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We have not abandoned plans to re-establish a National Airline-Mukanga

Economy We have not abandoned plans to re-establish a National Airline-Mukanga

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga (left) addresses new Zambia Railways Board members at his office as the new Board Chairperson Davies Chama looks on in Lusaka
Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga
(left) addresses new Zambia Railways Board members at his office as
the new Board Chairperson Davies Chama looks on in Lusaka

GOVERNMENT has not abandoned plans to re-establish a national airline, Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga has disclosed.

Mr Mukanga said plans to establish the airline are still active and are in the pipeline.

The minister said in an interview recently that Government will at an appropriate time release to the public details of the national airline and how it will operate.

“We have not abandoned plans to re-establish a national airline. We are actually progressing well. The process seems slow because we had to do a fresh Cabinet memorandum so as to get approval to proceed but we are still waiting for a response from Cabinet.

Once Cabinet makes a decision on the direction, operations and funding modalities, the nation will be informed,” he said.

Mr Mukanga said a statement on how the airline is expected to perform financially was submitted to Cabinet.

He said the Patriotic Front (PF) administration is determined to ensure that a national airline is re-established to contribute to the country’s growth.

Mr Mukanga said the ministry has been consulting and engaging various stakeholders on how best to achieve the dream.

“It is in the pipeline and you will soon see these happening. We are more than committed to having an airline, No jokes about it,” Mr Mukanga said
He said there are a number of investors that have expressed interest to partner with Government in setting up the airline.

Mr Mukanga said the Zambia Air Force has also been engaged to identify trained pilots and air hostesses in preparation for the launch of the national airline.

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    • Pf is good at “building castles in the sky” I wonder if they do have national priorities that are aimed at improving quality of life!!

  1. Why all this maverick plan to set up a National Airline when bigger economies like South Africa are being subsidised by their government.
    Just make the KK Airport and airport of choice due to Zambia being land linked and people will have more choices in flying in and out of the country.
    Service industries like Fuel,Food duty free shops etc will follow and create more employment for our people.

  2. National Airlines are critical assets for national development. The impact of national airlines is felt in professional literacy, technology, tourism promotion and national pride. The national airline when well managed by competent professionals with Government support is profitable.

    • Do you know difference between “National Airline” and “Flag Airline”?

      Please limit your contributions to the extent of your knowledge.

    • This is the catch phrase of the 1970’s, today only Qatar and UAE make a profit on their airline because they give it cheap fuel. if SAA can’t make a profit over the last 25 yrs why would Zambia?

  3. Hon Minister, first and foremost before this airline is implemented, please work on the national transport policy first. This should be the guideline for all transport related business in the country, how could you be issuing licences to foreign airlines and transport companies without safeguarding your own local companies first. This issuance of permits should be on reciprocal basis country to country, thats when you are going to see how useless Zambia is as a country in the region. The case in point foreign companies are now being allowed to operate locally when in their countries, Zambians can not be allowed eg Rwandan air, intercape mainliner, Insight from Namibia have even registered their buses in Zambian number plates and now they intend to open Lusaka -joburg route. Who is there…

  4. Is Mukanga ok upwards? he is so much obsessed with establishing a National Flag Carrier even when all reason says its impossible at the moment, and not in the next 30 years.

    • Displaying his stup!dity in public!

      Investors will sell him a jumbo jet that can’t fly and walk away to the bank smiling at this ID!OT.

      And we the taxpayers will have to pay for it!

  5. Can you hut up Mukanga! We have heard this song so many times and our ears are tired of your music without action.

  6. I think there is something wrong with Mukanga and his ilk. Did he read Kalima Nkonde’s analysis about why he should abandon the dream on Lusaka times! I guess he was in China and our politicians do not read because there busy on calculating how many bags of cement the per diem in china will buy! Or how chickens and cows are doing on farm! Involving ZAF in commercial project is the dambnest thing any government can do! Only stupid and dull ones do! Mukanga, get your priorities right as we do not have the money unless you have personal interests from foreigners who want to team up with us!

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