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Road Development Agency Board (RDA) CEO Bernard Chiwala fired

Economy Road Development Agency Board (RDA) CEO Bernard Chiwala fired

Avic International Deputy Director Liu Xiaodong (left) takes Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda (second from left), Local Government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda and Road Development Agency Director General Bernard Chiwala on an inspection of one of the roads under construction in Lusaka
Avic International Deputy Director Liu Xiaodong (left) takes Finance
Minister Alexander Chikwanda (second from left), Local Government and
Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda and Road Development Agency Director
General Bernard Chiwala on an inspection of one of the roads under
construction in Lusaka

The Road Development Agency Board has appointed Mr. Kanyuka Mumba as the new RDA Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Kanyuka was until his appointment RDA Director of Construction and Rehabilitation.

The board earlier terminated the contract of Mr. Bernard Chiwala and thanked him for his contribution to the agency.

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Permanent Secretary Charles Sipanje, who is also Acting RDA Board Chairperson, announced the development in Lusaka today.

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    • Bernard is one of the better person but he is fired due to his association with Zambian airways. He is close to Mr. Nchito and M’membe. Politics in hiring and firing is not good. One shall look beyond this and the implications it has on the moral, values and loyalty of the persons to the institution and effect of this on families and extended families.

    • Why can’t you close it ?The is a transport and communication minister .there are just all bandits , Willi nsanda you friend is die , aids kills even you stole billions like FTJ .fix the economy not hiring , firing and hiring . Kwacha is weak and you busy arresting UNZI students for asking.

    • Another Bandit is fired. Something gushy is going on, surely they want to hide the loot.

      Anyway, its seems Bandits are firing their own bandits. RB surely is another Bandit & I agree with you @Jacob. Why not investigate the chief mambala?

      The Skeleton Key


    • The reason he was fired is because he refused to divert funds from RDA to fund the PF campaign.

    • Good work board. We shall finally manage wrestle our RDA from the jaws of the hyenas. Nature is also on our side. First it was Sata, this morning it was Nsanda and now Chiwala…departing the RDA.

  1. What’s the reason, politics or cartel? thought these are Civil Servants? unless he was corrupt, it’s firing just like that?? what a country that why we cant move forward.

    So another EL appointed person to get the position?

    • Advertise these positions so that Zambians get the best to manage these parastatals. What is wrong with us as a country? Why have we allowed politicians to manipulate and abuse us like this? You complain a lot and yet when given an opportunity to change things for the better we throw away the opportunity. For example, PF supporters campaigned against enacting a new constitution immediately late president Sata decided to oppose its enactment despite having used it as campaign issue. They even started arguing that the constitution will not put food on our tables. What irrational reasoning was this when GRZ had already spent billions of Kwacha on the same. Just one person’s opinion against its enactment changed the thinking of all of us!! We are a fun lot indeed.

  2. Long Overdue. He has been a disappointment especially when it comes to adhering to contractual specifications by contractors. At times i feel we need to get rid of RDA coz these guys are doing nothing. Designs have to be contracted ,then why are they there?

    • @Zemuntu..etc. Zam-mbia et al..

      The problem was NOT Bernard Chiwala, PLEASE, let us think. The problem is the system which thrives on patronage. Use your brains. Who is Chiwala to operate professionally when he was surrounded by top PF politicians including the Head of State? The only options Chiwala had were to resign at the risk of being labelled opposition especially the dreaded and hated UPND and HH.

      Chiwala is just one of those Sata boys being purged to pave way for ECL boys. Even the new Board will be filled by the pro PF people who favoured ECL during the PF power struggle. Ruling party interests will always come first until there is clear separation of powers (independent judiciary and parliament) backed by a good constitution

  3. ECL will constitute a Board for RDA shortly.Looks like Mr. Kanyuka Mumba is a “clean” man.He has Zambia at heart & contractors fear him as he has refused to be compromised.Even in the “jungle of corruption” you will find honest people.Mr Mumba congrats & continue to fear God.

    • Let me see: Mumba is Bemba. A clean Bemba is a contradictory term, an oxymoron. He is appointed because he will support the new Chagwa Agwa order of the day.

  4. The same day RDA Nsanda is dead, the survivor Chiwala fired. Something is cooking up in the PF on how they mismanaged Funds meant for road projects.

    The clique is in charge trying to destroy evidence while the cartel is planning how to expose the RDA corruption scandals.

    Post and Watchdog pick it from here!

    There we go Zambia.

  5. People are amazing. In one breath we accuse the directors of awarding bogus contracts, in another breath a director is fired we complain. FDD wanted to know why the projects have stalled- here is the reason.

    • The reason projects have stalled is because your government is broke and not coz of Chiwala. Why being deliberately naive?

    • Chiwala was UPnd just like Masebo. Lesson No.1: DO NOT GET A POLITICAL JOB, HOWEVER QUALIFIED YOU MAY BE

    • Kwena ba PF mulifikopo. Firing someone is a solution to the projects which are on hold.

      Ndaje Kahks, please next time argue a bit more intelligently.

  6. …There is something wrong here. For some time now Nchito, Ben and Fred have been mates. Now that Fred and Nchiti have fallen out of favour with PF, could this be the reason for being fired??

    Does it mean that we should abandon the friends we met at school

    • @Kambwili 6.2……

      I am sorry to have to call a spade a spade, you are a pathetic liar.

      In any case who says UPND members and sympathizers cannot be appointed to manage projects in Zambia? Are they not Zambians? You really must be very naive @Kambwili. Are you so blind not to know that Deputy Ministers Poniso Njeulu, Monde, Siamunene are UPND MPs? So chaps like you, given a chance to be President (in Zambia anything is possible!!) you could divide the country according to voting patterns?? You and people who think like you are a danger to society. No wonder tribalism has thrived since 2011.

    • 7.2 Let me say this: The chap was getting instructions from HH to frustrate the link 8000 project and other road project

    • What does this stupid Bemba saying mean? Does it urge every able – bodied Bemba not to stop stealing?

  7. The boss dies, the junior is fired. Interesting reading. I’m sure they are hididing something.

    And just wondering, is Esther phiri a widow now? Yaba!

    • @comrade,,,

      Who told you that young people are not hard working already? They are hard working and better at managing in modern times with the technologies and current trends. Is that the reason you do not want to retire early to given them job opportunities?

      65 years retirement!!! It is crazy. I am 54 and I want to leave a relax with my grand children. In my efforts to cope with current technologies at the office, I am retarding progress. Yes, the young need guidance but they learn very fast. 55 years is more than enough to prepare anyone esp that GRZ gives loans to employees. I am more than ready to go.

  8. Engineer Bernard Chiwala is one of the few straight technocrats heading such a sensitive body like RDA. His firing is as a result of his unwavering adherence to ethics and the correct way of doing things. The idio.ts were failing to get contracts for the funders of Chagwa’s election and the only way is to get rid of him and bring in a weak chap who is desperate for a job and easier to manipulate. The funders of Edgar’s election are demanding for rewards and this is very real; it is happening and all you need is to observe Edgar’s behaviour from now onwards. These idio.ts are approving all sorts of shoddy deals for the sake of the pay-back-time that has caught up with them. Edgar’s ministers are just watching and taking advantage of the situation. We have thieves in government.

    • I know Bernard personally. He cannot give in to corruption and shady deals. That is why he is fired. There is definitely a rat in the bag. He He he heee. Ati nafuti nafuti bakaponya.

  9. It was a matter of time, honest people struggle to succeed in a world led by the corrupt. Mr Chiwala am sure worked in that position like Lot in Sodom & Gomorrah. I hope he looks at it as a blessing. Move on sir. (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard) 2 Pt 2:8

    • Agreed. I met him once. He is such a humble and principled man. He even shared some very encouraging words with me. My guess is he was kicked out because of his principles.

    • Amen kumishi on that passage of srciputre. He is such a humble and principled man. People should ask employees of Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) were he was a board member member. Mr Chiwala is not a being to be tossed about. All the best for the good works you did at RDA Sir.

      2 PETER 2:8-10 READS 8 (for as that righteous man lived among them day after day, he was tormenting his righteous soul over their lawless deeds that he saw and heard); 9 then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials,[d] and to keep the unrighteous under punishment until the day of judgment, 10 and especially those who indulge[e] in the lust of defiling passion and despise authority.

    • Shi mwana you are right! Honest people struggle in a corrupt world. More so in Agrica where there is no meritocracy. Why does Africa lag behind in development? Lack of meritocracy. This drops standards too because people are appointed on the basis of tribe, being weak. And easily corruptible.

  10. Congratulations Mr. Kanyuka Mumba. I believe you were born a leader. I remember you as Deputy Head Boy at Kabulonga Boys in 1990.

    • Oh, he is this young! Congratulations and good luck.

      Inkulo shesu bena Bernard, we were together pa University; such a diligent, straight forward and humble character. He once shared with me his grandiose plan for engineering projects in Zambia. I only hope all those ideas were institutionalized so that there can be continuity…

    • Another demonstration of Listening and Correcting by His Excellency President Lungu.

      The opposition complained of stalled Road Projects, and claimed lack of planning. We all know and heard from the same opposition groups; that the plans for regeneration were made under MMD before 2011 when PF took Office! Did you not hear that argument during election campaigns? The opposition try again and again to put down PF’s development programme and seem to tangle themselves in the elastic of their Nickers/Pants!

      Truth is we NOW have a change of Leadership at RDA at the time complaints have risen to a crescendo. Jobs a good ‘un,’ as the saying goes. We expect excellency as of now.

  11. @ Jacob 1.2!
    What language is that? Why cant you just comment in your mother tongue ( Tonga i presume) instead of embarassing yourself with that language you have used! I doubt if you can read what you have posted!

  12. This guy will be back soon. HE was fired by Sata, appointed PS, fired again, taken to NCC, then back at RDA. Don’t celebrate just yet.

  13. Chiwala is a honest man he managed RDA when it was heavily funded and he didn’t shake, now that there is no money you bring someone from MMD SOLWEZI SPECIAL ADVISER TO THE PRESIDENT FOR PROJECTS who has no qualification to come and supervise engineers, you think you have scored. shame ELO TWATEKWA NABAMAMBALA NOMBA. what coordination was he talking about in RDA when he has not managed the project himself? vengeance at work. MR CHIWALA GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BLESS AS YOU REMAIN HONEST BEFORE HIM, BE HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS FAILING GOVERNMENT

    • INDEED HE SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS FAILING GOVERNMENT. I regret for voting in P.F in 2011 thankfully I didn´t give them my vote on 20th January, 2015.

  14. Am sure Bernard will succeed in private business there comes a time when one needs to throw in the towel of public office and join the club of chasing after business, many a former CEO have moved on to better things. If one wants a life time job create your own company… there is a time for everything…

    • Aala Mando you are so clever!! How I wish many could read your comment. Most of us have spent years chasing for an ideal job; it does not come. Now its time to focus on our own job; self created. Thanks Mando.

    • What tribalism? I thought Tribalism was only for Bembas. Now a Bemba is kicked out – people still shout tribalism.

  15. Since when was the RDA Board appointed? That position of CEO RDA should have been advertised as in the times of RB or is it Mwanawasa and then interviews are held to pick the best. Zambia will never learn and operate optimally under PF.

  16. Hard luck to government for removing such a diligent and hard working Engineer by the name of Benard Chiwala; Such a diligent Engineer capable of raising a Company from oblivion to a major success story. Indeed straight people are never appreciated, that’s why Africa is far from developing.
    Am sure people he worked with at Nkana Water and Sewerage Company , Engineers Institution Of Zambia , CCPC and of Course RDA will testify how diligent this Engineer is.

  17. In Africa, after assuming power, each successive government wastes a lot of time and resources in unnecessary transfers, hiring and firing for it’s own political convinience and political ‘rewards’ unaware of it’s adverse effects in the long run. When then, shall we develop? The leading and the led are equally myopic. MAY GOD INTERVENE.

  18. As Zambians let us celebrate. Even though the fired CEO is your uncle, remember this morning when you drove on a 1950 looking road in Lusaka. He was part of the problem. We are Christians too, we know that some Christians are shady. Zambia being Christian should have the best and most hard working people period.

    • Nzelu you can be Christians too but not be Chirst like. For me thats why am not for the so called christian nation. This declaration will lead many souls to enternal damnation.

      Agree with you on this point you have said ´´Zambia being Christian should have the best and most hard working people period´´. But Christian we fail to follow Biblical teaching that instill hard working we want things to come on a silver plate. Like the now common prosperity gospel of sowing a seed.

      All the best for the good works you did at RDA Sir.

  19. This is good riddance – Chiwala never gave a toss about Zambians. He awarded contracts to foreigners — (95%) of big contracts went foreign firms under his reign. Never before has this been the case in the history of RDA. Mr. Mumba congrats and I hope you champion the need of Zambians

  20. Cleansing at work. First it was ZESCO and now RDA. Aren’t these the two guys who went to mislead the President at Mfuwe about how good they are at their work, even before he could settle down to appoint his cabinet and advisors?

    Next please?

    Okay but don’t fear anything if you are innocent in all respects, for Edgar will spare you.

  21. And if you are a member of the cartel or associated with it, better come clean or better still resign before you are disgraced.
    We are out to settle scores with the cartel. We elect Presidents but these unelected scoundrels aka cartel run our government, twachula pafula. Let’s bury them sealed and encapsulated in one inch of the hardest metal so that they do not get a chance to attend the day of judgment, otherwise they can conjure up some kind of nolle and get to heaven to continue their activities in that pure land.

  22. Another demonstration of Listening and Correcting by His Excellency President Lungu.

    The opposition complained of stalled Road Projects, and claimed lack of planning. We all know and heard from the same opposition groups; that the plans for regeneration were made under MMD before 2011 when PF took Office! Did you not hear that argument during election campaigns? The opposition try again and again to put down PF’s development programme and seem to tangle themselves in the elastic of their Nickers/Pants!

    Truth is we NOW have a change of Leadership at RDA at the time complaints have risen to a crescendo. Jobs a good ‘un,’ as the saying goes. We expect excellency as of now.

  23. One day I asked God if ever HH will be president of Zambia. God said; Yes he will but not in the life time of any zambian living today. I wished HH knew about this.

  24. The dismissal of Engineer Chiwala has not come with any surprises. He is a clean and straight forward man who cannot be if any solace to a corrupt regime. I know Chiwala as a highly credible individual who deserves to come out of this system if he has to remain above board. Some of his close friends exited heading public institutions at the earliest opportunity. It’s a pity it has happened this way to him but comes with no surprise to me.

  25. Bernard worked for Zambian Airways until the day it was dissolved. RB vowed to follow up everything who had links with Nchito or M’membe. Something will happen at ZNBC, Zambia Railways and at all institutions that received the Eurobond funds.

    Why is Lungu not commenting on the recent Auditor General’s report? Why the inertia in dealing with culprits who been stealing our funds?

    These Lungu guys are unto not good, they seem to be playing hide and seek but time is running out.

    • The SEER, Bernard left Zambian Airways before its demise. He was there for less than a year and started doing his own thing. Bernard is very visionary and naturally cannot fit in the panga mentality. He stayed longer because he reporting directly to Sata. Now that Sata is gone what do you expect when people who are destroying Sata legacy have taken over the reigns?

  26. Next in the line should be the MD of Indeni. As employees, we do understand that this MD has remained for long because of the favours he offers to the various high ranking officials. He has employed children/relatives to these officials who come in through attachments and next before everyone wakes up, they are on Indeni permanent payroll. Further issues happening at Indeni are as below;
    a) Continued employment of ‘friends’ some of whom retired 10 years ago. With a bloated workforce, the MD gives such staff 1 year contracts and he even says such people will not leave Indeni until he leaves .
    b) Lack of requisite qualifications-How can a certificate holder lead Indeni 50 years after Independence??? Is Zambia short of qualified people?
    c) Recently he facilitated the sale of company…

  27. Zambians amaze many who care to use their brains. A lot of bloggers’ comments are below Grade 7 standard of analysis. I did not say level of thinking. I said analysis. There is a difference. This partly explains the voting behaviour.

  28. Mr. Bernard Chiwala had his contracted by the Board who thanked him for his contribution to the agency.

    There’s no shame in this. No where is it stated that he was corrupt or incompetent.

  29. …………next please Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska, highly misplaced cartel member. Where in the world have ever seen a TB and Leprosy specialist is the chief adviser to government on matters to do with human resources and government operations? Msiska if do have a spine in your back resign before you are booted out.Go and screen patients at UTU chest clinic.

  30. The new RDA CEO MUST ensure that the Link 8000, L2000 and L400 projects are SERIOUSLY expedited for speed and quality and that ALL contractors get on their jobs as stipulated in their contracts.

    RDA has been giving a lot of excuses. Look at Great East Raod for instance, its a failed project!!. Short stretches like Silverest – Palabana road, Palabana- Leopards Hill road and Palabana Mwanawasa road totaling 67 km CANNOT take two years of implementation please. Lets work ba Mumba.
    To consolidate the monitoring of these projects, constitute an independent monitor

    Please Mr. Kanyunka Mumba, work and supervise these contractors ably for timely delivery of these projects. Also replace that poor steel barricade between Arcades and UNZA with concrete slabs like on Kafue road.

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