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Government honours late President Sata

General News Government honours late President Sata

Government has honored the Late President Michael Sata for his contribution to Gender Equality and Empowerment of women in Zambia.

Minister of Gender and Child Development Nkandu Luo presented the award to Late President Sata’s daughter, Mwelwa on behalf of President Lungu during the International Women’s Day -IWD commemorations held at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.The theme for this year’s IWD was; Gender is my Agenda: Make it happen.

Prof. Luo disclosed that the late President Sata has been honoured posthumously because of his efforts in moving and launching the gender policy when he served as Minister without portfolio in late President Frederick Chiluba’s government.Hundreds of Women and men from various organisations and political parties in Lusaka matched along the great North Road from Emmedale Police Station to the National Heroes Stadium to commemorate the International Women’s Day which falls on the 8th of March every year.

Addressing the gathering, President Edgar Lungu stated that government has made steady progress in supporting and empowering women through various women empowerment programs across the country.President Lungu said the country is gradually moving towards the attainment of 50-50 women representation in senior positions in government as witnessed by the appointment of the first ever woman Vice President, Inonge Wina.The President stated that he has appointment more women in various key positions in his government which he said clearly indicates that the country is moving towards achieving the 50 percent women representation as required by both the SADC and African Union protocols on gender equality.

He said since 2011, his government has stepped up interventions in the health sector which have resulted in positive growth in maternal health such as safe deliveries of babies from clinics and hospitals which has since risen from 45.1 percent in 2011 to 52.2 percent in 2013.

In a speech read for him by Gender Minister Nkandu Luo, the head of state has also promised to accelerate the construction of the 650 health posts and hospitals across the country and enhance access to essential amenities such as hospitals, market for agricultural produce and schools for children’s education.The President applauded the importance of the International Women’s Day as it recognizes the vital role women play in the development of the country.He challenged women to utilize the opportunity provide by the women’s day to be the change agent of the future they want by aspiring high.

And Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Chairperson Sera Longwe has called on the judicially to review custodial sentence for defilement and Gender Based Violence related offences to deter would be offenders. Ms. Longwe noted that the country has continued to record increased numbers of GBV cases with the latest police report showing over 15, 000 cases recorded last year.Ms. Longwe further commended President Lungu for continuing with his predecessor’s legacy of appointing more women to high positions.

She stated that the appointment of a woman Vice President, Chief Justice and many other women Cabinet Ministers is an indication that the President recognizes the importance of women in the country.She has since appealed to political parties to adopt more women to contest as counsellors and Members of Parliament and Presidents in 2016 General election.
She said the country require more women to be in various positions adding that currently there are only 5 women Cabinet Ministers out of 20 women MPs and 84 women councillors out of the total 1,422 wards country wide.

Meanwhile United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon noted that it was disheartening to know that women and girls are still denied their universal rights and suffer from Gender Based Violence after 100 years of celebration of the International Women’s Day.In the speech read for him by UN representative Janet Rogan, the UN Secretary General noted that women have for a long time been trying to claim their rights in society such as rights to safe motherhood which has been denied to them.

The commemorations where attended by First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda, Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini, Lusaka Mayor George Nyendwa, Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama, Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to Zambia and many other senior government official.


    • Edgar is still drunk and drunk even too much on Friday….droped dead from hangover and dehydration…if he doesn’t stop drinking…the nation is in for a rude shock…chapwa

      He has also created so many enemies in the shortest time….God save us!

    • He impregnanted every woman in the land and a womaniser of note. What is there to honour the F.OOL about?

      Unless you call that gender equality…. this country indeed has gone to the Dogs

  1. Really laughable are we honouring him for his renowned polygamy or promoting some dull women in key positions like IG Stella. Luo is a disgrace…politicking can turn even the most educated into m#rons.

  2. Former President MCS MHSRIP deserves to be honoured whether a Tonga tribalist likes or not. He appointed more women to senior positions than anyone has done in this Country. He set the tone and ECL is just following.

  3. we are not wishing him died but he’s sick!!!!!! How many times are you going to prove that are wise?? Make that mistake again in 2016,we are getting ours (Barotse ,north Western Rhodesia)

    • If had power I would give you your Mongu so that we have more jobs in Zambia. what is in Mongu? Western is the least producing province in terms of food.

  4. Chagwa Lungu finally takes his first step to the morgue.!!! Every journey starts with a step. Be strong Chagwa, u’ll get there. From now onwards your steps will be stead and firm. Thats how Sata’s journey started. Waenda iwe mambala!!!

  5. Sata doesn’t deserve this award. The man misused alot of women fathering dozens of children out of wedlock. What kind of respect to women is that. No sensible person can accept that. No wonder Dr kaseba’s absence. Shameful still that it was Luo a woman who gave the award. Zambian politics especially under PF is nauseating.

    • Oh, yu are such a loser. Sata formed a party and saw it into State House and yu are jealousy as unare still wondering in yo ZWD. Leave Sata alone let him rest in peace u imbecile. He did what he could for this Country and no wonder Zambians voted for ECL. Zambians have appreciated what MCS did in only three years. So yu hater and tr,,bal..list just shut it. But know that HH will never rule this Country because he is a tr,.ba,.list

  6. @ Jo. So you see nothing wrong with Sata’s promiscuous life? Do you realise what anguish children born out of wedlock go through? Am I surprised about your reasoning? NO. Just as you didn’t see anything wrong in supporting your Lungu despite having better choices before you. barely two months into office where has your choice taken you? Another expensive medical evacuation on poor tax payer’s money. You people and your violent PF are a curse to this country and the quicker you are kicked out the better for mother Zambia. PF have introduced the worst of politics ever seen in Zambia making UNIP look like an angel.

  7. but u ar just yaping in the back groud y cant u come out join the podium so that we see wat u ar capable of doing.
    bcoz yo F00lish party UPND been rejected 5times by the zambian pipo, SATA mhsrip formed the PF and led it to the victory in 2011 and made positive changes to the governance of our country to you its wrong to honour the man?
    he created the ministry of gender n child still to u its wrong for him to be honoured wat kind of thick heads do you have?

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