l remaining on earth. Does he think he can attract RB to PF for a song? The game is on my friend. Banda knows how to play his cards. If you in doubt, ask Mumba of MMD. Kambwili is too young to know what RB is upto; it needed Sata to solve the puzzle for these young fat Albert.
    Sorry boy, it is too late, you got the money and now it is your turn to dance to the Nyau dance. Nanga ni ndalama zanyoko.

  43. So in other words Kambwili is confirming what the people of Zambia have suspected all along, Banda is only supporting Lungu because he was asked. That’s not an ENDORSEMENT that’s favour and favours have to be returned. What will Lungu or the PF do for Banda?

  44. breaking news; today 12 people killed including 2 police officers and 11 others injured in an attack in Paris France today. 3 gunmen carried out the attack the assailants shouted Islamist slogans before fleeing by car. Boka Haram coming to Zambia after 20th January. Intelligent people/politicians stay clear of muslims but ba Edgar lungu ati I need campaign money so Rupiah lets go to Nigeria and get money. ZAMBIANS LOOK AT WATS HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD. Muslims do not mess about, they aim to kill. be ware of congregating over funerals church services na fimo fimo when LUNGU becomes president because those are the places where they like exploding their bombs. vote wisely please

  45. kamwili prepare to pack your nickers and if you stole any thing in your office be ready to lose weight . sata divided this country more than anyone whoever became a president of this country. he failed to give people the promises he made to do within 90 days . he embarrassed the cheifs in many kingdoms . that is why god had to serve his people from this continuity you are still talking about . i think you are most scared of all useless ministers in pf . anyway just for your information hh is winning and has already won. its flight hh 2015. pf bye and zwaaaaa

  46. Mr sata underestimated the power, resilience and unity of the clique. he sided with the cartel to his own peril. the clique has defeated the cartel and is now determined to redeem Mr Sata’s efforts and consolidate his legacy. The clique loved Sata with all their hearts but he did not know. It happens a lot especially in marriages.

Comments are closed.

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