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Police issue UPND president Hakainde Hichilema a warn and caution statement

Headlines Police issue UPND president Hakainde Hichilema a warn and caution statement

UPND PResident waves to his supporters outside Woodlands Police station

Police this morning issued a warn and caution statement to UPND President Hakainde Hichilema. This followed the presidential directive to search opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s houses for classified documents yesterday that yielded nothing after police conducted an 11 hour search.

President Edgar Lungu had ordered police to immediately question opposition Hakainde Hichilema over his remarks that he controls the Zambian intelligence system.During a news conference last week, Mr Hichilema claimed that he controls the state intelligence system in the country and has access to intelligence files before President Lungu. President Lungu said the Police should investigate to ascertain whether Mr. Hichilema’s claims are true or are just aimed at bringing confusion in the country through mere policking. He has also directed Police to investigate and identify the officers leaking information to the UPND leader.

Mr Hichilema who arrived at Woodlands Police Station at around 10:30 was warned and cautioned under Cap 111 of Section 43 of the State Securities Act.His lawyer Jack Mwimbu later told Journalists that Mr. Hichilema was interrogated and denied the charges.Mr Mwimbu said further investigations will be conducted by the police.He explained that the charges relate to information perceived to have been received by Mr Hichilema from the state security agencies.Mr Mwimbu clarified that the offence is not a treasonable.

‘We are dismayed with the conduct of the police on this matter especially that they are working under instructions from President Lungu,’ Mr Mwimbu said.

He added, ‘President Lungu indicated that he is not going to interfere with the running of the police but we have noticed that he is issuing instructions to the police and the police are obeying his command.’Mr Mwimbu said the process is not transparent and not being conducted in a professional manner.

‘Just yesterday, the so called Information Minister was making statements that Mr.Hichilema has been making treasonable acts. We believe that the directives by this government to the police and using undue influence on the police are unacceptable,’ he said.Mr Mwimbu said the UPND hopes that the police will investigate the matter professionally and that it will not go further than this.

The UPND President Hakainde Hichilema earlier said he was ready to be detained over his claims that he receives intelligence information before President Edgar Lungu does.Mr Hichilema said if what he is purported to have said amounts to a crime he is ready to be detained because this will not be the first time that he will be detained but the tenth time under the PF government.

Mr. Hichilema told journalists that said Zambia is his only home and that no amount of arrests will make him run away from the country.He however, noted that what is currently happening to vocal opposition leaders like him under the PF government is a clear testimony that the country is being governed by a dictatorship.

The UPND leader said that anyone who has doubted this should now come to terms with this reality.Concerning whether his revelation compromised national security Mr. Hichilema said the truth will always come out.Hundreds of UPND supporters gathered at the Woodlands Police station as Mr.Hichilema went in for questioning.

UPND supporters  throng UPND president Hakainde Hichilema at Woodland Police station.
UPND supporters throng UPND president Hakainde Hichilema at Woodland Police station.

Police keep a watchful on UPND supporters
Police keep a watchful on UPND supporters

Police have recorded a warn and caution statement from UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.
Mr Hichilema who arrived at Woodlands Police Station at around 10:30 was warned and cautioned under Cap 111 of Section 43 of the State Securities Act.
His lawyer jack Mwimbu later told Journalists that Mr Hichilema was interrogated and denied the charges.
Mr Mwimbu said further investigations will be conducted by the police.
He explained that the charges relate to information perceived to have been received by Mr Hichilema from the state security agencies.
Mr Mwimbu clarified that the offence is not a treasonable.
‘We are dismayed with the conduct of the police on this matter especially that they are working under instructions from President Lungu,’ Mr Mwimbu said.
He added, ‘President Lungu indicated that he is not going to interfere with the running of the police but we have noticed that he is issuing instructions to the police and the police are obeying his command.’
Mr Mwimbu said the process is not transparent and not being conducted in a professional manner.
‘Just yesterday, the so called Information Minister making statements that HH has been making treasonable acts. We believe that the directives by this government to the police and using undue influence on the police are unacceptable,’ he said.
Mr Mwimbu said the UPND hopes that the police will investigate the matter professionally and that it will not go further than this.


    • Lungu please address the economy than fighting HH. 2016 is very near. With this that you are doing instead of addressing’s people’s problems; and when they don’t vote for you you will again call them tribal?

    • Hehehe….some more vodka pls. Its getting cold in here. I am in desparado coz I still want bana dalitso to be the firstlady after 2016.

    • Zambia has now become a failed state under the poor leadership of Edgar Chakolwa Lungu.

      I will be the happiest person if his burial takes place this year.

      Lungu is the most useless President Zambia has ever had.

    • Lungu should be fighting chikwanda to explain why the Kwacha has never gained substantial values against the dollar ever since he became finance minister. This will be a good fight that will benefit all than this HH fight.

    • Go to Chawama today and see how much filth is everywhere, how much skinny little babies with big tummies due to malnutrition are on the streets, how all the drainage is blocked and the state has audacity to waste public resources like this? Someone, one day, will have to account for this!

    • This is actually good publicity for HH and UPND

      They are campaigning on his behalf, they are keeping his name floating. I wonder of Lungu is intelligent enough to know this


    • Lungu says he was misquoted when he issued that directive to probe HH. He says he said out of drunkeness. He had a terrible hangover and did not know what he was doing.

      Lungu should concentrate on improving the Kwacha by reviewing certain policies that need serious attention, not propping up the kwacha artificially like Chikwanda did under Sata.

      Propping up the Kwacha gobbled all the borrowed money.

      Just the strengthening of the kwacha, will encourage FDI to begin to flow into Zambia like it did during Mwanawasa. Banda was a lucky president, he inherited a good system already set up by Mwanawasa.

      If he can not stabilise the kwacha and guarantee certainty in the economy, then he will be booking himself an express ticket out of State house.

      Lungu ingnore my advice at your…

    • What amuses me is that Sata would say all sorts of nonsense, but was let free and people took it as bluff. HH says something in the same line, he is being called all sorts of names
      two things appeal to me..
      its either Zambia is slowing being turned into a dictatorial state or the former leaders were truly mature and tolerant. Pipo are finding it much easier to condemn HH than condemning the wrongs.
      PF cadres will misbahave in any manner, kill opponents, beat up marketeers burn vehicles, pull down campagn materials and its ok for all of us to ignore all this nonsense and sometimes even denay it happening.
      When UPND cadres defend themselves or carry or carry out a peaceful demostration people are quick to condemn HH and all my goodness call him all sorts of demeaning names..

    • Ichilema stands for nothing and therefore falls for anything.

      He is a parasitic attention seeker trying hard to remain relevant to the political discourse of the country generally and that of his party in particular after being trounced for the fourth straight time.

      he fears that keeping quiet will cause upnd to implode and demand new leadership to take over from the current treacherous one that has become whimper even to first entrants like ECL.

      Its a calculated and schematic diversion from the real internal politics of upnd.

      He has lamentably failed to up the political fortunes of upnd and members are truly frustrated.

      upnd will NEVER form govt as long as ichilema remains at the helm

    • Edgar Lungu is just wasting time!

      Lungu who is on the vengeance of his life that he will “crush people like machines or bricks” is becoming a semi dictator.

      HH is here to stay & no amount of PF will ever stop his position. The naive Lungu is busy chasing the wind, the Kwacha & economy are currently the worst world over.

      Please President Lungu, stop chasing the wind, HH is showing you & PF how democratic politics is played in the opposition.

      Anyone can have intelligence reports & Lungu should stop being lazy & concentrate on the down falling Kwacha. The intimidation of HH & opposition will not improve the economy of the country, neither will it reduce the poverty stricken of majority Zambians!
      Viva HH & UPND.

      The Skeleton Key

    • HH is an arrogant person. He thinks that he can issue inflammatory statements and get away with those? He and his advisors are just full of hot air for nothing. Mr. Jack Mwimbu is trying to pose as a well wisher, saying getting state secrets is not a treasonable offence. Let him watch Fox TV and hear for himself what Snowden’s lawyers are pleading for, a guarantee that he will not be given death penalty for leaking state secrets of USA. HH shall be locked up along with all those giving him state secrets. He is not fit to be a political leader.

    • If I you Zambians I would a Trillion times vote for HH! Such are the people the youths and the entire country should emulate. what is wrong with you people kanshi? I mean, why would you vote for an hungry lion?(hypothetical)
      Surely who wants to be poor? [email protected]@k tribe, vote for this guy imwe if you want a make over for yourselves. With Lungu you will always be in all the episodes of Tom en Jerry whilst remaining poor and worse! Am from hence forth Officially jumping ship! Why stick with the poor angry hungry mob! All ambitious people jump bane!

    • Country men and women I thank you once more for work well done in protecting HH through out the night and the supported rendered to him at Woodlands police station. To PF cadres I thank for clearing away from woodlands police station .We have demonstrated good judgement other wise it was going to be a blood bath. We have saved lives. Fellow countrymen there no need to kill each other because of one Lungu in state house, when the economy is biting.
      UPND supports lets remain Vigilant and united because Lungu is still scheming and has not given up ,so lets not dose off. I thank you once more.Zambia is our country lets not burn it on fire.We all need each other.

    • “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun Tzu.
      That’s what just HH did.

    • ..’Thats what HH has just done’ meant to say.
      Too many typos today, I guess its because its too cold for Moma. 🙂


    • The president must be aware that He can not solve political questions with legal means. Trying to prove to us that he is President and has powers wont settle good for him. He must be magnanimous enough to know that HH is far more popular than Ruphia. Let him take political statement has such. – ***********

    • A warn and Caution statement! Quite an achievement for Edgar Lungu. He deserves a pat on the back.

    • I dont understand why his lawyer thinks this is not treasonable offence. Accessing state secrets as a private citizen without the proper clearance, especially intelligence reports meant for the president is a clear violation of the laws of the land. Appropriate action was taken and it should not stop there, the culprits leaking the information should be arrested and punished accordingly. There is nothing special about hichilema, he is a private citizen just like a marketeer or peasant farmer. This guy feel so entitled, it is sickening.

    • @1.8 Saiko Bobo, your observation rings true to biblical Barabas and let no one get me wrong by insinuating that I am giving anybody the exalted status of the Lord.

    • Numbers never lie HH has the support which cannot be ignored any more, hence the worrying on the part which needs to worry.

  1. I wish mr. ECL can put much effort on addressing the economic problems of the country instead of fighting HH. We shouldn’t be waiting for the U.S. economy to go down for our kwacha to appreciate against the dollar. Fighting HH will not help the economy.

    • And sad of it all is that now Edgar Lungu has seen how HH lives. HH from a very humble brings, same as Lungu, villagers. But HH has a nice mansion in out-skirts of Lusaka, while Lungu has a state-house, inheriting from the dead.

    • Remember that he’s visionless & who only wants continuation of Sata’s hypocrisy whilst acclaiming the “me too” syndrome.

      Hon Chikwanda was busy condemning the USA for its economic growth, yet he has failed to improve our economic aspects of the country.

      PF has lamentably & indolently failed because of the self confessed visionless one Lungu.He is acting like PF is not in power, ohh, yes, he is visionless. Lungu said that, “I have no vision for the country, only continuation” was a clear testimony that indeed the visionless one is blind.

      The economy is crumbling whilst his undemocratic & unprofessional PF police are chasing the wind. 2016 is fast approaching. I pity Lungu & blind PF followers.

      The Skeleton Key

    • @Nostradamus

      Tekanya iwe , you will cause Lungu to drink 10 bottles of vodka and 3 bottles of kachaso just to help him stop thinking about HH ‘s achievements and go to sleep.

      I think Lungu struck a deal with HH to lose 2016 elections through police harassment to popularise HH so that HH can take over.

      Most PF minions are too blind to see. They will be shocked to see RB endorse HH for 2016 out of a conviction that he is just the right man to restore Zambia.

      Viva HH.

    • I think this is a sad development. For PF and our President, I will repeat concentrate on making yourselves a name than fighting the opposition. You dont make a name by intimidating the opposition. I concur with those who say we have a lot of political fighting; where political parties are killing and beating each other. There is need to make peace by addressing those issues if we want peace in the nation. As long as leaders are not addressing these issues we will end up like those nations where there is no peace. Our peace makers need to be vigilant and bring to book anyone who fights the other. This does not mean harrassing those who are demonstrating in peace. To us blogers let us do it in peace than promoting violence.

    • Under 5 indeed. Turu turu. Itizi turu. Bragging, yapping and blabbering is easy than owning it. HH was dead scared at woodlands police station. He knows that he has committed a treasonable offence. He is finished.

    • Just like it was before January 20th, one would have believed that Hypnotised Hyena was going to bag the Presidency! Bla bla nonsense all the time!

    • I cannot call it a failure yet but EL needs to be careful the way he deals with some issues. Some of these issues will make EL unpopular. The only consolation for him is that he will use state machinery come 2016. HH issue I know it appears a serious case it does not need such an intervention without any facts. HH said he did not put it the way it was put on paper. Why then go ahead and direct police to invade his privacy and give him a warning for what I cannot get it people someone help me.

  2. HH was careless in his utterances but Lungu was even more careless by issuing such a silly directive. He makes the Police and entire OP or Intelligence wings to appear very toothless and not knowing what their job is …. its a shame with the state of our country ….

  3. Well judging by the turn out this may just have turned out to be exactly what the authority didn’t want or need.

    Mr HH may have just unearthed or stumbled upon a masterstroke of an idea. With the dreaded ‘PUBLIC ORDER ACT’ all he needs to do is raise a bit of hell, get himself arrested thereby enlisting many people to come to the police or court to offer their support.
    Then turn the situation into a free rally. (Problem solved)

    It could work.

    • Dont judge Popularity by People who go to Courts or Police Stations when a Suspect is being arrested.
      Havent you seen how people Chase thieves in Compounds? Does it mean these theieves are popular?
      Come 2016 ECL Nafuuti Nafuti !

    • well hundreds turned up, not the thousands people like sido mark and wanzelu had been hoping for. The truth of the matter is people in Lusaka do not want HH. May be if it was in Nega Nega, thousands would have turned up. Mark my word as this matter drags on people will lose interest in HH .

  4. Lungu is trying to distract Zambians from the real problems – the economy. Lungu has failed to revive the economy and can only focus on trivial things such as statements from politicians. Lungu please focus on doing your job rather than making childish directives when you clearly HH cannot have state information before you. This is what happens when one is a failure. They focus on stupid things. Start packing your bags because 2016 you are out. You betrayed the late MCS. Even RB with his mind focused on looting state funds did not do such to the late MCS when he bragged about knowing things before him. Zambians you made a big mistake to vote for this Guy

    • ZP is just used to deal with party cadres, illiterate and people of the lowest IQ in society….ZP cant do an investigation of this technical detail. This work require logging on to computers, mobile phones (gadget freaking like the James Bond Movies…khikikiki)….Bachepa saana ba Libongani….they are as helpless at their chief commander….

      If you dont believe what I am saying, the next time cops come to arrest you, ask for an ID and warranty of arrest….they simply dont have them and they dont know their importance….Indtead, they will beg you to switch into local language so that ukakambile kuzogolo…if you happen to go with them(problem No 1)….wachimwa kale!!!

  5. Mr. Lungu has a chance to move Zambia away from BARBARIC politics. UNIP, MMD and PF have tried politics of the past of harassing opposition leaders. Kaunda harassed Chiluba, Chiluba in turn harassed Kaunda. Rupiah harassed Sata, Sata in turn harassed Rupiah and now Lungu wants to harass HH? This needs to stop! This type of politics do not work. HH in his campaigns said he would never waste his time on such things. I believe him. We have more serious work to do such as sorting out the economy and not sorting out people with dissenting views. Come 2016, I’m still voting for HH, may be this country can change for the better!

    • I saw his mansion. The guy is a hard worker. That’s the type of President we need, someone with real achievements. In 2016 I’m voting for him. He will definitely change Zambia. That house reflects the way he thinks. Jealous down, HH mwaume!

    • HH is a white collar criminal. It is unfortunate that most of the civil servants and politicians are thieves in Zambia. That is a guarantee for the thieves of the types of HH, Maureen Mwanawasa, Willie Nsanada, GBM, Masebo, Kabimba and many like them.

    • I cannot call it a failure yet but EL needs to be careful the way he deals with some issues. Some of these issues will make EL unpopular. The only consolation for him is that he will use state machinery come 2016. HH issue I know it appears a serious case it does not need such an intervention without any facts. HH said he did not put it the way it was put on paper. Why then go ahead and direct police to invade his privacy and give him a warning for what I cannot get it people someone help me. Well spoken Khazila

  6. But here is the thing fellow bloggers which ECL should REALLY be WORRIED OVER….

    If it is true that UPND leader Receives first class information before Lungu, it means the OP or intelligent system have no confidence in Lungu”…PERIOD

    • You can also consider under which authority State security services have become PF security services?
      Somehow, someone has forgotten that “State” is separate from party in government.

  7. Hon. Jack Mwimbu refers to the information minister as “the so called minister of information”. What arrogance is this?

    • The so called minister of information said that what HH said its treasonable but mwimbu said its NOT. Who is say the truth or someone is just yapping…I think the so called minister of information is just yapping does not understand things.

    • Jack Mwimbu is not Honourable. Dont even give him that title. Is he not the one who was caught on Tape using the C word in Parliament?

    • Everyone seems to be angry at everybody else… Ba ECL, Jack Mwimbu, HH, Kambwili, etc etc. which is very sad indeed and might just spark a fire which none of them will be able to put! The whole lot of them need to take a deep breath, ponder and tame their tongues!

  8. May 2016 come fast so that we bury HH’s nuisance once and for all . Only a Landslide Battering will archive this Thief of not only Intellingence Documents but of the Privatisation Loot, to the Dustbin of Failed Politicians.
    Let him continue living in Dream Land receiving Daily Briefings from his fellow Masons at Night. But please do not put Families of Intelligence officers at risk through misplaced Hallucinations.

    • @ Bingo 2016….You wish….khikikiki….No wonder you are so blindly blogging, HH never entered anywhere to pilfer documents, plus if you have evidence of privatization loots, go to court….and this is partly why you and your incompetent ZP have yielded nothing in the 11 hour search…you were looking for something physical, in form of hard copies…khikikikiki…. because your are ill trained, illiterates just like ECL himself….I really pity you and your ECL….ECL cant even read as a lawyer sure….uluse mwe!

  9. So, how does Lungu feel?
    Jack Mwiimbu was present when HH was being interrogated. He heard the questions from the Police and he has told the nation via journalists that the warn and caution given to HH DOES NOT amount to treason.

    From the above, it is very clear to all that Chagwa wants to divert Zambians’ attention on real issues affection them.

    Lungu should pack his bags and go to Misisi where ther are Casinos!!!

    VIVA UPND. I Love this party regardless of who is at the helm. Zambia Forward

  10. You see Mr President, these thereats are just making HH more popular. I can assure you he has gained more sympathisers withing 48 hours. How can you the entire President worth your salt fall for that trick surely?See now he is on top of the game and smilling all the way to his Kasama Mansion! lol

    • Well the irony of it is the nations that use force and state machinery to enforce ‘THE LAW’ are almost always the most lawless.

      Those that respect human rights and the rights of their citizens to free speech, assembly etc are almost always lawful.
      There is no rocket science there “respect of citizens means the citizens will in return respect the institutions of governance”.

      And that respect starts with those in power respecting the citizens first earn the respect of their citizens and in return be respected by the citizens.
      Unfortunately for us our leaders will during the swearing in ceremony already be issuing out warnings to the citizenry to respect them. THAT IS A TRAGEDY.

  11. Don’t blame President Lungu because he is just doing what is expected of him as president of the country Zambia. Let us be objective whenever we are making a comment on the matter like this one. HH started the game, what did you expect the president to do, to ignore? What comment would you have made, not a weak president.

    • @ Avinocaya….here is what ECL should have done….

      RETHINK his governance strategy because thinking is free of charge….here is why:

      1. Why would the entire police service wait for his command to act and bring HH to book….”thinking is LOADING…Please wait…lol )

      2. It is plausible OP and cops have more confidence in opposition caliber than that of Edgar, and please

      3. Just never trust anyone in politics…

    • Thats the thin line between wisdom and folly. if i insult you, should u insult back so that you are not considered weak? i believe there are more professional ways ECL would have implored to sort out HH on this one. He could have set a round table meeting for instance with IG and other respective intelligence chiefs/officers and go privately with investigations. believe you me we could have all seen the positive outcome of it in public if at all HH had a case to answer…. now ECL has made fool of himself and given a lot of mileage to his minion HH… am very upset with us Zambians!!!



    • Dont Use the Name Of Jesus Christ in Vain. Daniel cannot be compared to HH. 2016 ECL will again win , and this time with a Landlide. We will beat you at your game this time around. Northern Provice ECL 1400000 HH – 2 Copperbelt Province ECL 3000000 HH – 4 Eastern Province ECL 1500000 HH – 0
      Luapula Province ECL 1000000 HH- 0 Muchinga Province , Western Provice. Central Provice. My God!
      Continue Dreaming HH will never ever rule Zambia.

  13. Where are those DOGS who support their vision less leader?? There is no money in country now talk!! Bamuumbwe!! Shame!! Why can’t you just support right things that will help every Zambians so that we develop, instead you choose to support barberlic behaviours?? Mwaakosama!!

  14. Pls address the ECONOMY and not just persecuting opposition leader and conducting swearing ceremonies day in day out.

  15. HH, please put a sock in it and give us a rest.
    Your antics of playing to the gallery are really wearing thin to the point of irritation.

    Whilst silly Lungu should have ignored your stupid remarks you too have a duty not to make such utterances as you did. But you did it for attention as per..

    You are pouncing anywhere and everywhere to get attention.
    Be proactive for a change and convince us you are worthy to be the head of state.

    I despise everything PF, but HH is fast becoming an irritant too.

    • @ Shock Horror….just come out in the open you coward PF cadre…irritating who?? You voted for matako na vimeno va alungu…eat them twise tumone!!

  16. Everything has got time. We had time to campaign and electing the leader in the ended by election. Now it MUST be time to work for the development of the nation by both the party in power and those in opposition. Those in opposition should not wait until they get into power to do something for the development of the nation. Time should not be wasted through unfruitful talking. Time to talk will shortly come next year. No wander we are not developing too much talking and by so doing destructing colleagues from positive delivering to the development of the nation. I hate the political landscape of this would have been great nation .

  17. Wisdom comes from God. Knowing God (and not pretending to know God) is the beginning of wisdom.

  18. @ Mason Trailer…..continue to dream, when you wake up, take another kachasu bottle…best wishes

  19. Why are you treating hh like a victim in all this.this chap is a copycat trying to copy what sata was doing .remember sata said people working for that op were his including those at teka farm(levy’s ).the sad thing for this chap is that his game is weak.and anywhere in the world claiming to have intelligence information can easily arouse investigations.

    • But who says Sata was the best? and that his ideas were better. Yes such tactics may have taken him to state house but what was the benefit to the country? The fallen dollar? the dirty streets?

  20. I like EL, this man is our president until the next elections, but I feel sad that he is dancing to HH’s tune. For the world watching you sir, they will judge you as a wise leader if you brush aside HH’s remarks and deal with your OP operatives. Yes HH’s alleged utterances are treasonable but please don’t be distracted by irrelevant ‘noises’. By hounding HH you are making him popular and he will develop a clan of sympathizers! EL play your game and please dont respond to anything opposition say, there is wisdom in silence at times. You are leading during a more difficulty time. Be sober minded and focused.

  21. Nkinga Lungu is afraid of HH. VIVA HH and UPND. 2016 is around the corner and HH’s stolen votes will be hunted

  22. For those worshiping HH because of his wealth I find you very lame. I would rather be led by a wise president coming from a shanty compound than an immature fledgling of a leader who has a mansion and is full of sweet rhetoric to entice his tribesmen . I am not jealousy of his success, if he earned it by working hard! Kudos to him.

    • @ Kent House….Edgar is far from wise if you think worshiping such a drunkard human like Lungu from the compound would solve your economic woos….get a life bwana, straight up…. nobututu munansheko!

  23. Zambia’s Kwacha and economy are always drunk nowadays staggering to and fro.Very soon the two will turn into alcoholics to the extent of being irreversible.We are looking for an expert who can help stop these two import citizen from being alcoholics to start the process of healing our beloved Kwacha igweeeeelele and elder brother Mr economy urgently. Only experts in the areas of finance and economy need to apply.

  24. This is why it is a terrible mistake to vote for poor people as presidents. Instead of devoting their time in planning how to bring development to the country, they spend sleepless nights scheming on how to oppress their opponents and how to make their bank accounts grow.This is a disease in Africa. At least a poor person with brains and wisdom is better than one who is dull, poor, vissionless, stupid and useless like this Edgar Lungu. It is like accepting a curse on the nation. He is exposing himself as a useless man far too much. Worse of all, his actions is making people lose even the little confidence they have in the police. Look at how stupid they have all become.
    This was a good publicity stunt which has only worked in the favor of HH. Respect is earned not commanded from people

    • “Voice Of Reason” I am no diasporan mate, I live right on the ground where things are happening! Let us not discuss personalities but character. I see a leader in EL, a seasoned lawyer with a passion to govern this country. I am not myopic like you who sees through HH’s wealth. I think it just eats you up that someone from Chawama, a shubby compound can be president of this great nation! It is reality mate!

  25. Tongambezi Chaps,
    All this rubbi.sh you post will backfire in 2016. Your foul mouthed leader is headed for another shocking defeat.

  26. Yabahh, some people have already started crying foul trying to build their defense if this case goes to court. Surprising that some characters in this era can openly support wrong doing by citizens and coin such as heroes. God forbid.

  27. hh will never be president of this country period. Those of you still in dream land, wait for 2016 and that is when the UpDn party shall disband.

    • You are not the only one who votes and you are NOT God to say that HH will be the president of this country. Just keep cool and hold your peace otherwise you will have heart attack when he wins. I remember some people used to say Sata ( MHSRIP) will not be president of this country and you know what happened.



  29. @Sandrah, when you are a failure and a loser, it doesn’t imply that Zambia is a failed state! What is wrong with your brains you guys? Anyway, they say you can’t fix stupidity.

  30. @kent house, you mean you would rather be ruled by a thieving rat with a stinky mouth from chawama? I would rather be led by a hardworking rich man with a vision to develop the nation than that rat called Edgar Lungu. Anyway, from the way you are talking, you would rather be happy to be a diaper changing man in an old age home in a foreign country than being a successful hard working man in your own country. Developed countries never allow poor people to be presidents. Your poor man, I mean rat has resorted to biting people who are resting in sleep. I hope that mouth does not carry rabies.

    • @ victor

      Thats why we booted out KK so that people can criticise the leaders freely and force them to think of better ways to conduct government business.

      Wanya bazakutinika ma PF cadres one day and you will cry for HH ‘s help.

      Now the fight is on to completely dismantle kk ‘s system.

  31. Fine, you say EL is vision-less and has no plans for this country. My question to you all HH supporters is; what will he change overnight if he became president tomorrow; price of Mealie Meal? Provide jobs to all our jobless youths? Build houses to all the homeless in Zambia? Heal this sick? Cure all HIV AIDS patients? Is this the magic you want him perform you dreamers!!! Apart from a few who are campaigning for jobs, you will all still remain poor! Dont just oppose and yap for the sake of opposing.

  32. Fellow Zambians, lets start to understand issues bordering governance and not swearing every time. The law enforcers and I mean LAW ENFORCERS..in that country we have laws that govern all citizens slim, fat, rich ,poor, the so called educated and everyone in general so long you are in Zambia. So the issue of politicians making careless statements must not be entertained at all. Lets just hummer the nail on it’s head, immediately I read or head about hh conference I wrote ,”get the chap ,record warn and caution “..no time wasting arrest the chap. The country has a president, in what he said was a pure case of treason take him to court and let the dpp enter into his usual.
    Ba police timwe…timwe this is the police I knew with that morale of work.

  33. The kwacha has plummeted and Edgar Lungu is confused; he doesn’t know what to do. Instead, he is diverting people’s attention by arresting HH on tramped up charges. We want cheap mealie meal, cheap fuel, cheap transport, good standard of living, reduction in the cost of money, favourable exchange rate, robust tax collection.

  34. @kent house, stop exhibiting your mental retardation. If people have hope, they would have reason to press on. We are not asking for a magician president, but one who is focused in correcting the mistakes of the past. One who should put the country on the right path to development. One who should implement the right policies not one like the foolish Edgar Lungu who does not even know where to begin. Not one showing the traits of a mad dog like your Lungu. Remember there is a Chinese saying that a journey of a thousand Miles begin with a single step in the right direction. All what this useless president is interested in is to dip his thin fingers in the broken cookie jar to enrich himself.

  35. Just want to say that that sit is very sweet but also very HOT!! and i am sure ECL is beginning to feel that already….

  36. HH is not going anywhere antagonizing EL
    HH popularity and political fortunes are dwindling
    WP has changed
    NWP has changed
    Only Nega nega SP remains mabisi pwetete
    Tamwakatekepo mwanya
    Remain dreaming. HH whacked by a new comer and u think that was a joke. Wait for reality in 2016.

    • @ jl…whatever you call yourself. Do not take things personal because you may end dying of heart attack. You are not God to say that HH will not be the president. Nothing has changed in these provinces you are talking about. UPND supporters are even more united and you will be shocked what will happen come 2016. PF will cry like the way cried MMD in 2011. The shortest saving gvt in the history of the country

  37. Government of drunkards, for the drunkards by the drunkards….always nursing hangovers. No wonder mothers are pushing narcotics through their a-s-s-holes just to earn a living. Shame.

  38. I do not to wish to call Zambians collectively as naive to vote in Edgar Chagwa Lungu as president.
    The question is what value has Lungu added to Zambia. Here in UK Zambia does not even get mentioned ever since PF came to power except for Zambia to be among repressive regimes in Africa, next to Zimbabwe. Lungu appear to be a liability to Zambia.
    Zambians are intelligent and well vested in democracy that can usher in reasonable leadership. Zambia can do better in the next election time, come on Zambia.

  39. Attention seeking. This foolishness on the part of the person whose wants to run for the public office is uncalled for. Why is he seeking public attention shame on you HH i thought l can trust you with my vote in 2016 but not anymore, you’re a shame to our community and the country at large.

  40. For people with common sense, HH HAS BEEN PROVEN A LIAR.

    He had us in fear, that he received State Security information before the President. We now know he does not.

    His ‘no comment’ at questioning proves conclusively, that he is an attention seeker. That is why he’s been let go.

    There is no victory for HH. You cry wolf so many times no one will believe your campaign, your manifesto will be proven to come from a LIAR.

    No sane person can vote in a Cult leader without dignity. You must stand by what you say.

    Well done Your Excellency, you have exposed him as a fraud.

  41. How can the entire police operation end up at warn and caution? This is serious abuse of police duties. Not even a small charge sure? And where is Richard Sakala? Maybe he fabricated the story. Someone needs to talk to him as well. Search his house too for any material connecting him to the story or send him back to jail where he belongs. This is an ex convict who should not be trusted. He is a danger to national security.

  42. pf dont cheat yourselves you won by being given sympathy votes so that you complete satas legacy which you seem to have missed. most the projects are at stand still. the kwacha continues to get killed you cannot talk of the economy its pathetic.so people will not be made to vote the pathetic fools any more meanwhile you are making the opposition parties in particular upnd more wanted. you prove to be visionless as we told you during campaigns and continue to be more useless as your founder told the nation. ah its viva hh viva upnd come 2016

  43. But who said this information is received in hard copy form. What if it’s by phone call, word of mouth etc? This tells you how foolish ECL and the policy are including the information minister. We all receive intelligence information once in a while before our drukard president. Let police come and search what I heard

  44. Iyee Bakolwe baekana ifipato . leave every thing with the voters . this time old maliana rupia will not be there . cancer will have eaten his leg by then . Tribe issues will not be used as campaign tool . god did not make easterners to be luring Zambia alone . Ne wakwa chinchi uyu mwka wena nka votela HH pakafwe insofu kalulu

  45. HH reminds of a two old kid who throws tantrums for want of attention. His quest to become president has failed lamentably. This is a story of cry wolf. Am sure he must be on some sleeping tablets just to see him get through to the next day. Imagine beaten by a novice in politics in the name of EL. Grow up HH!

Comments are closed.

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