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Sylvia Masebo takes PF to court over her suspension

Headlines Sylvia Masebo takes PF to court over her suspension

Sylvia Masebo
Sylvia Masebo

FORMER Patriotic Front (PF) chairperson for elections Sylvia Masebo has challenged her suspension from the ruling party in the Lusaka High Court.

Ms Masebo, who is also Chongwe PF member of Parliament, has sued Davies Chama in his capacity as party secretary general.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Ms Masebo said she has never been charged formally and that she just read in the press that she was removed from her position.

Ms Masebo further said she was neither given a notice of the meeting where the decision was arrived at to suspend her nor was she given an opportunity to respond against the allegations levelled against her.

Further, the statement of claim filed by her lawyers Mushipe and Associates, Ms Masebo claimed that she was also not served with a written letter of her purported suspension and removal from the position of chairperson for elections, therefore, her suspension is null and void.

Ms Masebo said the decision by the party to remove her from the position of chairperson for elections was irregular as there was no known leader of the party and that the PF at that time was in disarray.

She said she is reliably informed that the decision to expel her from the party has already been made and that any subsequent disciplinary proceedings to be commenced against her are a sham as her fate and outcome of the proceedings is already known.

Ms Masebo said if any disciplinary proceedings are commenced, she will be denied a fair hearing as Mr Chama and other senior party officials already want her to be expelled from the party.

She said as a result of the foregoing breaches on the part of Mr Chama, she has suffered damage, loss and has been inconvenienced.

Ms Masebo has since asked the court to declare that the purported suspension and or expulsion of her from the party are illegal, null and void.

She is also asking the court to declare that she is still a member of the PF and also elected MP for Chongwe constituency.

Ms Masebo has further asked the court to declare that the purported suspension of her as chairperson for elections is illegal, null and void.

She also asked the court to issue an order of interim injunction preventing Mr Chama from suspending or expelling her from the party and any other reliefs that the court may deem fit.

Ms Masebo said she will continue to suffer irreparable injury and undue inconvenience if the injunction is not granted.


    • What is today haunting Sylvia is what is called “opportunism gone bad”. Her life of opportunism miscalculated big time. She misfired only to be left with such a quagmire at hand. Bottom-line, “these are Pitfalls of unconsciousness”.

    • Sylvia’s journey of opportunism has this time turned out to be a tragic mishap. Hers has been a familiar crude and fragile travesty of what it might have been for others had PF lost. Wise people don’t burn bridges. Instead, they retain them intact. There is no way Sylvia will find enjoy acceptance in PF again.

    • My goodness Sylvia, aren’t you even ashamed to take PF to court on this? Have some self-respect and just leave in peace!

      Masebo dangerously overrates her political capital all the time. This is the same woman who lost her MMD seat to a “no body” in Chongwe only to be rescued by PF/Sata. She was welcomed into PF and true to her ‘colors’ started acting “BIG”!

      By basically sucking up to Sata and Kabimba, Masebo thought she was untouchable in PF and could manipulate issues and people (cartel). After that project failed, political indiscipline overtook her and she trashed the party that brought her back from the brink of her political career. Jumped ship and prostituted herself to UPND when that Party’s prospects looked good.

      And today she has NO SHAME to stay in PF? WOW!

    • Our courts and justice system are being abused by opportunists like sylvia who wants to have it both ways.

      Its a flagrant abuse of our court system

      a case like this one just clogs and cause unnecessary back ups on more serious cases deserving to be heard.

      Sylvia’s case must be dismissed ab initio

  1. The Judiciary has just become a play ground for Zambia’s most indisciplined politicians. What abuse to our justice system! Sylvia was 100% sure that HH would carry the day but tables turned and she wants to cling onto the party whose president she said Zambians should not vote. What utter hogwash!

    • Lets wait for the courts on this one. Even if Masebo Blow it up big time, she has the right to be heard and there must be issues to be sort out in this Wrangle. We have been told , “No one is above the Law”.
      Enjoy wisely.

    • Senior Citizen you are an ‘expert’ on everything and have a take on everyone! One wonders if you have any short-comings!

  2. Shame to you masebo,no brains sarcastic lady. Why forcing yourself on the party you insulted includind its president???

  3. We said when the Titanic (PF) is sinking as people had predicted, we the general supporters of PF said we shall sink with it. But opportunist like our sister jumped camp. Wonders will never end.

    We dont need her she betrayed us as PF ever heard of Judas Escariot in the Bible, he ended up taking his own life. So sister we in PF dont see you as one of us. Leave us alone.
    Viva EL.

    • @Chiseche, correct. If I were Chama and others in the Executive, I would say ‘no’. Let her resign and join UPND or RAINBOW, we do not need such type of leaders in PF.

  4. Talk of lack of morality in politics! Just move on to Icilema’s party or even Rainbow. As far as PF is concerned you stink a mile away!

  5. Belinda Nafwa what with her skin!! Has the time come and I ca see even the make up has stopped doing its job on you madam? More pressure coming to you with the impending expulsion as the move will impact directly on your Gratuity.

  6. she didnt know that PF had a leader recognised by th court of law she is claiming she never new a a leader of PF that time when one was declared and the other was not.

  7. Silvia, that seems nonsense to me. What’s the point? You abandoned your party and its president at election time, what makes anyone believe you that you can not betray your party at next elections? Who would trust your membership let alone the posistions you held in the party? Your crisscrossing thinking seems absurd. I pray that you loose with costs this legal arbitration you have embarked on. This should be same to MMD MPs who abandoned their party and openly supported other candidates. They are traitors. Let there be by-elections, so many of them. That would bring about loyalty and discipline in parties.

  8. This is mischief funded by HH, surely?

    I don’t see the point in her litigation. She seems to say she did not know of her suspension, but also that she refuses to sit down with the party in a formal disciplinary. She also makes a crystal ball assumption that decisions against her have already been made, therefore she feels no need to exculpate herself. Where was she all this time? Did she just note she’s not elections officer, like…just now? We saw her batting for the other side during elections!

    Now, what’s a judge to do with this hopeless case? Clearly relations have broken down with PF. It’s fair to remove her. Was there not a case for Contempt of court?

    It’d have been easier and more dignified to resign, and then join UPND. Pointless.

    • @ nega nega .com ,Never put Kabimba in this issue, he has left and his party is doing fine. please hands off Kabimba and RAINBOW PARTY

  9. “SEBANA WIKUTE” there goes the saying. It is just common knoledge that Sylvia has to contest her suspension and she has the right. Some times I wonder with some of these commetators who are just bent on insults, let the Lady be cleared properly, you can not use a kangroo court to dismiss someone although she deserves to be expelled. If anything, I think the educated Zambians know their rights very well. Because if you listen or read from some of these commentetors, they are all ill informed, because they have refused to read, but busy judging the book by its cover. I have always said we as ZAMBIANS are being rulled by the UNEDUCATED LOT. They have been taken to school but have refused to ebress school and its enlightment capacities, all they do is wielding pangas and making terrible…

    • You have hit the nail on the head. It’s true that most Zambians are illiterates and to make matters worse those who know how to read
      just go round drinking and being loud for nothing. Zambians must learn to acquire useful knowledge and even learn to vote wisely. How do you end up with a regime that keeps lying to you? Ma RUBBISH…………

    • @Rasco, it is not long ago when there were articles here on LT stating that Sylvia Masebo was written to (remember the seven days ultimatum?) by the PF SG, Chama, asking her to exculpate herself from the indiscipline charges against her. But she never bothered to show up or reply to the letter.

      Masebo knows the directions to PF offices. If she is really a genuine individual and took these charges seriously, she would have easily found time and her way to the PF secretariat and talked to her “colleagues” about these matters—that simply shows political maturity and common courtesy.

      As for the need to be heard, Masebo wronged her party and she was summoned so she could be heard but refused/ignored to do so. It is therefore disingenuous of her to claim otherwise.

    • This is an issue of morals my friend. Masebo should not have waited to be fired before resigning. Her Language towards her party and its president was too strong and unacceptable. Surely, if not for fear of loosing gratuity, why would Masego fight her expulsion.

      I genuinely think she is popular enough to win her seat as an independent or even on any other party so let her leave the PF. Remember, she was chairperson for elections and when it mattered most for her party,she betrayed them. She actually abbused her position and attempted to murder PF.

      She took a gumble and she should pay the price.

  10. Ule Masebo,GBM,tongas like Munkombwe,Simuusa and Chenda are the biggest losers!!!they thought their tribal HH would 100% win but got it wrong!!!HOW I HOPE JUDGES AT COURTS CAN START REJECTING POLITICAL PROSTITUTES LIKE MASEBO TO BRING DECENCY IN ZAMBIAN POLITICS!!!SHE MUST LOSE IN COURT SO THAT PF CAN SORT HER OUT!!!but even if she hides in court,in 2016 she’ll be defeated together with HH or Wynter Kabimba!!!ITS 100% CLEAR THAT WE DONT NEED YOU MASEBO IN PF!!!GO PF GO!!!

  11. Iyeeee Belinda Nawa! Your invalid son will be recalled from service as well let him file an injunction restraining foreign affairs from recalling him…..

    • Please quickly recall her bastard son from foreign service. How could Masebo even think of sending a below par IQ son into foreign service. If I were Masebo I would just keep quiet and enjoy my money (if she still has any) before the funeral.

  12. Masebo thought she was clever by taking the route she did but now she’s in the forefront of crying foul. We all know she’s now UPND let her just leave the PF. Actually the lawyer representing her in this case is a UPND MCC member who never wins cases I guess lawyers like Makebi Zulu or Jack Mwiimbu refused to represent her because she has no case…..

  13. Ba LT stop behaving like ba ZWD who used to use the worst photos of Sata when writing about him. I have seen better photos of Sylvia.

  14. In life people make mistakes even our lady Sylvia is only human, she is not immune to such so what am trying tosay is that forgive her as I believe in politics there are no permanent enemies. We can’t afford to chase each and everyone that has a divergent view about something in this family called PF. Forgive her and forget.

    Remember Jesus also forgave us for our sins!!!!

    • She has not apologized – what forgiveness? If she was clever and a respectful woman, she would have personally apologized to ECL for the most embarrassing insults you can heap on a fellow human being.

  15. Is she the one who was so dirty in the mouth against PF? Now she does not want to, what a coward she is. Madam Masebo please what has changed that you want to stick to PF a party you insulted? Please just leave in peace .

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  16. During the January election there was a lot of crisis crossing and support was divided from different parties, masebo was not the only one.
    A lot of MP supported other parties and other did not campaign for their parties, so leave masebo alone.

  17. No no folks, Silvia Murambiwa Masebo must not hang on to the party she despised so much during her campaigns for the UPND. Remember the foul language she used during the last rally at woodlands stadium for the UPND where she referred to the current President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as a Gong’a, dirty and a Chibuku drinker who she alleged that during parliamentary sessions President Lungu never contributes anything during debates and only stays in the house for less than 20 minutes and thereafter sneaks out to go and drink chibuku. These are leaders who should have respect for each other despite their political affiliation. She judged wrongly that HH was going to win and now she fears to lose her parliamentary gratuity if she is expelled from PF. Now she is the one we can refer to as Gong’a.

  18. First of all I wish to thank the Watchdog for the good work you are doing. From the time The Post became a PR Newspaper for the PF, we have had no where to go and no platform to air our views. Personally i believe that the Watchdog is God sent because this can not just be coincidence.
    The article you carried about Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili and his promiscuity is very correct and factual. Right now there is no person in Luanshya who can dispute that Kambwili has a chain of girl friends in Luanshya. Even his wife in the UK is aware that Kambwili has girlfriends here in Luanshya. She confronted him about the widow of the late Sydney Simfukwe who was commonly known as SIMRON here in Luanshya. Kambwili relocated this lady to Kitwe after he got her a fully furnished flat there. He even got…

  19. Kambwili relocated this lady to Kitwe after he got her a fully furnished flat there. He even got her a job at Mopani using the CEO Danny Calow who Kambwili claims is his personal friend. Kambwili has a contract at Mopani using his company called Mwamona engineering which does underground mining development. Recently, he got a similar contract at KCM after he duped the former CEO that he was the closest Minister to Sata and he would help in improoving the company’s relationship with the head of state.
    People in Luanshya are also concerned with the rate at which Kambwili is amasing wealth. Just 6 years ago, he was renting a house on Independence avenue but now he has a house in Datura, another in ‘W’ avenue, a block of flats in W, flats in Kamirenda and another block of flats currently…

  20. People in Luanshya are also concerned with the rate at which Kambwili is amasing wealth. Just 6 years ago, he was renting a house on Independence avenue but now he has a house in Datura, another in ‘W’ avenue, a block of flats in W, flats in Kamirenda and another block of flats currently under construction along the main road leading to Ndola.And most of these plots he has he just grabs from the council once he spots the piece of land.

    • Rubbish Rants …go back to ZWD. This is a sign that people are no longer going to ZWD. Please leave us alone we are not interested in your propaganda .

  21. I used to like Sylvia Ma-roads but have now completely lost respect for her. I’d have respected her if she said she’s defecting to the UPND even after they lost elections. That would at least showed that she is principled. But this now is a pure case of wanting to have her cake and eating it.

  22. How can PF expel Masebo when they were also supported by other parties and they are cabinet ministers in their cabinet from other parties.This is wrong and Masebo has right to take issue to court its her right.Pls leave her alone.

  23. You are married to PF and then you go flat out sleeping with UPND and you further say you don’t want PF in your house. Then PF decides to divorce you and now you cry foul. An opportunity went wrong for UPND and Silvia is really regretting but it is too late. Only thing to do is apologize and face the disciplinary committee. The whole country knows Masebo is a political prostitute looking for quickie opportunities. Shame on that woman.

  24. Don’t entertain such people like Masebo. Honestly, this woman who does she think she is? Is she not the same person who was opening her big mouth that PF is dead? I think we need to be more serious and not entertain time wasters like herself.

    This woman detests Mr. Lungu the PF and Republican President to the extent that she even supported someone she hardly knows. Its sickening to have such characters.

    Can you imagine what this Masebo could have said had the opposition won the 20th January elections? Please expel her and let her join the Under Five or his boy friend Kabimba. There are better and serious women in PF who are doing great and personally I don’t have respect for such people. The word prostitutes ably describes her.

    She has no place in PF and don’t listen to her!!!

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