Let’s do it together, Zesco MD tells workers

Zesco acting Managing  Director Victor Mundende
Zesco  Managing Director Victor Mundende

Zesco Managing Director Victor Mundende has urged workers at the power utility company to apply themselves with renewed zeal and dedication in the execution of their duties.Addressing workers during his inaugural speech at Zesco offices on Malambo Road in Lusaka on Friday, Mr Mundende urged workers not to work against each other but to work as a team.

He, however, noted that there was poor work culture and time keeping with lack of dedication to work by most employees.Mr Mundende also noted that some workers at the company’s head office were in the habit of shopping during working hours.

“Over the last couple of months, we have also noted with concern the lack of dedication and drive towards work by some of our employees. This has a direct bearing on Zesco’s service delivery to its esteemed customers. In the case of workers at head office, we have seen an increase in malingering ever since Levy Park Mall was opened, with some workers engaged in shopping activities during working hours. This has to stop,” he warned.

He said a confident workforce with high morale was key to increased productivity.

“In this regard, human resources are directed to ensure that the following are realized: That recognition and rewards are clearly and consistently tied to job performance and overall business results; That learning opportunities are provided for employees to excel at their current jobs but also to grow into new one; and lastly that HR programmes and policies should be consistent and fair for all employees,” he said.

Mr Mundende has also director human resource department to lift the general ban on overtime payment with immediate effect.

He further urged the company’s Human Resource department to step up training especially of junior officers.

“We need to embrace quality in every aspect of our business process, be it in construction or customer care. Our vision and target should be for Zesco to get ISO recognition, as a company that puts quality at the center of its activities. And I am glad that we have set up a SHEQ department that will spearhead this task,” he said.

He said as part of the company’s mandate to support the government development agenda, Zesco needed to accelerate electrification projects, particulary in rural areas to help Zambia attain its vision 2030 goals of poverty reduction, among other programmes.

“For us to succeed, we need to be focused and work hard. We need to put in our efforts at all levels. We should have the pride of serving our company and the nation through our sweat, aptitude and attidude. To achieve this, it calls for disciplined workforce. Our mission to be an effective service provider through a highly motivated team driven by passion for innovation and excellence should not just be words that are written on our brands but should resound in all of us as an energizer,” said Mr Mundende.


    1. Mundende should not make the mistake of firing good and well experienced employees like other MDs did, thinking they were protecting their jobs and yet they were robbing the company of its core asset – human capital.
    2. Conduct an objective job analysis and weighting system which should lead to a credible ORGANISATIONAL & SALARY STRUCTURE -this is almost NON-EXISTENT in Zesco.
    3. You cannot effect discipline in an organisation that has no Professional culture and no one has respect for hierarchy; non-productive and undisciplined workers should be FIRED after due processes to set the tone and example straight! Zesco is a very important and viable company!
    4. Outsource all technical projects of a temporary nature with strict performance targets

    • Out-sourcing is usually the easiest way of inviting corruption. It is unnecessary when you have key competences within the organisation.

    • @Kavundula, once-off projects do not need a business-as-usual approach, so you need a profit & deadline driven service provider and not a permanent employee that works on his own pace – waiting for his retirement package. Remember, contractors are paid only for work done, while employees are paid a predetermined amount, which keeps increasing with time – performance or not!

  2. Well said, I hope he will transform ZESCO and make it like ESCOM from South Africa, I believe that a powered nation is a nation ready to embrace development projects. Wishing you the best, if we can judge the outcome from the speech, i say ZESCO is headed for improvement under him…..

    • are you sure about eskom?? eish! you should believe in what you have, eskom is in shumbles my friend, its bunkrupt. do you know that there is load shedding every day in SA. you should envy Zesco. FYI Mundende is the one who run Zesco, Chitundu was the face and link to goverment. period

  3. I advise @Harry to send his proposal to Mr. Mundende. He has hit the nail!

    The company should did itself off illiterate cadres during this process!

  4. Working culture is terrible at ZESCO. The change should start from the top and end up to the bottom. That includes contractors. Workers should scan in and out every time they pass through ZESCO gates to monitor how many hours are spent at work. Many times workers can be at ZESCO premises doing nothing, hence ZESCO should find ways to overcome that. Workers should be paid according to the number of hours put in.

  5. You can’t expect any productivity in any organisation when three quarters of the workforce are institutionalised, 30 or more years stuck in same Zesco centre ; lost the sense of their purpose in an organisation; have ‘NO’ clue what Customer Service entails. No appropriate qualifications; people skill ; with delusional mentality of taking ZESCO as their own company.
    Im one of the disappointed customers by Chipata Zesco Branch, their appalling customer service has cost me my business targets. In my opinion it’s an organisation that operates like former UBZ and will take decades or several centuries to catch up with modern world.
    Application for electric installation was submitted to Zesco in July, 2014 for a Milling factory, no implementation to date, appauling & so…

  6. I need contact details please for the new Zesco managing director if anyone know them, his email or contact number. I have contacted British High Commisioner office, they can’t find details anywhere. If he is to change the zesco company corrupt culture, he must be contactable.

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