Rainbow Party national congress set for this weekend

Rainbow Party Banner
Rainbow Party Banner

The opposition Rainbow Party is this Saturday expected to hold its first ever national congress.

Party leader Wynter Kabimba confirmed that the national congress will be held at Tick Boarding School campus in Lusaka’s Lilayi area.

Mr Kabimba said the congress will draw participation from Rainbow members from across the country.

The Rainbow Party leader said all party members drawn from constituency, district and provincial structures all over Zambia will attend the gathering.

He said the event is significant in the growth of the opposition party as it expected to adopt the party manifesto and draw up a program of action.

Mr Kabimba boosted that all critics of the Rainbow Party should come and see how fast the party is growing by the large number of invited delegates and party officials.

He said this national congress is historical in Zambia’s democracy as the Rainbow will become the first political party to go for a national congress within the first six months of its existence.


  1. I got to say, fate was not so kind on Wynter Kabimba as far as first impressions go. First thing you think of when you see the chap is, this man is up to no good.

    • The [email protected]#@#@k Kabimba, where is my invitation? You need people who are critical at the congress, if you melt my question then I can say “..yes my friend Kabimba you are now growing”. But without me and Simussa, katwishi that congresss… pa Tick, and of all names sure. Ticks stick to cows.

    • Welcome to the new UNIP…led by the most hated man in Zambia . . . . and they cant even write properly …ati FOR UNITE ….??? why not FOR UNITY ….

  2. Is this the party of the future of ZAMBIA. ZAMBIAN needs a breath of fresh air otherwise we are stuffed and buried. We are a stranded lot ladies and gentlemen. Either we go back to the CARTEL for help or Kabimba who we judged so harshly should come to our aid. RB, Alungu and DORA..,’ cartel has as fixed.

    • stop dreaming . . .better the Green party at lease pipo can smoke the holy weed without fear or favour….not nzelu za communism and
      scientif socialism UNIP=Rain balls party

  3. Why is everyone dismissing kabimba??

    We should be asking him how he has managed to fund this party.

    Where is the money coming from to sustain it?

    Is this Tax or kickback or tarnished money?

    Why are people in zed not asking these questions?

    Don’t dismiss thieves, arrest them. Shah.

  4. Yanguu, mwebantu bushe kanshi ba Wynter Kabwamba epobaba? With a banner wrongly written ” Wynter Kabwamba, For Unite and Economic Freedom”, awe sure nabo kuwayawaya fye! Its another NGO existing for the sake of statistics!

    • They have been given a packet the number of delegates is 03 per province plus 02 drivers. Total 32. Their president has also been given a complete packet just in case……

  5. Kabimba on behalf of all the ZAMBIANS am truly sorry for what this Lungu chap has done. You are the MAN. The RB cartel is going no where. We ZAMBIANS now love you dearly.

  6. Many dismissed SATA in the same way. Goodluck all you dismissers. We ‘ll talk to you again when Kabimba will be in State House.

    • Continue dreaming. Its free and allowed. even your 100 years illiterate great grand mother stands a better chance

  7. First they should learn to spell “unity” before they even try writing it pa banner, let alone hold a conference.

    • Thats how bad educational standards have fallen in zambia. No investment since the Kaunda days. By the way did you see the Zambia under 17 captain fail to read simple English before a capacity crowd in South Africa at the cosafa finals recently?

  8. Viva RainBow party. May be we can have a noise and strong opposition political party. Let us see how it goes. I know that most bloggers are either PF or UPND because you have just come on the scene do not worry about negative comments.

  9. This twit is a joker who thinks chikwelete, Goodson Banda and all those who were bringing confusion in PF can suddenly find themselves in front of PF and UPND. RAINBOW, YOU ARE LIKE BUTTOCKS WHICH CANNOT ALL OF A SUDDEN FIND THEMSELVES IN FRONT.

  10. Congratulations ba RAINBOW that is how it should be. Internal democracy is very important to a political party – the PF went through it in the run up to the 2011 elections and they have emerged stronger.

    Other parties should emulate this. To build our democracy as a country we need democracy to become part of our culture and intra party democracy is extremely important.

    Whether RAINBOW wins or losses in 2016 we should give them credit for building their party on democratic principles – let us now watch and see how that democracy will flourish during the convention. I hope it is not just an endorsement forum for Wynter and his Friends!

  11. Mwamoneni

    Spot on not these chaps whose were born to criticise. Wynter helped PF to be where it is. He was a threat in their party because of his strength and to me he can make a good president. We need some one who has a strong character and not a free for all president.

  12. wamoneni

    Spot on not these chaps who were born to criticise. Wynter helped PF to be where it is. He was a threat in their party because of his strength and to me he can make a good president. We need some one who has a strong character and not a free for all president. We need some one who can clearly state what he believes in not what we are seeing now.

    • KAVUYI’

      The problem with Kabimba or is he Kabimbi is his lack of knowing God. He is full of displaying his ignorance of knowing that Zambia is a Christian nation.
      That alone is too much war a fight….for him to convince the majority Zambians for votes.
      This is one of the biggest reasons why he is called the cartel. Believing in in’ganga is being like Idi Amin, the President who ate human flesh.
      Otherwise he is just a good speaker or can I say ” a good loud speaker” sound box for noise making.

  13. winter kafupi kabimba what a joke of the year, convention with 50 members?even your ka friend sharped head fred mmembe will be in attendance?overzelous chaps wait until 2016 even doctor sondashi will beat you.show us those you claim are joining the party on television kafupi?

  14. Thanks for inviting me…how much is the allowance? how many days is the same workshop or you said conversion or convencion sorry for my poor spellings.

    If the programme will take a minimum of 5 days with convincing per diam then I ensure that first thing sunday I am there…

    See you after your convention

  15. This stillborn party talks about despised socialism which has never delivered anywhere except to the leaders who will be enjoying at the expense of the suffering majority.
    If YOU want Zambia to be like Zimbabwe then follow Kabimba and Mmembe’s Rainbow party of dictators and demagouges !!

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