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UPND says they have been attacked by PF cadres in Mongu

General News UPND says they have been attacked by PF cadres in Mongu

Suspected Patriotic Front cadres this morning attacked UPND supporters in Mongu with a UPND provincial trustee feared dead.

The incident happened at Mongu Airport after UPND President Hakainde Hichilema was unable to fly out of Mongu as a result of the visit to the area by acting President Guy Scott.

The UPND provincial trustee who was hit with a plunk on the head by a PF cadre in full view of the Police sustained a deep cut on the forehead.

And UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has condemned what he has described as the terrible violence and thuggish behavior witnessed in Mongu this morning.

Mr Hichilema says with such violence, he doubts the elections on 20th January will be peaceful and free and fair.

He says the perpetrator of the violent act on the UPND official should be arrested for murder or attempted murder if the victim survives.

Mr Hichilema says Zambians must vote against thuggery in the forthcoming presidential election.


    • PF means:

      Panga Family
      Prank Family
      Pistol Family

      Anything that can kill and starts with a ‘P’, they will use it.

      Oh, and in Eastern province they are called Paya Farmer.

    • Ba LT, be realistic. The heading is very misleading. When you write “UPND says they have been attacked by PF cadres in Mongu” it means UPND are claiming that they were attacked., in other words this may turn out to be true of false.

      However, at your time of writing this article, concrete evidence was there, with pictures and videos on certain websites. The same had been reported on some 13:00 hours news by some radio stations. It would have been logical, safe and ethically correct to state unequivocally and categorically in your heading that “UPND attacked PF cadres in Mongu”

    • @Bwana Mkubwa – your headline does not match the images or story being show online. Perhaps it is a typo…

      Very sad. Seems both the victim and the perp are known so we’ll wait for LT to play catch up.

    • This is getting out hand now, what’s wrong with PF? What’s your defense this time? Secondly why didn’t Guy Scott wait another day to make sure that HH leaves Mongu? What was the rush about? This is desparation on PF. I wish the victim quick and full recovery.

    • I have just seen the pictures and also listened to Mr HH on a video clip. In the first instance, I wish the gentleman who was attacked God’s healing hands. In my opinion, the police appear to have failed operationally, they could have managed the situation better by ensuring that the UPND and PF supporters do not meet at the airport – although under 1 picture, it is possible that they were under alot of pressure to let Mr HH and his entourage proceed. In the case of the majority of supporters of both parties there is no report of a fight breaking out and they should be commended; it appears that only 1 person was violent. What drove this particular person to violence against another person should be addressed by the courts.

    • @LT

      I see that you’ve minimised the column inches for this piece. Neither have you provided a link to the video that ALL online publications are showing.

      I’ll surmise that you want to bury this incident under the carpet. Your heading, by using the word ‘says’ is a clear indication of your intention to cast doubt on this even having happened.

      Far worse, you are trying to stifle people from seeing Mr. Hichilema’s admirable response and composure. You are promoting violence and thuggery by your transparent actions.

      Respect your readership. Sha!

    • @Bwana Mkubwa

      I am disappointed in LT. Prior to this there has been a whiff of their being Pro-PF but nothing as blatant as this.

      I’m hoping that this was written by a young new intern that’s joined LT and is not yet fully conversant with journalistic integrity.

      Take that young person aside quietly and explain that “We do not do this in ethical journalism. We do not lie by ommission”. Do it now before he/she goes out on their 2-hour lunch and high-fives their equally clueless friend on a job well done.

  1. Indeed Mr Hichilema, I am with you all the way. The culprit must be arrested and charged with murder if indeed it is proved he hit the guy with a Plank as reported.

    Violence cannot be condoned and rightly so, must be rooted out in our midst. Dialogue, diplomacy and ‘insaka’ type of meetings must be encouraged if we are to move forward as one family and as Zambians.

    • Well said Mwape. Totally agree. Very sad and if as claimed there is evidence then it is both tragic and requires immediate attention to bring the perpetrator/s to book.

  2. PF is for Peaceful Friends only. Those UPND boys in Monguwill only stop attacking each other if (HH) pays them their rotten milk he promised.

    • You are useless why can’t you conderm this violence by your cadres? What of if that person dies. Are you telling us that UPND can hit and Kill their own? Come on Ba Real pipo we are all Zambians at the end of the day. Look the footage shows Cadres putting on PF regalia are those not your men. Find out from your useless Police Officers who can’t even act. Police have to be neutral players not one sided this is dangerous my brother. What off if HH wins are you telling me he can spare these Police Officers? No ways. MMD was violent but not to the extent of PF. You shall see. If it means fighting MWACHEPA. Even TB JOSHUA knows that HH is Winning not your Chakolwa. SHA PANYO.

  3. Surely this thuggery and violence behavior is not an isolated incidence, this is what PF is known for. What is the police doing? Where is the rule of law? And why is the attacker not arested? Those glorifying PF and its violence should surely have their heads checked. Every person has a right to live and that UPND member is not an exception. I pray that he will make full recovery.

    • Listening to Mr. Hichilema’s explanation of what happened, I know for sure this is the guy we need for president.

      He wins EVERYTHING today.

      He makes me question and tamper down my first reaction – introduce Mr. Smith & Wesson to this plank-wielding thug.

      What a guy.

    • If Guy Scott was not acting President he would have left this PANGA FAMILY and joined Another Party or retire. Believe you me after these elections he won’t continue whether your EL offers him a position, that is if he wins by rigging. He is a white man and he knows where weaknesses are hence he is not in airport of EDGAR. where is Given Lubinda, those are principled who name a spade a spade not a spade as an Axe NO. he is quite and watching this nonsense from afar. Campaign fairy and peacefully and win fairly. If its not your time don’t force matters. GO HH GO GO HH GO we know you are forming GOVERNMENT. I voted for PF in 2011 and this time I’ll fly from the diaspora to come and vote for HAKAINDE HICHILEMA. coz it means Sata died with PF Hence this confusion and desperate for power.

  4. While it is not good to fight but latest reports from Mongu indicate that the people involved ere quarreling over a girlfriend and they are both from the same camp

  5. Guy Scott, couldn’t you have travelled another time? Surely you knew HH was in Mongu. Please stop the violence we want to vote peacefully

  6. can someone tell us the truth. why shud HH and Scott meet at one airport? when was Hh supose to leave mongu? Why shud the peaceful Hh be found with pangas in kasama? when UPND attact PF in western province what was peace loving HH’s comment?

    • @Legend

      Because UPND stands in the way of continued unaccountability by PF. They are likely to win the election. In a peaceful way, as it should be.

  7. NEVER MUMBA on Yasan radio today pleaded with Christian community to vote for him because he is from Christian community just like those from business community are rooting for HH and those from drinking community are rooting for Ediger Lungu ,these were Mumba’s words,what do you expect from drinking community

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