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Kambwili blasts Janza

Sports Kambwili blasts Janza

Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili says Honour Janza has exhibited signs of gross indiscipline after fuming over Zambia’s late departure for 2015 AFCON.

Zambia left for Equatorial Guinea on Thursday and will arrive on Friday just 48 hours before they face DR Congo in their opening Group B match in Ebebiyin.

The Zambia interim coach also complained that he was going to the Africa Cup without a longterm contract.

Kambwili said Government had gone to great lengths to put logistics in place for the teams passage to Equatorial Guinea on a scheduled flight for Janza to complain.

“Honour Janza should not give excuses. It is the wrong time to start talking about this,” Kambwili said.

“He has been on the job for the past six months and he has never talked about being given a contract so why should he start talking about it now?

“To me that is indiscipline and I to warn him that this is indiscipline of the worst kind.

“Let him stop being undisciplined and trying to bring excuses. If he knows is he going to fail let him just tell us we fire him.”

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    • Janza needs a contract ASAP … Kambwili should watch his words. This is a national endeavor and it has to be treated with the respect it deserves.

      Meanwhile, I wish our boys the best of luck. Forget the logistical adversities you just faced and focus on the task ahead. You are well able to bring the Cup home.

      As for Janza, lift yourself up and show everyone what kind of material you are made of. Sometimes it takes your work alone speaking on your behalf to shame your adversaries.

      If you do this right, you will be the first Zambian Coach to bring the Cup home. You are equal to the task so cheer up, we are counting on you.

      Back too you boys … You have done it before, you can do it again …. Chipolopolo, iyeeee, Fipolopolo!

      God Speed from your Number 1 Fan.

    • It hurts to imagine that someone of Kambwili’s calibre wanted to become President. Everytime this man opens his mouth his vibe stinks . Has he ever heard of something called acclimatization? And does he know just how much this DISORGANISATION impacts on our country image?

    • This is the type of P.F Leadership that People are singing about, ati continuity, ifintu ni Lungu– its all continuity of Intimidation and strong handed Leadership without consultation.

    • Janza was right to complain about the late departure. He would have wanted therein to acclimatize. What’s wrongwith this Kambwili? He is big headed. Government should do these things on time.

    • Does this baby hippo listen to himself? Check this out:

      “Honour Janza should not give excuses. It is the wrong time to start talking about this,” Kambwili said.

      “He has been on the job for the past six months and he has never talked about being given a contract so why should he start talking about it now?

      “To me that is indiscipline and I to warn him that this is indiscipline of the worst kind.

      “Let him stop being undisciplined and trying to bring excuses. If he knows is he going to fail let him just tell us we fire him.”

      Niba cibupa aba. Tabwakace Baonawile fye amatebela!

  1. Kambwili, be fair. How do you expect him to work without a contract? What would you do if he got injured or WORSE STILL death? Take responsbility bwana. He is a family man, are you going to lol after his family? Recall what happened to Keshi or indeed Patrice Beaumelle? We need leadership and not just being defensive

    • To me Janza has brought up this issue at a very wrong time. It’s like you wait a day before an exam and then you tell your parents that I might not write the exam because I do not have an exam number. This is a wrong time for Janza to talk about a contract. What is the impact on the players? He should have discussed the contract even before enjoying his trip to and stay in south africa. This is simply not right. Worse still he mourns through the media. That’s indiscipline. The whole world now knows that zambia has a coach at AFCON who has no contract. It’s an embarrassment to the whole country and not only Kambwili

    • @Malumbo: what are you trying to hide? Why cannot the whole world know how Zambia treats its indigenous coach? Why do you want to pretend if you know that it’s wrong to treat a coach in this fashion? Don’t be a pretender. You would not do this shite to a foreigner.

    • Malumbo, use wisdom. Had he asked for the contract before South Africa, Kambwili would have said..” We have not even finished preparation to go to the Africa cup he is talking about a contract, he needs to focus on the preparation first…” I have dealt with uneducated people like kambwili, either way he has something to open his filthy mouth about…Kambwili, your days are numbered, life will humble you…i wish the boys well…@ Nyambe, good statement..

  2. Mulekeni Janza acomplene. He needs a contract. the six months he has been on the job he has performed very well. Shipikisha musa ukashifola whether kambwili likes it or not! Leta cup Janza!

  3. Iwe’ Chi Kambwli. You are the Goon that should be disciplined, for GROSS INCOMPETENCE!!
    These fiascos have continually happened under Your watch as Sports Minister.
    In Any Normal functioning Nation, unlike Zambia, you would have been Fired ages ago. Stop playing the cheap P.F politics of blame.
    I sincerely hope your failed P.F. Party will be confined to the dustbin of history in a few days time, as You Clowns have really ruined Zambia.

    • Zambia’s loss should be blamed on Kambwili. Ever since he took over as sports minister there has been problems in the sports fratenity. This man needs to be chucked out to avoid these embarrassment.

    • Kambwili will not be in this position on Wednesday as HH takes over so let him yap while the sun is still shining

    • Nyau, You research the History of failed States, & their Governments.
      One theme will be common, i.e appointments are never on merit, but due to other silly factors, & this leads to the nations individual departments collectively failing. This in turn always results in the whole nation becoming a failed experimental disaster.
      Now Does anyone in their right mind believe Big K – Kambwili deserves to be holding the Sports Ministers Portfolio??? The evidence, incompetence is there for all to see.

  4. Dont forget that these are the guys who put pressure on renard to produce the first ever win of the team in history. He knows wat he is talikng about.

    • Pa Zambia fyali zanda. The whole minister being involved in very basic operational issues, where is the Permanent Secretary in all this? Isn’ t the Minister supposed to be speaking to the frontline through the PS?

      These PF id1ots piss the crap outta me. Everything is about intimidating people.

      Ci Kambwili coka!

  5. Chi Kambwili 1st and foremost polo yako!! You as government are the same *****s that have neglected families of our departed Gabon Air Crash victims. If Janza wants to cover his back as a family man, just listen to the man. Don’t behave as if Zambia is your fathers village you just shoot at every fly that flies past… You need to be admitted Chainama for your own good, or better still caged at Munda Wanga so I can bring my kids to show them how a foolish arrogant man looks like and should avoid..

  6. Don’t worry comrade Janza. This frrog will be jobless come next week. So you will have your good contract once FDD assumes office. I will personally talk to the president who happens to be my spouse.

  7. Faz knows that Janza is a ill qualified coach.it ll be costly for Faz 2 gve Janza a cotract now. and then fire him after two weeks.

  8. Ba Kambwili, how can you make someone work without a contract for six months and you don’t want them to complain? You are actually the one who is very indisciplined and shameless. Are you even normal when you look at yourself? That is why you don’t have respect for workers as a government. Anyway, we are consoled by the fact that you are going come Tuesday next week.

  9. Let Janza complete his predecessor’s program. This is what we hear from Vodka, so what’s the big deal Mr Frog Kambwili?

  10. Kambwili Te pa KMB pa zed,ifya bu savi lyonse,pali matete it was the same,for once side with the victims,blast FAZ for failing to do the right thing for the coach,pali ba buga you even sourced a hard body pick up and K20,000 pa wesu threatening violence,yashani iyo??

  11. Fellow Zambians if anyone doubted the incompetence of this bbatch of useless ministers here is your answer. How can a team arrive at a tournament of this magnitude on the eve of the opening? Qualifications ended months ago why weren’t better arrengements made? The PF has failed in every single responsibility of government. All we get is excuses after excuses.
    VOTE HH! !!!

  12. Janza has a genuine complaint but has aired it in a wrong way by going to the press instead of seeking audience with his employers to resolve it.
    Unfortunately Kambwili being what he is he too opted to blow up publicly instead of summoning Janza to his office. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  13. Kambwili is a bully and he is no good.. Please learn to appreciate the difficulties of other people who work day and night to bring glory to mother Zambia. Couch Honour Janza’s complaints are genuine and justifiable in every aspect.

    People should learn to control their emotions and this is the time we should support our Chipolopolo boys together with their coach so that their morale is boosted and this will undoubtedly enhance their performance at Alcon.
    I leave the rest to other bloggers to say what their take is on Kambwili fuming and blasting Janza

    • Kambwili’s shouting shows he is always defensive. Shows he is insecure and doesn’t know his job! Another useless minister! Sata’s words.

  14. According to FIFA rules government has no business running football matters. Others FA’s have been banned for allowing govt interference in the game. Let FAZ put its house in order. Leave KAMBWILI out of this, lest FIFA bans FAZ.


    • My view exactly! According to labour laws, Janza is now a permanent employee of FAZ, whether Chimbwili likes it or not. All the benefits of a permanent coach (pension, housing allowance, vehicle, and the cheerleaders!) accrue to Janza. ****son Shamenda knows this. SAY NO TO CASUALISATION IN FOOTBALL.

  16. Can Kambwili or someone answer .. Why camping in SA??? Why not returning to Zambia on 11.01.15? Why over staying in SA?

  17. let us not blame the minister. janza is to blame. how has he been working all along without a contract ? is it now that he has realised that he has no contract with faz? no, lets be fair gentlemen when critising. this coach is dull who doesnt derserve sympathy cos the timing to request for a contract is wrong. he wants to put faz at ransom which is unacceptable. let the bagger be accountable for whatever the result will be cos the team he selected was not to the expectation of many football lovers. ba minister continue with your good work.


  19. He needs a contract plain and simple. In fact both parties must sign an employee written or spoken agreement, it can be one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law. Regardless of the time passed it can be signed even before the event. Kambwili really needs an education seriously!! They say an empty barrel makes the loudest noise!

  20. Every arrangement is in disarray from the time Patrice left for lack of pay to the current team preps and travel arrangements.FAZ cant afford anything!Wait a minute!What does FIFA say about govt interference into football?Is it not time FAZ ran their affairs professionaly with every thing in place.Kambwili should be sports minister and not football minister.Kalu nd company must run FAZ well the way Tom Mtine ran it not the current kantemba style.The team played small teams in Joburg and then boards air Ethiopia via Addis via whatever nd into E.Guinea nd catch another 45 min flight nd finally a 45 min ride!Why such a torture to the players nd a coach without a contract!What does the dept of labour say about that?Clearly the making of a banana Republic.Good luck,though.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  21. In other countries a person working without a contract is against the law and the organisation that hired the person can be held accountable. In fact the government can order the organisation to pay the employee and then sue the organisation for fraud. Its like working under the table and in this case Kambwili being in the position he is should know better that it is illegal to have someone working without a contract. It can also protect an organisation is what must be realized and benefits both parties. Education plays a key role here and can hurt an organisation should lawyers get involved. Instead of always issuing threats and intimidating people, maybe getting an education and learning about these things can put all involved at ease rather than scaring tactics all the time.

  22. Mr. Kambwili, you knew when the tournament would start, why can’t you just apologize to Janza. Janza is right, they should be in good time to settle. Mr. Kambwili are you not ashamed that your national coach is working without a contract? So how is he being paid? He is getting salary advances? You can’t pay farmers on time, you can’t have the national team leave on time, you can’t have even a contract for a coach on time! This is incompetence at its extreme! SHILENIKO ABANGA KWANISHA, UKUFILWA TAKUCHILA APA!

  23. Butii this is total disorganisation. Can some one tell Kambwilli that the climates of SA and EG are completly different and 48 hrs is not enought to acclimatise for a hard game.

  24. Paya Football, indeed! PFools are also casualising football? By labour law, after 6 months Janza is THE permanent coach of Zambia with all the attendant benefits – including access to cheerleaders!

  25. tongas have come out with guns blazing just coz kambwili has cautioned tonga dishonor janza. Kambwili is right. I knew that dishonor janza will not take us anywhere.

    • Watch your tongue mambala, this is not tribal thing but a national concern. Why cant you debate minus tribal tags. Koswe iwe sha!

  26. I think Kambwili you’re doing this deliberately for Zambia to be loosing.you did this when the boys went to cape verde and you have done it again.Fixtures are prepared way back for you to adequately prepare so this nosense of saying logistics bla bla is rubbish.

  27. Kambwili has a foul mouth. How can he even be proud that he is sending a team late to AFCON?

    If it is a Muzungu – he would not have worked for six months without a contract – but because Janza is black and Zambian, Kambwili doesnt care. What nonsense is this?

    It is this stupidity type of leaders that has led to a disgraceful fact that of the 16 teams that are in the AFCON only 3 have african coaches. Zambia has one by accident.

    Kambwili grow up and go and apologise to Janza.

    When Zambia returns having lost the AFCON everyone will be calling for Janza’s resignation….Kambwili is a terrible leader we have in this country mwe!!!

  28. CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI – this ugliest guy in Africa. His heart is as ugly as his face and body. He is so unlucky in life!

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