CEEC should work with lands, councils – Chikwanda


Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda delivering the 2015 budget
Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda

Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda, says the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) must work with the Ministry of Lands and local authorities to acquire land for entrepreneurship clusters as a way of supporting micro and medium enterprises.

Mr Chikwanda says such an approach will guarantee the empowerment of people, especially women and youth entrepreneurs in rural areas.

The minister was speaking in Lusaka today when Commerce and Industry Minister, Margaret Mwanakatwe and a delegation from her ministry, made a presentation on the performance of the CEEC at Ministry of Finance headquarters.

And Mrs Mwanakatwe said government was committed to ensuring that more citizens participated in the economy by strengthening the capacity of the CEEC as one way of creating jobs and wealth.

She said CEEC has maintained high standards of governance by ensuring that beneficiaries of the CEEC funds comply with the lending terms so that the revolving capital funds benefit other citizens.

CEEC chairperson, Kasuka Mutukwa, said there is need to scale up the capacity of the CEEC in order to get more Zambians to participate in the economy.

This is according to a press statement issued by Ministry of Finance Public Relations Officer, Chileshe Kandeta.


    • Who is old chairman? Do you mean DR Kasuka Mutukwa or the man in the picture, Chikwanda? Dr Mutukwa is relatively young (>70 yrs) compared to Chikwanda 80+ yrs. Mutukwa has been reading further after obtaining his first degree in the late seventies — added a master’s and PHD. So he is well versed though he is in his late sixties. Chikwanda got his ka ma degree in the sixties, messed up Zambia’s economy in early seventies & has never educationally advanced further.

  1. This story is not very clear. Did Mrs Mwanakatwe say that CEEC has been doing very well? I thought there was another story recently on how CEEC has been giving money to the same clique of well-connected people who are not even paying back?!!!

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