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Zambia Medical Association commends swift action by President Lungu’s handlers

Health Zambia Medical Association commends swift action by President Lungu's handlers

Presidcent Edgar Lungu at the Heroes Stadium today
Presidcent Edgar Lungu at the Heroes Stadium today

The Zambia Medical Association, ZMA, has commended the handlers of President Edgar Lungu for their swift action when they advised the Head Of State to withdraw from the 2015 Women’s Day celebrations on suspicion that he could be going down with malaria.

Commenting on President Lungu’s impromptu departure from Independence stadium today, ZMA president Aaron Mujajati said State House demonstrated respect for the public when they publicly disclosed that the President sudden departure was on account of his illness.

“If he had just departed without any explanation, that would have fueled unnecessary speculation”, Dr. Mujajati said in a statement released in Lusaka today. The ZMA president said the swift action by State House medical team conveys the fact that no health issue should be taken lightly but instead be promptly investigated and dealt with quickly.

He further said State House should at some point soon issue a comprehensive statement on the matter for the information of the public who are the major stakehoders in the President’s health. The ZMA president said his organization is, through State House press secretary Amos Chanda, in touch with the President’s Medical Team who has assured us that “there’s nothing to worry about because the President is simply fatigued due to his busy schedule since taking over office and that traces of malaria parasites were detected.”

Dr. Mujajati said the unprecedented transparency exhibited by State House should be institutionalized so that subsequent administrations could handle the President’s health in a predictable fashion. The ZMA leader said his organization’s suggestion for the establishment of the office the Physician General should be the custodian of the institutions and protocols for the management of the President’s health.

Dr. Mujajati said the public announcement was even more timely especially that it was made at the time of celebrating Women’s Day “because women are the primary custodians of health.” The swift action by the President’s medical team should be a challenge to women who should not hesitate to take their children to health facilities should their be any indication that their health may be in danger.

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  1. While we agree that transparency exhibited is commendable, the role of a Surgeon General or Physician General can’t be confined to the health of the president. This office, in countries where the office exists is charged with many more taxing roles vis-a-vis national health matters

    • Just tells you how narrowed priorities are by experts and the importance attached to the rest of the citizenry on health.

  2. This story on aljazeera made me to rush to ZNBC to find out what was happening. However, I remembered what Zambian politics is all about, I knew nothing tangible can be reported. To them everything is okay even when a situation is worse.

  3. Handlers “commendable”? Are you kidding me? This should not even have been allowed to get to this point. Make it seem like they had a choice. Lungu collapsed in public, what else were they to do? Give him a glass of water and prop him up? This is a sign of complacency on the part of the office of protocol. Before venturing into any public appearance event the president should always have his vitals checked and if they appears to be any signs of concern he is advised to delegate. You take no chances with “charlie” period. Now word is out that our president went down and might have a health condition. No amount of damage control can rectify this. Do these manguams know what would happen to the Dow Jones if Obama Collapsed in public? That’s how potential investors react to such news.

  4. The reality is that EL ought not to have officiated the ceremony. Damage has been done and no amount control will restore confidence. Mind you 2% will easily be swallowed. EL has already lost thousands of votes in 2016 if he survives. This is the third time in 24 months EL has collapsed. This is low blood sugar (Low energy content in body) disease. His muscles lack energy for him to stand for a long time. That is why he should not have officiated the ceremony. But for some reason. he and this is the consequence and is why am saying Presidency has been simplified. Otherwise how do you call this stunt.

    • Damage has only been done to those who think that it is not okay for other people to get sick. For many others who are more caring and sober, Edgar is recieving sympathy, actually, something Sata would also have got had he been open about his condition…

  5. The only good comment has come from “Loadist” . Surely the state house medical team bugled when they let a sick president go to officiate a public event. They don’t deserve any praise at all.

  6. Look you UPND dreamers and devil worshipers,even if PF happen to lose this president(God forbid),we shall still vote for any PF candidate and not a satan1st HH!!!PF for life baba!!get well soon president Lungu!!!

  7. He shouldnt have taken thiS taxing leadership role with such a history AND WE WERE WARNED DURING CAMPAIGNS .He knew better himself.Its bad for this nation.Selfishness is SIN.

  8. Eddy sat anyoko. go to hell. for you and the likes of you its all about tribe or party and not quality. for your information HH doesnt’ need state house to enjoy good health and wealth. life continues.

  9. nfintu ni lungu with no vision all projects on a stand still now paying hospital bills with the tax payers money with wage freez for two years. why are zambians thinking so low. you insulted guy scott muzungu wopusa in our language we say ndikandadziwa ndikaleka( had i known comes after a misery) remember RB needs a reward for the job done

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