President Lungu off to SA for 25th AU Assembly

President Lungu with Dr Ngosa Simbyakula at KK international airport
President Lungu with Dr Ngosa Simbyakula at KK international airport
President President Lungu with first lady and dr simbyakula
President President Lungu with first lady and dr simbyakula

President Edgar Lungu has left for Johannesburg, South Africa, for 25th Assembly of the African Union (AU) Heads of State and Government.

Speaking shortly before departure at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport this afternoon, President Lungu said Zambia stands to benefit a lot on gender issues from the 25th AU Assembly.

President Lungu observed that women and children are usually victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV), rape, defilement and other social ills related to GBV, adding that the Heads of State and Government meeting is cardinal.

Mr Lungu, who is accompanied to South Africa by First Lady, Esther, and some Cabinet ministers, departed from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at 15:40 hours.

On violence, Mr Lungu condemned the ‘importation’ of political cadres from one place to another.

The President observed that cadres from other political parties become excited and engaged themselves in barbaric acts of violence.

He appealed to parties participating in the Mulobezi June 30th parliamentary by elections to remain united and desist from violence which characterised the going political campaigns.

Police in Western Province have since arrested and charged opposition United Party for National Development Sesheke Central Member of Parliament, Siyauya Sianga and three others for possession of offensive weapons.

The two-day Assembly of AU Heads of State and Government starts from June 13 to 15, 2015.

The First Lady, will attend the Organization of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA) on the margins of the AU Summit.

On June 13, the President is expected to deliver a keynote address on behalf of the Southern African region to a pre-summit meeting whose theme is “Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063.”

On June 14, the Head of State will attend the AU Committee of Ten (C-10) countries tasked to spearhead Africa’s lobby for the reform of the United Nations Security Council.

President Lungu was seen off at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport by some Cabinet ministers, defence chiefs, PF Central Committee members and senior government officials.

Meanwhile, Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda, says in statement to ZANIS that after the Summit proceedings, the Head of State would attend a scheduled medical review at a named hospital in that country.

President Lungu is expected to return home next week.

President Lungu with Dr Simbyakula
President Lungu with Dr Simbyakula


  1. And that Ngosa Shambakula is the one Edgar said that he is grooming a friend for president?
    Can’t Zambia come up some sensations like Chiluba or another Sata? These boring humans don’t deserve these kind of duties. Edgar, Ngosa, Kabimba even HH should have been lecturers, something noble.

    • That outfit sure does look clown. Not inspiring at all. And for Ngosa, he always has this very dull expression on his face, both men failed to reform the PoA and it was during their tenure that police officers were sent to hound and humiliate The Chitimukulu, let us not forget that

    • You have a placed a simple-minded individual in State House who envisages he is Al Capone every time he puts on a hideous hat…this man has truly achieved his dream..Oh Zambia Oh Zambia what a shame, what a waste!

    • Let his excellence move well.We rae praying to our almighty creator to grant safe journey for our beloved president. Live long your excellence

    • @ FRED. Did u also worship KK, FTJ RB & Sata?

      Don’t worship politicians, pastors etc. Luke 4:8 “YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD AND SERVE HIM ONLY”.

    • @Fred, we don’t want born-again Zambians here. Why should God worst time listening from you, worse thing praying for alcoholic recovering-Edgar?
      Is it because you didn’t pray for Sata that is why he died and made Edgar president?

    • Sadly Zambia is on autopilot…meanwhile this empty tin is increasing his collection of hideous hats without a care in the world.

  2. I like the idea of the President unifying the Country and all coz the Country was disintegrating into serious regional groupings (God help us), but what I hate is:
    1. His association with corrupt individuals like RB and sons, Dora Siliya etc because the Govt should have continued with hard stance against corruption. Am sure there many other people he could have co-opted for National Unity
    2. His endless local and international travels like he has taken after the master of corruption RB, with no regard to the high cost Govt is footing through hard earned tax money

    If he is a listening Presido can he listen to our cry

  3. You can dress a kaponya in a $3000 Canali suit but you can not remove the kaponya in him…selfsame way you can also place a drunken empty tin in State House that will not make him a wise leader.

    • You will just choke with hate! Better believe it is Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is president and not any other id!ot!

  4. LOL. Bottom image.
    Lungu:- Simbyakula, I am trying to get a second opinion. Be honest with me. How do I look in my hat?
    Simbyakula:- Errmm.. well, Mr President, to be perfectly honest, you will stand out among other Heads of State, but reasons other….
    Lungu: – Good good. That’s the idea. You don’t have to be so modest. See you when I get back. Bye.

    • Am happy you have noticed that too…the id!ot is bitter! Anger resides were there is no wisdom…bwelenifye pa Zed nga insala yachila uko muli tata!

  5. Proper etiquette is him not wearing that hat to a very important meeting. His hair always looks like tu lunshi utwakonyangila. Why not trim the goatee and cut his hair really low to give him a clean look. He always looks like he came out of a lions mouth with those scruffy facial hairs. His wife is wearing open toes shoes which is a no no. Then again maybe he’ll leave his hat in the car and she’ll switch for a pair of comfortable closed toe heels. People are not hating and simply pointing out the facts. They are not going to watch soccer.

  6. After, AU , he will need to go for his medical check up, we don’t want him to fall, in a different country. Check please!

  7. But when is he finally saying bye bye to mother Zambia to rest at Embassy Park?

    Let us not waste resources funding the heath of a politically impotent president.

    I think we are very tired with him. May he rot at Embassy Park and his spirit be tormented in HELL.

    The man has evil agenda for Zambia, only Embassy will be a good answer for the suffering of the masses.

    He is a professional gallivant-er.

  8. Zambians, Lungu is your International representative. When he travels in other countries, we do not overlook those petty issue like hats or First ladies’ shoes but the points he analyses concerning Zambia and the world and thats how we interprete your country.

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