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Zambia invites a leather Manufacturing Factory of Ethiopia to the 51st Zambia International Trade Fair

Economy Zambia invites a leather Manufacturing Factory of Ethiopia to the 51st Zambia...

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe

Commerce Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe has called on a leather Manufacturing Factory of Ethiopia to consider attending the 51st Zambia International Trade Fair to showcase its products.

Ms Mwanakatwe said this when she toured the leather manufacturing factory in Ethiopia which exports its products to the United States, Europe and China.

The Company also makes shoes and other leather products which it exports within Africa.

She toured the factory whilst in that country to attend the African Union Ministers of Trade, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for a meeting which was convened by the African Union commission to prepare for the launch of negotiations for the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA).

This is according to a press statement released by the Zambian Embassy in Addis Ababa..

She said during her tour that Zambia had a lot of cattle hides and goat skins that were going to wastedue to lack of value addition.

Ms Mwanakatwe hoped that Zambians could get involved in the leather industry and foster development.

And the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission of Africa, Dr Carlos Lopez is expected to visit Zambia in June where he will hold a series of meetings with Ministers in charge of economic ministries and the private sector to discuss issues which will lead to accelerated industrialization for inclusive and sustained development.


  1. During KKs days there where many manufacturing industries. Chiluba instead of strengthening them shut them. Since then zambia has become a nation of thieves. Sata brought some hope of reviving some of them sadly he is no more. His vision is gone with him. Once again we have reverted to what we know better STEALING. All corrupt elements have regrouped with the current government to plunder the little of what is left while we watch. What a cursed nation.


    • Jill ask yourself what did Kaunda find as President in 1964 and what did he leave in 1991. Answer that question with a sober mind. Maybe you are a 90’s child otherwise this praising without analysis or facts out of muchinshi is what will leave this country looking up to countries like Ethopia

  2. Mean while you are busy insulting the Tonga speaking people who do cattle farming were you can only get that stuff.

  3. Jill is right. Kaunda found very little at independence. There was no university, tarred roads linking the provinces, very few schools, clinics and hospitals. KK gave free education up to university just to mention a few. In terms of infra structure you can see for yourself eg Mwembeshi earth station, Tazara, Indeni, Zamtel, the list is too long to mention. If this amounts to nothing then I don’t know to which era you belong.

    • Kindly confirm the GRZ reserves 1964 vs 1991 than yapping about UBZ, Mwaiseni and other such rubbish…………

    • Oh by the way I belong to the factual era, not the suck up out of muchinshi era. The same guy had a law that ensured every civil servant was not allowed to buy a or build a house, car, etc thats why so many retired to die from depression in his time because they met the reality of life upon retirement due to his useless policies. How many privately owned factories closed under his watch? FYI even towns like Livingstone had a thriving industrial sector only to be be shut down by your granny’s poor policies. Sorry buddy your role model failed this country and is mainly responsible for the “hate all successful businessmen” culture we currently enjoy today. By the time Chiluba was taking over your so called Zambian companies were corpses.

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