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Drop in Grade 12 pass rate due to students expecting leakages



GOVERNMENT has attributed the drop in the Grade 12 pass rate to luck of study and students merely waiting for leakages of examination papers.

Ministry of Education spokesperson Hillary Chipango said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that some pupils could have been disappointed because there was no leakage.

“Many children do not study. All they do is to wait for a leakage, but as most of you are aware, we did not have leakages last year,” he said.

Mr Chipango said parents should take an interest in the education of their children to avoid poor performance in their final examinations and that the problem of poor performance in examinations cannot be addressed by the ministry alone, but all stakeholders, including of parents.

Mr Chipango said passing an examination is a matter of devoting oneself to studying, adding that Government is not happy with the poor performance, hence the need to address it immediately.


  1. Let us not have leakages anymore and our students will be hard working. Also bring back tuition as a way of re enforcing the studies. The problem I see here is that our Zambian syllabus in various subjects especially sciences are too big to accomplish within two years. Curriculum developers should take a look at other curricular offered elsewhere and compare with our own. e.g CIE, IB or Edexcel to mention but a few.

    • Grade 12 results have for the past number of years been fake, insofar as many of the good results were obtained from leakages. This was totally unjust on poorer pupils who could not afford to pay for such leakages. The 2014 results may well give us a truer picture of what state our education system is in at present.

      Bringing back extra tuition in schools would be equally unfair and unjust to pupils from poor families as they would not be able to afford to pay the extra tuition fees demanded by teachers. Some teachers have in past not covered the syllabus in their subjects and instead finished it with those who came for and paid for the extra tuition during holiday periods. Again another grave injustice to the pupils from poor families.

  2. Indeed, Children of nowadays just spend their time on face book what sup or watching cartoons on DSTV without studying. During our time we used to read a lot. There was a culture of reading. There was competition among pupils. I remember reading a lot of African writer series, James Hadley Chase, Zambian writers etc. This is no longer the case. These days children take to the street after an exam to demonstrate against fake exam papers they had bought. I cry Mother Zambia. Where are we heading to?

    • But why are you crying,…?!

      Lyonse someone is crying….. Kwati ni poem yaku Secondary School…

      Just get up and do something about it,….

  3. It is good that the genuine working pupils have passed and going to get places in colleges and university. Well done ECZ even this year make sure that there are no leakages.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  4. these grade 12 of today dont study. its very true most of them expected to pass on through cheating. thats all past high pass rate are fake. well done ecz ,please this year make it even more dificult for these cheaters to cheat.

  5. 1. It is good that leaking of G12 exams was sealed in 2014. Keep it up ECZ.
    2. Private tuitions by individual teacherss must not be encourgaed and I assume was the source of exam papers/questions leakages.

    Since overflooding of private tuitions, teachers took advantage to connive with friends at ECZ and leaked expected exam questions for the sake of making money. This was at the expense of the poor pupils to compete favourably with unfaithful dull rich pupils when getting into colleges/universities.

    Thank you for making grade 12 2014 exams genuine.

  6. It is not true that they were no leakages. Schools would easily be able to point out which students might have had access to leaked papers. Some of them with 7, 8, 9 or 10 points are very undeserving as in their mid-term or end of term exams, the same students fare terribly. Due to competition amongst schools to show off their pass rates, most school administrators turn a blind eye as they want to be seen to be working. In Eastern & in particular where children of the affluent study, one can easily work out when average students get 7/8 points. This needs to be investigated as the whole leakage issue affects a lot of things.

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