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Bowman Lusambo calls for respect for women in Politics

General News Bowman Lusambo calls for respect for women in Politics

A jubilant MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo dancing at Mongu airport
FILE: A jubilant MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo dancing at Mongu airport

LUSAKA—As MMD youths, we wish to add our voice to the debate on the need to respect women especially those involved in politics.

Evidently, the debate was sparked off by an article in a tabloid newspaper which misquoted Education Minister and Mwandi MP Hon. Michael Kaingu over his remarks directed at his Namwala counterpart Moono Lubezhi.

The records show that the news article was manufactured by a Journalist who wanted to twist the context in which Dr Kaingu referred to Hon. Lubezhi.

Records have shown that Dr. Kaingu did not call Hon. Luzezhi a prostitute but merely mentioned the name Dorika in the conversation.

Even renowned Comedian Bob Nkosha who popularised the name Dorika has clarified in a Daily Mail article that Dorika does not mean a prostitute but a woman who is courageous and ready to go places.

We know that Dr Kaingu has shown great maturity and leadership by apologising for any injury caused but we wish to use this opportunity to make a few observations about the demands for respect from our female politicians.

As expected, some female politicians such as FDD’s Edith Nawakwi and NGO leaders like Sara Longwe, Emily Sikazwe and Regina Musokotwane have jumped on the occasion to castigate Dr Kaingu and other male politicians calling them chauvinistic and rotten.

As young politicians, we wish to place it on record that the current debate centred on sexism is unfortunate and is draining the country’s energies off the much focus on development.

We also wish to caution our female politicians especially to be very careful on how they conduct themselves in public because they will be judged by their actions.

The manner in which Ms. Nawakwi has been attacking H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu is uncalled for and rather unfortunate.

We find it ironic that Ms. Nawakwi finds it so easy to raise the gender card when she is attacked and yet is has been insulting male politicians her entire political life.

Ms. Nawakwi should be reminded that the nation has not forgotten how she continuously insulted late President Dr Frederick Chiluba even when Dr Chiluba never insulted her back.

Late President Dr Mwanawasa and even former President Rupiah Banda also received their own fair share of insults from Ms. Nawakwi’s handbag of insults.

From our standpoint, Ms. Nawakwi should be the last person to protest whenever she is insulted because her entire political life has been fed on a diet of insults.

Furthermore, the failed attempt to drag the life of young Iris Kaingu in this debate is cheap and unfortunate. The action by the tabloid to scan Iris’s Twitter and Instagram accounts for tweets and photos for publication is another desperate act of Journalism.

What we know is that Iris is an adult who was enjoying her private time at a beach and was appropriately dressed for the occasion. What we however find fascinating is how Iris’s bum shots found themselves on the front page when such images are all over on the internet?

We can only conclude that there is a malicious campaign by some desperate individuals to prolong a rather unfortunate debate which lacks focus except that it involves Dr Kaingu who happens to be Iris’s father.

Our call on the nation is to refocus its energies on addressing key national issues such as unemployment and poor health care than prolonging a debate which should never have been there in the first place.


  1. All women should be respected. Period.

    But some of these politicians (both men and women) should respect themselves first.

    • IndigoTyrol, my thoughts exactly. Every woman should be respected regardless of whether they are in politics or not. What is this, “especially those involved in politics?” The problem with politics is that the politicians themselves don’t respect each other. This has trickled down to the cadres who insult everyone. And we are not talking about insults like, stupid or foolish. They use private parts words and it is wrong. Zambia has become a nation of insults and threats. And we say we are a Christian nation!

  2. On this one Lusambo u are 100% correct the post and UPND Alliance is soo desperate and are ready to do anything to bring Edgar Lungu and his govt down. Surely what was wrong for young Iris to enjoy her holiday in that manner? these same people sponsor shows of Miss Zambia, Miss Hone College, Miss UNZA and many more fashion shows where these photos even worse than of Iris are displayed openly, PLZ BA UPND stop being petty politicians, your hate of Hon. Kaingu will just consume your political fortunes in 2016. I think now Lusambo you hv come to senses of being political independent not following what NEVERS MUMBA tells u to do like what you were doing last year, mwaiche wandi if u want to be proper politician come out of NEVERS MUMBA he is not going anywhere am happy with your new stance.

  3. Bowman Lusambo is a Chula afwile intangalilwa. He is neither going nor coming. The chap is a fool. He doesn’t know what he wants now.

  4. Well said Bowman women should be respected and PF politics is all about insults; As Zambians we have lost our dignity. And yes Nevas Mumba should be removed from the MMD he is Judas Ascariot, he is just waiting for a position in the PF and he will abandon the MMD as he did his own party.

    • Ooh Lusambo is being tutored by Nevers Mumba school of morality and integrity. Mumba is the rightful Lusambo’s God Father.

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