FOOD Reserve Agency (FRA) executive director Chola Kafwabulula says the agency has so far raised K264 million from the sale of 180,000 metric tonnes of maize out of 1.2 million tonnes available in strategic reserves.

Mr Kafwabulula said in an interview yesterday that FRA is cautiously selling maize in order to create space.

“We are monitoring the maize stock as advised by the vice-president. The sales are going on but at some point, we will stop,” Mr Kafwabulula said.

He said the sale of maize is meant to be a ‘balancing act’ to create room at storage sheds for this year’s harvest.

“We have a challenge with space. We are renting about 30 percent of the storage sheds from the commercial sector.

“We cannot disobey the advice of the vice- president. We are closely monitoring maize stocks,” Mr Kafwabulula said.

Ms Wina recently told FRA to handle the ongoing sale of maize with caution.

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  1. Good progress. ECL is marking the register. You know that mwamuna nipamimba! We need a lot of maize and some parts of the country do not have enough due to bad weather conditions. Again well done FRA. Buy and distribute fertilizers and seeds in time this year please.


  2. 200 years after the Ngoni shangani and Ndebele Fled from ShakaTHE Zulu haven’t changed: Durban – Attacks on foreign nationals continued in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday night, when shops in Umlazi and KwaMashu were torched.

    Police officers in Umlazi repeatedly called for backup during the night, according to a police source who did not want to be named.

    “We had an incident in V Section near the church, where a shop owned by a foreign national was set on fire by a mob of suspects. Later there was another fire which we believe was set by local people at a foreign-owned property in G Section,” he said.

    Police spokesperson Major Thulani Zwane confirmed the attacks in Umlazi.

    “We have had several cases in Umlazi overnight where shops were



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