Use Easter period to reflect and reconcile with one another, Church urges Zambians


Council of Churches in Zambia Secretary General Reverend Suzanne Matale has advised Zambians to use Easter as a period of reflection, reconciliation and embracing one another.

Reverend Suzanne Matale said Easter is a sign of love which the Lord himself express by sending his only son Jesus Christ to die for humanity.

‘It is with great pleasure that we as a Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) join the Christian fraternity in celebrating this years’ Easter, as we remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ,’ Reverend Matale said.

She added, ‘I would like to remind all Zambians that this period comes with an opportunity for each one of us to reflect on the relationship with God and with one another especially in light of the post-election atmosphere.’
‘As we celebrate Easter, we must to put aside any differences, whether political or tribal or personal and pursue reconciliation to embrace one another.’

Reverend Matale continued, ‘As we celebrate the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ, may his resurrection as believers interpret into new beginnings for us as individuals and the country in the quest of moving forward for the betterment of our lives.’

‘I would like to advise all people in Zambia to observe this period with high caution of dangers that might arise associated with the excitement such as substance abuse. It is our plea to all Zambians to refrain from all activities that will endanger their lives by focusing on living a Christ like life.’


  1. Yes u shud also remind ba airtel to stop stealin frm their airtime disappeared mysteriously yesterday,up2 nw they r still workin on it.ifyabupubafye

    • The economy is weak and we are starving . Don’t care about Easter need food in own houses , you got everything in state house and we don’t .why can’t you please talk about the economy ! Since you become president you have never said anything or trying to fix the economy . Zambian s deit is $80 billion now , next few months it will be $100 billions . Got some many cabinet ministers , why can’t you only have 6 or 10 due to the economy . Ministers, duty ministers , permanent secretaries.each ministers with 3 ministers ? All getting paid tax pays money . Even South Africa does not even have so many .

    • Kibusiwu Jacob, Friday has arrived in Australia I see. What have you been drinking. That beverage is affecting your sentences hahahaha. 100 billions.

  2. I waited for this Easter to reconcile with Ba Sata, unfortunately he…
    Edgar need to reconcile with the good man Guy Scott and Wilbur Simussaa. Edgar umutima ububi….

  3. why do you speak about airtel instead of focusing on the message that the woman of God has shared? be serious with your attitude not all the time in life is used on negative things. GOD loves you have a change of approach.

  4. Zambia is a Christian nation, our Church head bodies should be preaching these messages everyday like how we used to have the epilogue prayers on TVZ.

    Mulumele Basali ni Bana. Viva president Nawakwi.

  5. There is a very big difference between a Christian nation and a God-fearing nation.The former is just a title and unless the people follow the latter, they will continue suffering and that country is headed to collapse unless it repents. If the mentality of most of the bloggers here represent the image of the whole country, then it is not headed to the right direction. Divine connection is urgently required.

    • What the hell is Good Friday? All i know is that today i will have a juicy bloody T-Bone Steak!!!

      Gosh! U gotta examine ur beliefs.

  6. Really laughable …so you Africans believe that some one can die or be murdered, speared on Friday on a cross mysteriously wake up in a tomb on Sunday and move a one tonne door on the tomb entrance and be eating dinner with his “boyfriends” that night.
    There is no evidence whatsoever…the script writers have played you and owned you ..wake up from your folly.
    Use this holiday for community building and studying about self…you are greater than all this rubbish in the bible; you are sons and daughters of great kings and queens of great civilisations who built cities and towns were before Christianity was created..wake up!!

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