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We want to do away with by-elections. It’s a costly venture- President Lungu

Headlines We want to do away with by-elections. It's a costly venture- President...


President Edgar Lungu has said that said Government will consider putting in place a law that will take care of a transition period in case of the death of a president or member of Parliament (MP) in order to save money.

Mr Lungu said this at Statehouse yesterday when he was answering questions from journalists shortly after swearing in Vice-President Inonge Wina and some ministers.

“We want to do away with by-elections. It is a costly venture,” President Lungu said.

Mr Lungu further said that the Public Order Act (POA) has been a challenge to politicians.

“Now with the able Minister of Justice , we will revisit the POA further. The question is, why does the Act become a problem when it comes to political campaigns?” President Lungu wondered.

He appealed to the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to give Government options on the best way to handle the POA.

“POA is a necessary evil but if you can give us solutions, then we will put them on the statutes,” the President said.

President Lungu said no country can be governed without law and order, “otherwise there will be no difference with animals”.

“I am alive to the challenges of POA. That man you see, the Minister of Justice , is the best you can get. If you don’t utilise him, too bad,” Mr Lungu said.

And Mr Lungu has reaffirmed his desire to give Zambians a new constitution but said “a gun must not be put to his head” over the matter.

“I didn’t sign the social contract but I have pledged to give Zambians a new constitution. In fact, I was even thinking of calling Father Chiti to assure him that I will keep my word,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu said he is committed to giving Zambians a new constitution even before 2016.

He said some people want to use the issue of the constitution to get to power through the “back door”.

President Lungu said democracy is an expensive undertaking.

Meanwhile, the distribution of hard copies of the final draft constitution will start next Monday, Ministry of Justice permanent secretary Patricia Jere has said.

Mrs Jere said in a statement yesterday that Government has started the printing of the draft constitution and the report of the technical committee.

She said that inserts of the final draft constitution will be made available in the three daily newspapers starting tomorrow.

She said electronic copies can also be obtained from the Ministry of Justice.

Mrs Jere said this is an opportunity for the public to study the final draft thoroughly to prepare comments that they might have for submission to the Ministry of Justice as a period of building consensus towards the finalisation of a people-driven constitution.

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  1. Edgar Lungu PF stole HH’s victory! Its very sad to see PF cadres at your inauguration ceremony with a mock coffin of intimidating HH & UPND people.
    Please, tell your cadres to stop such hooliganism and archaic ways.
    Viva HH.
    The Skeleton Key

    • This disposition is a transformative and synonymous with reformist leadership. Its a popular call of every reformist we have pressed on more and more in recent years when it has turned into the real drain to the nation treasury. Lets think through and support our President. Such thinking is progressive for a new political order citizens have long yearned for. I thoughtfully endorse it.

    • This is what consensus leaders practically do. It is one virtue of his leadership style we religiously brought out in the campaign that the candidacy of President Lungu espouses. Here we are the President is throwing up the challenges on political opponents, the intelligentsia and reformists alike to step up for the open door. He wants to build the country together with every Zambian involved. Ministry of Justice here we come!

    • @skeleton

      PF cadres like practising funerals for their leaders by carrying mock coffins.

      They did that even Sata won. Guess who ended up in a coffin, their leader.

      Viva HH.

    • We want a South African system where a leader is elected by parliament so he can easily be impeached by parliament if he becomes stupid.In this way costly by elections will be done away with. When the president dies, his replacement can again be elected by parliament.

      Now the requirement for one to be president must also be that , he must first be an elected MP. We also need to scrap the appointment of MPs. All MPs should be elected and a cabinet should comprise of all elected MPs.

      HH has been in the fore front for advocating for a system which does away with costly by elections.

      The running mate issue, is not the best, but the South African system. Then ours can even be made better by leting both the president and his vise be elected by parliament.

    • @skeleton you have stopped predicting that you have won the elections..those final results you kept crying about didn’t they come in??? Ati Bola ni 90 minutes..in your case you want it to be 90,000 minutes..hehehehhe KEEP LYING ONLY TO YOUURSELF YOU STUPID NUMBSKULL..

      His Excellency has once again shown he is being true to his word and getting down to work..believe me fellow country men and women this leader of ours may well and truelly become the best leader Zambia has ever had…


      NOMBA NI EL2016

    • Kaminamisa Lungu, it is your party that causes the same by-elections by poaching opposition MP’s. This all comes back to you and you have already started this nonsense by appointing an opposition MP as northwestern province minister with the hope he will defect PF and win you votes from north western in 2016. We all know that this is a deliberate cheap move. Sort out your real problems in provinces you performed poorly in instead of resorting to underhand methods.

      Away with you.

    • I now question your sanity and I have no option but assume that you are a rural Tonga.

      I am compelled to question HH’s integrity and morality- How can a man who only has support from 3 provinces expect to be president?

      So according to HH, the ECZ only credibility when it was eminent that he would lose? This reminds me of the story of a prostitute who took to the police that she had been raped. Upon the police asking her when she realized that she had been raped, she responded, wiping away tears; “When the cheque bounced!”

    • Its sad that a chakolwa boy has been elected. Whats the deal? oh just becoz he stole a client’s money and is related to the ECZ. Well lets see if he will deliver the constitution as promised. There is nothing like ME TOO anymore to the chakolwa boy. HH will be there watching while the chakolwa boy messes up the economy. The way he carries himself in public leaves much to be desired. Does he even have advisers. Just check HH pics and compare to EL, its sad indeed.

    • Its evil and why did they make many mocking coffins for Nawakwi, Mumba, Chanda, Miyanda, etc? PF cadres have little (guts) brains due to luck of education.

    • Here is what I detect from Mr Lungu’s article; I detect arrogance and empty promises. There are no specifics in his promises. I thought Mr Lungu was a lawyer! Why is he then asking other lawyers (LAZ) to suggest solutions instead of him initiating those solutions and simply ask for advise on implementation?

      Anyway, I feel sorry for people who still have faith in the Zambian political system.

      To UPND supporters, please let go of the hate. I know its not fair that people were even stoning the choppers that were taking people to campaign in Muchinga. That was barbaric!

      Here is a scripture for you: “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord”. Just look at what happened to the past…

    • Seriously HH is a HUGE personality in Zambia. Every one who wants to score a political point attacks HH. Even the article has totally nothing to do with HH, he will still be mentioned,

      Hate him or not HH will rule Zambia for a very long time to come.

      Even Ka chalolwa Ka Lungu, will never say any thing without mentioning HH.

      Even the tuntemba parties, when ever they want to score a point, the talk about HH.

    • Mrs. Jere do not support snakes who have poisoned political and social fabric of Zambia. Just advertise in three daily papers Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Nation.

    • I agree with Lungu, on “difference with animals” because of the way PF behaves, they don’t follow the law.
      Remember what they did at Mulungushi Conference, up-to-now Miles Sampa is waiting for the courts to declare him PF president.

    • 2020Visionless,
      You have stopped predicting that you have won the elections..those final results you kept crying about didn’t they come in??? Ati Bola ni 90 minutes..in your case you want it to be 90,000 minutes..hehehehe KEEP LYING ONLY TO YOURSELF YOU STUPID NUMBSKULL..

      His Excellency HH, has once again shown he is being true to his word and getting down to work..believe me fellow country men and women this leader of ours may well and truly become the best leader Zambia has ever had…


      NOMBA NI HH 2016!

    • Wanzelu,

      Thanks my dear friend. Its a pity that PF cadres have no morals whatsoever and suffice to say, their leadership life, goes on this year.
      In September or October, you may be aware of this issue, but PF are to visionless and will be caught unaware.
      We will always stand together and support the one Hakainde Hichilema, so is UPND.
      All I can say is that, God is great and PF will be shown the wrathfulness of their stealing of votes.
      All the best boi, we shall never relent and this year brother man, PF will be truly dead. Most notably, people will remember what I said above.
      Remember, PF will be completely doomed, and their party shall be deemed unnecessary to be able to lead. Trust me on this, its all written everywhere!
      The Skeleton Key,

    • @ 1.6 Wanzelu I totally agree with you on say adopting the RSA system in electing a president. We could also change the system of electing mayors from among councillors and choose to elect any resident of the particular jurisdiction not restricting this to only Zambians but any qualifying resident (national or alien) ready to serve for the betterment of life to residents. Councillors should concentrate in areas where they are elected supervising projects!

      With the election over PF in the run up to reclaiming the seat now has the chance to right on their failures and weaknesses as exposed by the opposition parties in their campaign messages if taken as free advice! Next election we will be listening to debating on real issues affecting the majority of citizens. Hope the media steps in!

    • Am loving the Zambian politics. THE COMRADES in the photo look like perfect humble servants of the people. Their persona is well perfect and no shred of arrogance. ‘Good times for the Motherland’. Everybody back to work now and turn Zambia into the giant that it is meant to be. Zambia has been a sleeping giant for a time and it’s now time to take our place in the world. I hope the wolves don’t turn up to spoil the party!

  2. Indeed by elections are a costly venture. With thats said the constituion needs to be amended kaili so that fima by elections te lyonse lyonse.
    You have found that the government has no money and you cant fulfil the promises now you want delays..Chikwanda na pwisha money !! dont use our funds to pay back boko haram in Nigeria.. Give us the constitution no time to waste presidents have too much power power is for the people..
    abashstolenelection abashtribalism

    HH president 2016 till 2026

  3. Can we, PLEEEAASE, leave Hakainde out all government discussion for now? I mean, the guy has a conscious to sulve and wounds to lick. He faces the prospect of ejection from the UPND top job. He knows that if he clings on, he will harm the party more. Can someone plz tell him to stop holding press conferences mourning the “stolen together” election? We heard him the first time!!!
    Next press conference, he MUST announce the date for the convention. 2015 is history, in whichever way! UPND FORWARD!! HH, do not take your members for granted!! They are not personal possessions.
    Just a friendly promise.

    • HH is the reason UPND are able to afford $$ an organised and widely extensive countrywide campaign, so tread softly on this one

    • Without HH UPND will be finished. None of the people have the name power of HH. It will take 30 years to get anywhere where HH is right now.

  4. After they bankrupting our country, thats when they realise that unnecessary bye-elections are costly! The problem with PFs they like ‘ukubuta'(simulation)! Political leadership is real life and not simulation which you practice.

    • @Keen follower

      PF thinks in reverse.

      The poaching of MPs should also be banned if the bye elections are to done away with even at constituency level.

      Each president should choose his cabinet from his crop of MPs.

    • Its evil and why did they make many mocking coffins for Nawakwi, Mumba, Chanda, Miyanda, etc? PF cadres have little (guts) brains due to luck of education.

      Lunga has expelled Munkombwe, we are waiting to see him expel GBM and Masebo for their UPND endorsement to avoid by-election.

  5. Hon. Lungu just how are you going to do away with by-elections which your teacher and father Sata introduced to wipe away the opposition.The current Constitution allows that,You say one thing and do the opposite.You just appointed an opposition member of parliament.That has the potential of causing by-elections.

    • @NorthWesternZambian, it was Levy mwanawasa who started the game of appointing opposition members into cabinet, and our constitution allows the President to do that.


    • Mano. This is not elections time. I did not hear the President telling the UPND MP to start supporting PF or endorse PF. Its the President’s constitution right to appoint any MP to be Minister. Remember his is the President of the Country not PF. By the way how was HH going to form government? HH said he will appoint an inclusive cabinet. From where with 27 MPs? HH would have done exactly the same. In any case UPND won in NW province so it is just prudent that their MP represents the people of WP. Our president has started very well and I am sure all those who plotted failure of PF under Edgar are starting to rethink.

  7. This was a stolen election, Zambia is a mess, the ECZ and supreme court is corrupt. I feel sorry for the country, looks like one tribe decides who has to be a president, Mabilima and Chibesakunda are the deciders, LAZ is a shame no wonder you have incompetent lawyers in Zambia, four year degree you call them lawyers, Zambia is a joke. LAZ lnow that this was a stolen election. I guess this Chisanga person is looking for a job, Lung is trying to minimize this bemba appointments, je know they are good at stealing. Congrats Mr. President, I don’t blame you for stealing the PF part presidency as well as the republican presidency. Don’t Kabeba, thumbs up for appointing Wina, at least it is no bemba, try to reduce the thieving tribe near you maybe you might prove to be good in any case.


    • Democracy @ # 9 what a waste of a good name for a hateful person like you, you make me nauseous. Which thieveing Bembas do you know? Please don’t mention FTJ as he was Ushi from Luapula province. It is pathetic for a human being to believe that social deviancy is associated to tribe. You must be an embec!le to believe such rubb!sh. This tribalism you are preaching will oneday haunt you when your children have to sleep in trees because of a war you yourself started with impunity.
      We are discussing the topic on avoiding by-elections and how you go at a tangent to insult and call a tribe names is beyond any normal persons’ understanding. Please stay away from social media if you are suffering from some form of xenophobia. Actually as far as I am concerned all tribalists need a lobotomy!

    • He stole the PF presidency and now republican presidency. Lifting of pangas when ascending to power will be disastrous just as stealing the electorate vote. Zambians never learn indeed. During RB it was the same and now here we go.

  8. POA a necessary evil….we need to put a law to do away with costly by elections….
    Folks, these are bad indicators already about our new man!
    Enactment of the constitution is the answer Mr. President! All these items will be found there!

    • You Seem not to have read the new consititution… take some time and read.. you will then make more informed constributions. We do not have the POA issue adressed in the draft constitution

    • What is the content of the new constitution? Does it have everything we want or think? Does it address new challenges and needs?
      Stop daydreaming. Seek to make new laws that can address new challenges and needs.
      The current draft constitution may not settle some current challenges and problems. Considering the time it was drafted and what is taking place there is need to come up with new laws that will protect our interests and preserve our national security.
      All social sectors need an overhaul as to restore public confidence being erroded by prevailing experiences/circumstances.

    • This is part of the stoopid idea that the Constitution should stand the test of time. There’s no Constitution in the world that never changes. The US have had many Amendments to the Constitution. You cannot construct a Constitution that will never need amendment.

  9. But, Mr Lungu you have just caused a potential by-election by appointing from the opposition in a multi-party democratic dispensation! Why have’nt you used your nomination right to appoint someone from NW, rather than poaching, against the spirit if the Multi-party Constitution – more so that you have just been re-admitted by LAZ after you had been expelled for malpractices?

  10. HH power hungry boy!! Under five. Even in 2016 we will vote for Edgar Chagwa Lungu and this one MUKAMWENAKO!! In 2021 we might consider Erick Chanda.

    • You will remain with your abject poverty, with rubbish up to your door step and children out of school. Poverty in the head manifests itself in your daily life.

  11. Stop acting like you could just walk into ecz and rig the election. If the election was rigged tell us how. If the election was indeed rigged then UPND played a role they had monitors.

    • @cnp. You are right. If the elections were indeed rigged then UPND monitors did a “donchi kubeba” on HH. Hahaha!

    • Be serious! Monitors don’t handle results. Rigging was at ECZ, not in the polling booths. ECZ is PF’s rigging vessel. Elections in Zambia will never be fair as long as the thieving tribe controls ECZ.

    • I believe the results are counted at the polling station with monitors present. Then verified by ecz. Correct me if wrong.


  13. To career politicians like Sata, by elections were cheaper ventures than political costs.

    Zambia was to PF just a “political economy”

  14. all opposition parties should refrain from contesting the 2016 election coz its unreasonable 4 them 2 so.give h.e el a break & don’t pressurise him.1 yr is 2 short 2 judge him,even u know.zambians are not stupid.

    • Silumba you are the stup!d id!ot! Stop pouring scorn on people as you are none the wiser. If you didn’t accept the election results, go to court you uncivilised mongoose and leave us in peace. We are tired of you insulting the whole country. who the hell do you think you are? Son of the devil! Cursed is your other name!

  15. It’s becoming embarrassing to be Zambian. We have lost credible friends in the region. Look at the prominent faces that were present during the inauguration? I saw three old men who have outlived their usefulness. Two of them are in intergenerational marriages, undressing before women fit to be their daughters. These old men are selfish and lack morals yet they still want to be relevant in our time. They are part of the problems we are confronting because they did not do their part diligently. The trouble with Africa is that we have so much trust and faith in old people even when they are idi-o-ts. Young people must remember that old people start wars yet it’s the young who go to the battle front to die. Can one really believe that those old faces seen during the inauguration mean well?…

  16. Check the history of Zambia. Inonge Wina was almost the First Lady of Zambia at one time when her husband Ather Wina almost became President of Zambia years back. She has just fulfilled that. Well done Edgar Lungu. You are the man of the moment. All the way with you till constitution stops your candidature upon completing your terms. Long live mama Inonge.

    • The Winas are traitors – Arthur, Sikota, Inonge and Mmembe. If you find one on a road, run over him or her.

  17. …..To UPND supporters, please let go of the hate. I know its not fair that people were even stoning the choppers that were taking people to campaign in Muchinga. That was barbaric!

    Here is a scripture for you: “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord”. Just look at what happened to the past presidents. No need going into details because we all know the history of Zambian presidents. The lies, deceit, corruption, etc will catch up with all those leaders who do evil. This includes the opposition party leaders as well…

  18. When one is a threat in any form or the other, they become a talk of the day if not daily bread. And so are Tongas, its a hot cake it seems.

    And the more they talk about, the more famous they become.

    Whats special about the Tongas, someone please.?

  19. We want to see political cadres tamed and order brought back in the country. We do not want to see people wearing political regalia every now and then. Campaigns are over and it is time to work and stop the rhetoric. Pangas must be gotten rid of in the country. ZP needs restructuring and our police encouraged to go for further studies because we have a bunch of cadres masquerading as police offices.

  20. I have been reading a lot about North Western Rhodesia, a perceived UPND strong hold and nothing on North Eastern Rhodesia (a PF stronghold?). During this period you refer to with nostalgia the British colonialists observed the existence of “stronger tribes” and “weaker tribes”. Tribes such as the Bemba, Ngoni and Lozi were considered “stronger tribes” with attributes suitable for arduous policing, military, farming and mining work. Other tribes such as the Lunda, Luvale, Twa, Lamba needed constant supervision in non-arduous work. These ethnic perceptions appear to have continued in post independence Zambia. The late LPM, a Lamba, denied having come from a weak tribe. How do we eradicate these ethnic perceptions? Source: Guardians in their Time-S. Chipungu.

  21. By- elections are a cost to the nation meagre resources yes I agree. Help us on this issue by stopping to appoint MPs from the opposition like you have started.

    The problem with you EL is that you like copy and paste.

    • Then what is best for the country? You are the same people talking about inclusiveness and again muledandaula, ba UPND you are a problem. No wonder you will NEVER rule this country because you don’t know what is best for Zambia.

  22. When Scott increase the retirement age we criticised him, look at the age of the new vice president and minister of finance, guy saw this coming the old in Zambia do not want to retire or is it one law for the poor and the other for the rich politicians, by the way Greece has just had a new leader and he is 40 with no political experience.
    That is why the west is developed because they are ready to take a risk, as the saying goes the high the risk the high the retains. But with Zambia and Africa its the same old story, recycled politicians with no young ones in site and you expect as to develop.
    You can not use the same formula all the time and expect different results.
    Wake up Zambians.

  23. Amen Mr Intelligent! Well spoken from Romans 12 v 19. The Spirit of Truth shall set Zambia free. Wish the President, the Vice President and the appointed leaders well. Back to the basic KK’s unifying saying, “One Zambia, One Nation.”

    • Mrs. Jere, PS, Ministry of Justice, please advertise the draft constitution in Three daily newspapers, Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Nation. Also for Zambians in diaspora you may please advertise on Lusaka Times, Tumfweko and Zambia Reports.

  24. Fi UPND ignorant writers just shut your big senseless mouths up and do your homework to help our leader HH win in the nest elections. Talking rubbish wont take us anywhere we have lost thats it. What is the way forward?

  25. Ati costly by elections and among your first things to do is appoint an opposition MP! For me this goes to the core of how genuine one is in what they say. Yes you can appoint anyone but seriously you mean in the whole PF team no one could run North Western Province? You get an opposition member and when he is disciplined and sent from the party and we have a by election who do we blame YOU! When will we ever get genuine leadership in Zambia!

    • Mrs. Jere, PS, Ministry of Justice, please advertise the draft constitution in Three daily newspapers, Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Nation. Also for Zambians in diaspora you may please advertise on Lusaka Times, Tumfweko and Zambia Reports.

  26. Oh my God, these same people who call themselves and intelligent are still at it! They called H.E. Edgar Chagwa Lungu all sorts of names, splashed dirt on him but the man who only campaigned for 28 days and very limited resources clobbered them and they are still underrating him.
    How is HH going to pay back the debt he has accumulated from the international lenders? We will make sure that him and these people start respect Zambians, watch this space.

    Underrate ECL and PF at your own peril. PF went to sleep after 2011 victory against MMD but I don’t see this between now and 2026. Once beaten twice shy.

    Again, someone will be claiming victory by his own misjudgment when ECL will be laughing and preparing his inaugural speech yet again. The weapon, it is our SECRET CODE.

  27. Imwe bapompwe in UPND, underrate PF at your own peril. I thought the last elections must have taught you to be real?

    The PF winning formula is in the secret code kept somewhere in the sky. If you can, go get it and decipher it.

  28. …..la la la……’Everything’s going our way.’

    See how magnificent our President is? First two days in office and he is already dealing with the two most contentious issues in the minds of Zambians. The Constitution Draft…doing the rounds as of NOW. POA Seeking advice, consensus on that! This is Righteous Leadership. We the people raising our issues, being heard and taking part. What more can a citizen want?

    In that picture the two are in harmony. In dress, both rocking a bit of chairman Mao! I do like our Vice President’s colours, very strong but her skin tone can handle that.

    When citizens feel content and safe …that’s Good Government.
    God Bless Our President
    god Bless Our Vice President
    God Bless our Government
    God Bless ALL Zambians
    Peace, Love and…


    • I agree with you 100%, nowonder the best job a Zambia woman would do is to work as a secretary, a cleaner, a house wife or selling greens. Come to the UK and see what your fellow women stand for. Anywho, you put it right they are second class citizens. keep cheeeeriinnnng for yourselves “yeeeeeeeeeeey,girl power!!” your a disgrace to womanhood!

  30. I never liked this Vodka but he is beginning to sound more presidential, professional and promising to be a good leader for the country. This is the opposite of the hooligan Sata. I just urge him to stop following Sata and making his mentor. Sata was a dictator and never respected humans. He humiliated his own ministers publicly like Idi Amin. He hated the constitution just like he hated people with an afro hair.

  31. Yes Please. We dont need them.We should try to find a better cheaper solution to deal with the people that decide to step down or die, or leave a political party.

  32. Edgar Lungu, my man. You have hit the nail on the head! By-Elections are surely, and evidently a waste of public monies! How many clinics, schools, roads,…. could we have built with all those by-elections we have witnessed, when the voting of a new person office, and usually with little time-over doesn’t really change the situation and is the cost is not really justifiable. continue facilitating the repealing of “backward” “laws”!

  33. HH, will never rule ZAMBIA and that is a fact not an option .Now ask me why?GOD whats a heart of a human being, not your education ,material wealth,financial,tribe,how long U have been campaigning, how popular,how poor.leadership is an art not a profession . If it was a profession Kaunda , chiluba,sata would not have ruled ZAMBIA.Shame for the follows of HH who are behaving like TICKS SUCKING BLOOD on a DIED ANIMAL.THEY WILL JUST grow old together.And realize when it will be too late.that guy has money and so if you wait for him to become president , then u are very useless and dull.Coz it seems U cant see any thing beyond your noses.Wake up u will die poor.DANCE with the people who are already on the dance floor.WAIT FOR 2016,that’s when u will learn and u will B 2 YRS OLDER.NGUNGU 1

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