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Police detain UPND Mulobezi candidate Sililo

Headlines Police detain UPND Mulobezi candidate Sililo


Police in Mulobezi have detained UPND former Member of Parliament and candidate Hastings Sililo.

Mr Sililo’s official vehicle was found with articles of violence.

The Police found axes and pangas in his official vehicle and are investigating him for allegedly masterminding the ambush against PF Secreatry General Davies Chama’s convoy.

Sililo’s Toyota Hilux D4D has since been impounded.

The Supreme Court nullified the Mulobezi seat due to Electoral corruption and malpractices.

On Saturday afternoon, a convoy of vehicles belonging to the UPND on Saturday afternoon descended on the convoy of PF Secretary General, Davies Chama.

The UPND cadres descended on the PF convoy without cause and attempted to disrupt it’s movement.

Mr. Davies Chama is in Mulobezi to drum up support for the PF Candidate Patricia Mulasikwanda.

The attack occurred in Machile area.

The UPND vehicle that has been impounded is bearing number plates ALD9469.

UPND has sent into Mulobezi a huge number of their members from Lusaka and on Friday, ECZ advised political parties to refrain from importing cadres from outside areas of by-election to discourage incidences of violence and clashes.

Mr. Chama and his entourage is safe and has since returned to his base at Sichili.

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    • L T has been bought by Boko Haram and eurobond cash. How come you can’t report that Chama shot someone in the fracas. It was actually chama’s shooting that forced UPND cadres to per sue pf convoy.

    • When did it become an offence to carry a pick a shovel an axe and a panga when you have not used thse to threaten anybody? Cadres of a known political party carry pangas on all occasions like they were cell phones and are never arrested. Democracy my foot!

    • The police only work if its the opposition.

      Useless police PF cadres, only arresting the opposition.

      14 months left till PF is democratically kicked off!

      The Skeleton Key

    • Surely Chama has shot someone & Lusaka Times is mute shows how inhumane they are.

      Lusaka times you have become so BIASED & personally, you’re losing your credibility. Its seems clear to The Skeleton Key 206 bones that Lusaka times is becoming a bootlegging forum for PF BANDITS!

      Remember Lusaka times, you need to credibly inform people, not ululating PF when it only suits yous. Its pathetic! Chama has shot a UPND member but you’re MUTE. Where is your professionalism?

      Lusaka times you need to fight for MEDIA FREEDOM & you as a media player MUST question PF, not ululating PF propaganda. PF must give people the Freedom of Information law period.

      Wake up Lusaka times! You’re PF mouth now?

      The Skeleton Key
      Master of Justice

    • PF, UPND and MMD are all violent parties. UPND has been advised not to play in the hands of the violence of the ruling parties by retaliating or in self defense but they seem to lack self control and want to prove a point that they are also powerful, the only difference is MMD and PF have tasted power in Government and UPND has not which may disadvantage them by people’s perception of also being labelled a violent party. Repent UPND before it is too late, the other parties have nothing to lose because they know they have lost people’s confidence, UPND has everything to lose by retaliating. What were the weapons doing in the UPND vehicles, no one will be able to tell the difference between the violent parties. UPND repent and turn to the Lord.

    • The Media should also give the whole picture and report on the UPND cadre who was attacked , all violent parties need to be strongly cautioned whether ruling or opposition. Violence is a no no in Zambia in Jesus name. Politicians repent or you perish in your iniquities, wickedness and evil. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.

  1. Change this Police logo/emblem. This has been there since colonial days possibly since SATA was a police man wearing shorts as a Uniform. We have computers now design a new LOGO. KIDS in primary schools can do the design for a reward such as school books or a Scholarship. Private companies can sponsor, lottery monies used or bye-election monies used instead. Police need a re-brand in the 21st Century.

  2. Police are condoning violence by arresting people who are defending themselves from those carrying guns to shoot others all in the name of politics. Zambians are not so naive to fail analyse which party actually is violent.
    What will happen if UPND, FDD, MMD or Narep begin to carry guns around politicking?. Police should arrest those carrying guns shooting at others opposing to them.
    Police should arrest Chama for possessing a gun at a public gathering and shooting a UPND cadre.

  3. Not unexpected at all, this is typical of UPND when they smell defeat or if someone encroaches in what they consider their “territory”. They are so intolerant and yet expect to be tolerated in other peopke’s “territory”. Just horrible thinking.

  4. What happened to those PF cadres who were in the news headlines in pictures for the whole nation to see with huge stones , pangas and other forms of ammunition? PF are just a joke!! We are voting soon , and we will make sure we chuck them out of office. Thieves!!

  5. Is there a by law in Zambia that says we are not allowed to own a Panga or an axe ect? If there is then those PF cadres we saw waving Panga’s and knives in January should be prosecuted as well. Police are not there for UPND offenders only but for the whole nation. Time for change is coming soon.

  6. LT, we hear that a UPND cadre was shot. So it is ok for one MP to carry a gun and wrong for another with no gun to carry an axe to defend himself? These PF police are so unprofessional? Why did PF group shoot a gun? Why did they not seek police help if they were in danger? Show us a PF MP or cadre who was injured by a panga or axe?

  7. UPND and their Mapatizya formula are the source of all these problems.Let democracy flourish and not violence.

  8. Thats how UPND behaves we they feel defeat in their own strong hold. How come the elections are peaceful in the PF strong hold? We are tired of the backward behaviour of UPND , I was thinking of not voting for PF as PF has been bought by MMD but with this stiopidy and dull behaviour of UPND , I am going to vote PF again so that UPND learns a lesson.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Animal farm PF police decides to impound UPND MPs vehicles with implements likely to cause violence and let Chama go scot free with a gun after shooting and wounding a fellow Zambian.PF police is behaving like a father who is pretending to stop the fight,while at the same time holding the hands of the other boy only to allow his son continue an leashing blows on face of a defenseless boy.What a shame.

  9. am a police officer and have worked for 12years as a detective,surely theres no connection with this offence. Educate me fellow Zambians if it is an offence to carry a pick,axe or a slushier in my car.What if l want to use them to clear my plot??

  10. It appears LT is peddling lies to the nation.
    Where is the truth about the shooting of a UNPD cadre by PF secretary DS Chama. Police have confirmed confisticating a gun from Chama after it was used firing at UNPD MPs and killed a UPND cadre.
    LT journalistic ethics is highly quetionable and un reliable. This is why Zambians rate ZWD a better source of truth than LT writing lies to please PF’s thuggery.
    Its a shame.

  11. Can someone who was at the scene narrate the story from the beginning to the end. Sad that Mulobezi constituency could not raise a better candidate than what we have. Hon.Sililo Is only hand capped by his humble education but he is a better candidate still. That lady is just looking forward to becoming a Minister. Mulobezi is a very sandy area and there are no roads to speak off. You need an ax, shovel or panga to clear way for your vehicle. I know the area very well.

  12. Accept it guys…ZAMBIA NEEDS COLONIALISM.
    It is for this reason that we French are coming to take over Zambia.
    Development will then follow.
    The past 50 years have been a failure. The British left you with no skills to run a country!

  13. Lusaka times has really lost credibility and direction. I feel you have now joined PF maybe because you are recipients of their stollen loot. Stop feeding us on your lies.

  14. The Pangas were introduced in politics by Lawyer Kambimba. Unfortunately he did not amend the constitution and penal code. So it is not an offence to carry Pangas, picks and axes in your vehicle.

  15. Leave Lusaka Times from your stewpeed comments. Lt is just reporting facts not the cooked in lies stories zwd is publishing. If you still believe in zwd with their lies don’t expect Lt to follow suit. So far Lt is presenting unbiased stories. I have never read zwd publishing article showing good side of PF but lt has on many occasions published even crap issues from trybow by. Get a life ba fimbwi.

  16. @Sponge bob congrats for telling off these tongas who sponsor ZWD!!LT is by far better than ZWD!!one thing Zambians fail to understand id that UPND is a tribal and violent party!!once other parties step into an area which they call their stronghold-UPND is ready even to kill in protection of that area.look at Malambo and Petauke,its quiet bcoz UPND believes that winning there is not possible,so they’re ready to kill in order to retain Mulobezi.THIS IS UPND FOR U!!IF U READ LIES ON ZWD NOW,U MAY THINK THAT ZAMBIA HAS TURNED INTO SYRIA!!!THIS UPND PARTY MUST BE STOPPED FROM TAKING PARTY IN ELECTIONS!!ITS A PARTY FOR BAD LOSERS WHO MAY CAUSE CIVIL WAR!!

    • @eddy iam a proud Tonga so what.Its nice to be a kachema than hunting Mbeba or Vi kolwe in the ituli forest.you back ward monkeys who believe that only by voting for your own even when he is Jemison full with bottles of beer can make a good president.We need a true leader were all Zambians will be safe and enjoy economic freedom.It does not matter wether is a Tonga or Kolwe eater.Its modern Zambia now were we are from mixed tribes,what maters are brains.HH has the brains Guys.

  17. As usual, UPND becomes desperate when it comes to these moments. behaving very childishly as usual. This time you found that Chama was ready for you. He should have just killed the bastard.

    This what you will get if your HH wants to distabilise the country in 2016. UPND need a bashing to make them grow up.

    They are the one complaining of other parties using viloence and yet it clear that UNPD are mother and fathers of vilence where ever it shows its ugly head.

    Police, beat the chaps!!!


  19. Chama wants one party state and he will not be allowed to be atering such nonsensical statements. We do not mind whether HH does not rule this country, ut Zambians in 1991 fought to remove one party state and we shall not allow a person from no where to come on board talking nonsense. I am not UPND, but what CHAMA is promoting is useless for us all Zambians.

  20. Chama has insulted all the Tongas from southern province by saying that Tongas are by nature polygamous ,unless they produce a lot of children they will never rule Zambia up to 100 yrs.This confirms that PF was voted by tribalists who can only vote for their own tribesmen.This is the reason why Zambia will remain cursed and presidents will continue to die .All Christians should rise a pray against this evil of electing presidents on tribal lines.

    • While it is not excusable to insult other people’s cultural practices, it only HH who is being positioned for Presidency on only tribal basis, because he is Tonga. All other candidates do not have this problem. One can only ask a question, why HH alone. My answer is what all UPND are not treating seriously, that HH came to be UPND on tribal grounds. No matter how good you may say he is, this is damaging him and will not go away easily. It is like a cancer in its advanced stage. Even if you treat, the disease has reached a stage where it is killing the victim. In this case, both HH and UPND.

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