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2016 National Budget preps reach advanced levels

Economy 2016 National Budget preps reach advanced levels

Government , through the Ministry of Finance, has commenced preparations for the 2016 National Budget and the 2016-2018 Medium Framework (MTF).

Ministry of Finance public relation officer chileshe Kandeta said the Ministry have since invited members of the public to submit proposals for tax and non-tax revenue policy for the 2016 budget.

The consultation period which ends on July 31 2015 ha been set to ensure that all citizens including youths, women groups and the private sector participate in the formulation of the 2016 Budget and the 2016 to 2018 (MTF).

Mr Kandeta said his Ministry is steadfast in its resolve to ensure citizen ownership of the 2016 National Budget further stating that those representing interest groups are required to ensure that internal peer consultations with institutions which they represent are conducted.

He said submissions which will be finally be received by the ministry of Finance should pass the internal litmus test and have the support of the members of the respective stakeholder organisation or interest group.

And commenting on the initiative, Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba said the process is a non-partisan mission, but a pragmatic search for tax and non-tax policy consolidation, widespread employment creation and promotion of greater well-being of the people of Zambia.

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  1. Funny this move is indeed. Now that the PF has squandered all the borrowed money they want to involve all the stake holders who it sidelined when it borrowed the Eurobond and spend it on useless ventures.

    Wapya munzi ndintu. When all the stake holders spoke against removal of subsidies and excessive borrowing, PF ‘s finance ministry labelled them as useless organisation not worthy listening to and instead went on a massive borrowing and spending spree.

    Its now too late to involve them as a rubber stamp so PF can shift the blame to stake holders when financial situation is already bad and beyond redemption.

    The big question is, will the PF agree to implement the following;

    1. Reduce the cabinet by a third.
    2. Cut the number of deputy ministers by half.
    3 Cut number of…

    • 3.Cuts number of districts.

      4. Cut number of envoys abroad and just leave major ones.Eg in far East only Japan, China and South Korea should have embassies.

      5. Do away with induced by elections.

      6. Stop single sourcing suppliers because it breeds corruption.

      What economic value and productivity do these small created districts with their numerous DC and their subordinates add to the Zambian economy apart from being a drain to borrowed money thats is supposed to be used to complete construction projects , revamp our main hospitals schools and universities? Zero

      What economic value and productivity do these numerous deputy ministers(over 90) add to the Zambian economy apart from drawing hefty salaries and allowances out of borrowed…

    • 7 Stake holders will recomment PF cuts politicians’ hefty
      allowances and salaries to save money.

      Is PF prepared to listen to some these recommendation I think the numerous stake holders government wants to consult will come up with?

      Well lets wait and see if PF will listen at all.

      Any recommendations that will fall short of what I have outlined above are useless and will not help the PF redeem Zambia’s dire financial dilemma.

      If PF want to show donors that its serious with its economic restructuring programme to attract more funding then it should consider all of my recommendations. Failure to do so, no donor country will fulfill its pledge to support Zambia ‘s budget.

      Sweden has just pledged but not released the funding pending serious PF’s economic stress tests…

  2. Now Satas cronies, cadres and family forest have put all of Zambias money in their own pockets, they want help on how to pay back the billions they borrowed to steal?

    Zambia should budget for an huge increase in PRISON SPACE so these thieves can be put where they belong!

    What they have done to Zambia is pure DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!

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