Saturday, July 13, 2024

Kawambwa investor to extract ethanol from cassava


Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali says Sunbird Bioenergy Africa will support farmers in Kawambwa district to grow cassava for the extraction of ethanol.

Mr. Chimbwali said ethanol is a clean source of energy that will be used in the automotive fuel industry.

He told ZANIS that a bio-fuel company called Sunbird Bioenergy Africa will be extracting ethanol from cassava.

Mr. Chimbwali impressed happiness with the investment that was taking place in Kawambwa district which he said has created jobs for the local people.

He added that the investment has created 600 jobs noting that over 200 hundred workers from Kawambwa tea plant have been employed permanently.

Mr. Chimbwali observed that the investment would add value to the fuel processing skills in the country and subsequently reduce fuel prices in the country.

He confirmed that there were no displacements of people and that the investment would improve the local people’s lives.

Mr. Chimbwali has however called on more investors to invest in Luapula province because it has a lot of land and tourism potential.


  1. this is wishful thinking…like kenneth kaunda who said a farmer was going to extract ethanol(fuel)from Grass?
    again this comedy……. has resurfaced….
    its just a ploy by the investor…

  2. Luapula and western have provinces have immense potential for cassava plantations. Ethanol extraction will add value to these crops other than their traditional aphrodisiac potency. Sugar cane is another source of ethanol and we have enough such plantations. Blended fuel can add to consumer choices with varying prices to suit the consumer, way to go!

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