Saint Ignatius Catholic Church acting Overseer Father John Mwewa has urged leaders to emulate the humility of Jesus Christ.

ZANIS reports that in his Sermon to mark the beginning of the Holy week as Christians world-wide celebrated Palm Sunday today and the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem on a donkey, Father Mwewa said even if one suffered in life, they should seek God first because he answers all problems.

Meanwhile, despite the heavy rains that characterised the early morning in most parts of Lusaka, eager congregants from St. Ignatius Catholic Church soldiered on and marched their way through the rains to signify the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.

Fr. Mwelwa urged people to be honest with themselves and change their attitude towards God due to the fact that at the slightest provocation humans tend to shun away from God.

He encouraged people to have faith in God and that in the face of suffering they should turn to God instead.

And Parish Priest Father Charles Chilinda said today’s celebrations marked the Biblical triumphant entry of the Son of Man into Jerusalem.

Palm Sunday is celebrated the world-over by Christians as an important activity in the calendar which marks the beginning of the Holy week leading to the crucification of Jesus on Good Friday and his rising from death three-days later.

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  1. A few corrections:
    1. The Catholic Church does not use the term “Overseer”
    2. Father John Mwelwa is the Parish Priest at St. Ignatius Parish
    3. Father Charles Chilinda is not the Parish Priest


  2. Is Zambia a Christian nation? They rush to comment on politics expressing their divergent emotions but no interest on biblical matters. The only comment comes from a critic (@# 1). Behold He is coming, beware to be caught unawares.



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