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First Lady Esther Lungu calls concerted efforts to fight early marriages

General News First Lady Esther Lungu calls concerted efforts to fight early marriages

First Lady Esther Lungu during President Edgar Lungu's innauguration
First Lady Esther Lungu during President Edgar Lungu’s innauguration

First Lady Esther Lungu has called for concerted effort in addressing escalating cases of early marriages in the rural areas of Zambia.

Speaking to journalists yesterday in Lusaka, Mrs. Lungu said the increasing reports of early marriages in rural areas were worrying.She said there was need to initiate interventions that will seek to address the causes of early marriages in rural areas.

However, Mrs. Lungu expressed happiness that government was doing something to curb the cause of the vice among school going girls.

The first lady said that issues of early marriages nearly affect all the African countries.

Mrs. Lungu revealed that African First Ladies are therefore concerned with the increasing cases of early pregnancies and marriages among the African girls in the continent.

She said in the last meeting which she attended in Addis Ababa, it was agreed that intervention be initiated that will assist in alleviating early marriages.

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  1. The former first lady also sang this same song ‘ concerted efforts against early child marriages’.Dr Kaseba also discussed it with other African first ladies. ..Can we now be seen to be acting.This thing of just issuing statements is getting old.

    • [email protected], Stop your useless insults. What about you, do you know at what age your mother first got pregnant? Maybe you are just a bastard and that is the reason why you have no manners. Think before write.

    • @2.1 Yebo Nkhosi,
      I am sure you have heard of the saying ‘Two wrongs do not make a right’. You followed the same path of insults and even worse. People will not see any difference between yourself and blogger ‘Choobe’.

  2. Very true 1st Lady. most Early marriages = early divorce= split families= and destitute children=social disorganisation. Historically, most marriages that are well planned are more solid= more stable children= a more progressive, organised society.

  3. My mother from Kalaba from Milenge in Luapula got married at age 14, when my grandfather died in the Mufulira mine disaster. She brought up 4 kids. I’m an engineer in Manchester, UK. My sister is a medical doctor in Brisbane, Australia. Two brothers are running a family-owned shipping company in Dubai. Child marriage did not deter her ability as a mother. As poverty grips the country, it MIGHT BE THE ONLY ECONOMIC SAFETY VALVE AT OUR DISPOSAL!….Think of it guys.

    • 18 is a legal age for girls world over to be married. Coherence for women starts at that age. Moving on, ’cause you clearly are delusional.

      Only someone from where ever you sprouted from can think that child abuse is normal.

    • Bashi Lwimba are you a pevert to suggest that childhood marriages might be the solution? Have you no empathy with your mother who at 14 years of age lost her childhood? You were lucky that you got educated and your mother was determined to educate you and your siblings but in most cases you are expecting a child to bring up a family!

  4. @Ni-Ne, I beg to slightly differ with you that most marriages that are well planned are more solid.
    I have seen and heard about marriages that have been well planned including weddings well planned and colossal sums of funds splashed even at the expense of inviting renowned musicians like Koffi Olomide, but after few months they break irretrievably.

    My view of a solid marriage should be built on a longer courtship of say 5 years…Not after one week you start co-habiting and later on impregnate each other and say this is marriage. That’s why they are breaking

    • By well planned, it meant the reasoning of the marriage. Imwe mwanvela well planned you start thinking WENGE MUSICA. No he meant that the couple and families involved were well vested in fondagional planing. Also avoiding future court injunctions and Nolle prosque lol.

    • Well, a courtship should be 2 years and on the third year if neither or either one of them wants to get married, you stop the relationship and go away to wait for a sure relationship.

      5 years too long! You are so bored that marriage is already a boring prospect.

  5. I think we have to find answers to the fundamental questions here…
    1. Why would you tap a child? undressing in front of her and all???
    2. If you marry someone, you are supposed to be partners so the other half offers checks and balances. You are all 40 years of you, would you discuss expenditure matters with a 14 year old? Unless you are the broke one, of course.
    3. If for some reason, the girl’s parents agree and the authorities find out, who should we punish? The girl, the parents or the hubby? It’s like the Vending/Prostitution problem. Who should be punished, the payer or the payee???
    Let us move on by DOING something about these things rather than just yapping and the nation finds out later that Dr. Mwanawasa misused some funds meant to curb these same issues.

  6. The law is there, just too wide a problem to capture and correct. Part of the problem is a cultural one. Also they know it’s difficult to be detected. Its very sad.

    Disturbing as this is, at least the men marry the girls. In UK a lot of women get pregnant out of wedlock and have to raise the children themselves. A lot of social problems.

    Zambia has a terrible culture of men taking advantage of women. This os a cultural perversion.

  7. Sorry ba first lady, this early marriage fimo-fimo is a broken record song now. It sounds like saying something everyone has said just for sake it. We need to be serious, find solutions and turn our attention to many untouched problematic areas of concern in our country.

  8. Is there a requirement to suddenly start wearing ridiculous hats once one becomes first lady in Zambia?

    Also that wig, amake needs to upgrade

    • Have you seen the ridiculous hats and dresses the female MPs and senators in the US wear? Stop reaching, she is spot on here.

  9. The word is exposure! The only lady I. Know who wears a hat is Queen Elizabeth and this is to adhere to the culture. Masebo used to look ridiculous in her hats and the First Lady should stop? Where are her fashion advisors?

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