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George Chellah is now moving around like a stray dog-Cosmo Mumba

General News George Chellah is now moving around like a stray dog-Cosmo Mumba

FILE: National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba mourns Sata
FILE: National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba mourns Sata

National Revolution Party President Cosmo Mumba has launched a sensational attack on former State House Press Aide George Chellah accusing him of having contributed to the fall in the PF’s popularity during late President Michael Sata’s reign.

Speaking on Pan African Radio Off the Cuff radio programme, Mr Mumba said people like Mr Chellah made the late Sata unpopular because they misled him into making unpopular decisions.

Mr Mumba also claimed that State House officials such as Mr Chellah blocked a lot of people from accessing State House to see Mr Sata.

He said Mr Chellah is now stranded and he is walking around like a stray dog after his friends abandoned him.

Mr Mumba also warned serving PF Ministers against being pompous and big headed.

‘Where is George Chellah today, he is a loner. He is walking around like a stray dog. He used to block all of us from meeting President Sata at State House,’ Mr Mumba said.

He added, ‘Today’s Ministers need to learn from people like George Chellah. They need to open their doors to people from all walks of life. Those Ministries are there to serve the people, they need to be accessible,’ he said.

Mr Mumba said he had a healthy relationship with late President Sata but that he has found it difficult to meet President Edgar Lungu.

‘These people must be careful with power. I Appeal to all Ministers that let them open their doors to their offices. All Ministers should embrace people,’ he said.

The NRP leader suggested that there should no appointments when seeing a Government Minister.

‘My suggestion is that these Ministers should meet a minimum of 30 people per day, that way they will be able to serve the people better.’


  1. Its Chellas’s right and freedom to move around as he pleases.

    Is there anything wrong with that?

    Cosmo, you go round begging and no body says anything, why attack George?

    • Useless talk, for a leader of a party?? this is what makes Zambians so dull, put serious issues affecting the country as part of your contribution than attacking an individual.

      Is it Chellah alone, what about others under RB and Mwanawasa??

    • Lol the reason he had a “healthy” relationship with MCS is because he used to give him money. ECL unfornately doesn’t want to meet him. So nalu bana. Just go and campaign on behalf of your wife in the Chawama by-election ba Cozmo. Not like she will win anyway!

    • @GEN, your’re a pure *****. You’re so in LOVE with HATE. He’s very young and he will be just fine. Actually, he had a life before Politics and and he will have a life better than yours MF.

    • He is saying the Breadcrumps on Lungus table are not easily accessible unlike Late Satas. That is all i got from him.

    • Ba Cosmo naimwe. . .u will get at least a kilometre long queue outside a Minister’s office! just like at UTH . . . .imagine meeting f**ls and Id**ts with nothing to do …just to talk about b!tches and beer . Give each of the loiters at least 20 minutes … day done and off to the golf club for some whisky. What time are these guys going to work!

    • Where on earth do you just walk into an office without an appointment. Appointments help to run things smoothly. It shows that Cosmos is a kaponya and has never been in a high position. Imagine if 100 people came at thesame time?
      He is so pathetic!

  2. He is not my cup of tea, but on this one I agree with Cosmo. Ministers should meet at least 30 people per day for them to appreciate what we are going through and get ideas on how to shape and implement policies. All Zambians pay tax in whatever form and it is from this that ministers draw their salaries and they should therefore be accountable to us who employ them by at least lending us their ear

    • Make that 9 hours-working hours. Infact make it 5. Because they are only available in the morning and they attend parliament at 2.30. They have other duties. They will never be productive if all they do is meet 30 people like Cozmo who by the way are only going to ask for money! This guy is a joker!

    • Not all Zambians pay tax. That statement is misleading. In well run countries supporters appeal to the area MP first then if the problem cannot be resolved it goes to the Minister. And anyway most MPs are ministers anyway. There is what you call channel of communication.

  3. If they (Ministers) embrace social media and other innovative platforms the suggestion to meet 30 people per day can easily be exceeded. The bureaucracy of having so many middle-men and restraints before accessing public offices needs dismantling. That way people like Chellah will be facilitators and not gate keepers as has been the case.

  4. Yhis interviews sounds like it is Mumba who is speaking like a stranded person. He is seeking to have access to ECL. All the best to you Mumba who survives on pleasing others.

    • He doesn’t even seek to please people, I suppose he is looking for a new pay master in E.L to sponsor his childish rants against the opposition and other innocent people. His own mouth will insult him one day because he abuses it so much.
      E.L, continue ignoring Cosmo.

  5. I remember very well how he was hiding the president’s illness. Not knowing that something can happen. In-fact people didn’t know that the president was sick.

  6. Ba Cosmo……If you are sued today, do you have the money to pay George? Do not just insult people like that in public. Be careful ka!

  7. Fwaka nachimela, George is not begging so what is yours did he ask for Kwacha from you. Give us a break go and get a job in Soweto market.

  8. George may not be a likeable person, but it’s wrong to blame him for “shielding” Mr Sata. Truth is there are more powerful people behind the scenes at State House than the Press Aide.

    • Mumba is wrong to blame Chellah for Sata’s mistakes. Sata was a adult and beside wasn’t it rumored that he never listened to anyone. Jealous Cosmos!

    • True he is the one who is feeling stranded and wants to deflect on to chellah meanwhile its a known fact he used to visit state house 24/7 under a certain presido I wont dare mention. I feel for him to relate himself with a stray dog….

    • Ba cosmo isoni ebuntu, ask yourself a serious question like “what contribution ve i made to this country to make Zambia a better country not only for myself but for all of us” advice: Stop living in your own fantasy world and face reality, I am so feedup of chaps like you. You keep waffling for a living “ati ba leader ne chisote cha boys brigade but insala yalikalipisha please this time around be on the quiet side maybe maybe pipo might forget your stupidity

  9. I read that the chap is featuring his wife in Chawama Constituency bye election. Hahahahahaha!!!!!! He requires a brain scan.

    • This Mumba clown also requires a mental evaluation at Chainama, I am offering to pay the fees on his behalf.

  10. Reading what this clown says makes me wonder why he’s ever in the opposition when all he’s best at is boot-licking whoever is Republican President at any given time.

    Good that H.E. ECL has ignored this clown because State House is not a circus ring. Entertaining this clown in State House and even giving him a glass of water there is a sheer waste of tax payers’ money. We are paying Edgar to attend to more important issues and not to mingle with such clowns.

  11. OK, let me see – meeting 30 people every day and giving each one 30 minutes requires 15 hours. And we know that Zambians love talking nonsense. So expect a minimum of one hour per person. Weber is time for doing Ministerial work, cutting private business deals, sleeping with the amai nini, etc. Not possible. This Cosmo is stoopid. Sata did himself and Zambia a lot of harm. Don’t blame the weaklings who surrounded him. That’s why he is dead.

  12. Cosmo and his NRP are the kind of “opposition” political leaders and parties that condemn genuine opposition leaders and parties such as HH and UPND. In Zambia, taking a genuine opposition stance is viewed as being an enemy. Even UNZA students who are supposed to understand modern government and politics have been so hostile to UPND for playing its role as an opposition party. They want a one-party state. If it can be helped, may God please forbid. Those of us who were born during colonial times and were educated and mature in the 80s and 90s appreciate the re-introduction of multi-partism. Zambia is doing comparatively well in Africa. This is why we hope our President’s contacts with Mugabe, Santos (dictators) will not lead to him being tempted to follow their example.

  13. National leaders must desist from insulting people with diffferent ideas and experiences. Tolerance is necessary in a democracy. Channels of communication can never be totally blocked. Each patriotic Zambian should utilize one of the options available to air their views. It is highly unlikely that one official can be held responsible for break down in communication when the media is open and free, particualrly the private media such as Pan African Radio.

  14. 30 people per day?? Assuming the minister work for 10 hours then he/ she needs to meet 3 people per hour. When would he/ she have time to do real work?? Ba Cosmos, when you have no points to share just shut up!! Secondly, if George Chellah has chosen to move around like a stray dog or even if he wants to move like a monkey from tree to tree, that is Chellah prerogative

  15. This is the second harsh attack on George challah in as many weeks. I wonder if George has any genuine friends left out there.
    It is however true that George was careless at state house and went too far on many issues but it has to be remembered that all that is now in the past and the chap should be left alone to reflect and move on.

  16. We need to introduce common sense tests to anyone planning to register a political party that way we will avoid clowns like this chap wasting our time. Complete nonsense and not newsworthy

  17. Cosmo Mumba…… is very useless… George Chella… did his role..as you are aware that sata was very sick throughout his stay in state house…. Its you who is wondering….i think George has a CV— HOW about you?

  18. I hate commenting on such issues but this one awe sure. If Minister sees 30 people where will he get the time to work on issues kanshi. This man is a joker.

  19. Cosmo Mumba is barking around like he has rabies! Leave Chellah alone, he was simply a worker who was a conveyor.

  20. BaLusaka Times naimwe ninshi you don’t know about objectivity in a news story? Why didn’t you give Chellah a chance to respond or even state that he could not get back to you if you tried contacting him? Journalism ya these days awe mwandi sure.

  21. The face tell it all. He is actually pleading with the current ministers and the President himself to open doors to him. Njala yamunyokola. Life is tough with this gentleman after Sata’s death. He has found it difficulty to meet Edgar or any of his ministers, therefore he is trying to show his relevance. He will make a lot of such statements in the hopes of attracting attention. Poor strategy especially when he tries to drag in George Chellah who has nothing to do with his poverty.

  22. Umukamba uyu lishilu saaana,koz naiwe efyo chita,u move around askin 4 money and beers in bars,esp pa kcc.r u afraid of competition frm george?

  23. I agree with nr 11 pa chifentelo indeed. Well Cosmo should know that Lusaka M.Ps are in their Constituencies every Friday afternoon after attending Parliament in the morning. If he wants to be President someday this are issues even the cadres know. They mostly leave MPs to do govt work during the week but converge at his/her office for issues to be discussed & follow up on programmes supervised by the Councilor. In this case Chifentelo has lost my thinking of voting for him. He wants to be harvesting frm each President.

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