Zimba residents ‘reject’ mining investment


Zimba District Administrative Officer, Sekani Tembo, says government will not tolerate people that are against development by blocking investors into the country.

Speaking during a stakeholders meeting on the Tin prospecting DALED Mining Company Limited in Zimba yesterday, Mr Tembo said it was unfortunate that some people in the district were trying to bar the company from getting a mining license for them to start mining and processing tin in Chilobe area of Zimba.

The District Administrative Officer said Zimba as a new district is thirsty for investors in order for it to develop, adding that it is surprising that some people are influencing the local people to reject the mining project.

Mr Tembo urged the traditional leadership to unite and engage their subordinates and accept the mining company in the area, emphasising that it would bring sustainable development in Chilobe and Zimba district.

He reminded the traditional leadership that they were just custodians of land but that it is vested in the powers of the Republican President.

He added that the PF government under the leadership of his Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu would want to see Zimba district develop and create employment for the local people.

On May 15 this year, during a stakeholders meeting in the area, the people of Chilobe unanimously rejected the mining project for fear of displacements.

However DALED Mining Director for Corporate Affairs, David Bowa, assured the people of Chilobe that the mining company is only interested on the hills where there is tin and not the land the people are occupying and using for farming.

Mr Bowa said no people shall be displaced in the area unless there are some that reside in the hills where the mining company has interest.

He assured that if there are people residing in the hills they will be displaced and compensated by the company.

Mr Bowa said the company wants to bring development in the area through socio-corporate responsibility and creation of employment among the locals.

He said once in operation the company will provide the people of Chilobe with clean water, good roads, build a school and a clinic in the area.
He noted that Education and health are also important factors in Zambia’s economic development but that the people of Chilobe do not have access to them.

Meanwhile, Chief Sipatunyana’s representative, Victor Sindowe, attributed the community’s resistance to the mining project to the woes they faced when they were displaced during the construction of the Kariba dam.

Mr Sindowe said the people of the valley up to now do not benefit anything from the Kariba dam as the electricity generated from the water body is taken directly to the Copperbelt while those who were displaced have remained in darkness.


  1. Investors should learn to employ social workers in project initial phases. How do u take an engineer to negotiate with villagers or use these cadres at DC’s offices and expect success? Ma rubbish eka eka!


  2. It is not rocket science to see that mining areas after independence have benefitted only respiratory and other disease and underdevelopment from mining investments. The simpler the citizens’ perception of this the stronger they will resist investors. Begin to add value to the immediate area of investment like the pre-independence mining houses did and you will be welcomed in the most intricate areas of this country.

  3. This is just a project which can fail too. Even the md is not sure where to do the mining or how many people will be displaced. Why can’t why start by providing the water and roads which they claim to offer? These are thieves and local people must be wary of them

  4. I believe stakeholders are the people rejecting the mining project and have every right to oppose it. Again this is where there is a lack of education and someone feels they’re above the law and going against what a community wish not to happen. The people living in Chilobe know whats good for them and if the project does not benefit them such as creating jobs and poverty alleviation they have every right. Isn’t a company suppose to hire at least 60% Zambians? Lets not threaten people and learn from them because its their area, they know more about it than anyone else. Realize a company cannot come in a community and start demanding people to comply, its not sustainable! Where is the feasibility study and who will it benefit Sekani Tembo? Is it you and your ministers? Let’s petition!

  5. Thank you mr sindowe for your thoughtfull consideration. If the owners of the land have rejected the project so be it. Have our lives improved since the opening of copper mines in solwezi….no? To hell with preditory investors. I am proud of my people.

    • ” He reminded the traditional leadership that they were just custodians of land but that it is vested in the powers of the Republican President. ”

      Clearly that was a mistake.

      It is all about who owns the land.

      There should be stronger protections, if local communities don’t want a mine, and instead what a farming area or a natural space.

  6. If we go back to the botched Harry Kalaba mining in Lower Zambezi National Park project, people were upset it was going to be destroyed. It is protected land by UNESCO and Harry Kalaba was very arrogant and over turned every ruling because he thought he was above the law because he got bribes from the Australian company. Activists were arrested and Guy Scoot and all PF were warning people to back off. People stood up for what they believed was their right, in the end the Australians had altered the Feasibility Study making it look like it will benefit Zambians for 25 years when it was to last 9 years, then they take off leaving us the mess. We must have Zambians who can run the same operation to benefit Zambians. People fear displacement listen to them, its a legitimate concern ba PF!

  7. Can some tell, why investor of Chinese origin, we’re given to mine in Kafue National park, when, this Chinese have a record of killing elephants for ivory, why out of all the places, be given in the national park, even animals are scared, and above all disturbing peace of animals. Only in PF , such things happen

  8. Zimbabwe people should refuse, these mines, will destroy climate, pollution, stand your grounds and chase them.

  9. We should be careful with the term sustainable because mining is the opposite of sustainability. Learn from what happened in Mufulira with Glencore and how people in that area were affected. There are other things that can be sustainable such as agriculture or tourism. We need to tap into other areas that will not leave our people displaced. They are right, they will be kicked out of their own land while Tembo’s pockets are getting bigger by the second. Economic carrying capacity refers to the point at which the investment needed to sustain environmental quality becomes prohibitive. It is important that a destination involves the local community in plans and decisions relating to any development. If they believe it is negative for their environment, we need to respect their decisions.

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