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President EdgarLungu appoints legal advisor, West PF boss

President Lungu at Labour day in Lusaka
President Lungu at Labour day in Lusaka

PRESIDENT Lungu has appointed Lusaka lawyer Sukwana Lukangaba as special assistant for legal affairs at State House.

President Lungu’s special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda said in a statement yesterday that Mr Lukangaba has been practising at Mweemba Chashi and Partners of Lusaka.

And President Lungu has appointed Charles Mututwa as chairperson of the Western Province Patriotic Front (PF) interim executive committee.
The President has also called on the new executive to be all-embracing as it mobilises membership to the ruling party.

Mr Mututwa will be deputised by Evans Chipman while Mulenga Tembo is the secretary.

The position of treasurer will be held by Queen Kakoma and Max Mbuji will be the deputy treasurer. Mark Siwale will be information and publicity secretary and a Mr Papama will be the vice-information and publicity secretary.

Inonge Mubuyaeta is the provincial chairperson while Honzly Mangwato has been appointed youth chairperson.

PF secretary-general Davies Chama confirmed the appointments in a statement in Lusaka yesterday.

The President has called on all party members in the province to co-operate with the interim committee as it embarks on a mammoth task of mobilising the party’s structures and conducting elections at all levels of the party.

President Lungu also called on the interim executive to be all-embracing, as they, together with other PF members, have an inescapable duty to recruit new members to grow the party.

The President said the PF is home to all and its doors must always remain open to all would-be members.

Meanwhile, Mr Chama has started touring Eastern Province on a membership mobilisation drive.

He is expected to meet party members at all levels. He will also receive reports on the harmonisation and extent of integrating structures from the MMD.

While in Eastern Province, Mr Chama is also expected to prepare the party towards and beyond the upcoming by-elections in Malambo and Petauke Central constituencies.

“The secretary-general is consolidating the call by President Lungu to PF members across the country to recruit and embrace members,” a statement from the PF secretariat reads.

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  1. Barotseland the land of my Forefathers.

    I Love You Barotseland!

    Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu.

    The Skeleton Key

  2. PF is in Campaign mood all the way to 2016!!!! I don’t expect much developmental issues with the ECL team apart from eating and swallowing wholly the MMD carcass.

  3. What is wrong with AG Chambers to necessitate “personal” assistant to the President?
    Another parasite to “chew” tax-payers money?

    • No this is a necessary evil he facilitates legal issues with the AG as number one doesn’t have the time its better than Sata who shot from the hip….

    • What is wrong with AG Chambers? Did you not see their preliminary submissions at the tribunal? Mutembo made them look like kids! That is what is wrong with AG’s chambers. Their is are heightened levels of “incompetence or malice or both..”!

    • @ mando
      And what Hon. Minister of Justice will do now? Retired? Abolished?

      @ WS
      If I understand you correctly, AG and SG are sort of “learned” incompetent/malicious quacks? If so, why not terminate theirs appointments?

  4. PF is growing in Western province and UPND will lose at least 30% voter support in 2016.
    hh is in for 5=0 beating in 2016.
    Replace hh with someone who can stand this onslaught leashed in WP
    Wapya munzi 2016 EL Chabe

  5. Is the appointed among the 30% that are corrupt or is the APPOINTING AUTHORITY the corrupt one. Save us from these stupe stats. Just get on with it.

  6. @skeleton (masapo abulozi) na kutwa fo!. … And this lungu of theirs, political party appointments are not national bussines therefore announce to your party members not the nation.

  7. It makes sense for LUNGU to rearrange the structures in various regions, becaus the catch phrase here is never import leaders, but have the same people made leaders within the region, then you have got the answer. The idea of getting people from other regions and impose them on the local communities usually create anarch. Lungu will also do well by going into the Tonga land and then have leadership selected from within the Tonga land, there he will not have made any mistake, and I encourage all the other parties to do the same. This way you are actually empowering the locals.

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