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Appointment of UPND MP Dawson Kafwaya as Minister questioned

Columns Appointment of UPND MP Dawson Kafwaya as Minister questioned

ELECTED Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Dawson Kafwaya being congratulated by his supporters after emerging winner in Thursday's elections
UPND Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Dawson Kafwaya being congratulated by his supporters after emerging winner in the Solwezi parliamentary by-elections

First may I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your election a Zambia’s sixth president. You have taken on the leadership of this country at a very difficult time and when Zambians are so alert and expect much from their leaders. I can only wish you God’s favour as you lead this great nation. But this will depend on your humility and submission to His will.

It cannot be denied that this has been the most tightly contested election in the history of our nation. It is also an election that has left the nation divided with high political tension. We saw for the first time in the history of this nation, cadres of the winning party causing havoc when the winner was declared by the acting Chief Justice. A wedding reception going on at Mulungushi Conference centre was disrupted by the euphoric PF cadres. I need not go further on this.

The point I am making is that you have taken on leadership at a time the nation so desperately needs healing and unity. You have declared in your inauguration speech that you want a united Zambia and as such you will run an inclusive government without any vindictiveness. For this I commend you.

However, one of you first actions on your second day in office does not seem to promote your desired goal. I am talking about the appointment of opposition MPs to government. While you have power to appoint anyone to government, I implore you to re-consider this approach if you really want to promote unity. You know that this has tended to promote acrimony and mistrust between the ruling party and the opposition.

You were visibly angry that Daniel Munkombwe supported UPND but see what you have done today

Is your goal to create a rift in UPND? Do you want to bring UPND closer or you want to rip it apart and create acrimony between Kafwaya and his party? You were visibly angry that Daniel Munkombwe supported UPND but see what you have done today. How is it different? I appeal to your conscience.

The other issue I bring to your attention is the need to change the way you treat your enemies, real or imagined. I have in mind the Post Newspaper, Muvi TV and of course, the opposition. Muvi TV was conspicuously absent at the swearing-in ceremony. Was it by design or just an omission? You also appeared agitated when the Post reporter posed a question and you accused him of being malicious. For me that was rather a personal attack because reporters ask questions on behalf of the public. This reporter was almost heckled and you did not seem to protect him. You are a president for all Zambians as you said. I implore you to be seen to live to this ideal if you are to be supported by all Zambians.

Finally regarding Southern Province, be careful not to be seen to accuse them of being tribal as your party has been doing. They did not commit a crime for voting for Hakainde Hichilema. Would you accuse Western and North-western of being tribal for voting for HH? Southern Province had a right to vote for a person of their choice just as Northern, Western, Muchinga and others did. Consider why these provinces did not vote for you, in fact by engaging them not using the stereotype clichés.

I wish you the best as you endeavour to unite the nation. May God grant you more wisdom as you complete your cabinet.

By E. Ilunga


  1. HH is a cult figure. His followers have become zombies. One day he will instruct them to take POISON.

    • My friend Mr Ilunga, why are complaining? The appointed person has the right to refuse of accept. On tribal you don’t need to start instructing the President what to do, he knows what he is doing. People voted but it was discrepancy in SP other province HH could get a reasonable number of votes while in SP EL was getting below 200 in cases, is that fair? So my brother don’t instruct the president

    • Well which ever you look at it, Zambian politics is full of people whose first priority in public office is their belly.

      Its great to know that most UPND members are principled and can not sink so low to go to bed with a repressive regime like PF.

      Mulusa alusa again to this new man. This new man ‘s move to accept this post barely 18 months before the general election is what we call suicide. He is definitely not going to be adopted in 2016. If he stands on PF ticket then he should be assured of a massive loss.

      In a few months from now UPND will be picking the MPs in all other areas where they are not represented. This will include picking new faces for the areas where UPND MPs have agreed to go to bed with PF.

      Monde, Siamunnene and all other UPND serving in government will…

    • The political barometer has swung in favour of UPND no doubt about that. From 18% 2011 to losing by less than 2% 2015. Wow, what a milestone.

      Come 2016 around June their about, we shall witness many defections from PF MMD and other parties to join UPND.

      In Eastern province, its obvious that most MMD will defect to PF. While most MMD and PF else where will defect to UPND. Thats is however not to say that, there will be no defections from UPND to other parties.

      Those UPND MPs serving under PF will definitely not be adopted and therefore their obvious party of choice will be PF. They will do that with a pinch of salt however.

      Nawakwi ,Nevers and chipimo might just be co-opted into PF very soon to strengthen PF for 2016.

      By the way there is a stalemate on who gets what in…


    • Guys in the villages we voted for PF ka so bushe bane where you invited ku state luncheon or mwaleipika kalundwe na salt .
      This is what pisses me off we vote for you during elections you come pleading for our votes namubika ne michila pa matako but when you win you invite ba some of us nokutila invitation by cards only .
      No wonder Andrew Banda said selfish leaders brainwash suffering villagers to vote them .
      Mwe fi ma nurses and bonse don’t ever utter a word that cost of living naikula you chose to live backwards.Pasopo Mwaliya ku state house pa sunday imwe mwebaleshanya

  2. This article lack substantial points and some facts, the person seem to have very little knowledge on the topic they wrote themselves.


  3. I do not think this is the time for questionning the appointment of other opposition political party members.
    I personally do not agree with it but we cant cry foul when the UPND leader himself is on record suggesting that he would be happy to poach MP’s from other parties in order to strengthen the UPND position in parliament had he won the elections.
    Therfore, UPND should be happy for allow the MP’s to work under the PF.
    In fact RB is on record saying that he only answered the PF call for endorsement because they where the only party happy to guarantee working with MMD as a party as opposed to poaching individual MMD MP’s which is what HH wanted and did during the campaigns.

  4. He has neven been a class monitor. Or a prefect. Or advocate of any sort other than tribe.

    We know Conilius Mweetwa as a UNZASU president. THATS TRACK RECORD WE NEED

    HH is only known as one that takes advatange of death and confusion

    • Just a point of correction that HH was indeed a student leader at UNZA, too. Infact, he was expelled as being a Member of the UNZASU Executive during the 1984/5 Academic year, when he was in his fourth year. Of course, subsequenrly he was pardoned by the University to continue with his studies a year later. So, HH has never been a reactionary! This is just for your information.

    • @Maano, Hichilema was never in UNZASU. I was at Unza at the same time as him. He had no political interest. He was clique and only associated with Tongas. He tribal tendencies even then where highly prominent in his interaction. Banda was the UNZASU president at the time and before that Ngwata Zulu. As soon a I can dig up a list of the executive I will post it.

    • HH was never in UNZASU, we was a coward. Azwell Banda and John Ngwata Phiri were the presidents in 83,84,85. Azwell is self exiled in SA and Ngwata was the higher education minister in the just dissolved cabinet.

    • @Dark…it is actually possible to debate without insults.

      Now to the matter at hand.

      I am of the view that whatever is in the arsenal of the President to unite the nation must be celebrated the political divide.

      National unity is bigger than PF and/or UPND.

      I call upon HH-UPND not to ‘discipline’ the appointee but allow him to serve the Zambian people and NW Rhodesia in particular.

      HH is on record of saying he would have an inclusive government to include appointments outside UPND. On this score, President Lungu is in sync with UPND.

      If HH fires Kafwaya , then his credibility will go….mark my words.

  5. There you go again PF I don’t have MPs in NWP so since PF want to shade off the tribal tag they appoint one of yours you complain.

    • Exactly. If he appoints a mulenga or Chansa you will copmplain. This is your own man and you still are bitter. What is your problem guy?.

    • Lungu o lungula, should not resort to poaching when he can amicably obtain a hunting licence from HH, through negotiations or agreements! UPND needs to have control of its members. Things could be discussed to avoid acrimony. Lungu could have alternatively nominated an MP from NW who is not an UPND MP out of his 8 nominated MPs! Are there no other people in the whole province? Zambia is a young multi-party democracy that needs to be protected and promoted. Poaching of MPs is against the spirit and law of multi-partism! Let us read the Constitution in whole and not in parts only, and in isolation of individual Clauses.

      Now we should have another by-election, added to that of Chawama one?

    • @Ndaje Kahks and Martin,in fact he should appoint another one or two in addition from that province and shift some of the development efforts from some places to heal the relationships with NW province because some politicians are on record that PF is impoverishing the province in preference to Muchinga when actually all other provinces apart from Muchinga are receiving equal attention. Better win NW Province from those who preach regionalism so that they run out of ammunition to cause divisions in the country!

  6. well articulated article. If Daniel Munkombwe’s supporting HH has been considered a serious crime by Edgar, then appointing Dawson (UPND MP) is also a crime

    • I disagree….Kafwaya is joining government so that there is national unity.

      Munkombwe went against his oath of loyalty to the President of Zambia (PF President).

      I urge UPND to allow more and more of their MPs join the government so that the cries of NW Rhodesia can be taken on board quickly.


    • Munkombwe did not only endorse HH. He publicly (at UPND rally in Choma) insulted H.E E.L and the PF leadership and showed that his endorsement was tribal. The same can be said of Sylvia Masebo who called H.E E.L all sorts of names at a UPND rally.

    • My dear, he difference is that Munkombwe said,” It is time for a Tonga to rule.” ECL has been force to fire Munkombwe because he was in the forefront promoting tribalism. Can you not see sense even from this?

  7. Mr Ilunga you are being petty now.HH in his campaign s talked about a united Zambia where he would appoint on merit be it in opposition or from his party when he wins.Its for this reasons that he had welcomed people like Felix Mutati to work with him.Are you telling me that HH would not have given a Mutati a position if he had won Mutati being a MMD member and parliamentarian?The party in power is not doing it for its party members alone,but Zambia as whole,so if you are capable of delivery to the masses despite you being in opposition then you can be appointed.Nothing wrong with that,just support him the way you wanted to support Hakainde.

    • You are right…This doesnt make sense:
      You have declared in your inauguration speech that you want a united Zambia and as such you will run an inclusive government without any vindictiveness. For this I commend you.

      However, one of you first actions on your second day in office does not seem to promote your desired goal. I am talking about the appointment of opposition MPs to government.

    • Parties should learn not to accept these opportunist members who join parties because they are no longer wanted in their previous party

  8. Ba UPND emwe. Now that EL is taking from yours you want to talk. UPND boasted that they conspired to break up MMD and swallow their members, what can u call that? When UPND split factions of MMD and got them to support HH it was fine. HH has spent his tim poaching MPs from MMD – the list is long. Face it EL will appoint more from UPND, like it or not. Its coming. ViVA EL, VIVA PF!


    Remember HH was not voted by southern province alone TO GET THAT 47% .S/P would only give him about 18%.

    Zambia is yet to find a leader that will promote unity by treating all tribes equal.

    • Iwe analyze the facts before you… Look at the vote turn-out… had other provinces voted as Southern Province did, Lungu would have won with a landslide!!!

      We will come out in numbers as well in 2016!!!

  10. Invitation of Media

    State House must quickly distance itself from any form of media harassment or discrimination.

    These media organisation will outlive this government. Fact.

    And in anycase, Her Honour the Vice President, Inonge Wina, is the one who brought up Fred Membe (aunt) and also Inutu Suba and her niece Stella Libongani.

    I am personally happy for Stella Libongani as she did a fantastic job during the Presidential bye-election. The Police were firm and neutral in face of cadre hooliganism.

  11. Bembas are not tribal. Why did they fail to vote for their own Mumba for the MMD.

    This is all F00lish articulation my dear.

    Just point to the tribal Tongas who can cause genocide once elected to state house as their brains are clogged with tribe and hatred for other tribes.

    We made a very big mistake in western province to vote for their tonga HH.

    Wait for 2016 Elections.

    • @Muyunda,”Bembas are not tribal.Why did they fail to vote for their own Mumba for the MMD.” – Because they knew he was not going to be voted for in other provinces and please understand that the North Eastern Zambia was not voting for Lungu as a candidate but for pf/Sata.If lungu stood as an independent and Sampa for pf,today Sampa was going to be president.

      “We made a very big mistake in western province to vote for their tonga HH.” Don’t say WE,You did not even vote.Stop sounding intelligent because you are not and you don’t understand Zambian politics.The Barotse voting for HH is not about tribal politics but reminding the North East Zambians about the BAROTSE AGREEMENT OF 1964.

    • In 2001, Northen, Luapula voted for MMD because of Chiluba. 2006, they voted for PF despite Mwanawasa building for them Chembe bridge and giving them Katoloshi as VP. This made Mwanawasa up-set, he sent Katoloshi in foreign service. In 2008, they continued with the tribal path. In 2011, finaly a bemba made it. In 2015, they continued to vote for PF not because of Lungu but Sata. I bet you, just watch this space, North, Luapula, Muchinga will vote for either Nawakwi, Nevers, Chipimo or Chanda. East will vote for Lungu.

    • Bembas are tribal,when did they ever vote for HH? When Bembas were voting for Sata and zero for HH it wasnt tribal,but the Tongas vote HH and give Sata rencarnate Lungu then Tongas are tribal.The Bembas actually agreed that HH was a better candidate but could not vote for a Tonga,hence the low turnout in North Eastern Rhodesia

  12. Edgar Lungu is not a president of the entire Zambian population; he is a president of favoured Zambians, mostly those MP’s, diplomats, government officials and their families, who had a lot to lose by voting into another candidate. He doesn’t have what it takes to unite Zambia.

    1. Why didnt Southern, Western and North-western provinces vote for him. The margins of dislike where too high. Here is why? Southern Province is a farming area. PF policies on farming are next to Zero. Why would you expect votes from there?

    2. Western Province has an unresolved Barotseland issue that Mr Lungu completely avoided in campaigns.

    3. North-western province provides all the copper that Sata used to build Muchinga, and the residents of North-western have no infrastructure. You got your…

  13. Why can’t we for once put national pride above any party affiliation we might have.
    Debate on party lines is inevitable sometimes but ultimately we are one and nation building cannot and should not be left to political leaders alone. We all must do our part.

    Now just how humbling a gesture would it have been or indeed be to hear that the new President Mr Lungu had called his counterpart Mr Hichilema genuinely asking for his blessing to include Mr Kafwaya in his new Government?

    One thing I am ashamed of is to see that we have no humility as a people. We are not magnanimous whether in defeat or in victory. It brings us joy to taunt those that we have defeated rather than offering a hand of friendship.
    ‘We kick a man when he is already down’, a sure sign of weakness not strength.

  14. In the spirit of unity, this is acceptable.

    It seems to be the way forward. We need to ensure that we have an adequate multi-tribal Gov’t representative of the whole of Zambia. There is no need for E. Ilunga’s trite remarks. Further more who was he addressing in this sorry piece? The President of the Republic of Zambia or a playground playmate?

    How dare he criticise his President in a ….seemingly ‘open’ letter on social media?

    This is just cheap politicking. Can UPND please spare us this shallow and tedious misconduct. We are fed up of confused headless chickens doing whatever they can for votes.

    The only worry is the effect of having the enemy within. Can an UPND serve Zambians? The party is under the thumb of a charismatic individual and it’s membership…

    • Contd…

      The party is under the thumb of a charismatic individual and it’s membership worship HH and are divorced from Zambia such that they appear to not be Patriots.

      I worry that this chap might bring more Guy Scott like drama. That there may be dramatic overtures towards HH rather than serving Zambians. There are too many individuals with questionable Loyalty.

      It is best for PF to do away with Masebo, GBM and all discredited PF members through disciplinary either that or just…… a hatchet job really! These dissenting vermins will harm the Party’s chances in 2016.

      It’s time to clean. And Please, send Guy Scott to never, never land. It is not revenge but WISDOM. There is NO Room in this term for confusion within the ranks. We need coherent Leadership in power.

  15. You were saying PF is tribal in terms of appointments. HE EL appoints your MP to balance the appointments and you are still complaining. What do you really want?
    Please tell UPND MPs in Southern Province to be ready and avail themselves for appointment instead of complaining of not having Southerners in Cabinet.

  16. In effect it is Ilunga who is accusing Southern of being tribal because he can see their voting pattern is highly nuanced. Lungu has said nothing of the sort.

  17. This is a dull and rubbish article from a person mourning, it lacks any substance. My advise to you Ilunga is to first mourn for two weeks and after mourning come and write a rational article. All the best in you crying and mourning.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  18. appointments are welcome but i think the right procedure is to talk between parties. guys we seem to have a problem in this country – its divided, how can we both help resolve this situation, as president of this country, i think its better you give one or two of your people whom i can deploy where i want nit you telling me where. if you refuse to discuss this with me, i will directly talk to people i have identified and i will inform the nation that i invited you to discuss this matetr but you refused. i feel that way, the PF and EL will hedge himslf from what Mr Ilunga is writing about. we have been there before, we need parties to discuss but not approaching individuals directly

  19. we should now get Conelius Mweetwa,Garry Nkombo and Dr.Banda…we are even considering getting HH as well to be Minister of Commerce.

  20. This is a piece of twisted hyperbole, one full of contradictions. On one hand praising inclusiveness, in the next breath condemning it. What gives, Ilunga?

  21. This country does not need politics of bus stations, street vending, and markets our councils are poor because there source of revenue has been taken over by thugs, hooligans and thieves masquerading as PF cadres. Go to any market, bus station or street vending sight thugs in the name of PF are in charge. Where is the Church and NGO’S on this issue drinking coffee with the devil while the devil smiles all the way to the Bank leaving the council broke are we a banana Republic. It is a shame it is not only Government to blame but all of us. Robert Mugabe is not the best democratic counselor for Zambia the man is a bully for heavens sake.

  22. Iwe Illunga, what the President attacked was canvassing for votes using the tribal approach like the fired Munkombwe did (Which was not disowned by the Freemason-in-Chief) Dont attack Our President for nothing. Just join the boat my friend

  23. We should truly have opinion polls and presidential debates as requisite selection tools for our Presidents.

    I miss the opinion poll results. I wish they were the only tool for Presidential elections.

    The debate too was well attended.

    It shows Zambia has got two populations. Those that vote have got nothing to do with those that give opinion polls.

  24. elections a over now and nothing will change the fact tt edgar is the president of this nation and abt to go to the Au Summit so mulelwalapo fye heart attack jst overcome sata was more popular than hh bt he used to accept and i cnt see any reason pipo shud b complaining cos the Fact is Edgar has bn voted by many provinces tho thers voter apathy wen 2016 comes u ll believe me hh wil b far to lungu if he wil b adopted .this man was jst anointed to take up this position thats even tb joshua said he will win not the fake prophets after reading comments fr online media

    • @Melody,
      Not according to the opnion polls.

      I think there was something wrong with the results. Peoples views cannot just evaporate.

      How long is the distance from opinion polls to the poling station.

  25. Look, MUNKOMBWE was a Minister and MCC, UNLIKE Masebo who EL has not mentioned. Munkombwe used to be in the decision making board of the PF. What he did was treason (for lack of a better word) in his position as a minister.

  26. His Excellency the President E L has a lot of work to do. High on the agenda is fighting the primitivity of Tribalism.

    I still do not have any reasonable reason to vote for him, but if he can fight the tribalism disease, then I might consider him for 2016.

    As a matter of disclosure, I am a proud Zambian affiliated to the two “opposite” tribes.

  27. The whole aim is to weaken UPND come 2016. Well as he tries to fight UPND, he should watch his back. Internal rebellion could come later in PF. Inonge deserves it but it is more to weaken UPND and that is why he appointed UPND MP. He is looking forward to 2016 because he knows cannot deliver in this short time. UPND now has to make also a move to counter this. If he really wanted to unit the country, he should start in his party first. Why leave Scott out and Miles Sampa in this first appointments. It would make sense instead of rushing to appoint UPND MP who is not in PF. So the focus is 2016.

  28. Don’t be deceived into thinking one Zambia one nation. There is no such thing. For me reverting to Northwestern Rhodesia is the best. One Zambia one nation is a failed project coined by kaunda for his purpose. It cannot be sustained coz some tribes in the north and east think no one from the west and south can rule. Let this Zambia be cut.

  29. Ba Ilunga E. I don’t know if you are also Edgar, apply some brakes in your life and “swallow saliva”. The person you are venting your anger on is innocent. Have you taken time to find out anything from your member of parliament – ask him because it’s him who was appointed.

  30. During campaigns,RB preached several times in eastern province about about voting for their tribe mate Lungu, no one called it tribalism not until Munkombwe opened his mouth.The all eastern province campaings for PF were based on tribalism, it is normal as long as it is not from southern province.The Past,which does not cover HH,makes healines whenever some one calls Tongas tribal.The same Meembe reacted when his fellow relative Chikwanda said some one from a small tribe cannot rule during Kabimba saga.Chikwanda was merely stating the belief of Bembas.When did Bembas ever voted for HH?PF will not manage to change Tongas,Lozis,Lambas,Luvales etc by constantly calling them tribal,instead the calls are making us even more resolved to vote for “one of us” HH in 2016.

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