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84 year old woman jailed for refusing to pay debt

General News 84 year old woman jailed for refusing to pay debt

84 year old Elizabeth Maimbolwa being led to jail
84 year old Elizabeth Maimbolwa being led to jail

The Kitwe High Court last week sentenced an 84-year-old woman of Ndeke township in Kitwe to 30 days simple imprisonment for obtaining pecuniary advantage by false pretences.
In 2011, Elizabeth Maimbolwa sold a house at K110,000 but after the buyer made full payment, she rescinded her decision and only refunded K70,000.Maimbolwa left a balance of K40,000, which she declined to pay.

In December 2013, Maimbolwa was jailed and sentenced to two years simple imprisonment by the Kitwe subordinate court, which was suspended on condition that she refunded the K40,000 she owed the complainant. Maimbolwa, on December 29, 2011 in Kitwe, obtained K110,000 cash, a transaction she made herself liable to, but in whole neglected to pay.
Maimbolwa appealed against both the conviction and the sentence imposed on her by the subordinate court.

But in his judgment delivered on Wednesday, High Court judge Dominic Sichinga dismissed Maimbolwa’s appeal.Mr Justice Sichinga said the trial court was on firm ground to convict Maimbolwa.

“I have no doubt that the appellant was deceptive and the trial court came to its conclusion upon evaluating all the evidence on record,” Mr Justice Sichinga said.

He observed that Maimbolwa, in her mitigation before the lower court, was defiant and vowed never to return the money.Mr Justice Sichinga, however, noted that he had not come across any authority which gave a convict an alternative of a suspended sentence if they refunded the money owed.

He quashed the sentence imposed by the subordinate court and in its place imposed a 30-day simple imprisonment sentence on Maimbolwa.Mr Justice Sichinga granted Maimbolwa leave to appeal to the Supreme Court.Mr Justice Sichinga said he was mindful of Maimbolwa’s age in imposing the 30-day simple imprisonment sentence.


    • This made me laugh! I don’t think she grasps the meaning of all this in terms of courts enforcing financial agreements, she is of a different era! Poor lady, bless her silly soul!

    • I hope this is not a case of signing documents of sale before the buyer completes buying the house.

      Which ever way you look at it, the woman should be given a suspended sentence and given ample time to pay back.

      What is K40, 000, compared to what crooks like Mmembe and Nchito et al are owing?

      What happened to compassionate grounds in the Zambian legal system?

      In the UK that woman would never be jailed no matter over debt no matter what

    • I don’t know if I should call her a con-man or con-mbuya because the latter is something you can only find in a James Bond movie.
      Sorry Mbuya but you had it coming.

  1. Jesus is saying, “sin no more,lest a worse thing come to you.
    Verily, verily, I say unto you, any person that hear my word,
    and believe on Him that sent me,has everlasting life and shall
    not come to condemnation; but is passed from death unto life”.

    May God save our grandmother from all evil and give her the
    grace to endure up to the end of her life, here on the surface
    of this world.

    We will continue giving her respect despite of the shortcomings
    in her life.

    • Who is Jesus? Are you going to foolishly believe everything written about a fictious character who was made up by script writers with hidden agendas?

    • @ Jay Jay and Dog owner

      You are saying like this because you are not believers. You are going
      to appreciate what i am saying when Christ visits your soul, spirit and body. How i pray He visits you today.

      I am fully convinced that Jesus will visit you, it might be this afternoon, evening or at night. He is the Saviour of this world and He
      loves you so much.

      Read John 10:10-11.

  2. I think it is her children who influenced her decision. So the poor fellow who paid her that money has lost since the woman is serving her sentence?

  3. She should have been arrested for over five years with hard labour. Angajaire kudya ndalama zabene mambala. She gets somebody’s money rescind her decision to sell the house and fails to give back the full amount to the owner. That’s unreasonable behaviour from a person of her age. The best she could have done is to apologise. Afunika ku Mukobeko Maximun Prison

    • Therein lies the duplicity of the law. While Mmembe and Nchito can escape on technicalities associated with Zambian Airways being a legal entity, despite loans being accessed and spent by the directors, this old woman commissioned that “crime” in her capacity making it difficult to deflect the matter as it were onto some legal entity.

  4. Ndeke houses in Kitwe are now valued at K350,000. The buyer also wanted to take perculiar advantange of her old age to buy her house very cheapily. He is equally a cone man.

  5. jail for 84 year old owing k 4000.
    what about mmembe and cartel owing billions and are still enjoying life to the fullest?

    what justice?

  6. Poor Old Lady, rotting in Chux, when She probably needed the cash more.
    Why Not our Zambian Criminals who have Dodgy (clandestine) Swiss accounts? How bout the Wife of an ex- Zambian President, who never owned let alone a Spoon, before she got herself hitched to the late ex- leader, but recently was stopped from buying a Shopping Mall in Finland worth Millions of U.S. Dollars??
    These are the Parasites who deserve to be where this poor Woman is.

  7. If I were this magistrate, I would have have given the complanant K40,000 and end this shameful thing of imprisoning our grandmas.

  8. Zambian politicians do this all the time yet it never goes to court. They put their friends in high places, send diplomats on missions they are not fit or capable of doing causing more harm to society and embarrassing Zambia. This is what you are producing and I blame the government. If you can do it, why won’t these people do it? Police officers rapping innocent women and beating them to a pulp but what has been done? Nothing and the guy is scott-free on leave. The is what society is producing.

  9. I have ever dealt with this old woman when I used to work in a shop in kitwe town. She is troublesome to say the least.

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