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Police warn wedding and funeral processions to obey road traffic rules and regulations

General News Police warn wedding and funeral processions to obey road traffic rules...

THE Zambia Police Service has advised people using vehicles during wedding and funeral processions to adhere to road traffic rules and regulations.

Police spokesperson Charity Chanda said in a statement yesterday that bridal parties should desist from sitting on car windows and standing up through sunroofs because doing so makes drivers lose full control of the vehicles.

“This also obstructs other road users as well as endangering people’s lives.

Members of the public are being reminded that there is no law in this country which exempts people from committing offences simply because they are celebrating or conducting a procession,” Mrs Chanda said.

She said it is an offence for people not to obey traffic rules and regulations during any procession, including weddings and funerals.

“It is also the duty of the drivers of vehicles ferrying such passengers to make sure that they conduct themselves within the provisions of the law, failure to which such a driver will be charged accordingly,” Mrs Chanda said.

She warned that police officers countrywide will be on the lookout for motor vehicles with such passengers in order to bring sanity to roads and to protect people’s lives and property.

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  1. This nonsense can only be tolerated in Zambia where there are no civic laws. with all the accidents in Zambia, why would people risk their lives standing? Prevention is better than cure. Fine them heavily when you catch them

  2. The warning by the Police Service is timely. According to our Zambian culture, both weddings and funerals are supposed to be conducted in a decent, civilized manner. But what we are seeing today is totally unacceptable. Yes, let the police enforce the law.

  3. …..this topic has come up again…..??…its barely a few months ago when it came up and bloggers as usual posted brilliant suggestions/advice….I’m disappointed to learn that all the time and effort we bloggers put in (on every topic) to advice all goes in vein….
    ….only if individuals, institutions such as FAZ, authorities and especially politicians took time to peruse through comments posted on online tabloids, few things can change for the better….there is a Bemba adage….’limolimo amano yafuma mwifwesa yaya muchulu..'(bembas please correct me if the phrase is wrong)…..comments from bloggers should not be trivialised….ofcourse some are misplaced but a lot do convey sense…

    • ….as usual we are waiting for a catastrophe to occur first before authorities to firmly act….everyone including the authorities know the dangers and risks not only during weddings and funerals but also during political campaigns…..

    • Zambians dont like to read, thats what the problem is…Bloggers offer free advise but these guys dont take the time to read…same way we dont like to read books which offer free solution/methods etc for things..thats why we are behind…

  4. @scrutinized
    That’s why you cheat yourselves that by supporting U5 online and posting all sorts of unprintables reaches the people at the grass root never.
    Online comments starts and ends here thats why yo U5 keeps losing because yo comments never influence anybody.

    • @Sponge…
      …..I guess your brain matter is as sponge as your name…..it cannot hold any sense at all…..read my suggestion again and again….and make sense out of it…

  5. What about during political campaigns – maybe wearing party regalia means it is allowed to sit on car windows, obstruct other road users, and endanger people’s lives?

    • You cannot have one set of rules for normal citizenry, and another for the crazies (C5, cadres, wedding parties and funeral processions). So 1) Discipline your own children (C5) before you 2) start yapping about indiscipline in your community (wedding parties, funeral processions and cadres). By the way how many warnings will you give before you ACT already. Its getting really boring. 3) Another tip on the funeral processions is that they use vehicles with no fitness no roadworthy certificate because they know you dont have the guts to stop them. 4) Oh by the way they dont stop at traffic lights, four way stops or any other reason except reaching their destination. So there you have it 4 points now go and work and don’t come back in a month or two to announce that you are warning them.

  6. “Members of the public are being reminded that there is no law in this country which exempts people from committing offences simply because they are celebrating or conducting a procession,” Mrs Chanda said.” I AM NOT ENTIRELY SURE THE FOREGOING STATEMENT WAS MEANT TO COME OUT THE WAY IT HAS. In any case, the police have a point. There is too much lawlessness on the road, especially during wedding processions.

  7. The laws appear very good on paper but hardly implemented on the ground. Haven’t you ever witnessed people dying in road accidents on their way to or from a funeral adding more grief to grief? Road safety begins with you and me.

  8. Please ZP Traffic Section you need to be active all the time. We are talking about things you know and it should not take death’s for you to sound active. Look at the trucks carrying logs. We only see them at the Police impounded when they have killed or caused deaths e.t.c. Do your jobs officers. As for weddings start by arresting SHIBWINGA NO MUKASHI because these are the ones always sponsoring their such actions.

  9. Students of English, please help: Do you warn to obey? Or do you warn against disobeying? I have a slight problem with the English used in the heading of this article.

  10. Worldwide fenural procession dont obey normal traffic rules.those who reside in usa and hav attend burials can attest to this.its mandatory to pull aside whn the vehicle carrying the casket is aproaching.its just respect to the dead.

  11. Especially pf cadres , they threw a burning cigarette in my car at my daughter while rushing to go and meet the president when he was coming fom china.

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