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President Edgar Lungu undergoes routine medical checkup

Headlines President Edgar Lungu undergoes routine medical checkup

President Edgah Lungu with Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina at Statehouse Swearing in ceremony on wednesday 28-01-20-25.Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza.
President Edgah Lungu with Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina at Statehouse Swearing in ceremony on wednesday 28-01-20-25.Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza.

President Edgar Lungu has today undergone two medical examinations at Maina Soko Military Hospital and Lusaka Trust Hospital respectively.

This is according to a statement released to the media by his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda.

According to the Statement, Doctors have given him a clean bill of health.

Below is the full statement

One Zambia , One Nation

Media Statement
For Immediate Release


Lusaka, 28th January 2015—His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia has today undergone two medical examinations at Maina Soko Military Hospital and Lusaka Trust Hospital respectively.

President Lungu undertook a Baseline Health Parameters routine check-up at Maina Soko and attended the dentistry at Lusaka Trust Hospital. Doctors have given him a clean bill of health. His personal physicians interviewed him yesterday as part of the process that he completed today.

Meanwhile the Head of State has designated his authority to Her Honour the Vice-President, Ms. Inonge M. Wina to discharge the functions of office of President from Thursday, 29th January to Sunday 1st February 2015, the period he will be attending the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

President Lungu signed the instrument of power transfer today pursuant to Article 39 (1) of the constitution of Zambia.

Members of the Press are accordingly advised that the President will depart Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at 08:00 hours.

Issued By:

Amos Chanda



    • No, not again. It’s rather too soon. We still have the manufacturer’s warranty. All the best President Lungu.

    • After such a rigorous national wide campaign, H.E surely deserved this medical check up. Actually a week of planning at either Mfuwe or Kasaba bay with his top planning and public policy staff, some few selected intellectuals with RB and Nawakwi taken in would be inevitable. With the commodity prices in a free fall, the country is exposed to some monumental economic challenges ahead of us. Smart planning is just critical.

    • President Lungu has started well and is being guaranteed our unwavering support for the good of the nation. Let the broom continue the clean up. We need a just society of laws and order not manipulations and blackmail. Ever wondered why we have never had any one emerging as our national hero in this country?
      We have allowed crooks to scandalize every leader and progressive Zambian as long as they have wished destroying them. Whenever people have not yielded to a legion of criminals’ wishes, they become demon souls. With all we done as a country for the peace and humanity of the region and beyond, by this time we should have seen our fellow citizens conferred with some Nobel Peace prize. Too much unethical conduct and envy peddled without a moral consciousness. Let the broom clean up.

    • This is the kind of honesty the country needs not Sata’s donchi kubeba on his health.

      There is nothing wrong with a president being sick. In fact Lungu will win people’s support if he came out in the open and tell the people what his problems are so they can sympathise with him.

      He should avoid speculations on his health no matter what happens.

      I said it the other day that he is going for medical evaluation enroute AU meeting. Nothing strange at all. Its actually for the better so he can get treatment early and save the state money.

      Wish you well Lungu, but you make sure that your cadres behave so that us in UPND should not resolve to defend our selves and set Zambia alight.

      Those cadres found wanting should be caged straight away, no if no but.

      HH. is guiding you all…

    • Some of us may be here in the UK but are well informed of what is happening on the ground.

      Lungu needs a new kidney and possible liver transplant. He should actually be put on alcohol repelling drugs, so that each time he drinks, he vomits until the withdrawal symptom are completely gone.

      All best for you man

      HH is the man setting the pace. Its good to see Lungu begin to as HH said.

      HH is the man.

      Viva HH.

    • It’s good. He’s promoting transparency. Departing from precedence set by SATA. He has done it in Zambian institutions before even the watchdog starts alarming the nation. He is human and I laud him for this

    • Wanzelu

      Its all because ZWD has no mole in State house as such are not privy to any leaks.Have you noticed they have run out of news? they are no longer relevant.

    • Way to go your excellency ! we are all behind you Sir!
      and together we will build a better Zambia for all


  1. Leading by example. Good start. I am beginning to pay attention sir and what I am seeing has peaked my interest. I am impressed so far. Let’s see what the coming months hold.

    • you have started routine check up,, routine check,,, the other one died on a routine check up trip,,,
      me when i was growing up my gran pa strongly told me not to hide in routine check up,,, even if its kaswende i must say so that someone i can find muti for me

    • The ailing Edgar Lungu!

      Wahesu matokwani, ucwani shangwe?

      The ailing Lungu has done well to have his health services after years of intoxicating himself with kachasu, chibuku & Tu jilijili whilst in opposition. In 2011, with 3 ministerial positions, the ailing galvanized himself with Vodka and loathing himself with pitchers of lagers.

      After years of intoxication, surely the liver & kidneys are damaged beyond repair, all that is needed is transportation of the vital organs. Otherwise, this diagnosis is dangerous as things unfold, September or October, these vital organs might plummet unless something is done.
      Keep health Mr. President, we need to overwhelmingly outdo you & PF in 2016 elections. Wish you the best.

      The Skeleton Key

    • Oh dear… the awaiting livercirrhosis and chronic pancreatitis is erupting. He is actually going into early rhenal failure. I do pitty Chagwa. Worse more the withdrawal drugs he is on eg Diazepam is becoming addictive to him. Lord help this man. Please Amos just put someone on stand by for total liver replacemant. And please dont throw away those dialysis machines MCS was using coze they will very soon come in handy.

      Just a caution; If you have ears please understand.


  2. He has already started diverting from Sata’s vision of secrecy about his health. I thought he campaigned on the ticket that he will follow Sata’s vision, disclosing that he went for a medical check up was not Sata’s vision

    • @UPND supporters would say, Lungu said he would follow Sata’s vision and there was no need for him to make more promises because the vision he was going to follow was in the manifesto and that is what Sata was doing!Is disclosing his heath status part of the manifesto?

    • @6 Laso,

      Yes Amos Chanda has started on a mature and professional path. We can just pray he stays the course of discharging his duties with unparalleled ethical, professional and respectful service on behalf all Zambians. We want him to keep in mind that Zambians are his employers. If they ask, they do so because they don’t know or are concerned hence they have the need to know. We are not saying he goes into giving out what is a state secret but build an open door communication with the public while serving our President well.

    • Senior Citizen,

      Please give him a “bloom” as they need to discard the legacy and vision of Sata kaily for they are visionless & this was from the horses mouth.

      Don’t you acknowledge that this is not Sata’s vision? The visionless one Lungu is completely antagonistic to Sata’s hypocrisy, such as the dwellings of Sosala as well as the demolition of PF by cosying with RB, Dora, Emmanuel Mwamba et al cadres.
      Please, can Edgar Lungu reinstate the best politician of Zambia, Comrade Munkombwe? I reckon that the “God Father of Belly politics” should continue as he is living life towards his end.
      Seriously Munkombwe is a charismatic leader and we need such mdalas in our politics.

      I therefore challenge PF leadership to please bring back the legendary belly politician.

  3. This is a step in the right direction in terms of transparency, lets do it KK’s way. We are all human and need regular medical checkup expecially if you are above 40 and for the head of state , like in the US , the nation needs to be informed and this is a good development and I must say good start by Mr Edgar Lungu, and everybody need to applaud this new way of doing things.

  4. His excellency can at least speak English, MCS used to just hang around in hotels and send Kalaba because he was only fluent in bemba on wonder bemba is the official language in offices in Zambia, under ECL this will change. If you don’t how to speak English you are in trouble, you see Mwenye was only speaking bemba gone, Nchito only speaks bemba he might be next, overseas diplomats should be next your Excellency. You are doing a very good job, watch that Amos Chanda, if he speaks bemba flash him out. We are looking for professionalism in this government, it is no longer a bemba party,hahaha, bembas thought they will have their way not under Chagwa. I am not trying to be tribal, I am bemba but my tribe is a mess, these are the people on the streets harassing other tribes, ECL will fix…

    • If you are intelligent enough stop with the Bemba crap, we are running One Zambia One Nation …. Tiyende pamodzi ndi mutima umo! We are running full throttle to heal this nation, the best God gave man on the continent of Africa.

      One Zambia One Nation

    • @10 Democracy. Just be proud of whatever is your tribe. On a serious note Lungu has got only 20 or so months before the next elections. He therefore has to address all those issues that some people having complaining about – otherwise he will be the shortest serving president.

  5. kikikikiki! hold the fun. it’ ll be very soon that he’s gonna start hiding these check ups from the masses. watch this hilarious episode soon to unfold.the saga continues….

  6. This Medical is good and necessary to still the mouths of nasty people. It is also good that we are informed timely. We have a proper Office Of The President now!

    Thursday, 29th January to Sunday 1st February 2015, ZAMBIA TO BE HEADED BY A WOMAN for the first time ever!! Woooooooooo……..Hoooooooooooooo!

    All Women in Zambia should be celebrating. NGOs, Female parliamentary politicians, should all, mark this moment!

    • Really i don’t see anything to celebrate about by our Zambian female folk when Edith Nawakwi stood for presidency and how many of these same women who are busy singing of the empowerment issue voted for her? most Zambian women unfortunately are still behind in there thinking.

    • Why would I celebrate anout Inonge Wina being appointed Vice President? Edith Nawakwi was once Minister of Finance did we celebrate? No!

  7. Ati routine medical check up, these chaps know how to abuse language to hide the truth. He is sick, only patients seek medical attention.

    • @@Kabotolo

      I am not a fan of Edgar Chagwa Lungu, but what you are saying here is a blatant lie!

      Both young and old must go for physicals at least once a year.

      If you don’t, my friend, you may want to start now. You will be glad you did.

    • *****, all Presidents get regular checkups. His doctors have all given him a clean bill of health. Plus we know now no more beer for our president. As a Christian though, and medically a little wine is good for the heart.

    • I dont agre that most Zambian womn are behind in their thinking. The reason decent Zambian women don’t vote for womenfolk is because of the calibre of the female politician: Edith Nawakwi, Jean Kapata, Sylvia Masebo, Catherine Namugala…. I present my case you can deduce.

  8. Good president befitting the tribalist party majority. Keep on teaching tribalists within the party to tone down.
    Pf under Lungu will never be the the same tribalist party if he contnues to embrace all tribes including southerners.
    He is raising hopes of good governance.
    Transparence costs nothing yet it benefits a lot.
    I can see a Zambian president in Lungu. Lets hope he continues delivering transparently and rise above tribal politics.
    I for one appreciates the way Lungu is doing his business at state house.

  9. Stop panicking countryfolk stop panicking! This President is democratic. Everything he does will be transparent. He is not like the Bemba President who used to hide everything because you know Bembas think they have to hide their moves from all of us.

    • If you are intelligent enough stop with the Bemba crap, we are running One Zambia One Nation …. Tiyende pamodzi ndi mutima umo!

      We are running full throttle to heal this nation, the best God gave man on the continent of Africa.

      One Zambia One Nation … come to think of it, stop using different screen names stick to one like “Democracy” above.

  10. Mfuwethu Kabotolo medical check up is important for you to know your situation that’s why you die suddenly assumption is the lowest form of knowledge go and do the check up now Sacaramanga u kugona chipatala

  11. @kabotolo.
    Medical check up is for health pipo mwefontini mwee mukwai . That’s why you drop dead like bags of potatoes because you wait to get sick. Do I sense a choke of envy in you !?. Move on . ECL is President ! Chapwa, kwasila, kwamana, kufelile, chashila, Finito, finishoooooooooo .

  12. Yes, President Lungu has made a very good start to his presidency, he appears to listen to the people. There is nothing sinister about his medical check-up, it’s a normal procedure and most important is that ‘doctors have given him a clean bill of health.’

    It is also refreshing to have Amos Chanda, the new Special Assistant for press & Public Relations in that important position. Those that know him well say he is a cool, friendly, professional and down to earth guy.

  13. Let’s not surprise the world with another headline. Let the medical team do a professional job. We want a strong, healthy and vibrant president like Barrack Obama. Long live president Lungu.

  14. I have just realised actually that most commentators on here are abroad and didn’t vote and they are speaking from armchairs.
    I thought we all voted.

  15. Below is the partial Cabinet Appointed by Edgar Lungu

    Partial Cabinet announced on Monday, January 26:

    1. President – Edgar Lungu
    2. Vice President – Inonge Wina, MP
    3. Minister of Justice – Ngosa Simbiakula MP
    4. Minister of Finance – Alexander Chikwanda MP
    5. Minister of Home Affairs – Davies Mwila, MP
    6. Minister of Health – Joseph Kasonde, MP
    7. Minister of Foreign Affairs – Harry Kalaba, MP
    8. Minister of Tourism and Arts – Jean Kapata, MP
    Provincial Ministers
    1. Dawson Kafwaya – North Western Province Minister
    2. Nathaniel Mubukwanu – Southern Province Minister

    • Why does your stomach run whenever you think of Bemba??? Mind you Bembas will always be there so learn to control your diahorea

    • i hope the new government will have educated and progressive ministers. We are tired of the likes of bullies like Kambwili et al. President Lungu can make a difference if he surrounds himself with educated, honest and dignified ministers and not the useless ones Sata talked about. A president can do well if the advisers are there too.
      Chikwanda sholud be retired. he is archaic in his economic ideas.

  16. Bodman, you mean all these bembas, what. It is okay at least not president or vice maybe not attorney or DDP I hope. His excellency is busy and working, he is having serous consultations whilst away, he is going to do the right thing. I am bemba but we need to reduce us to the bone because we are lazy.

  17. But you don’t complain when you have too many of them in the Zambian football team; if you are intelligent enough start to investigate this issue with an open mind. Just imagine even a tonga trainer puts them more in the team you can find out yourself

  18. Ladies and Gentlemen, kindly allow me to ask and thanks
    in advance.

    I read the other day and even today that the President is busy consulting before he makes each and every appointment in government.

    My humble and friendly question is; who are those people he is consulting from?

    Is he consulting the Spirit of our departed leader or may be his fellow Kachasu Men and Women?

  19. Yah Yah Yah Yah, there is no good news for our new president Edga Lungu. The prophet who predicted his ascension to presidency has again issued another prophecy. The coffin the cadres were carrying is a symbol of not good things to come for the president of Zambia. The prophet is also talking of stolen votes from HH. Those who are interested should access Malawian Whatch dog.

  20. That same routine medical check up is what killed Former president MC Sata in London as the nation was told by his press aid.

    So now it has started again.

  21. Edgar Chagwa Lungu- a one term,albeit a very short term, president.

    His political health will surely deteriorate in the next twelve months .Next GRZ lazima iwe kwa mikononi mwa sisi watumbuka.

  22. I totally agree with @Wazelu. These medicals are a clear sign of preparations for kidney transplant. Dental check-ups and hospital stay for 24 hour urine collection to monitor and chech current kidney function or level of filtration. Good luck boss, you sure need it.

  23. Continuation indeed! Zambians keep screwing themselves up. I wish him good health, by-Elections are stressful and expensive to the nation. not too soon.

  24. Edgar means well. Good luck my Presido. Its normal. Even a car undergoes service time and again! Travel well Sir with your natural beautiful wife, the First Lady! Some “immediate former First Lady” thought that title was tailor made for her kekekekeke…filapwa!

  25. But even if Lungu dies (God forbid), the name of his successor is not going to be HH.

    Not after the tribal voting has been exposed.

  26. Zambians do not need to know about the health of their head of state out of damaged reputation of denying these truths of ill health way long before ascending to power?
    These lies will catch up with PF government or is it PF/MMD government. What morality does PF got over sickness of a president? Lies or mere medical check up? The adage goes ‘there is no smoke without fire’, keep on telling lies, been there before and truth shall always prevail.

  27. is it necesary,what zambians need are jobs,new constitution and there in have separation of powers in the judicialy,legistlature and executive and other laws that make zambian leaders insepasable from monkey behaviour and at Lungu’s age it’s a lie that he is supper health lets wait for a leaked true medical report from the many doctors in Zambia.

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