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Voter registration to kick off from 17th August to 16th October 2015

Headlines Voter registration to kick off from 17th August to 16th October 2015

ECZ director Priscilla Isaac s
ECZ director Priscilla Isaac s

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has announced that the voter registration exercise will commence on 17th August to 16th October 2015.

In a statement, ECZ Public Relations Officer Raphael Phiri, the exercise will be conducted at designated voter registration centers and at civic centers of all the councils.

Mr. Phiri said the voter registration shall be conducted by mobile teams which shall be based at each gazetted voter registration centre for 14 days and will move from one centre to the other.

He said the teams will move from one centre to the other according to the schedule t be published by the Commission.

“During the exercise, the Commission will register new voters, remove deceased persons from the register, transfer voters on application from one polling station to the other and replace destroyed or lost voter’s cards,” Mr Phiri said.

He added, “Every person shall be qualified for registration as a voter who is a citizen of Zambia, has attained the age of 18 years as at July 2016 and is in possession of a national registration card.”

And the ECZ says upon closure on 16th October, the registration of voters will continue at the civic centers of all city, municipal and district councils up to 31st March 2016.

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  1. ….at least we know that all Tongas are already registered.

    Abena Chipata na ba North!!!! Na tuleyeni mu ku chita register!!!!


  2. come 2016, we will all vote and put the “majority and minority” thing to rest.
    regionalism has gone too far…

  3. Tribalism talk has gone to far too. 2016 Lska p, cb p, central p nwp, wp nd sp we must vote in large numbers to prove some thugs wrong about this animal of tribalism and nega nega formula.

  4. ECZ will you provide means for people to travel to councils? After October to march. Or maybe their votes do not count?

  5. For Gods Sake!!! Why Register Voters when PF government Import illegal voters from Tanzania and Congo, they come to vote at Midnight before the actual polling date??? Why do we hear track ferrying people from one point to another at midnight? Who doesn’t these criminal activities which have already been confirmed by Winter Kabimba in the past???
    Wake Up mother Zambia let us have an electrol system like Nigeria has where everyone will have finger prints.

    The NRC system of the Immigration is the worst in the world, becuase its outdated, corrupted and worse of no accurate record keeping!!!

    What a shame!

  6. I do not Understand why the period for this registration exercise is kept too shot. Is there any thing behind this Limitation or its lack of resources?

    It took me days to manage my registration last time because of poor timing by people in charge that frustrated most electorates.

    Please keep it open all the time till when elections are about to be conducted. From experience I can tell everyone blogging here that More than 30% of eligible voters in Zambia are not yet registered.
    Enjoy wisely.

  7. The Government announced a mobile National registration issuance campaign that starts in places like Southern province in October…long after the voters registration is complete..isn’t that institutionalised rigging?

  8. ECZ must wake up to the call by Zambians that the period is too short. ECZ would have started this exercise some time back. I do not understand why we we pay tax only to pay salaries for these ECZ useless beings who are among the lazy organization that Zambia has ever created. We are already seeing some scheming in the whole process. Some times I wonder why this ISAAS Lady is so short sighted, I would rather have KALALE who was not hiding his corruption than this lady who thinks she is not corrupt and yet she tops the list of corrupt people in Zambia surpassing even polioticians. Can ECZ right away now kick star the exercise, why wait for August that is some 3-4 months away. OH my beloved country Zambia, what a shable you are in with this high level of illiterancy.

  9. Spare time and register as a voter. 60 days is enough time. Dedication is the secret. One day to a serious person is worth than a year to a pushover. Many noisy “supporters” do not vote but just irritate others with tribal political remarks. How can you enter a battlefield unarmed. Play your role or regret ever afterwards.

  10. The best thing one need to do is visit ecz and educate yourself with happens there. I know some of you think ecz job starts and ends when there is an election. Knowledge is better than just to be criticising everything blindly.

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