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Government defends President Lungu’s trip to China

Headlines Government defends President Lungu's trip to China

President Lungu talks Information minister Chishimba Kambwili shortly before departure at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for Angola on February 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu talks Information minister Chishimba Kambwili shortly before departure at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for Angola on February 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili has taken a swipe at Opposition FDD President Edith Nawakwi.

In a statement released to the media, Mr Kambwili said that Zambia there can be no development in Zambia today if Zambia decides to go it alone.

Yesterday Ms Nawakwi advised President Edgar Lungu to stop being a tourist by globe-trotting and instead focus on the country’s economic and social challenges.

Below is the full statement from Government


The utterances by opposition FDD leader Ms Edith Nawakwi have become boring.

She is so boring that she has transferred her irrelevance to a once vibrant party – the FDD.

But Government will not dwell too much on the irrelevance of a woman who once held key ministerial positions in Government but cannot point to any tangible achievement during her tenure as Minister.

Government will, however, not stand aloof and let Ms Nawakwi mislead the nation, especially that she once was a Cabinet minister.

Since His Excellency the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu won the Presidential elections last January, Ms Nawakwi, and a few hired political charlatans, have embarked on a smear campaign to discredit the President.

To his credit, the President, as humble as he has always been, has chosen to concentrate on what Zambians voted him for, and that is, to ensure the development agenda of the country is on course; to ensure Zambians have food to eat, to attract investors and ensure jobs are created, and to ensure education and health facilities are guaranteed.

Nothing will detract the President from this development agenda.

To achieve this, President Lungu’s tasks are multi-faceted, and that means, he is not a one track-minded President who will finish his term with one success story to tell.

President Lungu will look at all sectoral areas of development because the world is no longer a huge ball with closed compartments; the world is an open web in which no country can succeed without relations with others.

It is, therefore, preposterous in the extreme for Ms Nawakwi and others to claim that presidential trips abroad are unnecessary.

There can be no development if Zambia today decided to go it alone as we are not an island. The copper we boast about has to be traded whether raw or processed; we need investment to create jobs; and we need technological transfer to develop.

This is why President Lungu is in China.

China is the biggest market for Zambia and Africa as a whole at the moment. Locally, Zambia continues to benefit immensely from China’s investment in mines, schools, hospitals, roads, sports stadia and other social and economic infrastructure across the length and breadth of the country.

So, instead of issuing baseless attacks on the Government, the FDD leader ought to be reminded that Zambians todate, still await answers from her on her role in the Carlington maize saga.

Ms Nawakwi is a big hypocrite who knows how Government operates but because she has an ego to feed and because she has found a platform to feed from, she has embarked on a trajectory of lies.

Fortunately, Zambians know who Edith Nawakwi is, and would not waste a vote on her. The last election results are there for all to see.

Nothing will cause Zambians to vote for Edith Nawakwi. Nothing.

Government invites all well meaning Zambians to come forward and offer suggestions in the development of the country in a sincere and civil manner rather than specialize in trivialities and empty political rhetoric.

Hon. Chishimba Kambwili, MP

27th March, 2015A


  1. Always embarrassing how our leaders fail to address the real issues. I mean Kambwili being a govt spokesperson in itself is actually a joke

    • President Lungu went to China to procure more Textitles for Kambwili’s outfits since Kambwili has used up all the Chitenge in Zambia.

    • Edgar Lungu should fire Kambwili for corruption, the Fat Albert Cockroch has corruptly acquired a hector of land and put 40 mansions from the money he store during campaigns.

    • Please stop wasting time on these baseless quarrels and focus on real issues affecting the ordinary people.

      People voted PF because of what its promised to do for them. The late Sata spent time launching projects during his three years of presidency.
      The people saw what PF was capable of doing. Its for this reason that they elected ECL.

      Tone down on political rhetoric and do more work on the ground.

      Sometimes its best to ignore charlatans than create unnecessary platforms for useless exchanges.

      Please ubupuba shileni akainde

    • one day we went drinking. me, @Nostradamus, Edgar lungu na uyu `prof` Field Ruwe,,
      Sitted by the bar counter, The barman asks for our drink order

      Nostra: `tequila sunrise please`
      Lungu cuts in the conversation `me too`
      Barmans moves on to Ndobo `you sir?`
      Ndobo: `brandy and coke, lots of ice please`
      Lungu: `me also`
      Nostra looks at lungu
      Barman moves on to Ruwe
      Ruwe: `double whisky on rocks`
      Lungu: `me too`
      Nostra: iwe lungu what drink do you want kanshi? thats why hangover ikushupa,, dont do me too mu bar there is no HH here

    • She is actually far smarter than this other thing. Nawakwi a graduate of Imperial College in London – who can fault her abilities?

    • BUFFOON Kambwili has a brain that is a size of a frog; does he think being Minister of Information means that your job is to attack everyone who criticizes the lazy President, doesn’t this vessel know that these people are also taxpayers as its within their interests to criticise.

    • Choma Maure, it’s actually you and your party that are useless. With that attitude of looking others down will never win you elections. Fya chiputa bassi

    • Dear Chishimba how dire you spent precious govt time responding to a boring person. Please recall you are representing govt, hence remove your feeling to the issues and respond objectively and professionally. PF please take your spokes person for a short orientation course in effective communication and image building of the part and govt. It is not fair that the country is being subjected to this poor standards of statements attributed to govt machinery. Please Chishimba, learn when to react and when not to. Your opening statement seems you should have not reacted at all. And when you react be profession and to the point only.

    • Fat pig, you are dull. ask Singapore how they change their country. Who tells you that development come with global trotting?? Have a plan on what you want to achieve. going around will not develop Zambia. You are just finishing resources.

      Nawakwi is right.

  2. This sarcastic thing,,, Nawakwi only has a different view has she committed any sin? Thing issue of insulting whoever criticize the government especially women should not be tolerated.

    • “But Government will not dwell too much on the irrelevance of a woman who once held key ministerial positions in Government but cannot point to any tangible achievement during her tenure as Minister”.

      Kambwili, surely could you not address Nawakwi as a person without reference to her gender?

    • Mambala you are spot on , the only thing she did was the carrington maize scandal .Nothing she did that we can point at.

    • All Kambwili does is attack people who criticise the government. Is that his job description? There is nothing else he seems to do. He should learn to ignore sometimes. He is like a stray bullet!

  3. Honestly speaking ba Edith you are becoming a nuisance. The issues you are bringing about of late leave a lot to be desired. You nearly won some of our hearts last presidential elections but it now looks like this has gotten to your head and slowly you are degenerating into this ill attitude of just criticizing for the sake of it. Ba Edith, kindly engage the nation on more serious issues.You fully deserve Kambwili’s reaction.

    • @ Kwifulaminwe Kubunke

      Is it there one single government policy which does not merit criticism?
      Be factual please and try to understand that opposition can only point-out to the wrong-doings and unfortunately, in so far, there is absolutely nothing positive to be discussed.

  4. It’s just here in Africa and Zambia in particular that people of Kambwili’s caliber can be addressed as ‘honorable’. Honorable for what, give me a break!!!!!

  5. It seems Edgar Lungu has inherited all demons from rupiah Banda including a gallivanting one.

    I wish throat cancer kills him today, tomorrow may be too late.

    Too much moving. Are u a tourist you F00L?

  6. I think in all honesty madam Nawakwi is unnecessarily opening her mouth too wide! I remember even when late LPM took office he was labelled as a tourist! Am told in the American history Frank Roosevelt travelled the world more than any other president ! Let’s have originality in our opposition leaders thinking for once please.

    • @ kabulo-muleya

      Are you trying to compare a giant of international diplomacy and President of superpower with sickly “me to” of debt ridden and directionless President of Zambia ?
      Be real.

  7. Aka Kachinyo Ka Nawakwi Katombeni fye ichinyo chileke ukukalipa
    Kaya sana. Bushe e democracy iyi lyonse ukulabwabwata fye

    • What filth! As much as Nawakwi gets on my nerves sometimes, I would never use such language. It is really disgusting!

    • I see LT only censors English words. What has been uttered here in the known vernacular is worse that words like st.upid, fo.ol, and I’d.iot that LT consistently adorns in asterisks. What hypocrisy on a website!

    • Even the word tribal.ist is censored on L.T.
      That insult above, awe bane, insele sha ifyo iyo. Find an intelligent way of insulting people not those body parts and acts you are mentioning. While insulting Nawakwi like that, lets remember that somewhere out there, someone called ‘woman’ just like Nawakwi gave b.irth to you and I.

    • Stop spewing sewerage out here! You must be ashamed of yourself. Grow up and learn to debate issues presented.

    • Boy you don’t belong to any civilized society, that’s not the way to express your disagreement nor a way to represent your PF party online. Please find intelligent words and means to articulate your frustrations or points of view. I know for sure your own mother would be embarrassed with your immaturity. I hope you can comprehend my English and advice.

    • I originally gave this comment a wide berth though felt I should criticise the female abuse language. Denigrating a woman through inappropriate ‘body parts’ language and verbal ‘sexual acts’ visualisation is wrong. It’s abuse.

      Our Vice President, Hon. Wina has called for this type of conduct to cease. Let’s all attack these type of communicators. It’s the same as men who rape women in war as a weapon to break protest.

    • JL you might be exercising your freedom of speech but there is a limit. You can’t be insulting someone like this. Even as we practice freedom of speech let us be mindful that respect is paramount. LT why do you print insults?

  8. I dont understand the thinkin of sum pipo,the president stays at hom,its a problem,he travels its also a prblm.

  9. You people, dont be cheated, Lungu is in China for treatment.

    His coming here has nothing to do with the propaganda u are being fed. Lungu is extremely ill and anytime, the drunkard president can kick the bucket.

    Don’t listen to those propaganda.

    2016 VOTE HH,

    I thank You.

  10. (Dis)Honourable Kambwili should learn to ignore political nonentities like Edith Nawakwi. Don’t address anything and everything.
    Nawakwi should also chill out and take several seats or go Father Bwalya’s route, dissolve FDD and join UPND.
    Unnecessary noise from from two unnecessary people on the political scene.

  11. Nawakwi is far better than she presents herself. A good Female Politician going to waste. She needs to uphold her self esteem and not let her image down by entering the Ring to have a Mud Bath Wrestling challenge based on winning an inane and insane Popularity Cup.

    It’s indelicate and shows her in a mediocre light.

    • Patriot Abroad, Nawakwi’s done nothing to warrant this vitriolic tirade from Kambwili, apart from expressing a widely held opinion about EL’s wanderlust. This is a country in the grip of serious economic issues and EL isn’t guaranteed a second term to fix things. Shouldn’t he be seen to be focusing all his energies on trying to resolve these pressing issues on the home front instead of hoping from plane to plane? If Kambwili can’t understand Nawakwi’s concerns and respond to them in a civilised manner, he has no business holding that position. Kambwili behaves like a rabid dog being sicced after innocent people by a lunatic. Or are we expecting too much civility from someone who has never been taught basic manners?

  12. Kambwili is one of the reasons we are becoming a laughing stock as a country. This is the same man who apparently has built mansions on stolen land. Ever since PF came into power in 2011, we are on a downward trend. All sectors of our economy are struggling, how would the likes of Kambwili know, we pay everything for him and on top of that, they steal land & build mansions. 2016 is next year & with a partial drought, the effects will be felt big time. Get rid of PF & investigate the lot of them, including those that die by 2016 elections. The poor are struggling.

  13. @ Patriot Abroad am wowed by your super delicate use of the English language. So refreshing that you conveyed so much with so few words with no vulgarities…….thanks.

    • @offman2000

      Thanks! We are in the creative industry. Story telling, Script writing, Filming etc. So use of good language is good practice. Most important, though is Learning through good psychology at school and church, parental teaching how to communicate effectively with others.

      I have sometime used bad language when emotion has over whelmed!!! But regretted it immediately.

      We need to use our words not hit out! Losers use bad language to discourage others. They can’t win so they beat with words.

  14. How can a minister of information write this kind of a poor press statement honestly president Lungu fire this ***** or move him to the ministry of chiefs.

  15. Nawakwi Will Finish Herself Politically If She Follow The Style Of Politics Of Freemanson Hakalila Himwiine. She Has Become Boring In Political Circles Like Freemanson.

  16. Viva ECL!!!! Yappers never go away, just keep doing your thing like Kambwili suggests. God bless you Mr. President.

  17. Let us stop wasting tax payers’ money by sending ECL for treatment disguised as investment trips.The illness he has is terminal.Very sad that his supporters are falling to accept this fact.

  18. Its in PF DNA for PF cadres to be sarcastic in their debates.
    That’s typical of its founder late Michael Sata had filth foul mouth which is the outworking of current foul spewing from PF cadres.
    Lies of late Sata sickness are lies of Edgar Lungu’s sickness.

  19. government spokespersons should know when a politician is merely politicking or making a substantial comment on an issue. Nawakwi was politicking and Kambwili should have ignored her at best……but 16 heads of state and 80 countries are attending this development forum in China so its importance cannot be argued by the sane….learn to ignore some people please

  20. I think this Kambwili lacked parenting. These are boys who grew up in the streets and want everyone to behave like them.
    Just learn to market yourself Mr Copperstone Matero university where any degree is on offer!

  21. In 2012 a new African Union headquarters, built with a $200 million gift from China, was opened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It represented a real turning point in China’s growing influence in the continent. After decades of being patronized by the West, most African leaders are now facing east — shorthand for working with China — as their default position. Western diplomats are often reminded that their countries are no longer the only game in town.

    China’s investment in Africa is making it an indispensable player at a time when Africa’s economic fortunes are improving remarkably. China’s policy of noninterference in domestic affairs, especially on human rights, has a particular appeal among African leaders and contrasts sharply with Western nations’ rights-based rhetoric. China’s benign

  22. This “Mutemboshi”- “Human Crocodile”, should be on the banks of the Luapula River, eating fish, & threatening inhabitants of the Luapula river banks, instead of being in Government, continually blowing Hot air. “Big K” is Not fit for governmental purpose!

  23. Iwe ka nawakwi nga twatukana ati tamulecindika abanakashi fyobe fyo i ll report you to big KAINGU so that he fires back wila tubelesha if pipo didnt vote for you ni ECL walengele?nga chalikukalipa jst insult us leave Edgar alone…carefull

  24. So style now is : any comments —- shower them with all sorts of insults and unprintables ??? Get a life Kambwili iwe.

  25. I support honourable kambwili for that good response.That is the work of a gov,t spokesperson,to inform and defend the president and the gov,t of the day in particular and also to respond to any critisisms from these political yoyos.2016 lungu for president.


  27. Nawakwi has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that she is a very noxious and vicious selfish woman. She can manage to deceive a sector of the uninformed Zambian people, but not all Zambians are endowed with impaired minds. Where does she invest her morals when Nawakwi herself, during Sata’s tenure of Office, was on that batch of delegation that accompanied President Sata on a shopping spree to New York.

    If Nawakwi has any trace of moral uprightness, what kind of responsibilities does she hold toward the married women? If you live in a glass house never throw stone missiles at the people. AMEN.

  28. Here is a fact: except for the ncwala ceremony, Lungu has not set foot on any Zanbian soil besides Lusaka. He is more at home away than in. Maize has prematurely dried up and has not shown leadership by assuring the nation things will be under control. He only gives directives when under pressure. Edith Nawakwi will push hard like a realistic opposition leader to pump sense in the leadership. If she is boring, Chishimba should take no issues with her. But consider his tantrums that you only hear when women are fighting over a man. Shame

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