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Women’s’ Lobby advises women not to be used by Political Parties

Headlines Women’s’ Lobby advises women not to be used by Political Parties

UPND Women Protesting in Lusaka
UPND Women Protesting in Lusaka

THE Zambia National Women’s’ Lobby (ZNWL) has advised women to desist from being used by political parties to parade naked in the streets as a means of airing grievances.

ZNWL board chairperson Beauty Katebe wondered why political party leaders supporting such behaviour did not join the women who paraded naked in the streets if they are convinced such activities yield results.

“It is unfair and unfortunate to take advantage of the vulnerability of women to persuade them into undressing in public as a means of airing their grievances while the initiators of such actions remain fully clothed,” Ms Katebe said.

Ms Katebe was reacting to a protest on Thursday by United Party for National Development (UPND) women over the killing of their party member Grayzer Matapa.

“No matter how aggrieved, there are better ways of airing grievances in today’s age than stripping. There is no room for such sexist manoeuvres 50 years after Zambia’s independence. We urge UPND to continue with the work of offering checks and balances to Government but do so in an acceptable manner,” she said.

Below is the full statement



For Immediate Release 27th February 2015
Zambia National Women’s’ Lobby (ZNWL) would like to advise women to desist from being used by political parties to parade naked in the streets as a means of airing grievances. We further wish to challenge political party leaderships supporting such behaviour to join the women in parading naked in the streets if indeed they are convinced that such activities would yield the best results.

It is unfair and unfortunate to take advantage of the vulnerability of women to persuade them into undressing in public as a means of airing their grievances while the initiators of such actions remain fully clothed.

We want to state that no matter how much one is aggrieved, there are better ways of airing grievances in today’s age than stripping naked. There is no room for such sexist manoeuvres 50 years after Zambia’s independence.

We therefore wish to urge the United Party for National Development (UPND) women involved in yesterday’s half naked protest on the killing of Grayzer Mutapa a UPND member, to seriously reflect on their actions, being mothers and mentors of the young women in our nation.

We also advise the UPND which now enjoys a huge following in the nation to be wary of the messages they are sending through their actions. We urge them to continue with the work of offering checks and balances to the Government but do so in an acceptable manner.
The ZNWL however shares the grief with the family of the slain UPND party member Grayzer Matapa and would like to wish them sincere condolences. We call upon the Police to expedite the arrest of the killers.


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  1. Ba Beauty naimwe, those are grown ass women not school kids. Surely old enough to know what they’re doing, not ifya used. You women just need to step up and take responsibity at times.

    • Leave the women alone.

      What do you PF bitches want poor women to do when their sons and husbands are being killed with impunity?

      Those women have had enough of PF torturing and killing their sons and husbands.

      If PF does not change it’s ways there are more dark days ahead.

      PF should take women demonstration serious as a warning and stop the intimidation and the killings before men join in.

      We all know what happens when men join in. Just remember the eighties and nineties.

    • The most effective way of arresting this abuse is for members to start seeking the solidarity of their leaders in such obscenities. Why don’t cadres such as Maureen Mwanawasa, Nalumango, Kabwiku take a leading role in this whole self displaying theatrics?

    • You PF minions who take what PF is doing as joke will be late to stop the violence when it spreads across all the town’s and set the country ablaze.

      Violence knows no PF or UPND it engulfs every body. If creates an opportunity for the poor to rob and kill with impunity.

      Normally the victims effect their revenge in a do or die way without care to maximize the effect.

      UPND supporters are being restrained by HH right now. But for how long before he loses his grip on them? Very soon if PF does not change.

      The problem is Lungu is listening to Mugabe, a person who wants Zambia to be like Zimbabwe. Credit worthless and zero investor confidence.

      If Lungu continues to seek help from Mugabe he will be taken out very soon.

      Ignore my advice at your peril.

    • Give me the pictures from the ncwala ceremony I show you people whoare naked.

      Note that; The President attended the ceremony.

    • @Dodler citizen

      Go and kill Maureen and Masebo ‘s children if want them to protest like those women.

      Those women were protesting not for UPND but for their tortured and killed sons and husbands.

      It’s mothers who get affected more when such things happen.

      PF is the one trying to score political points by trivializing the tragedy.

      Instead of issuing sober statements Lungu is aggravating the situation by issuing threats.

      Lungu is a wimp scared of his shadow because he knows that he stole victory and people who helped him are up in arm s and are planing to kill him like they killed Sata.

      Kalaba, Luo, Kapata, Mwamba, Kambwili and miles want Lungu dead before 2016.

      By the end of 2015 Lungu will start suffering from an illness which they will link to alcohol and…

    • Fipuba ifi, some of them were beaten by their husbands when they returned home. My neighbor was chased her home by her husband to go marry HH if she wants, till today she hasnt returned, wrecking marriages now ba HH. how can our nation be strong when politicians like HH are busy destroying people’s homes by encouraging such reckless behaviors?

    • Well done UPND women. A clear message of how angry you are for the killing of your sons and husbands with impunity by PF cadres has been sent at least. What ka Lungu does with this such a warning depends on his acumen ,which I think is not up to scratch unfortunately.

      PF be warned, you aint seeing the last of this. This is but the start of more defiance if you do not change your ways.

    • They were forced , yo can tell ,they cant even look at the camera.

      Iwold have loved to see mutinta , maureen , masebo and Nalumango in this picture not those poor, vlnerable hoes from componds.

    • So they marched naked in the street and what happened? The earth moved? Foolish women! Mwaba amabele uku kopoka. You will lose your marriages and the little respect your equally dull children have for you. There is a better way to show your displeasure. Na iwe under five Hakaivotela Heka, you are happy with this? Buju alikuti? Vimangeni ivi for indecent public exposure. Ma rubbish!

    • These women who parade around naked are foolish and irresponsible. Why would anyone tell me to undress and parade? They have low self esteem and I pity their families. The women never stop to think that the instigators, usually men, are not naked. Have they seen any men with their dongers dangling parading naked? Women stop being stupid.

    • All cellulite, stretch marks and atrocious bras. What message are they sending. Go put some clothes on!

    • Senior members of the UPND who have wives that are also UPND did not send them to march half naked, just shows you that they also don’t approve of this to some extent. Where is Maureen Mwanawasa, Nalumango, and the like in this picture? Mr Hichilema, lets not do this to our mothers and sisters. There is a better way to do things. Don’t equate this to N’cwala (preserving traditional culture vs half naked protest). You are missing the point people.

    • And where is Mutinta Hakainde in the group? C’mon HH, you should have encouraged your wife to take center stage if she indeed believes in what you doing. But I bet you can’t tolerate such nonsense from your wife even if she wanted to. Yet you go and persuade poor souls, some of them most likely wives and mothers just like your Mutinta, to strip half-naked in the street of Lusaka for God knows what cause. What a wimp!!!!!!


    • They should have taken off their braas as well so the public can see their unappealing sagging boobies not just fatty chibuku filled tummies.

    • Dear katebe, you seem not to know the country’s history at all. You should start by CONDERMING the ladies who demonstrated in the same style for the independence you are enjoying. We have respected ladies who did the same and their legacy should be preserved, by demonstrating this way whenever people are truly displeased with something.

  2. Who had told Julia Chikamoneka in the ’60s to strip in front of visiting British govt. officials at Lusaka airport? That was her contribution to the freedom struggle!

    In other words there is a precedent that seemed to have worked. Leave the UPND ladies alone, they know what they are doing. People should be free to protest in a manner they see most fit …

    • 1950 mentality shouldn’t be 2015’s mentality. if so then where is civilization of brains. bupuba ubu. why do u think we young girls didn’t agree to parade naked?

    • Let Mutinta Hichilema strip as well so that we can see her boobs. In addition we should see Maureen Mwanawasa, and Nalumango’s boobs if indeed you are serious of what you forced these vulnerable women to do.

  3. ichilema could have told his wife, maureen, nalumango, masebo ,to undress so that it carries more weight. this is twenty first century and such evils should be condemned in strongest terms possible. that amounts to public nuisance too. ma rubbish.

  4. Mamamamama how can they show those floated breast which are always jacked to look good? Shame to hh.
    The ladies should feel ashamed, why are men not parading with them in their underwear?

    • This reminds me of the stup!dity Hakaivotela Heka displayed, clad in a black awkward fitting suit standing the heat of the African sun, with a poster in one hand, looking very f00l!ish ati Black Friday! And he’s at again luring vulnerable prostitutes to show case floppy disks and wrinkled tummies! HH is a lemon for sure!

      These guys are used to undressing they troll too much. …ivi nivi ma hule che, sololas! By the way, I don’t see his wife in the picture!

    • 1950 mentality shouldn’t be 2015’s mentality. if so then where is civilization of brains. bupuba ubu. why do u think we young girls didn’t agree to parade naked?

    • Tell your HH and his wife to also strip naked for us to see their pants and boobs so that it caries more weight.

  5. Don’t talk of things you have no facts about. Who told you these women were persuaded to undress? Check the dressing trend of our women in town and you will note that half of them are virtually scantily dressed. What have you done about it? Such cheap hypocrisy is pathetic.Just because its UPND its now an issue. You wanted multi-part ism so now deal with it and stop trying to stifle the opposition with your tribal hatred. Go to church and get healed!

    • So Mr Mention you don’t see no wrong in your wife or daughter parading half nude in public, airing their grievance, in case they are provoked?? Muletontonkanya. This shameful behaviour is uncalled for irrespective of who is involved. No wonder Maureen mwanawasa, Nalumango, Masebo, Muka Hichilema etc cannot bring themselves to do such rubbish.
      Find better ways not ifyo, Police have the right to disperse such hooliganism, with teargas!!!
      Respect yourselves. Why don’t men do such crap too ??If its gender equality??

    • Let HH and his wife strip naked so we see their things and boobs so that it caries more weight.

  6. You f00ls what about those WOMEN at Ncwala who parade their smelling / un washed bodies in front Mpezeni.


    • Failure to form his own government. HH has now gone to form a chiefdom in Lusaka? So this is a tradional ceremony like Ncwala? elo lwanya nomba!!

    • would you be comfortable if it was your daughter\sister\mom showing boobs? don’t support anything you wouldn’t let your mom do

  7. No need to pretend. Tell me you do not see skimpy dressing during fashion shows and elsewhere. Many young women enjoy exposing their bodies and I can see most are still young.

    • When did a protest become a fashion show, mambala iwe? And when did the streets of Lusaka become some “fashion show venue” for ugly UPND women/mothers to display their sorry floppy boobs?

      Is this how confused and directionless UPND has become now? Ati “fashion show”….are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BEAUTY KATEBE (MS): This barren and unmarried PF Ars.ewhore thinks she more clever than our brave UPND women! Let beauty put her evil thoughts into Lungu’s and her backside where the sun never shines!! That’s why this Old Barren woman is still signing as Ms because she ashamed of signing off as Miss!
    This dangerous woman who cannot find a man to marry her is now trying influence young fragile minds to join in bad behaviour

    • Why are you always bitter….did your parents abandon you?…,.,,so sorry….learn to discuss issues at hand, not being personal. So what have you achieved with your insults?

  9. All these are hopeless women who are not married and have no integrity and dignity to maintain. There are number of ducted women in UPND who did not take part in this nonses because they know what is at stake. This is public nuisance and it’s an offense the police should have dealt with them

  10. When a woman is ‘driven’ to undress, for male advantage it is wrong. The question still stands. Why did Nalumango, Mwanawasa not go naked in this cause?

    Because they know better. It was a cynical ploy to get attention for HH’s cause.

  11. Imagine your wife exposing herself like that to the entire world with those deflated flabby boobs.

  12. This Women Group is a toothless PF lobby Group which only advances the wishes of Edgar Murderer Lungu. I cant understand how the so called WOMEN lobby GROUP can have courage to condemn UPND women leaving the Chipata Women who were completely naked during Nchwala Ceremony.

    Edgar Killer Lungu had to leave his wife in Lusaka just to go and
    go and touch the breasts of poor Ngoni Women. Edgar Lungu is immoral but the women group fail short of condemning him and PF.
    I find the comments of the women group and those low thinking bloggers criticizing UPND Women offensive.

    Rummer has it that Mpezeni gave Lungu 5 girls with bare breast to touch at a secrete location in Chipata, details are still coming.

    Lungu had to leave his wife behind in Lusaka just to carry out this evil exercise.

  13. I thought this was Zambian culture.
    When I taught French at Mabel Shaw secondary school in Luapula, my students visited my room every Friday evening and entertained me with Zambian traditional dances.

    • Yes, in your room with some proper cultural context attached. Not on the streets of a city for some shameless political opportunism!

  14. The woman who wrote this article is a hypocrite and all the bloggers condemning these courageous women are perverts. Why don’t they condemn the ngoni women who were just parading themselves bare breast even allowing young men to touch their breasts? Why hasn’t anyone condemned them? There is nothing naked about these women. Women all over the world have been demonstrating to have their voices heard. In South Africa, women are always marching sometimes evening stripping their underwears. In Kenya, women are always demonstrating in different ways. Only men who are perverted in their minds have their pipees moving in their underwears just to see a chest of a woman. These are wicked minds. Many politicians were being entertained by bare breasted women and Lungu was one of them.

    • So why didnt Mutinta Hichilema, Maureen Mwanawasa and Nalumango strip naked? Please tell them that we want to see their nakeness first.

    • @Voice of reason next time ask your mom to show her boobs to protest, then you can call us hypocrites.

  15. This statement suggests that Beauty Katebe is also used by a political party. If those women most of whom are as old a Beauty herself are used then it is doubtful if herself is not used too to fight them.

  16. Why did Lungu leave his wife behind? Who knows what was happening to him in his underwear when he was being entertained by those bare breasted women?

  17. Stupid woman, your voice could have been louder and respected had spoken when Mrs.Ndlovu was beaten by PF cadres at Soweto market.But knowing the behaviour of prostitutes,that wasn’t an
    issue to you because it didn’t
    affect you.Sad madam but know God is seeing all this.

    • Why did you send your wife, Mutinta Hichilema , Maureen mwanawasa and Nalumango to strip naked?

  18. What your comments on the women who show their horrible breasts at ncwala ceremony you hypocrites. At least the ladies who demonstrating have appealing sexy breasts

    • Ncwala is a TRADITIONAL CEREMONY, performed at a particular venue and place, for a particular reason (tradition and NOT cause,) and not on city streets in Lusaka.

      Why can’t you people learn to put simple issues into their rightful contexts?

  19. A married woman cannot parade naked like that showing the navel and almost the sacred part of a woman that only the husband should see. Am sure those women were not after protesting, but to entice wicked men! If for sure those women think properly they would have asked even the men folk to join them undress. Shame on those wicked and uncultured women. They are fit to be in the street at night. Whoever advised them to undress is also wicked and lacks integrity. Imwe bana mayo is it money you were looking for from your sponsor? Shame!!!!

  20. Those are remnant behaviors of the so-called “mama region”; those polite description of “service to the visiting dignitary”… such practices are exacerbated by entrenched poverty and out-moded mindsets. It is a whole hog that has to be got rid of.

  21. When Sata won election in 2011, a number of pictures showed undressed people celebrating. Similar incidents happened when Lungu ascended to presidency. Now we see HH’s, lowerwomen, protesting in the same state.

    Is undressing in public, this day and age, becoming a way of expressing joy and anger in Zambia?

    Mama Chikamoneka’s, like any man’s who bore twins/triplets – undressing carried weight and had authority. HH lowerwomen’s breasts covered in Chinese bras in the picture above cannot compare.

  22. ok, but what is your advice on the slain upnd murderers? most of you are magwaps becouse you only know how to criticise but cant offer credible solutions againist the killer. you dangerous hypocrites

  23. But I can’t see naked women… is a bra a new naked these days. I would have been more concerned for their unhealthy looking tummies than their alleged nakedness. Or is there another uncensored picture somewhere?

    What is more troubling for me are those women dancing and shaking off their bottoms for politicians, especially presidents. That has to stop. Protesting a murder anyway you can is worth it. It is a murder we should really be condemning here… or are clothes more important now than a life?

    I guess their goal was to send a message and from this story it looks like they have achieved just that.

    • @Mary B., Again I can’t see said ‘boobs’ in the picture so your question is invalid. I see exposed boobs every day from women not protesting but dressed glamorous. But again if they were protesting a murder, life is more sacred than ‘boobs’.

  24. women were not sent to do that but pf murderers have no hearts and i urge police to stop these murders if the police are scared lets have the soldìers to kick the hell out of this bunch of dependants of hand outs

  25. These women are paid to behave like that. Given the high poverty levels in our shanty compounds, they cannot refuse to be abused. But the one is front is worthy chewing. “Guy ulionse ku konkomana.”

  26. During Dr David Livingstone’s first journey down the Zambezi River, he came across the Falls and named them, Victoria Falls and he also came across the Tongas whose men in those days wore no clothes at all, which he found to be indecent. “They walk about,” he wrote, “without the smallest sense of shame. . . . I told them that on my return I should have my family with me, and no one must come near us in that state.” The women wore a belt around their waist to which a great number of strings were attached to hang all round their waist, a bit like the reed dance women. Today Zambians talk as if we have been wearing clothes all our lives.

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